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Sweet dare


Western Pa., near Brownsville
I don't understant Women! Please tell me why women seem to Enjoy very large cocks over something Smaller & more Enjoyable!
I was still a Virgin and Was lookiing to have my 1St Cock! Wwhile In colege I started to notice this guy checking out my long legs so I figuresd I'd give him a shot of my dark bush, so one day in class, I went to the Bathroom and took off my Panties, He sat inffront of me and when he turned around, I flashed him my Pussy! I'm a Natuaral Brown Haired and not really hairy down there! I've seen girls in the shower with Bigger Bushes and some Smaller that you could tell they didn't shave it!
That night he stopped me and Mentioned he'd love to come over to my Room, so I sat up to get my 1St cock!
He started kissing me and Ran his hand up my skuirt and proceded to finger me! I grabbed his cock thru his Panats and it felt rather Long! He asled if I liked it and I said yes! So he layed me on my Bed & pulled up my skirt! I told him that I was a Virgina and he said he's take it easy!
I've seen pictures of cocks aand when he pulled down his Paants, WOW was it long and Round! I touched it and it jumped! I could fel the Pre Cum on it! I told him he needed toWear a Condom, he didn't like it but he put one on! It didn't cover his whole Cock! He put baby oil on me and Proceded to rub the head up agaianst my Pussy! It felt so good but Big! He pushed in the head and it hurt, Then he Proceded to push in a Little at A Time, I thought ir was going to rip me apart! After about 5 minutes of Fucking, I told him to stop, it hurt toooo much! He pulled out and here he already filled the Condom up with his Cum!
I told him maybe we'd try it again! I've always heard Happiness is a Large Johnson!
I'd Finger myself and think of his cock and a couple Days later I invited him over! He said "Do I have to use a condom" aand I said "ALWAYS"! I don't want to get Pregnant! He took his Time again, 1St the head, then 2 Inches, then 4 & 5 & 6 & then the whole 9 Inches was in, I put up with it for another 5 or 6 Minutes and told him Forget it!
Well during the summer I noticed a Guy at a local Dance & flirted with him!
We started dating and I'd let kim touch mu Boobs Thru my Top and He enjoyed that! I wore very short skirts & Hee's try to put a Hand on my Leg and I'd take it away!
Finally one noight while Kissing infront of my House, I let his Nand go up to my Crotch, I knew My Panties were Soaakaing wet! But I only let him Rub my Pussy thru the Panaties!
This went on for about 6 Months! I accidenatalalaay On Purpose Touched his cock and it was VERY Hard! Probably harder then the One That fucked me, but felt a little shorter! I appologized and he told me I could do that anytime I wanted!
I wanted him to fuck me, but I didn;t want to rush it! I told him I w as A Virgin, but now I was wondering how I'd get away with that!
! Night wile Watching TV at my house, He was rubbing my Pussy thru my panties and I told him Go underneath, But not in! I was saving that for Marriage! WOW did taht feel great, he had great Fingers and it really started turning me on! I told him that was enough & he just Quit!
The next time he Rubbed my Pussy, I reached over and Unzipped his Pants and Touched his Cock thru his Underwear! It Throbbed and Felt very hard! I told him "WOW that feels very big" he smiled! It was probably 2 Inches Shorter then the guy at College & I don't think as round! The guys at College was probably 2 Inches Across!
1 Day he asked waht I wanted to do on Saturday night & said Why don't we go to a Drive in! He said OK!! There was a Drive in that showed X rated movies, so I figured this is the Night I loose my Virginity! I was on my Period and I had a Plug in!
While watching the movie he started rubbing my Pussy, I wanted his cock s bad, but I figured I waait til it got darker! I Reaached over Touched Cock & it was swelling!
Right before the 2Nd Movie Started, I told Him I wanted Popcorrn and a Pop, so he went to the Concession Stand! I climbed in the Back seat, Proceded to take out my Tampon and I coverede up with a blanket! I had a Towell under Me!
He came back to the Caar and got in the Front seat, I said I'm back here, come on back! I coered him up with the Blanket and Proceded to rub his cock, saying "I can't wait to get Married"! "But You have to be Careful, I'm a Virgin"!
I layed down and Opened up the blanket to reveal my skirt Craanaked up as high as it could go! He asked if I needed Lub and I said yes, so I gave him some Baaby Oil! He Put some on me and Proceded to put 1 Finger in me! It felt great! Then I told him Put 2 Fingers in and he did! I told him put 3 Fingers in and he did! It was tight but felt great!
Then I told him to trake down his Pants and he did! I loved looking at his cock! I asked him If I could touch it and he said yes! I put my hand around it and Moved my hand and his cock Twitched pretty good!
I told him he had to put a condom on and I watched as he put it on! He was very Nervous! I asked him why he was shaking and he told me, He was A virgin! I said WOW is that great!
I spread my legs and told him to rub it up against my Pussy! But You have to ppromise if I let it in me, you won't shoot in me!
It felt so great up again my Opening! I was about to shoot, so I told him to push a Little in, so he proceded to put in 2 Inches! I told him "OH that hurts" he asked if I wanted him to quit and I said no, that your Dick is so Big It hurts going in! After he waited a While, I told him to put in 2 more inches and told him that felt better! I asked him if he shot in me and he told me no! I told him I wanted to see and when he pulled out, I took a Flashlight to look at his cock, It was covered with white stuff and Blood!
He showed me the condom and I said OK, I guess you didn't shoot yet! WOW can you last and he Smiled!
He Saaid "I guess we are done" aand I said "NO, you want to try it again and he said Yes" so he slid in 1 Inch at a time! Finally I told him to TRY to put it all in me, but don't hurt me! I told him "It's So Round & Long" I don't know If I can take it all! He slid it in slowly and I took all of it! I told him to fuck me slowly so it don't hurt! I ended Experiencing my 1St Gigantic Orgasism! I couldn;t wait to get fucked again!
He told me that he couldn't beloieve ANY guys didn't try to Fuck me at School as sexy as I was! I told him I was there to study!
Our Sex life was great and I fell in love with him, BUT For some Reason I had to try the Big dick sgaain!
So wehenI went back to school, I told Him I think he should see other girls! He told me he wouldn't! BUT I figured this would give me an out to get fucked 1 more time at college!
The 1St night I spotted bug Dick, I smiled at him! He called me and Invited himself over! I put on a Very short skirt and No panties! My Roomate wasn't in yet, she was coming the next day!
He came in and We talked for awhile! I flashed him my Pussy and he said "Well did you have a great Summer and I told him, I missed something and I looked at his Crotch and Smiled!
I layed down and he walked over to my bed, Pulled up my Skirt and SAID WOW it still looks great!
He pulled down his pants & there it was! It might be 10 inches long! I told him, you have to reallty take it easy, Sine the last time, my pussy is still hurting!
He looked at me and said "I suppose Istill have to wear a Condom" and I said Yes! So he put a condom on and pressed the head up against my Opening! I, Said "That thing seems like it grew over the Ssummer" have you had someone Exercising it" and he said NO! He put the head up agaianst my pussy and It just din't feel right, but no turning around! He pushed it in until I couldn't take it anymore, so I told him to Fuck me easy!
I eneded up taking a little more then before but I didbn't even get turned on! I told him "WOW it's so Big & WOW are you good " & WOW can you last, and he said Duid you cum & I said yes, 3 Times!
BUT I couldn't wait for him to stop! after about 5 Minutes, he pulled out and Said "Are you sure you got of and I said yes"!
After he left, I called my guy up from home and said "WOW do I miss you and something BIG" I need it badddd! He said maybe over the weekend!
My friend at school every night asked me when again and I'd tell him Maybe Tomorrow!
His Tomorow never came!
My Boyfriend came up for the day! I asked my Roommate for a Little Privacy, maybe an hour and she ssaid "That long" and I said OH YES! She said WOW!
When he arrived, I had a Short skirt on with Very sexy panties on! Whenwe were alone in the room, We sat across from each other talking! He was talking about his Work and I was taalking about my School! He saaid "I still van't believe you haven't had a guy at school" and I told Him "When You have THE GUY, why look for another one!
He said he loved my new Skirt and I proceded to stand up and Walk over to him! I told him there was something special under it for him! He pulled up my skirt and SAID I love your Panties, they were Pink See Thru that showed off my great BROWN Bush!
He got down on his Knees and Proceded to lick my Pussy thru my Paanties, Then he pulled them down and Licked my Pussy! I couldn't believe how great it Felt! I told him "I going to Shoot" and he just Kept on Licking! I shot all over his Face! I appologized and he said "That was great"!!
He then layed me down on my Bed, dropped his paants and rubbed his cock til it was Big, he proceded to put on a condom! I trold him, "NO I want to feel you cum in me" He said atren't you afraid to get pregnant & I said "I can't Today"!
He fucked me nice and Gentle and for probably 45 Minutes! WOW he sure Turned me on! I cummed atleast 4 Timess! QWhenm he took his cock out and stood up, it was dripping wet with his HOT cum and My White Cum! I told him "NOW I know what it feels like to be in love"!!
I reaached out witha Towell and ptroceded to wipe his cock dry! I told Him come closer and I kissed the Tip of his cock! I told him, maybe later I'll put it in my mouth!
1 night we both so Horny, but I was bleeding so bad, so I felt sorry for him, so I took out his Throbbing cock, Played with it for a Minuite and Proceded to kiss the Ttip! I looked at him and Said, "Don't shhot in my mouth" and I put the Tip in! In a Minute he pulled it out and He shot all over his Hand! WOW must have been a Pint of Cum!
I told Him When I cvan I'll suck your Dick, but You got to Wait to shoot in my mouth Our Wedding night!
Well we have been married 35 Years, I stil haven't let him Shoot in my Mouth, nut he's still waiting for it!
I haven't seen Big Dick for years and not looking for him! My Little shorter Dick really turns me on!!!!!
Ladies Try a Little shorter Dick, not those very big dicks ttaht don't really turn you on, All they want to do is fuck!!!!!
Patty P, From WEstern Pa.
Poster: Patty P