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Sweet dare


Revenge of some unhappy women
The guys got me to openly admit that I liked what happened and how I was set up and also was able to tease the other two women and made them strip to their panties. The guys got me excited about the possibility of the two women and possibly a couple other women having a rematch with me.

I did know that the two women were quite upset with me, but I do know that they enjoyed the guys getting me naked and having a lot of fun in front of them. The guys told me that they were teasing the other women and taunting them about how they willingly stripped down to their panties in front of all those guys. They were encouraging the women to really seek revenge and humiliate me.
Keep in mind that I had already been penetrated in all three holes during the course of that one a night in front of those two women.
I knew that the women were mad and they were embarrassed at what happened to them that night. The guys suggested that I meet with the two women and apologize to them even though they really had more of an upper hand on me. I had called the one woman and asked to get-together with her and the other woman. One woman said that she would arrange for me to meet with the two of them at her house. She was actually kind of cool to me on the phone.

I was supposed to meet with the two women last Saturday afternoon at the one woman's house. I got to the house and they had decided to change the plans and have us go in her car to this restaurant/bar in kind of a redneck neighborhood. There was also another woman with them that I had never met. We went into the bar and we were the only women there. I must admit there were some real sleazy looking guys in the bar. The conversation was pretty much surface. Mostly the women were asking me questions and trying to embarrass me. One of the women then brought up the subject of how I tricked them, and essentially cornered them into having to undress in front of a bunch of other guys. She told me that I probably did that to give me the opportunity to undress. She got me to admit that I enjoyed being naked in front of all the guys and the guys having fun with me.

She told me they were going to ask the guys in the bar if they wanted to have me be stripped naked in front of the guys in this redneck bar, and it basically I was going to be at the mercy of the guys having to do whatever they wanted me to do. They were kind enough to ask me if I wanted to play this game with the risk that things could go pretty far. I looked around the bar and counted about 15 guys, with the majority of them probably being in their mid-20s to early 30s. Keep in mind I am 43. I then realized that probably a number of guys were hunters that have probably come back from someplace, and definitely there were a number of guys that looked like they hadn't taken a shower in days.

I then told the woman that this was way beyond what I was comfortable doing. One of the women then quickly wrote up that they were very uncomfortable having to undress down to their panties in front of a bunch of guys but they did. So therefore they needed to raise my level of uncomfortability. I told them that they needed to scope something down, and suggested that we find some other venue that they could have fun with me.

The one woman was being the nicest to me did agree with me about the bar and said this is a pretty sleazy place, but it was obvious that the other two women already had decided that my fate was going to be in the hands of the sleazy guys. I told them that I had to go to the restroom, and as I got up from the table I grabbed my purse with the intention that I was going to leave the bar. One woman grabbed me and told me to go along with their plan and I will be spared from total humiliation. But if I resisted she would make sure that all of the guys in the bar would penetrate every one of my holes even if she had to pay them. She told me that they were going to auction off my clothes to the guys in the bar, and if I was lucky enough I probably wouldn't even have to take off my panties, as the minimum bid for my panties would be $50. Really didn't have much choice, and at the same time the thought of being humiliated in front of the sleazy guys was a turn on.

I went to the restroom and came back. There were about six guys standing around this table was somewhat in the middle of the bar. I realized that one of the guys was one of the bartenders, and then I realize that there was a female bartender as well.
I was already thinking this wasn't going to be a good idea. The bartender told me about how I was willing to raise money for a good cause by being auctioned off, or something to that effect. The bar was was loud for a Saturday afternoon.

I apologize that this story is a long. My friends told me to stand upon the table. I then realized the major dilemma. It was going to be one thing to undress while in the bar, but they were planning on selling my clothes, and how would I go home?

The guys told me that they had gotten the two women to arrange for a couple other of their women friends and they decided to try and find
Poster: Laura