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Sweet dare


Wife Fingered by a stranger
My wife and I have been opening up lately. We whent out a month a go to a Club.I've always wanted to see my wife with another man, so we wanted to start slow. Every time we go out i'll ask her not to wear panties and to wear mini skirts for easy axes.At the Club she starter getting drunk, as she did she and I starter dancing some hiphop dj mix, i would lift her skirt to expose her ass and see if any men would notice, which they did.I could feel she was getting horny, so I started playing with her ass and pussy. She then would pull her top down exposing her tits, by then we were both so horny that I notice a guy dancing by himself. He looked 2 be in his 40's, so we slowly started dancing closer to him, as we got close he was giving us he's back. With one hand he was holding his drink and his right hand was just hanging down. My wife was in front of me giving me her ass grinding, so when she was behind him, I position her pussy righ where his hand was, I then grabbed his hand and putt it righ on my wifes pussy. He then turned his head to see who it was to find out it was a woman, he started to finger her and my wife started to move to the motion of the music. Then my wife started to rubb on his chest from behind while he keep on fingering her, just then I put my hand under her dress from behind just to feel if he was fingering her or just rubbing, and no surprise he was fingering her. I then pulled her away, I was getting a little too nervous from what was happening but I was to horny and once again got closer to him again, I don't think he new that i knew about he's fingering, so I looked at him and gave him the ok, that I knew what was going on. So naw he's behind her and my drunk wife whispered in my ear that he was playing with her ass, she then pushed me away like telling me she wanted for me to see them dance alone for a minute. As they did him still been still behind her rubbing himself on her ass, she grabbed his hands and guided them to her front, so he could continue fingering her. Still standing in front of them dancing, it was too hot to handle so I grabbed him and her hand to go to a better spot, whent to a corner pulled her in between us and started fondling her, he started fingering her but just when things were getting good a security guard came told us We coulnt be there so we stop. My wife and I whent to the front of the club and I asked her if she liked it, she said she was so horny so asked me to feel her pussy that she was dripping wet and that she could still feel his fingers and that the hole time he was using 4 fingers and rubbing her clit with his thumb. We whent back to the hotel and re-lived everything.
Poster: Tony