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Sweet dare


Caught my wife cheating
I'm retired and my wife is still working! We had a great sex life, fucking atleast 5 times a week until about 4 years ago! She just gained a little wight and said she just doesn't feel like romance!!!!
So i figured I would just wait for her to want sex!
1 day i had to go to another town about 4 hours away and take care of some family busines and she was off, so I asked her if she wanted to go! she said she had a lot to do around the house!
I figured I'd be away about 10 hours, but when I got to where I was suppose to be, they had to close, so I just turned aound and drove home! I was going to call my Wife, but then I figured I'd surprise her, with some flowrs and maybe a Quicky!
so instead of going into the garage, I pulled to the end of the street and walked to my house, I snuck into the back door and heard some one moaning! I thought she had hurt herself, but then it wasn't a Hurting moan, more like a "Pleasure Moan", I've heard her do trhat when I was licking her pussy!!!!
I snuck to our bedroom and the door was cracked open, there on the bed was my Wife, Naked and a Guy I knew Sliding his cock in her and taking it out! I knew him for years and his Wife, we were friends!
To my surprise, his cock wasn't nearly as lon as mine and she was just getting off on him sliding it in and completeley out!
All of a sudden, he pulled out and she yells "I,m Cumming" and a big Gush of White cum came out of her pussy!
She took her Hand and picked up some of her cum and licked it!!!! Then she told him she wanted to taste his cum and she took his 5 inches all the way in her mouth! she told him, as she told me "Let me know when you are ready to Cum"! Within a minute he said "I'm getting ready to cum" and she pulled his cock out until the head weas toucheing her lips and she drained all his cum and Shirled it around in her mouth, before swallowing it!
She told him "WOW that sure tasted great"! Then she told him, he better leave that her husband wwill be calling on the way home! I just got out ogf the house and he walks out and to his house which is across the street!
I got into my car and was going to divorce her, but then I started to figure I'd have a little fun!
I drove up the street a ways and called her and asked if she wanted anything, that I was coming home early!
She said no, that she was glad, that she had a surprise for me! I said "I can't Wait"!
When I pulled into the garage and put the door down, she comes walking in in a See thru Teddy, You could tell her pussy was wet, her see thru panties were sticking to her blonde bush!
I said "WOW waht is this about" and she said "I feel frisky tonight"! I need you and more! I said wahjt do you mean and she said "I have sa surprise for you and when we got to the bedroom, she took out a Vibrator out of the drawer! It wa about the size of y cock and she said, Rub me thru my Panties and I did! I asked her, Why now, I've wanted to get you a vibrator for 4 years and you told me I was crazy! she told me she looked it up on the net and saw a lady getting off with it and decided to buy one!
She told me to push it in a little thru her panties and the head went right in!
I told her "WOW you really must be feeling good, it's like you are already Lubricated!
She told me while she was taking a shower, she was thinking about the vibrator and it really turned her on! She pulled down her soaking wet white see thru panties and her pussy was dripping wet! She took the vibrator, rubbed against her pussy and said "Waatch thiss" and she slowly slid the whole thing in!
I asked her, doesn't that hurt and she said no, it feels like your cock, then she squeezed her legs together real tight, screamed once, puled out the Vibrator and creamed all over the bed!
She said "How about licking my Pussy" and I said sure!!!!
As I licked her pussy, I told her"WOW I sure like you like this, but hyour pussy taste different,she said what do you mean and I told her, it taste Salty!!!!
She said speaking of salty, bring your dick up here and she deep throated me, which she hasn't done for years! she told me to let her know when I go to shoot and she pulled it out until just the head was in her mouth and she Sucked me dry! She has never sucked me dry! And she Swirled it around in her mouth and swallowed it!
SHE told me "WOW your cum is so salty, I said like your pussy!She said the next time I shoot in her mouth, she wants to saave ssome and make me taste my own cum!!!!
The next day was Sunday anjd We were setting around, we saw the Neighbor and his wife and I waved for them to come over and set for awhile!
I told him, "You know, we sould get to gether 1 night and party, who knows what will come of it"!
when they left, my wife said what was that about and I told her, "Come on Now, I've always watched you checking his Bulge out and I've always watched him checking to see if he could see if your were a natural blonde!
We went to bed and I pretend to think she was a sleep and I said "Who knows, maybe we'll swap once"!
Since that night, we fuck everyday, she has taken off 30 pounds, she goes more without a bra, even to the grocery store and she would never leave the house without a bra!
1 Time, she didn't know I saw her, but she went shopping without panties!
I told her I'd like to buy a Rabbit vibrator and she said ok!!!!
SO any suggestions on how long I should keep the secret that I know she fucked our friend!!!!
OR should I lead her on more longer!!!!
Hope someone answers me!
Poster: Donald