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Sweet dare


Flashing the Bartender
I love when my girlfriend wears short skirts and nothing underneath when we go out. We always sit at the bar and chat up the bartender. I try to get her to wear sheer or revealing tops with a 1/4 cup bra underneath too. So most times when we go out I'm either admiring her boobs in a sheer top, trying to get her boobs to fall out of a low cut top or playing with her pussy under the bar. Well the other night she was wearing her new short skirt that I bought her. It's about 12" long so when she sits down on a tall barstool it naturally rises up. It's a tight jeans skirt and when she crossed her legs it seemed to get even shorter. When I had her uncross her legs I looked down and could see her pussy on display. I started slowly rubbing the inside of her thigh when the bartender came and took our order. By the time he brought our drinks back I had started rubbing her clit. This was all under the bar and nobody was sitting beside us so I'm pretty sure nobody noticed. As we were talking to the bartender I started rubbing faster and she spread her legs a little so I started putting my finger in her pussy. She actually put her leg in my lap at this point and was totally spread. Since she had to push her barstool back slightly and turne towards me when she did that I'm pretty sure the bartender could see what was going on as I played with her clit and stuck two fingers in her by now dripping wet pussy and started fingering her g-spot. We finished talking to the bartender and he left to get somebody else a drink. My girlfriend put her hand on mine and showed me exactly where she wanted my fingers on her. About that time the bartender came out from behind the bar, looked over at us and did a double take as he walked outside. On his way back he stopped at the end of the bar and talked to us for a few minutes. My girlfriend had to turn a little more to talk to him and had to take her leg off my lap to do so. She was now straddling my me, one leg on the foot rail of the bar and the other on the back rung of my barstool in a skirt that had by now ridden up so far that her ass was directly on the barstool with her skirt pretty much around her waist talking to a man we'd just met half an hour ago standing 3 feet from us. He tried not to stare too much but his eyes kept darting to her glistening pussy. I kept slowly stroking the inside of her thigh while we talked. After about 30 seconds she pulled my hand to her pussy and I started playing with her again. Rubbing her clit, stroking her pussy and occassionally inserting my fingers all the time talking to the bartender. He eventually had to leave to serve other people but came back often throughout the night and made sure her drinks were overly strong. I think our bartab that night was about $24. We've been back many times and alwasy get served first regardless of how she is dressed. We've gone back with her in sheer shirts, revealing shirts and short skirts but I think he liked that night the best.
Poster: Gary