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Sweet dare


Wrong Sister
Wrong Sister

by Ashley

Hi, my name is Ashley. I'm about 5'4'', 190 lbs, and light brown hair. I found this website while browsing for funny pictures of truth or dare. When I realized what the site actually was I will admit I was intrested. I've been coming on weekly reading about peoples dares, when just last week something happened to me that I was obligated to post even though it is very embarrassing. My sister Sarah and I are roomates at an apartment across from college. Anyway, Sarah is a year younger than me, the same height, probally around 185 lbs, and a little darker hair. Everybody says we look like twins! Sarah has this boyfriend (who's name I will not mention) that is over all the time. He is about 6'1'', light skinned, slightly built, with sandy blonde hair. Whenever her boyfriend isn't home we like to get in our pajamas and talk girl stuff, lol, I know its boring but we enjoy it. Anyway she is very open when it comes to boyfriend subjects, for example she tells me how far they have gone and what he likes to do to her. Of course I get jealous because I havent had a boyfriend since this semester started. Back to my story, Sarah's boyfriend was working late that night so we decided to have a girls night. She did let me know that he would be coming over after work, but that wouldnt be for a couple of hours. So we talked, mostly about school and our courses. It was probally 11:30 and she said her boyfriend was getting off about now and would be over soon, so I said ok and headed to bed. Sarah and I share a bedroom and I love when she is not home, because her futon bed is soooo much more comfortable than my hard matress. So I figured since they would be hanging out in the living room and maybe even leaving somewhere I would sleep in her bed. I removed my pajamas and pulled my comforter over my body. (I sleep naked in the spring, I don't know why it is just relaxing). Anyway after about five minutes of laying there unable to get to sleep I hear the shower turn on in the next room and figured it was Sarah getting ready before her boyfriend came over. I tossed and turned for another ten minutes before I heard a soft knock and the door open. It was Sarah's boyfriend, I knew because he said "Sarah I'm here". I thought to myself, GOD! I hope they are not chatting loud all night and buried my face in the pillow. That's when I heard the bedroom door open. I could hear the shower still going and I froze and thought OMG, It's her boyfriend and I'm in HER bed, completly naked! He whispered, "Sarah, hope your not asleep." He MUST have heard the shower running, but he obviously thought I was the one in the shower! I felt the bed sink and a warm hand on my back. I thought, OMG what should I do? but I was so nervous I was still frozen. Then slowley his hand went up to my shoulders and felt my skin. Suddenly his hand stopped, he must have realized I was naked! I heard him laugh and say "Wow, did you do this for me?" His hand ran down by back until it was on my butt, then he started massageing it. I was so scared because Sarah could come in at any moment, but mostly because he had the wrong sister. Even though I've had a few boyfriends I have only gone "all the way" with one. I heard clothing swish and a belt hit the floor, I thought to myself "this is not happening!" Then the blanket was pulled up and I felt a warm body on top of mine. He leaned down kissed my neck and countinued to by back. Then I felt his hands on each cheak, and then his wet tounge on my pussy! I started to moan, but I stopped before he would realize who I really was. He went from my pussy to my butthole, that was so embarrassing, my sister's boyfriend was licking MY butthole! I was sweating so hard. He stopped and said "Are you ready?" and I felt his rock hard cock slide into me. He didnt wear a condom and I knew it was because Sarah was on the pill. Slowly he thrusted in and out, in and out. He reached under me and started rubbing my breasts. Sarah's boobs were not as big as mine and I thought for sure he would notice, but he just kept going. I know it was wrong, but the way his fingers rubbed my nipples felt sooo good. When I realized this wasnt going to end anytime soon I raised my butt in the air so he could get easier access to my pussy. I felt so bad for doing this to my sister, but it just felt too good. I grabbed one of his hands and placed it on my lips and started sucking his fingers. After a few more thrusts I felt his cock throb and my pussy tighten, OMG he was cumming inside of me! I let out a small moan and whispered "I'm Cum mm mm ing ggg." Right after I came he said "Oh shit!" and pulled out. He said "Ashley?!" and I said OMG I am sooo sorry, please don't tell Sarah. He said "It would be bad for both of us.", got dressed and went into the other room, clearly embarresed. It ended faster than it started. Then the shower turned off and I panicked. I sprayed my favorite purfume and threw on a long T-Shirt. When Sarah walked in she was wearing a towel and said "I thought you were going to bed?" I told her I couldnt sleep and she said well come and hang out with us, maybe we can watch a movie. I nodded and went into the bathroom, to clean myself up. I heard her and her boyfriend talking and when I went out he looked nervous. Sarah leaned down and kissed him, opened her towel and smiled. When she closed it she turned around to me and just laughed and went into her bedroom to get dressed. So it was just me and her boyfriend in the living room, very akward might I ad. I was going to go over to him and apologize, but Sarah came back out in nothing but a T-Shirt and said "Movie time!" It was the most embarrassing night of my life!


**Great Story!! - webmaster
Poster: Ashley