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Sweet dare


friend plays with wife
This happened about 3 years ago, we had recently bought a new hot tub and was spending everynight in it. My friend asked me 1 day if we got in it naked and I said everytime we get in we are naked, he said what would you do if i came over 1 nite and y'all were in it naked would she try to cover up and i said probably not, cause you can't see in the back anyway. He asked if he could try to see her and i said i don't care. It was a
Friday nite and he called and aske dif we were getting in the tub, I said yes in about 30 minutes he asked if he could come over i said yes come on. I never told her he was coming over cause she would have never gottten in naked. we had been in about 10 minutes when he arrived, she was very nevrious about someone driving up. I said just relax no one can see around here anyway. he walks around the back and says what are y'all doing and i said just relaxing, he walks up and says damn it dark around here i can't even see anyone were are y'all sitting I said shes an that corner and i'm in this one. He asked if we had swim suits on and i said hell no. he asked if he could get in and she spoke really soon and said no, he said why and she said cause I'm naked. He started taking his cloths off and she said Sammy tell him no and I said why he's not going to see anything anyway. He gets in and sits for about 3 minutes and asked her if she would show him her tits and she says no. I told her hell stand up he can't see anyway and she said you want him to see my boobs an I said why not they are fantastic. After some razzing about it she stud up an you couldn't see anything and she said there now shut up. he kept asking her to do it again and she finally said i will if you will standup and show your willie he said you got a deal. I said you both have to standup face each other and stand there for 3 minutes she said why an I said just in case you can see a little they both agreed. They both stud up and faced each other and as they did i turned the tub light on and suprised them both. I was watching her as I turned the light on and she was starring right at his willie, when it got light she gasped at the site of his tool and he said hollow shit look at those tits. they both dropped back into the water and said why did you do that and I said so y'all could see each other. I said both of you stand back up and stand there for the full 3 mins. he said ok and she said no way. I got her over to the side and wispered into her ear that it was turning me on for him to get to see her, wouldn't she please do it for me. I run my hand down between her legs and she was soaking wet from the excitement. After a few minutes she agreed to stand back up and face him not thinking about he would see her pussy lips too, they made me turn the light off until they stud up facing ea other then i turned the light back on. He was hard this time and her nipples looked like they would brake bricks they were so hard and I timed it with my watch for 3 minutes, when I said ok thats it they were still starring at ea other looking up and down the others body. they didn't want to sit down now. I said hell why don't y'all just make out and he lunged for her taking her by surprise and starting kissing her on the neck(which is a turn on for her) they finally sit back down still kissing all over ea other. After a few minutes she said Sammy tell him to stop and i said what is he doing, she said you know what he is trying to do, I said you will have to stop him if you want him to stop, she half heartly tried to make him stop then she turned around and was sitting on his legs. I could tell he was trying to finger her and just sat watching and she would push his hand away and he would go right back, she looked at me and said do you want him to do that to me? I said it's up to you I don't mind, so she pushed his hand away again and he went right back this time she let him do it, she was moaning in no time and he was working it over and she had spread her legs open wide by now she shuttered a couple of times and told him that enough for now. She moved over to me and felt for my tool and said damn your hard to, I whispered into her ear and said who's is bigger she said they are about the same size. I knew she had been plaing with it because she can't be that close to one and not touch it. She asked me if this was planned and I said no why and she said she was so horny now she thought i had planned all of this, I said nope it wasn't planned. After about 5 minutes he had moved around closer to her and pulled her arm towards him and she moved over and straddled him facing him and was just sitting there and I asked if he was inside of her and she said no but it's not because he's not trying. She leaned back and asked me if i wanted him inside her and i said it your choice, she said i'm not sure and i said it's up to you. after about 2 minutes i noticed her moving up and down just a little and i ran my hand under her butt to see if he was inside her and he was balls deep and i said damn you gotta move more than that to make it feel good and he started bouncing her up and down really fast and after about 2 minutes that both let out a big moan and she got off and came to me saying she was sorry, I said for what and she said for what i just let him do to me and i said well did you enjoy it and she said yes some and got out of the tub and went inside. after about 5 minutes he and i got out and he put his clothes back on and left. I went in amd she said i guess you hate me now don't you and i said never I'm harder than ever and i carried her to the bedroom where we had sex for the next 2 hours. We had one more time of that in the tub and she has stopped doing it and says it will never happen again. I hope i can convience her to do it some more because we have the best sex for months afterwords, Thanks Sammy
Poster: sammy