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Sweet dare


Naked Housework
At work recently in the run up to the Final my female collegue Jenny is a big Chelsea Supporter who was giving it large about how Chelsea would win the European Championship. I would respond they had no chance etc..

Eventually in an attempt to Shut her up I said that If Chelsea lose she should come to my flat for the day and do my Housework Naked. (This has always been a fantasy of mine but I thought that she would refuse). To my surprise she agreed but said if they win I would have to do the same for her.

The bet was agreed. But as we now know Somehow Chelsea won. I had lost the bet but was secretly excited by the idea of being naked with Jenny.

Yesterday was the day agreed when I would fulfill the terms of the bet. However I was starting to get a bit nervous as the time came to actually go thorough with this.

I got to her flat and was invited in. She immediately said I should take my clothes off. I stripped to my underwear and asked if that would do trying to chicken out at the last minute but she said No she wanted it all off.

Completely naked I started with some dusting and hoovering while Jenny was enjoying herself sitting with her legs up and making comments about how small I was etc.

After a while she asked me to make some Tea and we sat having a drink, by now I was used to being naked and was starting to enjoy myself.

Then the doorbell rang and Jenny asked me to answer it for her, Still naked I laughed thinking that she was joking.

She told me that I had to do her housework which included answering the door and that I have to do it. So hiding behind the door I answered the door to a lady I had never met who asked if Jenny was in.

Oh come in shouted Jenny from the living room and I opened the door wider for the mystery guest to enter.

Jenny introduced her friend as Kate who she said she had asked to come round at this time. Kate shook my hand and was acting completely normal while I was now completely unable to do anything about it.

I tried to convince the girls to join me in getting Naked but both refused and just giggled and enjoyed my embaressment.

For the rest of the day both girls would grab my butt or brush past me closely teasing me mercilessly.

Finally they asked me if I would like them to take their clothes off. I jumped at the chance but they said I would need to bet them for it again. They produced a pack of cards and said I choose a card, If it is Red they will strip but if it is Black I lose and will have to pay a forfeit, come back to the flat next weekend and do whatever they ask.

I know It was not a good bet to take but really wanted to get them both Naked so I agreed.

I took a card............

It was the 9 of Clubs, I had lost again. I do not know what will happen next week but I am looking forward in a scared way to finding out.

Poster: Jim