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Sweet dare


Ooops I fucked my husbands best friend
Hi, my name is Emma. This is my first posting here so please be kind with any comments.

This is a true story about how I got carried away with some dares and ended up fucking my husbands friend.

This all happened about 2 months ago. I am 31 years old. I have been married to my husband (Jon) for 7 years. Jon was only the 2nd person I had ever had sex with. Up until 2 months ago I had not even considered or been tempted to cheat on my husband.

This all happened one Wednesday evening in April. I was at home on my own. Jon had just rung home from work to say he was having to stay late as he needed to finish a report for his manager. I was a bit pissed off as this was becoming a regular event.

I had decided to spend the evening watching a chick-flick with a bottle of red wine and some chocolate to console myself.

At about 8pm the door bell rang. I wasn't expecting anyone that evening so it was a bit of a suprise. I opened the door to find my husbands best friend there holding a pack of beer.

His name is Alan and he has been friends with my husband since they were at school. Alan was also my husbands best man at our wedding. Alan is a bachelor with a reputation for sleeping with lots of women. He is also a terrible flirt. He has tried to flirt with me for many many years but never got much response for me. Jon has always laughed at this and suggested I should flirt back.

Alan said he was popping round to see if Jon was in and was up for a few beers and evening on the playstation. This happened about every 2 weeks. Usually I would go to bed and leave them to it. Alan would always ask if I wanted him to come upstairs with me to "help me settle into bed". I always ignored this.

I told Alan that Jon was working late and I didn't know when he was likely to be home. Alan said that was a bummer as had carried the large pack of beer the 2 miles from his house for nothing. I said he might as well pop in for 1 beer before going back home. To be honest I was glad of a bit of company.

Alan came in and followed me into the kitchen (I was getting him a glass for his beer). As he was pouring his beer he noticed a pile of clothes that was waiting for me to take upstairs and put away. On the top of the pile was a pair of my pajamas. There were plain and boring but comfortable.

He sarcastically said "I bet they get Jon turned on. If thats what you wear in bed I won't bother asking to join you upstairs anymore!"

I was both embarrassed and a bit annoyed and found my self replying "Believe me, I have a cupboard full of sexy night clothes upstairs that Jon loves to see me in"

He replied "I don't believe that. Everyone knows that you a bit of a prude!"

That really got me annoyed "I am definitely not a prude. I just keep things between me and Jon"

Alan said "I don't believe you own a single piece of sexy clothing"

I then stupidly replied "You would be suprised at what sexy clothes I have upstairs"

He said "Alright then prove it to me"

"I'm not going to put on something sexy in front of you"

He replied. "Alright then, how about you just show me the sexy night wear you have in your cupboard. I bet your too much of a prude to even do that! I dare you to prove your not that much of a prude"

I hated been called a prude and wanted to prove it was not true so I agreed to his dare. We went up the stairs to my bedroom. I then got out all my sexy night clothes and lay them out on the bed. There was a good mix of night clothes including long clingy satin night dresses, short satin night dresses, french knicker and cami sets and a couple of baby dolls. They all had varying degrees of lace and see-through mesh.

Alans eyes get wider and wider as I lay out each bit of clothing. He comments "Wow Emma, I take that all back. That is some damm sexy stuff there. Jon is a lucky bastard after all"

I found myself being turned on that Alan thought I could be sexy. "See, told you I was not a prude".

He replied "If you were not a prude you would be showing me what these clothes look like on you" He then picks up a really short and very see through black night dress. "Go on, I dare you to put this on"

"Do you really think I am going to put that on infront of you?"

He replied "Alright then you pick?"

"Okay I will let you see me in one thing of my choice. But that will be it and you can never call me a prude again. Now get out the room while I get changed."

Alan left the room. I looked down at the night clothes to see which ones would cover me up the most. I thought to myself that I must be mad doing this but I was also getting turned on by the idea of parading myself in something sexy in front of Alan.

I picked out a long cream coloured satin night dress. It was very clingy, had long splits up the sides showing a lot of my legs. It had thing straps over the shoulders and showed a reasonable amount of cleavage. The night dress was not see through so I was not actually going to show off anything really. I think my C cup boobs are probably the best part of my body and was excited that he was going to see a reasonable amount of them.

I called Alan back in and stood there as he slowly stared me up and down. "Fuck, I didn't realise you were that sexy. What I would do to see you in some of the other stuff"

I found myself loving this attention. "Okay, what would you if I dared to put this on" I held up another long night dress. This one was dark blue and the top had a partially see thru lace design which would mean he would get a reasonable view of my nipples" I couldn't believe I had even suggested this.

He goes "Alright then, how about I give you this?" He puts his hand in his pocket a pulls out a £20 note.

"Do really think I am that cheap?" I said. "Okay give me the money and get out the room again".

He leaves and I quickly change night dresses and call him back in. He can't take his eyes of my tits and I can feel my nipples get hard which gives him an even better view.

"I have to admit your tits look stunning. Any chance of a quick feel"

"You can look but not touch" I replied

"Okay we will have to stick with just looking. What else will you dare to wear then?"

I picked out a cammi and french knicker set. It was mesh but with a pattern. It would give him a reasonable view of my entire body but not too much detail.

"I will put this on for you if you agree to strip naked yourself" I thought if I am going to reveal more of myself then it was only fair that he did as well. Actually I was very interested in what he would look like naked. I had noticed a large bulge grow in his jeans and had really started to wonder what his cock would look like.

He went out the room and I changed again. He came back into the room completely naked. I couldn't take my eyes off his cock as it was huge, at least 8 inches and wide as well.

"Impressed?" he said with a big smile. He took a great interest in my new outfit. "what will it take for you to put on the 1st night dress I picked out?"

"Okay, you have to wank yourself while I watch" I replied.

He started to gently wank in front of me. All I could think about is what his cock would feel like in my hand.

I turned my back to Alan and slipped off my cami and knickers giving him a good view of my bare arse. "Stunning" was his comment.

I then slipped on the very see through, short black night dress and turned round. Now he could see the detail of my body. He looked at my tits at 1st and then looked down at my pussy. I am a natural blonde and I keep myself trimmed (not quite bald) and I could see him really enjoying the sight.

I moved forward and took his cock in my hand. It felt so hard, large and warm. Alan then slipped the straps of my night dress of my shoulders and the whole thing dropped to the floor leaving me completely naked. One of his hands moved to a boob while the other went down to my pussy and he slipped a finger into me. It went in easy as I was so very wet.

We played with each other for a few minutes. I then get down on my knees and took his cock into my mouth. It felt and tasted fantastic. For a brief moment I thought "What they hell are you doing" but I was too turned on to stop. I started to suck and gently move my mouth back and forth on his cock. I could feel from the way he tenses up he is enjoying it. I started to suck harder and he responded by gently pumping his cock in my mouth. His pumping then got harder to the point where it was also uncomfortable. He was face fucking me which is something I had never let Jon do.

Alan grabbed the sides of my head and started pumping really hard. This was beginning to make me gag but it was also sending me wild. I was getting to the point where I thought I couldn't take any more when he exploded his cum into my mouth. There was huge amounts of cum and it just kept coming out. I could feel it running down my throat.

He pulled out and I took several swallows before my mouth was clear. I stood up and he send "Bloody hell you didn't spill a drop"

At that point I had just realised I had just let Jon's best man see me naked, grope me and face fuck me and had just swalled his entire cum load. If Jon found out, what would the hell would he do!!

I said we had better get dressed quick and he had better leave. I didn't want Jon to come home and find them like this. We quickly chucked our clothes on and were just about to go downstairs when I heard the front door open.

I heard Jon say "I'm home where are you?" he then to my horror came up the stairs. We just stood there, rooted to the spot. He walked in the bedroom and jumped in suprise at seeing Alan there.

"What the fuck?" Jon then saw all the night clothes on the bed. "You better tell me what the fuck has gone on".

I started crying and confessed everything (I can't lie to save my life). Jon just stood there expressionless.

I said I was so so sorry.

Jon said "Fuck, I had fantasised for years about you going upstairs with Alan and I missed it. I thought you would never do it, so I never asked. Emma, I am not mad at all, don't feel bad."

I was completely suprised by this and deeply relieved.

Jon said "Were you tempted to fuck him?"

I replied honestly "Yes, but I thought that would have been going way to far"

Jon said "Its fine by me"

Alan said "Count me in. I can go again now if you want?"

So I stripped of again and Alan fucked me on my bed with Jon watching. It was the most erotic feeling I have ever had.

Since then, when ever Alan comes over for beer and playstation he now helps me go to bed by fucking me infront of Jon. It has been completely mad since that 1st night but incredibly exciting. I can't believe what we do now.

Jon wants me to try fucking other men. I am considering it. If it happens I might do another posting.

Hope you liked hearing about my adventure. It has got me all turned on again re-living what happened as I typed this up.

Emma XXX
Poster: Emma