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Sweet dare


Felt so good I couldn't care who saw...
My boyfriend and I were driving just for the sake of being together and had been on the road for a while. I was wearing a little halter top and button up shorts and we were in his mustang convertable with the top down as it was sunny and warm... he kept teasing me about taking my top down too but I kept telling him no way anyone could see me... we were just leaving San Diego and headed for Ventura on I-5 with lots of traffic, I told him I was gonna take a nap and unhooked my seatbelt and layed on my back with my head on his lap...after about a mile I felt his hand running along my blouse edge and I smiled at him, so he got bolder and started playing with my nipples through the material making them rather hard! He asked again if I would take my top down as no-one but truckers would be able to see me and no-one knew us anyway cause we were from Texas and were both on our way to college in Northern California!. I gave in and told him "you better not get in a wreck or get pulled over!" as I untied it and threw it on the floor so it wouldn't blow away...
He yelled "hot damn!" as he saw my large hard rosy pink nipples in the sunlight! I am not large breasted but size 32 B's, but I do have awesome big nipples and boy can they get hard. He had played with them before in the dark at the movies but never in daylight or with lights on, in fact he had never seen me naked or touched me below the waist! I felt this large bulge under my head coming from his cutoffs and smiled again... We drove for a few miles when he caught up to a semi and asked "will you leave them out for the guy to see", I was really nervous but the look on his face was so cute I said "ok, but you owe me for it!"
He pulled up along side the trucker and I was glad I had my dark sunglasses on so the guy wouldn't be able to see me looking back and would think I was asleep... sure enough the trucker looked down and his eyes about popped out of his head as we went slowly by him, Bill's eyes were wide and he laughed and said "did you see his face!" He turned on his cb and listened to a few channels and sure enough found that trucker telling other truckers to keep their eyes peeled for a little blue mustang going north on I-5 if they wanted to see the cutest hard nipples for the whole world to see!
That turned me on more then I thought it would and I laughed and told Bill, "yeah that was fun although a bit embarrassing!"
Bill was really worked up now and could see I was getting excited too as he ran his hands over my stomach and tits making my nipples even harder! We passed a truck way station and saw a line of truckers pulling back on the highway ahead of us and Bill said "oh yeah!" We listened to the cb as they were all taking about how they saw that little package headed their way and couldn't wait for us to pass them...
Bill that stinker slowed down so they could get a good look as he played with them and said "look all you want boys they are mine!!!" The second trucker had a camera pointed out his window and took a picture which made me laugh and so I got brave and waved at him as we went by, Bill couldn't believe it, neither could I!
He ran his hands along the edge of my shorts and was trying to get in them, I laughed again and said "let me help a bit" and unbuttoned them and let him play with my little red landing strip a bit! I could see and feel just how excited he was that I was letting him go so far and he kept trying to lift my panties so he could see that little red tuft of hair, I told him "yes I am a true redhead which is why I do go by Red!" He said he thought I had dyed my hair but I said "oh no, the collars and cuffs all match!"
That made him even more excited and he tried all the more to get into my shorts and he drove slowly along... he was beginning to make a mess of my shorts and panties as I was getting so wet and excited by this throbbing cock under my head that I had started to play with the tip of my fingers running along the shaft and the talking over the cb... I couldn't stand it any longer and told him to move his hand and I would slip the shorts off so I was only in my little lace panties! I told him "you better be good and not get us caught", he said "oh yeah baby!!!" as I arched my back and slid them down and off my ankles just as we pulled up to another semi and I threw them on the floor! The cb lit up like crazy with guys talking and asking what milepost we were going by and also asking if we were listening as the last guy noticed the antenna on Bill's car... Bill asked me for permission to get on and talk to them as he was playing with me some more, this time his hands were all the way in my panties and he had found my clit and was really making me wet as he rubbed it and then went back to my tits for a few rounds... I told him go ahead as it would be interesting to hear what they had to say... he said "hell yes we were listening and enjoying the feedback!" That got them going on what would it take to loose the panties too and I said "a lot more then they have to offer!!!", lol... I started getting offers of showing me their cocks and I just laughed and said "no way!" Then they started bidding money... I couldn't believe it! Bill kept playing harder and harder and I could feel myself getting ready to burst as they keep raising the price for my panties with the promise of them stopping at the next truck stop to pay me for them! I grabbed the mike and said, "if the right price comes up I will take them off and sell them but no sex, only a look at my little red headed bits"...
Bill almost came right there and then in his cutoffs and asked me to quit touching it or I would have a mess in my hair! He asked if I really meant it and I said "they won't come up with enough, don't worry!" He asked me how much was the magic price I wanted as it was already up to $50, I told him it would be $200 before they went away... he laughed and got on the cb and said "no go boys, she wants more!"
A guy got on the cb and said he could see us catching up to him and it was his last run as he was retiring and he definitely wanted a look but couldn't afford anymore then me in my panties with my boobs out... asked if we would go slow by him for a good look... Bill pulled up and slowed to his speed so he could take it in... he got on and thanked me for making his day extra special and I couldn't believe I did it but I arched my back and slid my panties off for him giving him a full view of my little red landing strip down to my shaved pussy! He let out a big rebel yell on the CB as he thanked me for the show... Bill lost it! He was so excited and I started rubbing myself not caring if the old man watched or not, I wanted to get off so I started putting my finger in my very wet pussy and rubbing hard until I came hard! I could here the old guy on the CB saying "oh yes sweetheart give it all to daddy!!!" and when I looked up and saw the biggest grin ever I smiled and watched as his a camera was at the window and snapping away! He thanked me again for making his day and told the other truckers what had happened and all about me being a natural redhead and that if they wanted to see they better start bidding... I pulled my panties back on and was gonna get dressed when Bill asked "what are you doing, the bidding is still going up! I laughed and said ok and laid back on his lap as he played with my very wet panties and clit! He said I should get on the cb and tell them they were very wet panties for sale now so I did just that! "Hey big boys, you heard the little show I gave that nice old trucker who is retiring and I pulled my panties back on just now and they are getting soaking wet while I think about what the shy 21 year old little natural red head just did in broad daylight on a public highway, do you want a piece of the action? First one to hit my magic price gets these very wet lace panties and an upclose look at all of me!!! I am 5'3' and 115lbs ringing wet, ha, ha!!!" and the bidding jumped over $100! We drove by a few more truckers over a 10 mile stretch and then another voice came on and said he and his trainee would combine the offer to $200! I gasped as Bill got on the line and said "you have a deal, where are you going to meet us!" I told him I was just kidding and no way... he said "but Babe you said you would and it isn't sex with them, we will just pull in and you take them off for the money give them a look and off we go once again, you will never see them again and I will protect you as I have my gun right here!!!"
I thought long and hard about it and said "you are right and I always keep my word darn it!!!" and so we made the deal to meet these two at a stop 2 miles ahead...
I was so nervous as we pulled into the stop and saw all those trucks waiting, yeah apparently lots of them wanted a peek at me totally nude and had heard it all on the cb! The guy told us to pull into the truck side and behind his truck backed up to the trees so it would be more private and we wouldn't get arrested because of flashing all the families on the other side! I took a deep breath as we pulled up to around 20 guys all standing there with these two waving $100 each and cheering!
A car with two cute girls in it pulled in behind us and they both got out to watch also as they had heard all this on their cb too! One of the girls came up and opened the door and said "well we they are all waiting and so are we!!!" as she laughed... I got out of the car and the two guys gave me a good look over and said "yup those sure are wet and lacy sweetheart and what nice knockers too!" as they handed me the $200 as the old trucker I had masterbated for came walking right up to me and gave me a great big hug! I told him "come on over big boy and you can slide down my panties & hand them over to them after smelling them!!!" He gave me the biggest grin I have ever seen and handed them to the youngest guy while I blushed incessantly as they checked me out along with all the other guys and the two gals!
One of the other guys asked the girls if they had anything for sale and they both laughed and said "we were hoping to make some gas money too, thats why we stopped!" They all asked me to do the bidding as I was already naked and Bill said "do it for me, the old guy and I will protect you!"... I thought it would be fun to not be the only one naked so started the bidding for their blouses and shorts... the girls both laughed as their clothing was going away and they were getting richer! I was having a blast and forgot all about being naked and embarrased as more people had made their way over from the other side and we had a large crowd now as both girls were down to their panties with their tits out and said that was all, I said "oh no you aren't going anywhere until those undies are gone too like mine"... They argued and another women who came over said she I'll take mine all off too if you two will bid your panties", they figured she wouldn't do it and said "ok go on big talker!" and she stripped right then and there showing off her massive double D's and sexy tight ass... as she turned I could see she was a natural blond, well shaved below that... she said "come on girls lets see if you really are blonds or not!" The men were cheering and a few unzipped their pants and jacked off right there in the parking lot! That made me really hot and the bidding got higher and higher until both those girls had to give them up! All four of us women were standing there stark naked now, a redhead, a blond, a who knows what as she was totally shaved and a brunette! Some of the guys asked if they could have pictures with us as cameras were flashing everywhere and guys were coming by shaking our hands and being the gentlemen they proved to be by not doing anything else without our permission to touch... We all said goodbye to one another and I got back into the car as we took off down the highway... I asked Bill "did that really happen?" and he said "hell yes, I have pics to prove it!" He said he came three times! I told him for being a good boy I would ride to the motel naked as we went down the highway listening to the CB going wild with banter about their luckiest day ever! Bill asked if I would do it again, I thought about it and laughed as I still couldn't believe all I did as I stripped in broad daylight for strangers, masterbated in front of an old man and my boyfriend and sold my panties for $200, taking them off in front of a crowd of guys and gals! Was this really the shy little woman I thought I was and yet it was so exciting! Wow I just might get us the nerve to try that again!!!
Poster: Red