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Sweet dare


dared my wife to tease my friend the contractor
My wife and I had been playing around for a long time about her having sex with another guy. Eventually, it got down to her with various friends of mine. She liked to imagine those scenarios, and I did too. I made her promise that if the situation was right, and I dared her, she would have to carry out the dare. Well, one day, we were doing renovations to the outside of our home. I had picked a long time friend of mine to do the job. This friend also happened to be one of the guys who made my wife especially hot. She had told me so many times that she wanted to touch, and suck, and fuck his cock, how she had secretly craved his naked body, and that she just new his cock would be big and fat.
So to tease her, I waited for a day that I knew she would be home alone, and I called him up. He had no idea how horny my wife was for him. I told him that today would be the only chance, for a long while, to go to the house and check on designs with my wife. He reluctantly agreed, and headed over. I waited 20 minutes, and then called my wife. I told her she should shower right away, as my friend would be there soon. She was shocked and nervous, but I told her to relax. This would be her chance to carry out my dare. I told her to have some teasing fun with him, and just not to go too far.
I was going crazy at work, wondering just what would happen. I finally resigned myself to the fact that she would not provoke anything. But that night in bed, she told me that she wore a tight white tank top and a partially see through bra, and a pair of black tights with no panties.
She said that when she answered the door, he was mumbling his words. She invited him in, and took him out back to see the work site. All the while, she would stand so close to him that parts of their bodies would rub, and at one point, she stood behind him and pressed her thick nipples into his back. And she would use words like "hard" and "satisfy" and "touch", just to drive him crazy.
Anyway, he was about to leave, and they passed inside to walk to the front door when he stopped and asked her, "are you trying to seduce me?" My wife answered no, but slowly placed the palm of her hand on his semi hard cock. She told me that she kept it there as it grew fully hard in his track- pants, and that his cock really was so big and so thick, it made her big nipples became hard as rocks.
She told me he leaned in and french kissed her, and that she did not stop his tongue. She pulled back for a second, and asked him in a nasty voice, "does it make you horny to lick the tongue of your friend's wife?" He just grabbed her by the ass and pulled her back.
She says they made out for 30 minutes and that she needed to let him suck her tits, and finger her right there.
I asked her if she took his cock out. She said yes.
She was begging him to show her how beautiful it was. She told me how she slowly stroked it back and forth, watching his thick foreskin moving with her hand, and how he slowly oozed his cum all over the back of her hand and on the floor.
I asked if that was where things stopped. She assured me yes - for now. But now she wants me there with him the next time, so we can take turns with her naked body - licking her pussy while the other one is fucking her.
Poster: dan