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Sweet dare


Hotel Mistress
On occasion, my wife and I travel together for business purposes. We are familiar with the areas that we travel to and usually stay at the same hotels. We know which ones have Jacuzzi’s, pool's and which hotels have the best bars in the area. The best thing about traveling together and staying at hotels, it always leads to what we affectionately call "hotel sex". Hotel sex can get pretty wild. Since the kids don’t travel with us, we don't have to worry about anyone hearing us and we usually allow ourselves the freedom to cut loose and get as crazy as we want. Sometimes, we use these trips to try new things and explore our sexuality. There have been hand jobs in the hotel Jacuzzi, skinny dipping in the pool, fucking in front of an open window overlooking the city, you get the idea. The latest trip would be no different, in fact, it would be one to remember.

After dinner with our co-workers we headed back to the hotel bar for a few drinks after which we donned our swimsuits, mixed a couple of good stiff drinks and headed to the Jacuzzi. After a few minutes of relaxing we finished our drinks. It was time for the real action to begin. It didn’t take long as the combination of drinking and hot bubbles of the Jacuzzi has always had a tendency to really “heat up” my wife. She begun with some sexy suggestions, some of which I haven’t heard from her before, but I’m always game for new types of fun. She whispered in my ear that she would be game for almost anything tonight so I shouldn’t be afraid to ask. She moved a little closer to me and began rubbing my cock. I felt the rush of blood fill my dick as it began to grow to its full 9” length. I was glad the “jets” were still going so the couple at the other end to the Jacuzzi couldn’t see below the water. I’m not sure it would have mattered as they were otherwise engaged themselves. It didn’t take long before she loosened my trunks enough to reach down and pull my stiff rod out of my shorts, as she was slowly stroking my cock she leaned over and asked what I had in mind for the night. I knew she would be up for most anything but I wanted to keep this Jacuzzi fun going for a while longer so I told her I’d have to think about it, little did she know that I’d already been preparing for the night. “Well then” she said, “I’ll give you something to look at while you think”. She then turned a little more toward me with her back towards the other couple, but where I had a full frontal view of her. My wife likes to wear swim suits that show off her assets and this time was no exception. Her luscious breasts were barely contained inside that very low cut, cleavage flaunting top. After 22 years of marriage to this beautiful lady, that’s a view I never get tired of.

As I sat staring at my wife’s boobs through her swim suit, my throbbing cock still hanging out over the top of my suit, my sexy wife began playing with her tits, gently rubbing them and squeezing them together, enhancing her already perfectly formed titty fucking cleavage. Shit, I’d love to have my cock between those 36D melons. As she was playing with her boobs, she would teasingly pull one of her breasts out of her top, look at me seductively and then out of the corner of her eye look to see if the other couple had noticed anything, then turn back and lick her nipple. She likes to take chances when there is a possibility of getting caught but she doesn’t want to be obvious about it, I think it really helps to get her excited. She really likes to play with herself at times like this and she is well aware that I enjoy watching her. It wasn’t long before she had her hand down inside her bathing suit bottoms finger her clit as she continued to play with her boobs. I could tell that she was enjoying the pleasure she was giving herself. I also know that she likes to prolong the pleasure so I was confident that this would be a long night. After a few minutes of watching, getting hotter and hotter, I motioned that we should head up to the room because I had something in mind that we should try. It took us a few minutes to get ourselves together before excusing ourselves to the other couple. They nodded as though they knew what was going on, I’m pretty sure that they enjoyed the show. They were starting to get a bit frisky as well.

Once in the room I told her to go and get “dressed” for a wild ride while I prepared the room for the night. While she readied herself I got myself ready as well. I put on a black leather g-string, the type with a pouch for my balls and a skin tight sleeve for my cock. I also put on a leather dog collar and a short leash. I then put out a set of new restraints, and some rope. Of course, there was also the usual assortment of toys, a couple of vibrators, a cock ring, and some lube. I laid the “tools” out on the dresser so everything would be easily accessible. When my wife come out I about creamed myself in my g-string, she looked good, no, she looked hot. Very fuckable. She was wearing a very shear, very revealing, black, lacy push up bra that showed off her breasts to perfection, black thong panties, black fishnet stockings and her knee high “come fuck me” boots. It appears as though she had done some preplanning as well.

Wow, all I could do was stare at her, thinking this is going to be one hell of ride. As I stood there looking like a school boy she asked, “Well, what did you have in mind, you fucking bastard dog?” “You must be a mind reader” I responded, “because it seems as though you’ve already begun. I was thinking about a little bondage and being dominated a bit by you. What do you think?” Her silent response gave me her answer, my wife, er, my mistress grabbed the leash and gave it a hard tug, she led me to the chair, which I placed in the middle of room, turned me around and pushed me down into the chair with her high heeled boots. She then leaned down in front of me exposing a wonderful, unobstructed view of her barely covered breasts, put her index finger in front of her mouth and seductively whispered, “This is what you wanted, you fucking bitch slave, you shall be my boy toy and if you don’t satisfy me I’ll punish you, severely.” All I could think was “shit, what did I get myself into?”

She picked up the wrist restraints and tied me to the chair. She moved from side to side, deliberately brushing her boobs across my face, when I leaned forward to sneak a nibble, she grabbed the leash hooked to my collar, pulled my head away and sternly warned me, “Don’t you dare touch me unless I ask”. We’ve done a little bondage before but this time was definitely going to be different, she was stepping it up a bit which didn’t bother me in the least. Once she had me tied up to her satisfaction, she stepped back to take a look at her boy toy and admire her handy work. It was then she noticed that my cock was pressing hard against my g-string. “What’s this?” she asked as she knelt down on her knees in front of me, fondling my throbbing dick through the leather pouch. She moved in closer and mouthed my now rock hard cock, leather and all, while gently squeezing my balls. After teasing me for a few minutes and getting me as hard as I have ever been, she walked over to the array of toys laid out for her enjoyment.

My seductive mistress grabbed one of the toys and walked around behind me. Before I knew what was happening she tied a blindfold over my eyes. When I “struggled” a little, she leaned over me pressing her luscious jugs hard against me and quietly whispered, “If you fight, you’ll be punished”. She pulled my throbbing member out of my leather pouch, slid a cock ring over my aching penis, making sure it was all the way down on my shaft. This cock ring has a second ring that goes around my balls as well. She then slid her perfectly manicured nails across my back from shoulder to shoulder, run her nails through my hair and walked away, I think. I soon heard the sound of a vibrator, she must be playing with herself, I could only imagine what she was doing to herself once the moans started. She asked if I wanted to see what she was doing to herself. I said yes but she sternly responded, “That’s just to fucking bad. I’m not going to give you the pleasure of watching me take this 12” cock all the way in my wet pussy while I make myself come.” After that, all I heard was moans of ecstasy and the sounds of the vibrator. Several minutes later, after she brought herself to what I could only imagine to be a very strong orgasm, the vibrator stopped. There was a moment of silence before I felt the warmth of her tight, wet pussy sliding down slowly over my enormously engorged love stick. “Is this what you want? You sorry bastard, I bet you want to come so fucking bad, don’t you?” She kept sliding up and down, very slowly on my rock hard cock. OH, it felt so good, I wanted to blow right then and there. She know it too, just as I felt as though I could take no more and I was about to blow, she pulled off. I could also feel the pulsing sensation of her vibrator as she teased her clit while standing over her restrained slave.

I soon felt the energetic shudder of her body as she started to orgasm. She slid her pulsating pussy back over my cock and continued to play with her vibrator and extended her orgasm until she was completely done. When she had finished with herself she stood up and took off my blindfold. “I want you to watch what’s going to happen next.” She then slide on her button front mini-skirt, with all but the top two buttons left undone, just below her bare pussy, leaving her extremely sexy legs exposed, put on her shear white top, opened to one button below the front clasp of her lacy black bra, seductively showing off her beautiful boobs. Wow, she looked as sexy as I’ve ever seen her look. Talk about an eyeful, short skirt barely covering her great ass, open shear white top showing off her great tits covered only by a very sheer, lacy black bra, black fishnets and her high heeled “come fuck me” boots. She turned around and bent over to adjust her stockings exposing her entire tight ass to me and showing me that she was not wearing any panties, mmm, her pussy was still glistening with the come she just exploded with. I couldn’t help but wonder why she had put her clothes on at this time. I didn’t take long before I found out, she pushed me and the chair I was tied up in, placed me in front of the open window so I was looking over the hotel courtyard bar, strapped my legs and ankles to chair so I couldn’t move, gave me a wink and said “Don’t go anywhere”, walked past me and out the door. HOLY SHIT I thought, what the hell’s going on, I’m tied up, completely exposed to the hotel, my penis still hard as a rock with that damn cock ring squeezing tighter then ever around my rock solid dick. I guess it’s a good thing we are on the 5th floor, most people won’t look up this high.

As I sat there tied up in my dominated state, looking out the window, I soon realized what my wife was up to, she was heading to the courtyard bar. There were a couple of guys sitting at the bar having a drink and chatting with the bar tender when she arrived. She appeared to ask the two guys if she could squeeze up to the bar, they willingly moved their bar stools over to accommodate her. Hell, who wouldn’t the way she looked? As the bartender come over to get her drink order, I could tell he was enjoying the full view of my wife’s astonishing cleavage. The two guys on either side of her seemed to be enjoying the show as well, they were both leaning as far forward as possible to get a glimpse of those luscious boobs. Damn, I now realized she knew exactly what she was doing as she turned around to lean back on the bar, got her drink, slyly looked up at me and raised her drink. After that, I figured this was all part of the game so I decided to just relax, the best I could in my tied up position, and enjoy the show. I know I can trust her, after 22 years of monogamous marriage, I know she likes to flirt but she always ends up with me, our one rule has always been, “you can look, flirt, and tease, but you cannot touch”. And that goes both ways.

As I watched the action down below, I couldn’t help but to get even more turned on by what was happening with those two young studs doing all they could do to a good view of her amazing jugs. She was more then happy to show them off, she kept repositioning herself to help them out. As she was sitting on the bar stool, she turned toward the guy to left, moved her leg a bit which opened her skirt a little to expose her bare vagina. The more she moved in her seat, the higher her skirt came up, she must have been fully exposed by now, what a fucking tease. Knowing she was exposing herself to the guy in front of her, left the other looking at her well rounded ass. He didn’t seem to mind a bit, in fact, I think he really enjoyed looking at her ass checks hanging out of her short skirt. The guy she was facing, knowing he had a full view of her pussy, put his hand on the inside her amazing thigh, and offered her a drink, which she gladly accepted. Looking up at me, she gave me a wink and secretly lifted a finger as if to say “just one more”. I don’t know if she could see me but I nodded, fully aware that she loves this type of attention and it would only make her hornier. Both of these guys appeared to be completely enthralled with my mistress, as she shifted in her seat, they both did all they could to get a peak at her fabulous body. There is no doubt that by now they knew she was completely naked under her short skirt and I’m sure that by now, she was getting pretty wet, I know she was as horny as she would ever be. When she finished her drink, I could tell these good looking horn dogs were trying to talk her into another drink as she was getting up to leave. She stood up, took a few steps away from the bar, stopped, looked up at me and winked. She then slyly looked over her shoulder to see if they all were looking her way, which they were. She then bent over to “fix” her boot, giving the whole bar a show they would not soon forget.

It wasn’t long before I heard the door open and felt the warmth of my beautiful mistress’s lips kissing the side of my neck, down onto my shoulders and then around to the front of my neck. From behind, she reached down, grabbed my still throbbing, rock hard “toy” and started stroking slowly. I was ready to blow and she knew it, she kept stroking, slow then fast, short stokes, long stroke, squeezing harder and harder as I got closer and closer to shooting my wad. She knelt down in front of me and took the entire length of my cock in her mouth and sucked as hard as she could. It didn’t take long before I exploded and shot my load deep in her throat. I must’ve cum a pint of that warm, white jism before I finished my orgasm.

All my luscious mistress said was, “Now that that’s over, it’s time for my boy toy to please me” as she untied my restraints and led me to the bed. She laid back, spread her legs and gave my leash a yank toward her moist cunt. As I started licking that warm, tasty pussy she pulled her shirt off and began rubbing her hard erect nipples. She was ready for another orgasm and I was willing to help her get there. When I heard the moans begin, I knew she was close. Using my tongue, I gently flicked her engorged clit. It wasn’t long before she raised her hips, grabbed the back of my head and thrust her pulsating pussy hard into my face, screaming at me, “Eat it you fucking bastard, eat it hard, eat all that pussy juice.” As I kept licking and sucking her clit, she kept cumming. Finally, after what seemed like 10 minutes, she let my head go, fell back on the bed and silently whispered, “That was a good boy.” That was probably the most intense orgasm she has ever had.

We both lay on the bed for a few minutes, catching our breath. My mistress rolled over, looked me in the eyes, reached down, grabbed my cock and said, “Now, it’s your turn to dominate me”.
Poster: Tim