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Sweet dare


Desert Heat - Pt 1
The desert sun was hot and the ground scorching. Not much of anything moved in the intense heat of the day, that is except for me. I was working a summer job for a company about an hour and half from home. They had me staying in a small travel trailer on the southern edge of the small desert town. I worked in the field gathering research statistics for 10 days straight and then had 4 days off.
The small trailer had an air conditioning unit that ran on high 24/7. As the temps outside dropped at night, the air conditioner would finally do its job. By morning, it was freezing cold inside, but by mid-afternoon, it was only a few degrees cooler than it was outside. That particular summer, the town I was working in had the high temp for the state more days than not.
I had to make several runs a day to check the equipment and record the data. Generally, the first run was about 7am, then 11am, 2pm, 5pm and 8pm. It made for long days, but other than making the runs, the rest of the day was my own.
Other than the intense heat, the only other hard aspect of the job was being away from my wife for 10 days straight. Ginger and I had only been married for two years and 10 days apart seemed like an eternity. When my stint was up, I couldn’t drive home fast enough to hold her in my arms and smother her with love.
I made friends with a young guy in the trailer next mine. His name was Bill. He was tall, average build and average looks. His girlfriend Olga spent a great deal of time at Bill’s trailer and I got to know them both in a short time. Olga was short and slightly heavy, but still attractive. She had jet black hair and dark brown eyes.
One afternoon, Bill asked me if I wanted to catfishing with he and Olga after dark at the small local reservoir. It sounded like fun and readily agreed. After my last run, I got back to the trailer, changed clothes and jumped in Bill’s van off we went. Bill had enough fishing gear for three of us along with an ice chest full of cold beer.
By the time we got the reservoir, it was starting to get dark. We found a spot and set up some chairs along the shore, got our poles ready and started fishing and drinking. Even though the sun has gone down, the temp was still well over 100 degrees. Bill and I were both wearing cutoff jeans and we took of our shirts. Olga complained that it wasn’t fair for us to go topless in the heat and she couldn’t. Bill told her that she could if she wanted to that I wouldn’t mind and there wasn’t anyone else around and it was dark.
Without hesitation, Olga took off her shirt, grabbed another beer for the three of us and sat back down in her chair. Bill noticed that she kept fidgeting with her bra and asked her what was wrong. She said she was sweating and it was irritating her, so Bill told her to take if off. It was dark, no one around or could see and I wouldn’t mind, to which I agreed. Three seconds later, her bra fell off and there she sat in the dark with her lovely breasts loose and free.
She noticed I was looking and asked if I liked what I saw and I told her yes, they were very lovely and then I told her how I missed Ginger’s breasts waiting for me at home. Bill asked me what Ginger looked like, so I told them she was tall, slender, long naturally red hair and green eyes. Olga asked about her breasts and I told her she was a 32C and figure like an hour glass. She asked if Ginger would ever come down with me on any of my stays that summer and I said probably not because of her job.
At one point during the evening, Olga brought Bill and I another beer and when she did, she stood right in front of me with her breasts less than a foot away from face. She looked down and smiled, handed me the beer and went back to her chair.
We fished for a couple of hours and caught just over a dozen eating sized catfish then packed up and headed back to the trailer park. It was after 1:30am and no moon made the night dark. There was no one else on the road and Olga rode back still topless. When we arrived at our trailers, she got out of the van and walked into the trailer holding her top and bra in her hands.
I was tired and new that I had to get up early, but the vision of Olga’s breasts in my face was more than I could bear and I instantly relieved myself as soon as I got back in my own trailer. That night, I dreamt of Ginger and her breasts and when I woke up I relieved myself again, before heading out on my first run of the day.
Nothing else happened during the last 4 days of my shift. Bill and Olga acted like nothing happened as we got together in the evenings. We played cards, drank beer and just talked about anything and everything.
That Wednesday, I made my final run and hit the road for home. Ginger was waiting for me and literally wrapped herself around me when I walked in the door. I didn’t tell her about Olga and fishing as I wasn’t sure how she would take it with me there and her not.
Sex was great that night and we fell asleep while still embraced naked in each other’s arms. I was so happy to be back home and with Ginger. All was good in the world.
Poster: J.D.