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Sweet dare


Desert Heat - Pt 2
I spent the day Friday doing some lawn work, mowing and trimming. By noon, it was already 112 degrees outside and I decided to call it quits and head inside into the air conditioning. After showering, I grabbed a beer and sat down to relax. Ginger was not due home until after 6pm, so I decided to take a little nap.
It wasn’t long after I laid down and dozed off that I heard the front door. The clock read 1:40 so I hurried out to see what was up. Ginger had come home early and was in tears. I asked what happened and she told me that she had been let go. They told her and two other girls that they had to cut hours and that they were sorry and hoped she could find another job soon. Her boss said he would give her a good recommendation.
Ginger was all upset as she had never been let go from a job before and she wondered what she would do. I told her that she could come down with me when I headed back out in the field. She looked up at me through her tears and asked if I was serious and I said yes, I was.
Wiping the tears away, I told her to get changed into her bathing suit and we would out to the pool and relax. Our backyard and pool was surrounded by a tall block fence that gave us complete privacy, but I had never been able to get Ginger to swim or sun topless or completely nude. She was very shy and even knowing that no one could see her, she was just too nervous to bare anything outside.
Before heading out, I fixed her a vodka Collins, one of the few alcoholic drinks she liked. Handing the drink to her, I told her that she needed something to calm her nerves after having a rough experience. She took the drink from me, took a sip and said it tasted a little strong, but good and thanked me with a kiss.
We swam for a while and I could see that she was starting to relax, partially from the drink and partially because I was trying to take her mind off of losing her job. I swan up to her in water that was just up to our shoulders and embraced her and told her I loved her. She melted into my arms and wrapped her arms around me. We stayed like that for several minutes. I whispered in her ear how beautiful and sexy she was and how much I loved her.
My hands began to slowly work up and down her back. From the upper edge of her bikini bottoms to her shoulders, my hands softly caressed. She leaned out and kissed me deeply and passionately. Our tongues met each other and danced their own private dance. In the midst of the long kiss, I carefully tried to undo the clasp on the back of her bikini top, but she realized what I was doing and pulled away. I assured her that no one could see us and that she was safe. She looked around in every direction and asked if I was sure and I told yes, I was sure. Giving me that shy look of hers, she whispered for me to go ahead.
It didn’t me more than a second or two to undo her top and pull it away from her and tossed it up onto the pool decking. Once her top was gone, she pressed herself against my chest, doing her best to keep her beautiful breasts hidden from anyone’s view. I let myself slide down her front until her breasts were in my face. I kissed her cleavage and along her right breast, stopping on her nipple and giving it some extra oral attention. I took the nipple into my mouth and gently placed it between my teeth. Her eyes closed as I worked her nipple and then began to suck on it.
After a minute or two, I kissed my way over to her left breast and nipple and repeated the process. The more I kissed and suckled, the more relaxed she felt in my arms. She also forgot that she was now allowing her breasts to be exposed out in the open. Her head was leaning back, eyes closed; she just stood there in the pool and lost herself in the moment.
While I loved her breasts, my hands made their way down her back and I slid them into her bikini bottoms and cupped her wonderful butt. It brought back memories of before we were married. We had taken a walk in the neighborhood where she lived and made our way to an elementary school behind her house. We walked around the school, stopping every so often to hold each other kiss. Stopping in a semi-hidden doorway, we embraced and kissed and I managed to work my hands down into the back of her skirt and panties, feeling and holding her butt for the first time. In fact, it was the first sexual contact we ever had.
Sucking on her breasts and feeling her butt, I took the chance and ever so carefully untied the string on the side of the bikini bottoms. She never moved to stop me so I moved to the other side and untied that bow, allowing her bottoms to float slowly to the bottom of the pool. I stood back up and held her completely naked body against me, wondering how far she would let me go.
A few moments into the embrace, her hands went down to my swim trunks and loosened the drawstring. She opened her eyes, looked at me with a very turned on look and slid my trunks down. As she did, her head went underwater and I felt her give my cock a quick kiss. Standing back up, she reached down, grabbed my cock and placed it between her legs. She looked at me, kissed me and then told me to take her right there in the pool.
Since I had never gotten her to even flash me outside, I was surprised and shocked about her openness, but I was not going to question why and take a chance of ending a good thing. I moved her to slightly shallower water and leaned her back so that the top half of her floated and I eagerly slid my hard cock up into her. Holding her hips, I began to work back and forth in her. She let her head float in the water and closed her eyes.
I did my best to make sure my cock was hitting the right spot inside her and it wasn’t long before I saw her start to build towards her orgasm. Her flat stomach began to rise up and down with the rising tide of stimulus. Her head dipped so far back that she almost got water up her nose, but it didn’t stop her from building more and more. Stomach convulsed more and her pelvis began to arch up as far as it could possibly arch. The walls of her pussy clamped down on my cock, locking it inside her and causing me to shoot my hot load deep inside her. As I unloaded, she hit her peak and had one of the most intense orgasms I had ever seen her have and it kept going and going.
Finally, her pussy released my cock and she came down from her orgasmic mountain top. I still held her tight on me and in a few short moments of rest, began to take her again. Her eyes still shut, I could tell that once I regained my rhythm that she was immediately starting to build again. I continued to pump away, moving her hips around so that I kept hitting her more sensitive spots. In less than a minute she had her second orgasm, but I wasn’t close yet, so I continued to pump and pump.
I pushed her pelvis down a bit and could feel me rubbing against her clit. Her entire body shook with the intensity of my hitting on her clit. Her body began to tighten and buck and again her pussy gripped my shaft as I tried to keep sliding it in and out of her. I could feel my second load of white heat rise up and move through from my balls up to my shaft. I tried to hold off until she peaked for the third time, but clenching of her pussy walls on my cock was more than I could handle and I couldn’t help but released my load deep in her. Feeling my cock pumping its hot liquid into her was enough to send her over the edge and her whole body clenched, jerked and spasmed.
By now, I was spent of juice and exhausted physically. I allowed her to float off of my cock that was already shrinking in size, but I held onto her until she could regain her footing. She wrapped her arms and legs around me and kissed me so hard I almost couldn’t breathe. All I could say to her was WOW and she echoed it back saying that was fantastic.
I didn’t want to ruin the moment, but my curiosity was getting the best of me and I asked her what came over her to allow this to happen outside in the pool. She paused, looked at me and said that she knew how much I wanted to do it outside in the pool and that the vodka probably helped as well. I asked her if she really liked it and she said it was incredible. She said after she got over the initial embarrassment of being naked outside, she realized how free it felt like her skin was alive. Then she told me that she may never wear a swimsuit again.
We casually swam in the pool, cooling off and allowing the water to refresh our bodies. Eventually, I climbed out, laid her towel on the pool lounge chair and we both sat naked in the sun. It wasn’t long before I heard her say how wonderful the sun felt on her breasts and groin. A few minutes later her breathing changed and I knew she was asleep. I quietly stood up so that I could look at her lying naked on the lounger in the hot afternoon sun. Never did I ever think that this would happen, but I was so glad it did. My butterfly had emerged from her cocoon and what a gorgeous and sensuous butterfly she was.
We stayed naked the rest of the day. Ginger was so beautiful and sensuous as she moved through the house. It was unusual to see her sit across from me dinner with breasts showing so wonderfully above her plate of food. After dinner, we cuddled on the sofa as we watched an old black and white love movie. Ginger nestled in against me as close as she could and I put my arms around her and my hand on rested on her breast.
That night going to bed, she told me she would like to make love again. She turned over onto all fours, raised her butt towards me and gave me a soft bark like a dog as she wiggled her butt back and forth. I barked back at her and acted like a dog and began to sniff her lips and then licked them before diving my tongue as deep into her as possible. Her head dropped onto the bed as is felt her butt began to rise up and down and the walls of her pussy began to twitch and tighten around my tongue. I continued linking until her orgasm subsided and then I proceeded to lick up her juices.
Then I barked again like a dog and mounted her from the rear, sliding my hard erection into her as deeply as it would go. She again wiggled her butt back and forth and I could feel my cock slide against one side of her pussy and then the other. I also leaned up and down so that I would rub her upper and lower walls as well. Ginger was so aroused that it only took her a couple minutes to top over another orgasmic wave.
I kept humping her like a wild dog until I felt the rise of my semen through my loins. Gripping her hips, I dove as deep as I could possibly dive and began pumping the white liquid of life into her. Ginger moaned and pushed back against me. Once she could no longer feel the firehouse inside her, she slid down flat on the bed with me still inside her. We laid there with me on top of her back, holding myself inside her as long as I could, but nature took its course and I began to soften until I fell out of her. As I rolled off of her, she raised her butt just a little, trying to keep as much of the juice in her as possible.
A few minutes later, we both cleaned up and crawled into bed. I turned her on her side facing me and told her I wanted to fall asleep on her nipples. She smiled as I slid down in the bed enough to allow me to look straight at her perfect 32C breasts. I put one arm around her as I latched onto a nipple and suckled us both to sleep.
Saturday and Sunday were busy with chores, errands and visiting family. It left us virtually no time to do anything in the pool or elsewhere. Since Ginger was coming with me out into the field and we would both be gone for 10 days, I got a friend or mine to agree to come over and take care of the pool. He had been staying with a friend temporarily, so I suggested her stay at the house starting Monday and gave him a set of keys and showed him around the place and what to do with the pool.
Sunday night, we got everything packed and ready for leaving Monday morning. It was getting late, the sun had gone down and we were both tired and looking forward to the morning.
Poster: JD Whitings