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Sweet dare


Desert Heat - Pt 5
Desert Heat – Pt 5
Saturday, was cold inside and hot outside as usual. Ginger got dressed quickly like she did every morning, only this time she put on a halter top on under her regular top. She was very quiet again and I knew she was still struggling with what had been said last night about if one of the ladies went topless because of the heat, would the other. Ginger knew that Olga would and that the decision rested with her.
Once we were out in the field, she again took her outer top off and worked with me in her bikini. I asked her if she knew what she was going to do and she said she didn’t know yet. That told me that she was contemplating doing it, but was most likely too shy. I asked her if she was thinking about doing it and she said that the thought kind of excited her but it also scared the dickens out of her. I suggested she take her halter top off now just to see how she felt with no one around. She looked around, started to reach behind her and then stopped and said that she couldn’t do it. I told her it was okay and that was her answer.
We made the two morning runs and then headed back for lunch. Our trailer was already getting hot, but Ginger would not take the chance of anyone coming over and kept her halter top on. I have to admit that I was hoping she would give in and be willing to take her top off with Bill and Olga, and that I felt a little disappointed, but I supported her decision.
After lunch, Bill invited us over for a cold drink before we had to make our next run to the field. When we walked in, Olga was sitting in a chair with a pillow up against her chest and it was obvious that she was topless. We moved to the sofa in the front of their trailer and sat down.
The moment we sat down, Ginger leaned forward, reached behind her and untied the knot at the bottom of her halter top, pulled her long blonde hair in front of both shoulders, reached up and unclipped the neck ring and slid her halter top off. Her hair was long enough to completely hide her breasts, but as Olga moved the pillow, it was obvious that her hair was not long enough to cover her breasts. So I reached over and pulled ginger’s hair back behind her back and said that it since she took her top off that it was unfair to Olga. She didn’t say a thing or try to stop me.
I was shocked that she did it, especially after what happened this morning out in the desert, but was so glad she did. She was so sexy sitting there with her breasts exposed in front of this other couple. When she had removed her top, both Bill and Olga stared at her ample 32C breasts. Ginger stood 5’10”, had a 20 inch waist, long blonde hair, blue eyes and the overall body of a runway fashion model. Olga’s breasts and figure was no comparison to Ginger’s and I was so proud of the attention she got.
Ginger was quiet for the first few minutes but seemed to loosen up and join in the conversation. I was surprised that she stayed that way for the next hour before we had to make our next run. She put her halter top and outer top on before we left.
On the way out to the run, I told her that I was shocked and proud of her. Her face turned red and she said she wasn’t going to but when she saw Olga was topless, she knew that I really wanted her take her top off also so she did it more for me than for anything else. I thanked her and told her that she didn’t have to and then told her how sexy she looked. I asked her how she felt now that she did it and she said she is still embarrassed and even surprised that she had the courage to do it. She asked me if it turned me on to see her topless in front of another man and told yes, it did turn me on. I asked her if she was turned on and she lowered her head and softly said that she was scared at first but after a while she was getting turned on, especially when she saw Bill staring at her breasts.
After we got back from the run, it was time for dinner and we ate a light dinner. Bill and Olga popped over and Bill told us that our trailer almost hotter than outside. I mentioned that I missed the pool at home, and Bill said he knew of a water hole out in the desert that is clean, isolated and almost no one knows about it. It was supposed to be no moon, so it would be plenty dark. He asked if wanted to go skinny dipping with he and Olga after it got dark. Ginger said a swim sounded good, but wouldn’t promise that she would go completely skinny when dipping.
We made our last run and got back and prepared for our swimming adventure. Ginger put her bikini one with shorts and top over it. I just wore a pair of my cutoff jeans and a tank top. We loaded up a couple of towels and two folding chairs. It was getting dark when we left town and had to rely on following Bill’s van to find our way. We drove about half an hour through the desert and finally we followed him onto a raised berm and stopped. We couldn’t see a thing in the headlights and when we turned them off, it was pitch black outside. We had to take Bill’s word that there was a waterhole in front of us.
I grabbed out chairs, Ginger got the towels and with the help of a flashlight, we followed Bill down the bank till we were close to the water’s edge. I set up our chairs and Ginger put the towels on the chairs. Bill and Olga set their chairs about 10 feet to the side of us but it was so dark that we could hardly see them. I asked Ginger with it being so dark, would she mind if I skinny dipped and she said not really because no one could see anything. I then asked her if she was going to and she said that after this afternoon that she would go topless, but wasn’t sure if she could go all the way for not.
I slipped out of my cutoffs and took three steps away from Ginger and asked how much she could see. She said she could hardly see any of me. I moved back over to her and unhooked her bikini top and draped it over the back of her chair. I led her to the water’s edge and it felt cool but not cold. We waded out a little ways until the water was to our chest. Pushing off, I started to swim off and Ginger called me back and asked me to stay with her as she couldn’t see anything or anyone.
We couldn’t see Bill or Olga but could hear them. They sounded about 20 feet away, give or take. Bill called over to ask how the water felt and we said it felt refreshing. Holding Ginger’s hand, we swam out into deeper water, but didn’t go too far before turning around and returning to shallower water where our feet touched the soft bottom. Ginger and I started to hug and kiss and she reached her hand down and felt my hard cock. I put my hands on her bare breasts and slowly slid them down along her waist and down to her hips. I gave a tug on her bikini bottoms and was surprised when she told me to go ahead and take them off because it was too dark to see anything.
I handed her the bottoms and hugged her again, this time placing my erection between her legs and against her pussy, but not inside. She told me that she felt naughty and found it to be strangely exciting. Dipping just enough, I slid my cock deep into her pussy and started to slowly pump in and out. After about a minute, she said that I was making too much noise with the water and that they would know what we were doing. I suggested we go back to the chairs and sit for a while and she said that sounded good. We reached the shore and stumbled around in the dark and finally found our chairs.
I sat down and pulled Ginger of to me and had her sit on my lap facing me. As she sat down, I had aimed my stiff rod at her wanting crevice and before she realized it, I was all the way inside her again. At first we just sat there. I would twitch my cock and she would tighten her pussy. It felt wonderful, but I needed a little more and began to slowly lift her up and down on my cock. Picking up a little speed, she asked me to stop because once again she didn’t want them to hear us.
Ginger bout jumped off my lap when I hollered over to Bill and asked him what they were doing. He responded by saying that they were doing the same thing we were doing. She mocked slap me in the chest more out of embarrassment than anything else. What happened next really shocked her and she didn’t know what to do. She was still sitting on my cock when suddenly out of the dark a chair was set down right next us. Bill sat down and Olga set on his cock facing him just like Ginger was on me. I’m not sure if she froze out of shock or embarrassment, but for the next five minutes, Ginger just sat there absolutely still.
I tried flexing my cock in her and each time I did, she quietly shushed me as if Bill and Olga could tell what I had done. After a couple of minutes, Olga started riding up and down on Bill’s cock. Without realizing it, Ginger couldn’t keep from staring at them. Not only could we see what they were doing, but we could hear Olga sliding up and down on Bill, indicating that she was very wet.
Finally I got tired of just sitting there and I grabbed Ginger’s hips and began to work her up and down on me. She turned and looked at me as if to ask what the heck I was doing. I whispered that I loved her and as I did, Olga commented how great it was to be having sex together side-by-side and asked Ginger if she agreed. Ginger didn’t know how to respond, so I said it was great and extremely sensuous.
As Ginger looked at me, Bill reached over and placed his hand on Ginger’s breast. It caught her so off guard that she jumped off my cock. Her movement was enough to place her out of Bill’s reach and he immediately apologized to her and promised not to do it again without her permission. Olga then commented on how nice my cock looked and Bill commented how sexy Ginger looked and how long and beautiful her legs are.
She was obviously embarrassed and didn’t know exactly what to do, so she sat back down on my cock and I resumed working her up and down. I purposely slid her down a bit on my lap so that I was rubbing on her clit. It didn’t take long for her to start building. I could feel the walls of her pussy tightening and her head started to lean backwards and her eyes closed. Watching her near her climax, within inches of another couple was almost too much for me and I found myself nearing my orgasm as well. I did everything I could to hold it back, but as Ginger’s pussy tighten more around me, I couldn’t help but go over the edge and begin to shoot my hot liquid of life deep up inside her. As soon as Ginger felt me cum, she peaked on her climax. Her body shook and she moaned loudly, drawing the attention of both Bill and Olga.
When Ginger came down from her orgasm, she acted so embarrassed and began to apologize. Olga cut off her apology and congratulated her for her fine orgasm and told her that she wasn’t far behind her. Bill said he was getting close and I watched as Olga’s stomach began to convulse and her face grimaced. Ginger’s eyes got wide as she watched both Bill and Olga orgasm only a few seconds apart from other. She turned to me and asked if she looked like that when she came and I told her kind of as her stomach convulsed and her face grimaced and her body arched very much like Olga’s had. She looked at me, her mouth dropped open and then she said ‘oh my gosh I did that in front of them, oh my gosh I can’t believe that just happened.’ I told her how wonderfully sexy it was to watch her climax with another couple watching and then being able to watch them do the same thing.
Ginger leaned forward on me, wrapped her arms around my neck and told me that was the most incredible thing she had ever done. I asked if she was okay and she said she was great. I asked her if she regretted what just happened and she said no. She never thought she would every do something like this, and was glad it was done in the dark and not in the daylight. Both Bill and Olga also told her how sexy and beautiful she was when she was cumming and how much it turned them on. Sheepishly, she thanked them and returned the compliment.
I asked if anyone wanted a cold drink and they all said yes. I told them I would go back to the vehicles and fetch 3 beers and an orange soda for Ginger. I was half way up the incline when Olga said she would help and I heard her following me up. I used the flashlight to find the beers and soda and then turned it back off right away so it wouldn’t attract any attention from anyone the might be in the area. By that time, Olga reached the vehicles and walked up to me. She looked down and in the dark she could still see my cock which was about half hard. She reached down, took hold of it and said it was very nice. I thanked her and said we better get back with the drinks and as much as I liked her touch, I shouldn’t without Ginger’s approval. Olga bent down real quick, kissed the head of my cock, gave it a quick lick and stood up. She told that our mixed juices tasted really good, then took her and Bill’s beers and headed back down the hill.
I caught up to her and said let’s go real slow and quiet and see what they have been up to, so we snuck down as quietly as possible. As we got closer, we could hear some low talking and then we heard Ginger giggle. The night was so dark that we made it right up to them before they noticed we were there. When they came into view, Bill was feeling one of Ginger’s breasts and she had her hand wrapped around his cock. I heard her say something about him being uncircumcised and that she had never seen a cock like before. It was about that time that they saw us emerge from the dark and Ginger instantly drew her hand back and tried to stammer an apology to me. I assured her it was okay and that I was glad to see her allowing herself to be more inquisitive and exploring.
The four of sat, drank our drinks and talked about what had just happened and how we felt about it. I was shocked and pleased to hear Ginger start to open up and talk about sex and her feelings with someone other than me. She told them how she had always been very reserved and private and the thought of someone seeing her body was unthinkable, that is until the last few days. She shared with them how hesitant she was about going topless the other day, but when she saw Olga topless and she knew how much I wanted her to do it that she went ahead and took her halter top off. She said it was one of the hardest things she’s ever done and she literally had to force herself to do it, but now, she’s glad she did. Then she told them that the only reason she got naked because it was so dark and we were just far enough away from each other that they couldn’t see her, but when they showed up and she was sitting on me, that she was shocked, embarrassed and not sure what to do.
Olga asked her what made her go ahead and finish making love with them there and she said that it was me that started it and not her. Then Olga asked her if she enjoyed doing it in front of them and Ginger embarrassingly said it was quite the experience.
Bill then asked both girls to stand up and face him and me. Ginger got shy again and stood in front of me with one hand covering her bush and the other arm hiding her breasts. Bill told them to stand side-by-side against each other. Then he began to compare their breasts to each other and then reached out with both hands and held one of Olga’s breasts and one of Ginger’s. She didn’t stop him, but seemed quite interested in what he was doing. After a bit, Bill told me to do the same and feel their breast and describe the difference. Ginger smiled and nodded her approval, so I cupped one of her breasts and one of Olga’s. Ginger’s breast was a little firmer and larger than Olga’s but they both felt great.
Then I took my tank top and asked Bill to tie it over my eyes as a blindfold. I told the girls to move around so I wouldn’t know who was who and when they were ready, Bill would guide me to the breast of one and then other and I would see if I could tell which was which by sucking on their nipples. Neither of the girls objected. First Bill guided me to one breast and I carefully put my lips to the nipple and kissed and sucked it for about 30 seconds and let go. Bill guided me to the second nipple and I sucked it for about 30 seconds and pulled off. Before removing the blindfold, I said that Olga’s was the first nipple and Ginger’s was the second. I removed the blindfold and was told that I was right.
Now Bill wanted his turn so we repeated the process and I blindfolded him. The girls moved back and forth and finally stopped. I guided him first to Olga’s breast and then to Ginger’s. I watch her face as Bill sucked on her nipple and I could tell that she really enjoyed it. When he was done, he declared that Olga was first and Ginger second and both of us were right.
The girls wanted to know how we could tell and I said that Ginger’s breast was a little firmer and I know the feel of her nipple quite well. Olga had a softer breast and the nipple felt different than what I was used to. Bill echoed the same thing. The girls were satisfied with our reasons of how we could tell.
I said this was a great night, but like always, we get up early and that we probably needed to head back, so we grabbed everything and headed back up the bank, loaded our stuff in the vehicles and said we would see each other back at the trailers. Before we left, Bill asked if we would be interested in doing some nude sun tanning some morning. He knew a remote spot out in the middle of the desert that was well secluded and had enough growth to provide some privacy. I said it was up to Ginger and that I wasn’t sure when I could get the time to do it between monitoring and recording the equipment.
Bill said that Thursday coming up was the 4th of July and that he would be off and that I would be off also. I started say that I usually head home Wednesday night after my last run, but he pointed out that since Ginger was here with me, there was no need to head home so soon. We could stay and celebrate the 4th with them by sun bathing in the morning and partying the rest of the day. The town had a fairly decent fireworks display and we could go back home Friday. I told him we would talk about it and let him know.
I was still holding Ginger’s clothes and made her get in the truck without them. I followed Bill back out of the desert since I had no clue where we were in the dark. On the way back to the trailer, I asked Ginger how she was doing and she grinned ear-to-ear and told me that was the wildest thing ever. She said that she was so embarrassed at first but then watching them and realizing that they were watching us turned her on a lot. The more she thought about it, the more it excited her until she almost had an orgasm just thinking about it.
Then I asked her about Bill’s offer of the 4th and how she felt about doing some nude sun bathing with them out in the middle of nowhere. She reached over, grabbed my erect cock and said that she could tell I was ‘up’ for the idea and that sounded enticing to her. Then she floored me when she said she would do it provided I fuck her silly when we get back home. I had never heard her use that word before, but she was sitting in the truck giggling, playing with my cock and rubbing her pussy.
We pulled into the trailer park and it was late and dark. No one had any lights on so I held up Ginger’s clothes in my hand and then opened the truck door and ran to the trailer naked. She followed right behind me into the trailer. We looked at each other and she said oh no, I’ve turned into a streaker and we both started laughing.
We crawled into bed and we were both still horny from the night’s activities. I cuddled up behind her like we usually do and I slid my cock into her very wet pussy. Ginger was so turned on by everything that she came almost instantly after I entered her. When she came down, she pulled off me and told me to lie on my back. She crawled on top me, slid down on my pole and began to work me. I watched her breasts swinging to me and then away from me. They were irresistible and I grabbed them, held them and began to suck on them as she rode me like a wild stallion. I felt her shift so that I was rubbing against her clit and in no time she had another massive orgasm. Her pussy clenched so tight around my cock that it felt like her hands were inside of her jacking me off while we were making love. The feeling was so incredible that it made me cum and cum and cum so more. She wowed at the amount of fluid I sent up inside of her. Then she collapsed on my chest and we both fell asleep that way.

To Be Continued...
Poster: JD Whitings