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Sweet dare


Desert Heat - Pt 6
Desert Heat – Pt 6
Sunday morning’s alarm went off and I found Ginger still draped on top of me. I began to kiss her and play with her butt until she woke. Lifting herself off me, she smiled and told me it was shame her dream had to end. I asked what she was dreaming and she told me she was dreaming about being home in our pool and Bill and Olga were there with us and we were all swimming naked and having a great time.
Before we got out of bed, she climbed back on me and rode me like she did last night. She was worked up over her dream and had two quick orgasms before I roused to the occasion and shot my juice upside her like an oil well going off. We love each other for a few minutes, cleaned up and hurried to get dressed because the temp in the trailer was only 60 degrees.
When we arrived at the first test station, we got out of the truck, Ginger looked around took off her outer top, revealing her halter top. She did a second look around and then took the halter top off, laid it on the seat of the truck and walked over to the test equipment with the notebook, ready to record the readings.
I stood and stared, not believing what I was seeing. After all, I hadn’t even asked her to take her top off she and she was stripped to the waist. It took me twice as long to get all of the readings at all of the stations because I just couldn’t stop staring at my half naked wife walking around in the desert knowing that if anyone drove up that they would have quite the show.
When we finished at the last station, Ginger climbed into the truck without bothering to put her top back on. I figured I would see just how close to town she would go before covering up. The thought of passing someone and their seeing her excited me. However, knowing that I was driving a truck with state license plates and the department logo on the doors, I was also nervous about what might happen if she got caught and it was reported.
Fifteen minutes on dirt roads and then I pulled out onto the highway. It was another twenty minutes back to town. It was still early on a Sunday morning and the highway was fairly empty. We only passed a couple of cars, but they were much lower than our 4 wheel drive truck and I don’t think they could have seen anything. I watched as the first can approached to see if Ginger would try to cover up or hide, but she sat tall and proud in the seat. After the second car passed, I asked her how she was doing and she told me she was so wet and horny that she couldn’t believe it.
They she told me that was starting to enjoy the idea of flashing and having others, even complete strangers, catch a glimpse of her breasts. She asked if that bothered me and I told her I was loving it, but I was concerned about her being seen in the company truck and she said she understood and put her halter top on very reluctantly.
Just before our last run of the day, we saw Bill and Ginger told him that we decided to stay over the extra day and go sunbathing with him and Olga. She could tell that the news excited him as he was instantly hard. She gave him a quick kiss on the lips and we headed off for the last run of the day.
On that last run of the day, she shocked me once again. When we got to station one, she got out of the truck, took off her halter top and then slid her shorts down and laid them on the seat of the truck and waked out to the equipment completely naked. I bent down at the first station to take the readings. When I turned to look at Ginger to give her the readings to record, her pussy was only about six inches away from my face. I leaned forward and gave her a big kiss on her mound and I noticed that she was so turned on that her juices were starting to run down her inner thighs. I looked up at her and she was smiling from ear-to-ear.
I asked her if she felt vulnerable and she yes and surprisingly it was that vulnerability that she found to be such a turn on. I stood up, looked her in the eyes and told her how much I loved her. Then I said that a week ago, she wouldn’t even consider flashing me alone in the desert, let alone walking around naked and being naked in front of another couple.
My nickname for her had always been Butterfly because she constantly floated from one thing to another. In a department store, all of the racks of clothing were like flowers to her and she would go from flower to flower to flower, just like a butterfly. I told her that it seems my little butterfly suddenly emerged from its cocoon and is spreading her wings. She flapped her arms in the air and said it’s great to be so free and she loved being naked outdoors.
Her new found freedom was okay by me and I found myself wanting her right here and right now. I led her back to the truck, opened her door, faced her into the cab and bent her over. I dropped my jeans and approached her gorgeous little butt. First I rubbed my cock over one cheek and then the other and finally up and down the crack of her butt. She moved her butt up and down, back and forth in response to my rubbing. It was as if her butt and my cock were playing a game of chase.
Finally, the game was over and my cock tagged the lips of her pussy. Not only was she flowing like a river, but so was I. In the hot dry desert sun, there was no shortage of moisture here. I slid all the way in one slow push until my body was against her butt. She reached down and took hold of my balls. We were both shocked when that touch was enough to make me shoot my load of white fire deep inside of her. She rocked her butt back and forth and flexed the muscles in her pussy to help milk out every last drop.
I apologized for coming so fast. It was something I never had done before. She bent down and began to clean me off and tell me that she much have really turned me on walking around naked in the great outdoors. I agreed and soon found myself hard again as she finished licking me clean. My cum was starting to run down her legs and reached down with her fingers, gathered up as much as possible and licked her fingers clean. Noticing that I was hard again, she bent over into the cab of the truck and I entered her a second time. This time it was her turn to cum almost instantly. I had barely started to work myself into a rhythm when I felt her pussy suddenly tighten like a mouse trap spring shut. Her butt started to dance around and I felt like a cowboy trying to stay on a bucking horse for as long as possible.
The bucking stopped and I kept riding her. I moved from around so that I would rub against every part of her pussy and she must have loved the feeling because in no time, she came again and this one was harder than the first. Her body shook from the intensity and her knees began to buckle. I held on to her hips and kept her steadied as her pussy clamped down on me like vice. I hadn’t felt her be that tight since our wedding night and the feeling was more than I could bear and I began to empty myself into her for the second time. I pumped and pumped and pumped some more. This was the largest load I had ever produced and it started to squirt back at me as I continued to fill her with even more.
A few minutes later, I was soft and limp and fell out of her marvelous pussy. This time we both had cum running down our legs and once again she did her best to clean me up. Before I had a chance to return the favor, she grabbed a rag from the truck and cleaned herself up. She pointed to a dust trail on the dirt road that led to where we stood, so we both got dressed as quickly as possible and began gathering our readings.
Finally, a truck pulls up and it was a county sheriff’s deputy. He said that he was just patrolling some of the back roads watching for illegals and drug traffickers. The deputy asked what we were doing and I showed him my state ID and the test equipment and the log book. I told him we had several other stations and he said that if I saw anything out of the ordinary to radio it in and he would come check it out.
All the time he and I were talking, I could tell that he was staring at Ginger. His gaze could be felt through his mirrored sunglasses. She had put on her shorts and her halter top. To me, she had that after sex glow about her and I hoped that he didn’t notice and he never said anything. Ginger smiled at him and knew he was checking her out. Before he got in his truck and drove away, she noticed that he had a large bulge in his pants and it wasn’t a gun.
We finished our rounds and Ginger kept her clothes on, not knowing if the deputy was somewhere watching us. It was enough to make her nervous and she kept looking in all directions, expecting to see his truck somewhere.
Monday and Tuesday were pretty tame. Ginger kept her clothes on and kept a constant vigil out for the deputy. She had the feeling that he was out there somewhere, watching his binoculars from behind a clump of trees. Tuesday, she saw a reflection off of something metal and was positive it was the deputy spying on us. I got my binoculars and discovered that it was an old wreck and not the deputy.
I tried to calm her down by telling her that no one can drive on these dirt roads without leaving a trail of dust behind them. There hadn’t been any rain in this area in months, perhaps years and everything was dry and covered in dust. I told her to stay by the test station and watch as I drive real slow on the dirt road and I got in the truck and slowly drove about a mile away. She couldn’t see the truck but she told me that she could see the dust from the truck no matter how fast or slow I drove.
This seemed to make her more at ease and before we left to go back into town, she took her top off again and let me suckle on both of her breasts. I reached for the button on her shorts, but she stopped me and said that had to wait until we were back in the trailer. She put her top back on and we headed back.
Olga stopped by that evening to see how we were doing and if we were looking forward to sunbathing and hanging out on Thursday. We told her we were looking forward to it very much and Ginger showed her the bottle of sun tan lotion she bought just for the occasion.
Wednesday was more exciting as we made our runs out to the test sights. When we arrived at the first test site, Ginger took her top and shorts off and literally pranced out to the test equipment completely nude. I asked her what about the deputy and she looked 360 degrees around and then said that he’d have a great show to watch then, wouldn’t he.
Each run that day, Ginger would strip at the first station and slowly dress on the way back into town. The last run of the day, we had to take extra time to shut down the test equipment which took about 10 minutes longer at each station, meaning that it took us almost an hour longer to do the last run. Ginger being naked didn’t help expedite things.
When we finally got back to the trailer park, it was already getting dark. Bill and Olga were waiting and we went over to their trailer, had a cold drink and planned out the day. We agreed that we would leave here around 8am to head out to Bill’s secluded tanning location.
Just before we headed back to our trailer, Ginger went over to where Bill was sitting, stood before him, uncovered her breasts and told him to kiss her goodnight, which he gladly did. She put her top back on and we returned to our trailer and went to bed. I felt Ginger’s pussy and she was soaking wet. I asked if it was because of the goodnight kiss or thinking about tomorrow and she said it was both. I slid my cock into her pussy from behind and we went to sleep.
To be continued…
Poster: JD Whitings