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Sweet dare


Desert Heat - Part 7
Wednesday morning, Ginger woke early snuck out of bed without waking me. She showered, rolled her hair and trimmed her pubic hair. When I woke up, she was just finishing her pubic trim and she was standing only a few feet away from me in the tiny trailer. She looked so beautiful.
I asked her how long she had been awake and she said about an hour. She was so excited about today that she had a hard time sleeping so she got up early to make sure she looks her best. I told her she looked absolutely ravishing. Then I asked her if she was really looking forward to lying out in the sun naked with another couple and she said she was quite excited. She asked if I was looking forward to it and I said I was. She asked what turned me on the most about the idea and I told her it was watching another man look at her gorgeous and sexy naked body. She seemed surprised that this would be my biggest turn on as she had thought me seeing Olga’s naked body would be my biggest turn on. I told her that no woman could compare to her and that I loved watching guys look at her when we were out shopping and the thought of a man looking at her naked was very exciting. I tried to explain that it was like her showing off her favorite new dress to her friends. She was proud that it was hers and wanted them to see it and know it. She said she could relate to that and she understood.
We got dressed, grabbed a quick breakfast and loaded up the truck. Not long after, Olga came over and asked if we were ready and we said we were. I told her that we had a couple of army cots that we could set up and she said that Bill had some also and that he had loaded his in his van. I helped Bill load the ice chest full of beer and soda and we hit the road.
We drove east of town on the main road and where it turned south, we took the dirt road straight ahead. About 10 minutes later we turned off and headed south for another 10 minutes and then east again. We crossed a very old rickety looking bridge over an abandoned dry canal. I wasn’t sure we’d make it across the bridge as it looked like it was ready to collapse at any moment. Ten more minutes of winding through the desert, we pulled up near a small clump of trees and shrubs.
Bill and I set up the cots and Ginger and Olga spread out towels on top of them. In less than 30 seconds, Ginger and Bill had stripped down to nothing. Olga and I had barely started to take our clothes off. I commented that I didn’t realize that Ginger was that anxious to get naked and she looked at me and smiled a very sly smile.
By the time I had stripped off my shirt and shorts, Ginger was sitting on the side of her cot with one foot pulled up and her knee bent out. I knew she liked to sit like that at home, but when I saw her sitting here, I realized that she had her legs spread wide open and Bill was sitting only a few feet away from her, staring at her pussy. I knew he had seen her naked the other day, but now he had a wide open view of my wife’s most personal body part. Seeing him staring so intently and closely turned me on more than I realized and I found myself to be instantly hard.
Olga was the first to notice my erection. She walked over, looked down and then looked up at me. She called Ginger’s name, causing her to look over. When she did, Olga pointed at my erection and told her that I got that way watching Bill watch her. Ginger seemed confused at first and then Olga pointed to Ginger’s crotch, spread wide open for all to see. Ginger turned 20 shades of red as she quickly dropped her foot to the ground and closed her legs together. She stammered so badly that no one could understand what she was trying to say.
I said that she sits like that at home all the time and probably did it out of habit, without realizing just how much of herself was revealed. Bill complained to Olga, accusing her of ruining his fun. After dying a thousand deaths of embarrassment, Ginger looked over at me and asked if she we could really see that much. Olga sat on a cot opposite her and put her foot up and knee out just like Ginger had done. Ginger’s eyes got real big and she said that she had no idea and must have done it out of habit. She started to apologize and we all tried to tell her it was okay. Looking up at me, she mouthed that she was so sorry. I told her that it was perfectly okay and that is what caused me to get so erect so fast. She said that it’s so comfortable and natural and I told her to sit that way if she would like. I asked Bill if he would mind and he kept saying not at all, over and over.
She resumed sitting on the side of the cot with one foot pulled up close to her crotch and her knee out away from her body. Her pussy was once again spread wide open with Bill lying on his cot with his face about 3 feet away and at the same level. I moved passed her and asked if she wanted any suntan lotion and she said yes. Before I could respond to her, Bill suggested that opposite partners would put lotion on each other. Ginger shocked me when she told Bill that he just wanted to get his hands all over her body. Olga said she liked the idea so she could lotion ALL of me. I looked at Ginger and she was looking at Bill and grinning, so I knew the idea turned her on. I said it was okay with me if it was okay with her and she jumped at the chance.
We decided the girls had to go first, so Bill and I laid down on our stomachs. We were facing each other so we could watch what happened to each other. I felt Olga squirt some lotion on my back and begin to rub it in. Her touch felt erotic, like I was at one of those swank massage parlors. Ginger also squirted lotion in long line down Bill’s back and began to rub it all over his back.
After our backs, the girls moved to our legs. They both started at the ankles and worked their way up. The close Olga’s hands came to my butt and balls, the more turned on I got. Watching Ginger doing the same to Bill only made the experience even more erotic as I could feel Olga’s hands on me as I watched Ginger’s hands on Bill. When Olga got to the top of my thighs, I felt her hands intentionally rub against my balls and I was wondering if Ginger had done the same to Bill.
Ginger nodded to Olga and they told us to roll over. Both Bill and I were sporting erections and Ginger’s eyes locked on Bill’s erect uncircumcised cock and she was smiling ear to ear. I looked up at Olga and she was also staring and smiling at my hard cock. The girls started on our chests and then did our arms. Then they moved to our legs and once again started at the ankles. I noticed that Ginger was watching Olga as much as she looked at Bill and Olga was doing the same. As both girls neared our cocks, they slowed down. Ginger looked over at Olga and I saw her nod her head. She put some suntan lotion in her hand and as she wrapped her fingers around Bill’s cock, I almost jumped as I suddenly felt Olga’s fingers wrap around mine.
I looked up at Olga and she smile back and said that we couldn’t let it, referring to my cock, get sunburnt. Her hands first worked around the shaft and then began to rub up and down very slowly. I looked back over at Ginger and she was also rubbing the lotion on Bill’s cock in an up and down motion. Watching my wife stroking another man’s cock while having another woman stroke mine was so intensely erotic that I couldn’t contain myself any longer. I tried to hold back, but couldn’t and began to shoot my load up into the air. Olga reacted with a startle and Ginger grinned and winked at me. Bill was watching just like I was and he lost his load shortly after I had.
Ginger’s eyes got wide as she watched another man’s cock spew up like a volcano in her hands. She looked over at me and I could tell by the look on her face that she was thoroughly enjoying herself. I then looked up at Olga and she smiled back and asked if I enjoyed being lotioned up and I told her it was very enjoyable.
Bill sat up and said it was out turn and told the ladies to lie down on their stomachs. He looked over to me and said they set the precedent and we will be glad to follow. I knew what he meant and got hard again thinking about him rubbing lotion over Ginger’s butt, breasts and around her pussy.
I looked down at Olga and began to lotion her back, butt and legs. Her thighs had just enough size to them that they hid her pussy from view when she laid there in front of me. However, I knew that Ginger’s slender legs hid nothing and I watched Bill as he approached her upper thighs. I saw his one hand dip in between her thighs and noticed that Ginger’s whole body twitched, indicating that he had made contact with her pussy lips.
We finished their backs and told the girls to roll over on their backs. We started with their arms and then did their stomachs before moving to their breasts. Ginger’s nipples were rock hard and she shivered again as Bill’s hands began to rub lotion over her breasts. Her eyes closed and I heard her moan with pleasure. Olga’s eyes were also closed as my hands began to spread lotion across her breasts. Both Bill and I took extra time making sure their breasts were thoroughly covered. We also made sure that the nipples were well covered and paid extra attention to them.
Finishing the breasts, we moved down to their feet and began putting lotion on their legs. As my hands worked their way up past Olga’s knees, I realized that this was my first good look at her pussy that was peeking out through her thick black pubic hair. I was transfixed looking at it so closely and wondered how far she and Ginger would allow Bill and me to go.
Ginger moaned louder than before and I saw Bill’s hands working her upper inner thighs. As his hands dipped in between her legs, I noticed that she parted her legs a little more, giving Bill more access to her most private of privates. Olga’s eyes remained shut and she never opened her thighs up any further as I worked the lotion in between the inner sides of her thighs and then up over her mound.
I looked back over at Ginger and Bill and he had one hand resting on the top of her mound and the other was stroking up and down against her pussy lips. I forgot about Olga for the moment as Bill’s hand dove down deeper between her thighs and I could tell that he had at least one finger inside of Ginger’s pussy. Her back arched and she moaned louder still as Bill worked his finger in and out of her pussy faster and faster. It was then that it dawned on me that another man was finger fucking my wife and she was obviously loving it.
Olga moved, getting my attention and I figured that I would try the same thing. I began to rub my fingers against the outside of her pussy and I could feel her wetness. First one finger slid into her and then a second. I began to work them in and out of her as I watched Bill do the same to Ginger. Olga’s clit was swollen with excitement so I began to rub her clit. Glancing over to Ginger, I could tell that Bill was working her clit as her back was arching off the cot and her face was grimaced. Her tummy was so toned that you could see the waves of muscle contractions travel through her as she built towards her orgasm.
Bill noticed also and he increased his speed of rubbing her clit. A few moments later, Ginger’s back arched so far that there was a good 10 inches between her and cot. Her hands had clenched the sides of the cot and her head back, faced grimaced, teeth clenched as she hit her peak and let out a loud moan. The scene was so incredibly sensuous and erotic that I felt like I was almost ready to cum again without my cock being touched.
I must have been on auto pilot as I watched my wife have her first orgasm at the hands of another man, because Olga began to arch, moan and shake her head back and forth. I realized that while I was watching Ginger that I was still rubbing Olga’s clit. Her stomach began to convulse and I could see the lips of her pussy open and close like a fish trying to breathe out of water. Ginger’s orgasm started about 30 seconds before Olga’s but they both ended about the same time.
I wasn’t sure what to do then, but I noticed that Bill still had his hand at Ginger’s pussy, pumping his fingers in and out of her, so I followed suit and worked my three middle fingers in and out of Olga’s pussy. I cupped my fingers so that I could rub her sweet spot inside. Olga’s reactions told me that I was at the right spot because in no time at all, she began to build towards another climax.
I looked over at Ginger. Her eyes were still closed, head back, hands still grasping the sides of the cot and her legs were spread wide open, giving Bill full access to her pussy. They were spread enough now that I could see her pussy and Bill’s fingers working in an out of her. It was such a turn on to see her being masturbated by another man that my cock started to hurt from being so hard.
Looking at down as Olga, I took my free hand and spread her legs apart a little farther, giving me more access and a better view. That’s when I noticed the trail of milky white fluid trickling down from her pussy to her ass and onto the cot. I always knew that Ginger got wetter when she came, but I never recalled seeing her actually leak a fluid that looked like a watered down version of my cum. I leaned over to see if Ginger was leaking and sure shootin’ she was. That made me realize that she had probably just had the most intense orgasm on a man’s hand than she ever had before.
I turned my attention back to Olga. As I worked my three fingers in and out of her pussy and on her sweet spot, I also used my thumb to rub her clit. The combination made her cum faster and harder than the first time. Her pussy contracted so much around my fingers that I could barely move them. The stream of milky fluid was flowing faster and more abundantly than before.
Ginger had her second orgasm just as Olga finished hers. I watched as it wracked her entire body, muscles contracted and twitched all over her. Her abdomen looked like it had waves on it as the orgasmic contractions swept down to her pussy, wave after wave. Her face looked like she was being tortured, but I knew differently. Bill slowed his motions and then stopped as Ginger came back down to earth.
Both girls just laid their on their cots for several minutes. I gently rubbed Olga’s pussy and pubic hair with one hand and her breasts with the other. Bill was concentrating more on Ginger’s breasts.
After a few minutes, Ginger opened her eyes, looked and smiled at Bill, turned, looked at me and said ‘wow!’ She whispered that she loved me and said something that I’ve never heard her say and would never believe she would ever say. She looked at me and said ‘fuck me.’ I was so shocked that I wasn’t sure if I heard her right so I asked her to repeat what she had just said and again she said ‘fuck me.’ I asked her if she meant now and in front of Bill and Olga and she said yes, I need you in me now.
I wasn’t sure the cot would hold both of us, so I spread two towels on the ground, one on top of the other and asked her how she wanted me in her. She said she wanted top, so I laid down and she instantly climbed on top me. She began to ride me like there was no tomorrow. Bill walked over close to us and to my further surprise; Ginger reached out, grabbed his cock, pulled him closer and started sucking on him.
My timid, shy and reserved wife had become a wild lust filled nympho and I was loving it. I pounded up in her and watched her breasts bounce up and down as another man’s cock filled her mouth. Her head bobbed in and out around Bill’s cock as she also bounced up and down on mine. Her eyes were closed and the look on her face told me she was completely lost in the moment.
I looked over at Olga and she had a look of wanting and one of being left out. She caught my glance and I told her not to worry that she was next. She walked over to me and sat down on my face. My tongue darted out and began to lick her pussy. Her juices were flowing and had that sweet taste of love. I worked my tongue around her pussy and as deep as it could reach. The next target of my tongue was Olga’s clit.
Never had I been able to feel my cock rubbing against the clit of one woman while my tongue was rubbing against the clit of another woman. I concentrated on the two clits and did my best not to cum immediately. My eyes were closed and my whole world consisted of the two clits I was engaged with. Nothing else seemed to matter until I felt Ginger’s pussy lock down around my cock. She must have clenched her teeth as she came because I suddenly heard Bill call out.
I opened my eyes to see Bill pull out of Ginger’s mouth and grab his cock. Ginger’s orgasm lasted over a minute. When she came down, she looked up and Bill, apologized and reached out, grabbing his cock. She pulled it back to her mouth and told him she wanted to finish what she started. In the meantime, she continued to ride my cock as I kept tonguing and sucking on Olga’s clit.
It wasn’t long until I could feel Olga began to buck back and forth on my mouth. I heard Bill begin to moan loudly. The sensations around me were too much and I could hold back no longer. I grabbed Ginger by the hips and pulled down on me as tightly as I could. Olga was coming down from her climax as I heard Ginger trying to swallow Bill’s cum as I began to pump my fluids up inside my wife.
A few minutes later, we had all landed back on earth and separated from each other. I looked at Ginger and she was grinning like a kid at Christmas who had just wrapped the gift of their dreams. I looked at her and said, ‘wow! Three people cumming almost at the same time.’ Then I asked if she was okay and she said she was and hoped that she hadn’t gone too far for me. I told her she was wonderful and that I had no regrets.
Olga said she was next, but realized that us guys needed time to recharge and suggested we lay in the sun for a few minutes as was our original plans. We all agreed, grabbed a drink and laid back on the cots. Ginger reached over, grabbed my hand and smiled at me. She told me she loved me more than anything. I told her I loved her and asked her how far she was willing to go with this. She was startled by my question and asked what I meant. I told her that after what just happened, I know that Bill will want to have sex with her.
She looked over at Bill and saw that he and Olga were talking quietly between themselves. She looked back over and asked how I felt about it. I told her that it was her call and I was okay with whatever she decided. She asked if I wanted her to and I said only if she wanted to. She smiled and said that she could tell that I wanted her to do it and that deep down inside the idea intrigued her.
Then she asked me if I wanted to have sex with Olga and I told her that the idea intrigued me, but I wouldn’t do it if she didn’t want me to. There was a moment’s pause and then she said that since we’ve come this far that we might as well go all the way if that was okay with me. I told her I felt the same way and was glad she was okay with it.
About that time, Olga piped up that it was her turn to be screwed. Bill then said that they talked and, well, Olga wanted me to do the screwing. I asked Bill how he felt about it and he said it was fine with him as long as he could screw Ginger at the same time. We looked at each other and she nodded okay to me and we said that would be okay.
The other two towels were laid down next to the first two. Bill and I laid down on the towels. I watched as Ginger stepped over him and lowered herself onto his cock. She was watching me the whole time. Then Olga straddled me and lowered herself onto my cock. Almost instantly she began to ride me. It felt strange and good having a different pussy engulfing my cock. Ginger seemed to be enjoying her ride on Bill’s cock as her head was back and her eyes closed.
I knew Olga needed my attention and I tried to watch her as much as possible, but I was mesmerized by the sight of my wife riding another man’s cock. From where I lay, I could see the base of his cock disappearing into her beautiful pussy hair. I could hear their crotches hitting each other. Bill would hold her hips and then move his hands to her breasts and hold them as she pumped herself up and down on him. Olga’s breasts felt so good in my hands and yet so different than Ginger’s. They weren’t as big or as firm, but there was enough to fill each hand. I leaned her down enough so that I could suck on each nipple.
Then I had the thought of trying to finish Olga as soon as possible so I could focus my attention on Ginger and Bill, so I reached my hand into her pussy hair and put my thumb on her clit and began rubbing it. Her pussy twitched when I did and I could feel it begin to tighten around me in no time at all. I pounded harder and rubbed the clit faster. When I saw her eyes close, I turned to watch Ginger and saw that she was about to peak. Olga’s pussy began to spasm as she came. I could tell that Ginger was cumming and watching her and feeling Olga was enough to send me over the top and I erupted deep inside Olga. Her orgasm was so intense that when she returned to earth, she collapsed forward on my chest and laid her head next to mine.
Fortunately, her head was on the opposite side and I was free to watch my gorgeous wife experience her first swap. She came down and continued to ride Bill. His eyes were fixated on her breasts and he struggled between holding them or her hips. Bill picked up his pace and his thrusts became stronger. The sound of their bodies slapping against each other got louder. I could hear how wet Ginger was as she rode Bill’s cock.
Bill began to moan louder and Ginger responded with her own moaning. Her stomach began to convulse and I could tell she was about to have another orgasm. As she began to arch her back and grimace, I could tell from Bill’s expression that he too was beginning to cum. They peaked at virtually the same time. I watched intently realizing that another man was pumping his sperm deep into my wife’s womb. His most private was penetrating my wife’s inner sanctum, her most private of privates. Bill was boldly cumming where no man had ever cum before except for myself.
The realization of what was happening caused my cock to get hard again and Olga took it to mean I was ready to go again. She sat back up and began to ride me again. Ginger and Bill laid there with his cock still inside her as they watched Olga and I. Ginger reached out her hand and grabbed mine. When I looked over at her, she told me she loved me and that she thought it was very sexy watching another woman riding my cock. It told her that I was extremely turned on watching another man cum inside of her. She told me it was pretty incredible on her end also.
All of the talk with Ginger kept turning me on and feeling Olga riding my cock brought me another orgasm quickly. As I began to shoot my load up into Olga, Ginger slid her hand between us and put two fingers around the base of my cock. When I felt what she was doing, it was like someone just hit a turbo switch and I felt like I started shooting my cum even harder and deeper into the hungry pussy surrounding me cock. Ginger told me to keep going as long as I could and when I looked, I saw Ginger was rubbing Olga’s clit. I was afraid I would deflate too quickly as this was the third time I came, but with Ginger rubbing her clit, Olga spike into a sudden orgasm. Ginger was smiling and said she hoped that helped.
A few minutes of resting, we all put our towels back on the cots and laid out in the sun, trying to catch our breath and take in what had just happened. No one said anything for the next half hour. You could see the desert birds calling and a jet high in the sky. I noticed that I could hear some deep breathing and light snoring. I looked over and all three of them seemed to be asleep. Even though it was mid-morning, the sun was already getting hot and I feared falling asleep and letting everyone get a bad sunburn, so I sat up and started to watch them.
Ginger’s breasts rose with each breath as did Olga’s. The two girls were laying side-by-side and I started comparing their bodies. Ginger was noticeably thinner, taller and had a better shape than Olga. Olga had very little waistline while Ginger had a very distinct waistline. I watched their breasts and noticed that Ginger’s stayed firm on her chest while Olga’s seem to lean outward to her sides. Their nipples were about the same size. Olga’s face was expressionless as she slept, but Ginger was still smiling, even in her sleep.
I quietly stood up and went to foot of the girl’s cots and looked up their legs to their pussies. Ginger had longer legs and thinner thighs as I could see her entire pussy through her pubic hair. Olga on the other hand had thicker thighs that hid most of her pussy except the top part that reached up to her mound. I thought to myself that it would be so much easier to for someone to rape Ginger than Olga because of her thinner thighs. Almost chuckling to myself, I thought that after today, I wasn’t sure if she would resist anyone as much as she enjoyed what just happened.
Another half hour went by and I decided it was time to wake them up. I gently began to rub Ginger’s pussy and she slowly opened her eyes and told me that if this was a dream not to wake her up. I told her that she had been sleeping for an hour and I didn’t want to burn. She sat up, thanked me and I told her to wake Olga the same way. She smiled at me and reached over and began rubbing Olga’s pussy. She roused and grabbed Ginger’s hand and pushed it into her pussy. She opened her eyes and realized it was Ginger and not one of the guys, she seemed surprised. Ginger told her about sleeping for an hour and not wanting to burn and told her to wake Bill. She leaned over and began caressing Bill’s cock. It actually took a couple of minutes before he began to stir.
I told everyone that if they wanted to continue to tan that they needed to roll over onto their stomachs. Everyone was thirsty so we grabbed another beer or soda in Ginger’s case and sat and talked about what happened earlier. Bill said he was very pleasantly surprised with what happened considering less than a week ago Ginger announced that she would not take her top off in front of them. Ten days later, she’s not only naked, but she’s having sex with him. Ginger’s face turn bright red realizing the degree of her transformation.
Ginger said that she has surprised herself more than anyone. Two weeks ago, the thought of another man seeing her breasts or her pussy was frightening and would never happen. She looked at me almost apologetically and said that now she can’t wait for something like this to happen again. I smiled at her and said I understood and was happy for her.
Then Bill asked if we remembered the blindfold game we played that night fishing when we tried to identify which breasts was which by feeling them. We said we did and then Bill asked if we wanted to play it again only this time we tried to determine which pussy or cock is which blindfolded. Ginger jumped at the idea and volunteered to go first. We used a t-shirt as a blindfold and Ginger’s eyes were covered. We laid her down on the end of a cot and then Olga told her that she would be penetrated twice by each of us and she had to determine who was who.
Bill went first and for the first time, I could see her entire pussy as Bill penetrated her. He stroked in and out several times until Olga said enough and to switch. He got up, we moved around then Bill penetrated her again and took several more strokes. Olga again said to switch. We moved around and I penetrated her and began to stroke, trying to mimic Bill’s movements. Then once again we switched, and I repeated the process.
When it was over, Olga sat up, took off the blindfold and said that was fantastic. We asked her who was who. She paused for only a moment and then said the first two felt like Bill and the last two felt like and figured we did that to try to trick her. Olga was eager for her turn. This time, Bill again went first, I went second and third and Bill went last. Sitting up, she correctly identified both of us.
Now it was our turn. Bill was next to be blindfolded. Instead of sitting on the cot, we had the girls bend over against the truck. I moved Bill forward and into one of the girls. After a few strokes, I stopped him and made him move back. The girls kept switching back and forth. He entered Olga first, then Ginger, then Olga and then Ginger. Taking the blindfold off, he also identified which pussy belonged to which girl.
My turn was next. The first pussy I entered felt pretty good, but the second one I entered was noticeably tighter. The next pussy was just as tight and the last pussy was looser. Taking the blindfold off, I also identified who was who. Everyone wanted to know how each could tell the difference. The girls said that Bill’s cock was straight up and down and I had a distinctive flare just below the head and they could feel the flare. Bill and both said that Ginger’s pussy was tighter than Olga’s and that’s how we could tell.
The sun was getting hotter and I asked if they wanted to stay longer or head back to town. Everyone agreed it was getting very hot, so we packed everything up, got dressed and headed back into town. The sun had tired all of us, so we all decided to take an hour or two nap to prepare for our night on the town.
To be continued…
Poster: JD Whitings