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Sweet dare


2 Short Stories & a Strip Poker Dare for Others
My wife grew up in a neighboring state, and after college, we dated long distance for a couple years before we got married. That period of time held a couple memorable adventures. In those days I drove a big old Ford from the late '60s. What it lacked in modern amenities, it made up for in other ways. Once we were driving back to her folks' place when things got a little intense in that big ol' bench seat. It's too bad they don't make cars like that anymore, because having a single seat for the driver and passenger can be a fine thing. She reached over and unbuckled my belt, loostened my jeans, and pulled out my stiff and aching schlong. What would have been extremely hazardous if not nearly impossible in a compact car was merely a bit tricky in the roomy interior of the big old Galaxie. She leaned over and expertly sucked me off as I guided the V8-powered machine through construction zones and down the Interstate.

On another occasion, when we were staying at her parents' home by the lake, we woke late on Saturday morning, and everyone else had left the house. We were in separate rooms: it wouldn't have been kosher with her folks to sleep together before we were married. She came in to my room and we started messing around, but we realized it was late and we both wanted to get showers before the afternoon's activities. I suggested we should just get in together to save time. She didn't seem to think it was a good idea, but I think she was about as excited about the thought of rubbing each other down with soap as I was, so she finally agreed to it.

We got in and got wet. My dick was stiff as a hammer handle seeing her standing there in the shower, with her figure so young and ripe. I put my soapy hands on her perfect-sized breasts with their large, well-shaped, erect nipples. I slid a hand down her gently curved tummy to her bush, and slipped a finger inside her already slick and juicy cunt.

"HOLY FUCK, that's my Dad!" I'd heard it too. The back door had opened up, and footsteps were treading around in the entryway.
"Go," I said, "Just go out. Put a towel around you. It'll look like you just got out of the shower and I just got in."
She stepped out of the shower, grabbed a towel, wrapped it modestly around her torso, and calmly stepped out into the hallway.

My heart rate was already elevated, but now it was pounding in alarm. I realized I had to stay in the shower for a reasonable period to make it look as if I had just gotten in after she got out. My erection was still throbbing and the tension had been so high for so long, that I had a serious case of blue-balls. There was nothing for it but to finish myself off while I waited for a plausible time to make my exit from the bathroom. The long build-up; the recent memory of slick, wet flesh and hot, juicy cunt; and the thrill of almost getting caught resulted in a powerful orgasm and wads of cum running down the drain.

Now for the dare: I've got a Strip Poker fetish. Never had the opportunity to play it myself (and I'm not sure my wife would find that particular kink as enjoyable as I woud) but I like reading stories about strip poker, and playing strip poker games on the computer. There are lots of 'free' strip poker games out there for the PC, but the majority of them have one major flaw in common: The strip sequences suck because they aren't shots of strip poker games and they don't follow a logical progression of nakedness. The fun of strip poker is the progression from fully clothed to totally naked, and the gradual, hard-won revelation of each stage of nudity. But most of the strip poker games out there just use a set of photos of tarted-up models in lingerie that don't have anything to do with strip poker. Sure, each one may be successively more revealing than the next, but it totally destroys the illusion that you're playing strip poker when the model (who is usually too fake to be a believable strip poker opponent anyway) is already almost completely naked on the second picture in the sequence, but is just covering up her tits with one hand while she already has her panties half way down her thighs, though she's turned so you can't see anything until a later pic. Then she's fully naked at stage 3, spreading at stage 4, and playing with a dildo on the last pic. What the fuck? That's not strip poker, it's just a bunch of nearly random porn pics.

A real strip poker sequence starts fully clothed, then loses the top, then the bottom, the bra, and finally the panties, or some such logical progression. For men it would go shirt, pants, t-shirt, and underwear. Extras like shoes, hat, stockings, or garters are fine, but optional, and there should be at least 4 or 5 distinct levels of undress, with full frontal nudity being the final result. It needn't be particularly sexual, though it should be fun and exciting. Rated 'R' is good enough, though going further as a bonus is fine too, but if you lose at strip poker, you can't cover anything up.

This web site has some great strip poker stories and shots that have gotten me hard reading them. One even had a sequence of strip poker pics that was _almost_ a complete sequence. It just skipped one stage, so it went straight from fully clothed to underwear only. If it just had that one missing shot of the cute girlfriend without her top, but before she'd lost her pants, it would have been perfect. As is, it is exciting and a very nice picture set. But with one more picture, it could have been used in a strip poker computer game. In a game, the strip sequence comes to life. It's not all just laid out in front of you, but drawn out in a challenge. The extra tension of not knowing when you'll get that next hit of skin just makes it all the more exciting.

So my challenge, or dare for the intrepid readers of this fine web site is to produce your own complete strip poker sequence, as described above, and post it to the picture section here, so that horny guys and girls the world over can make it into opponents for strip poker games on their own computers. This can be guys, girls, or couples (though I personally am only interested in the girls), and the main guidline is that it has to be a plausible sequence for a complete strip poker game, from fully clothed to totally naked. The shots could be from a real strip poker game (if it represents a complete strip sequence, with no stages left out) or it can be posed. Props such as cards or poker chips are nice, but not absolutely necessary. But the setting should be a believable one for strip poker. Outdoor strip sequences (nice as they are) are probably not appropriate for this dare, unless they feature cards (and possibly an accompanying story to make us believe we could be engaged in a game of strip poker on a mountain top. :-) ) A strip poker game in a tree house or secret club house would be a sexy trip.

So come on, show us you aren't afraid to lose at strip poker. I dare you! :-)
Poster: Pro Gnosticat