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Sweet dare


Desert Heat - Part 8
Between the hot sun and the morning’s activities, we were all fairly exhausted and we slept for almost 3 hours. When I roused, I looked over at Ginger. She was still sound asleep with a big smile on her face. I wondered if she was dreaming about what happened earlier in the day or what might happen tonight.
Then I started to wonder to myself what our plans were for tonight. All I knew was Bill was taking us to a couple of bars and other than that, I had no idea. With my background, I was used to hitting the bars, but Ginger wasn’t much of a drinker, mostly because it affects her so quickly. I’ve seen her drink half a can of beer and start to feel giddy. She literally was a cheap drunk and she knew it better than anyone else, so she didn’t drink very much at all.
Noticing that the afternoon was winding down, I gently began to massage one of her breasts. By afternoon the small trailer was getting quite warm and she was sleeping without anything covering her. Ever so gently, I began to suckle on her closest nipple and while massaging the other one. In a half sleepy voice she tells Bill to keep sucking on her breast. I lifted up and saw her peeking from a barely opened eyelid and she couldn’t control the smile on her face. Laughing back at her, I began to tickle her and she warned me that she hadn’t gone to the bathroom yet.
We got up, got dressed and wondered if Bill and Olga were up yet. Ginger wore a light weight top and shorts. She was going to wear a bra but I convinced her not to. She was afraid of her breasts being too visible, but I told her that no one here knew her and after this summer they’d never see her again anyway. Besides, didn’t she still feel sexy and turned on by this morning and she agreed. I asked her to bring her halter top with her just in case she needed it.
We didn’t have wonder very long when we heard Olga’s voice at the door asking if anyone was awake or home. Inviting her in, we asked what was up. She asked if we were hungry and if, Bill wanted to take us to his favorite restaurant in town. Sounded good to us, so we locked up the trailer, got into our truck and followed them into town.
The restaurant looked like a dive outside, but we were surprised once we walked inside. It was very clean and the food smelled good. Bill took the liberty of ordering for us. We had steaks, loaded baked potatoes and salad. Three of us had beer with our meal and Ginger had lemonade. Dinner was so filling that none of us had room for desert.
We sat and talked for another hour before leaving. Bill led us to a park in town where they had the fireworks the night before. It was about an hour before it got dark and there was no one in the park. I convinced Ginger to change into her halter top and she agreed to flash Bill if no one else was around.
After parking, we causally strolled across the grass to play area in the middle of the park. Bill sat on a swing and began to rock back forth. I winked at Ginger and as Bill swung toward her, she pulled the sides of her halter into her cleavage, revealing both of her breasts. The sudden flash caught Bill by surprise, causing him to fall backwards out of the swing. We all laughed at the expression on his face and how he fell back out of the swing.
Picking himself off the ground, Bill decided a picnic table was a safer place to sit. Ginger and I sat across from Bill and Olga and we just made some small talk. There seemed to be a hesitation in the air as if everyone wanted to talk about what happened earlier in the day, but no one was brave enough to broach the subject. I looked at everyone and decided I might as well start and I turned to Bill and asked him what he enjoyed most about this morning.
Ginger’s face turned red as Bill looked at her and said it was the first time he felt her slide onto his cock. Next was Olga and she said feeling my cock enter her and that the flare in the shaft of my cock felt so different to what she was used to feeling. Turning to Ginger, she was obviously embarrassed and red faced. She said it was hard to pick just one thing that she enjoyed the most. Having another man’s cock inside her for the first time was pretty exciting and then watching me and Olga was pretty close to a tie.
They all looked at me, waiting for my response, I looked at Olga and told her she felt great, but what excited me most was watching Ginger with another man. Ginger had a surprised look on her face and asked me if I was serious and I told her yes. I thought that having sex with Olga would be the most exciting, but I couldn’t take my eyes off watching Bill take my wife. For reason the thought of her and another man was such a turn on and I had to admit that it even shocked me when I realized it.
Olga commented that she couldn’t help but notice that I was paying more attention to Bill and Ginger than I was to her. I took her hands in mine and apologized, telling her it wasn’t intentional. Watching them was mesmerizing and I just couldn’t not watch. What happened next absolutely floored me. Ginger suggested that Olga should get the opportunity to have my undivided attention when having sex with her. Before I could say anything, Bill said he was all for it. I looked at Olga and she asked where and when.
It was starting to get dark and there were no lights in the park. Ginger looked around and said no one was around and she doubted if anyone could see what we were doing, so how about here and now. Again I was shocked by her boldness. Olga said that was okay with her and climbed onto the picnic table, unbuttoned her top and slid it off. She was not wearing a bra. Next she took off her shorts and panties and then laid down on the table top with her head resting on Bill and her legs on either side of me. Her pussy was facing me and even in the waning light I could tell that she was quite moist and ready.
As I sat there surprised at what was happening, Ginger reached over and pulled my shirt over my head. Then she started to undo my shorts and told me to stand up. When I did, she slid my shorts and briefs down and told me to step out of them. I sat back down looking at the waiting pussy in front of me. I looked at Ginger and she told me to go ahead and enjoy myself.
I leaned forward and began kissing her mound and inner thighs. My tongue licked up along the side of her pussy lips and I felt her shiver. I licked the other side and again her bodied trembled with delight and expectation. Then I ran my tongue up along the center of her pussy, lingering ever so slightly at her clit, causing her body to shiver as if she were cold. The next lick went as deep into her pussy as I could and her back arched up.
Her clit became my target and I started to suck and nibble on it. She was already so worked up that it only took about thirty seconds for her to explode into her first orgasm. I continued to suck hard on her clit as she seemed to cum and cum and cum some more.
After she finished and returned to earth, I moved her to the end of the table, stood between her legs and looked at Ginger. She told me to go for it and then she assured Olga that she was getting my full attention this time. Olga puffed out a thank you between trying to catch her breath after such an intense orgasm.
I stepped forward and slid my cock into her very wet pussy. She instantly began climbing towards her second orgasm. I stood up on my toes so as to put pressure on her clit as I began to pump my manhood as deep into her as I could. This time it took about a minute for Olga to climax again. I could feel her pussy clamping around my shaft as if it were trying to hold it in place, but I continued to slide in and out against her clit.
My toes were beginning to cramp so I settle back down on my feet. I decided to bend my knees enough to allow me to hit her sweet spot in the top of her vagina. I also moved it from side to side and evidently I was hitting the right spot because she quickly came for the third time.
I could feel myself starting to get close to cumming and I reached forward and grabbed her naked breasts. I had been watching them slide up and down on her chest as I pumped her and now I held them in my hands. As I began to cum, Olga said exclaimed that she could feel the flare in my shaft swell even bigger. Ginger giggled and said she loved that feeling also. Hearing them talking about it only intensified my orgasm and it felt like deposited a gallon of white hot juice inside her. I knew it wasn’t a gallon, but before I finished spurting my last drops I could feel it leaking out of her and running down my balls.
When I finished, I just stood there with my cock still buried deep inside Olga’s pussy. From the time I first entered her, I purposely kept my gaze fixed on Olga. Now I looked over at Ginger and saw her sitting there grinning from ear to ear. She mouthed I love you to me and I mouthed it back. By now, I was starting to get soft and stepped back from Olga. She laid there for a few moments and my cum began to stream out of her. When she stood up, there was so much of me leaking out of her that it sounded like she peeing. Ginger pulled a tissue out of her purse and handed it to Olga. She used it to wipe herself and before I could get dressed, Ginger took my cock and licked me clean, again shocking me.
Olga and I got dressed and we all walked back to our vehicles. Ginger embraced me and said that was fantastic to watch and hoped that Olga and I enjoyed it. Olga said it was great and she hugged me and gave me a passionate kiss.
We got in our truck followed Bill to a bar that he knew. When we walked in, the bartending called out to him and Bill waved back. I looked around and saw that there were only 8 men and three women in the bar other than the bartender. Guess Thursday nights aren’t real busy in a small town.
Bill led us to a booth in a corner. Ever since my time in the military, I cannot sit with my back facing towards people, so before Bill could take a seat I ushered Ginger into the seat against the wall and slid in beside her. When Bill looked a little surprised, Ginger explained it to him and he said he understood. I looked at Ginger and asked if she would like a drink and she said she would take a vodka Collins but to make it very weak. Bill and I went to bar to get our drinks. I ordered Jack Daniels on the rocks and asked for a vodka Collins weak, but Bill smiled and said to make it normal strength. He order drinks for him and Olga, but asked the bartender to make Olga’s drink stronger than normal.
We got out drinks and headed back to the table. While we were at the bar, Ginger and Olga went to the jukebox and selected some songs. They were just returning to the table as we arrived with the drinks. Bill made a toast to an eventful day and we all took a swig in agreeance. Ginger looked at me and said she wanted it weak. Bill told her that was weak for this bar and she seemed to accept his explanation.
The conversation again turned to the day’s events and sex. Ginger said that she was still fascinated with Bill’s uncircumcised cock as it was the first one she had seen in real life. She and Olga began talking about cocks and comparing them, all the time sipping their drinks.
It wasn’t too long before the drinks were empty and with the girls still talking, Bill and went to the bar to get another round. While at the bar, Bill asked the bartender if we would get free drinks if he got both girls to show him their tits. His face lit up and said he’d give a free round to everyone in the bar if both girls took their tops completely off at the bar. I looked at Bill thinking he was crazy, but as the idea of my wife topless in front of complete strangers began to get me turned on, so I agreed and paid for the drinks.
When we got back to the booth, Ginger and Olga were still talking away and didn’t seem to notice that we replaced their empty glasses with full ones. Like before, they talked and sipped. The more they sipped, the more giddy both became. I could tell that the alcohol was getting to Ginger and thought to myself that was probably the most she had ever had at one time.
Bill did his best to turn the conversation from cocks to tits. I joined in and we talked about the difference between Ginger’s and Olga’s breasts. Ginger was still wearing her halter top and Olga had a light weight button down the front top. Every so often, Ginger would quickly flash us one of her breasts and then sit there and giggle. Olga had unbuttoned her top about half way and also began flashing her breasts to us.
Feeling the moment was right, Bill dared the girls to go up to the bar and take their tops off and hand them to the bartender. They giggled and said no way. Bill asked if they were cowards and Ginger said she was too embarrassed to do that in front of everyone. I asked her if the thought of doing it excited her and she admitted it did, so joined Bill and dared her to go through with it to see how exciting it would really feel. She looked at Olga who said why not, so we scooted and let the girls out.
Their walk to the bar was not as straight a path as they intended it be and we could tell that they were getting pretty ripped. Bill and I followed a short distance behind them. Once at the bar, Olga, who seemed to also know the bartender looked at him and asked him if he would like to see their tits? He smiled and told her that it would free drinks for everyone in the bar if the two of them took their tops off.
Even with the jukebox playing, the activities at the bar had everyone’s attention. All eyes were on Ginger and Olga. The girls looked at each and Olga began undoing the rest of her buttons. Ginger reached behind her back and untied the knot, then reached up, unclipped the top’s ring around her neck and handed the top to the bartender. Olga finished undoing her buttons and slid her top and handed it to the bartender as well.
Everyone in the bar applauded and I thought that Ginger would be so embarrassed that she would try to hide, but she stood there in her drunken stupor for all to see. My cock was so hard that I had to adjust it. Then Bill grabbed Ginger and sat her up on the bar and did the same with Olga. The bartender told them to stand up and dance on the bar and to my amazement they did.
Never in my life did I ever expect to see my wife dancing topless in a bar in front of strangers. The surprises were not over as Ginger began to undo the button and zipper on her shorts and as she danced; she slowly and seductively slid her shorts down and kicked them towards me. Seeing her dancing in just her panties, Olga followed suit and took her shorts off and kicked them towards Bill. They continued to dance a couple minutes as everyone in the bar gathered around as close as possible to make sure they got a good look at the two nearly nude women.
A chant of take them off began to rise from the crowd. It didn't take the chanting very long to have its desired effect as Ginger faced the wall behind the bar and ever so slowly worked her panties down her butt. She stopped at the bottom of her cheeks and teased the crowd. She turned to face everyone and her panties were still covering her pubic hair but barely. Turning back to the bar, she bent down and allowed her panties to slide down her long legs and stepped out of them. She kicked them towards the bartender who caught them, sniffed them and placed them in his shirt pocket.
Ginger pointed to Olga and told her it was her turn. Everyone was shouting and encouraging her to strip also and like Ginger, she did it slowly and seductively. She also kicked her panties to the bartender who placed them in his shirt pocket with Ginger’s. As the girls were dancing on the bar, the bartender quickly went to the end of the bar, reached underneath and pulled out a hammer and could of nails. Moving back to the center of the bar, he turned and nailed panties to the wall behind the cash register turned and smiled at his trophies.
The bartender started serving up the free round of drinks to everyone. I was surprised with Ginger took a third drink. She took a couple sips and sat down on the bar and wiggled her finger at me to come over to her. Leaning forward, she told me that she was incredibly horny and wondered if it would be okay to have the other men in the bar lick her pussy. Again shocked at her boldness, I told her to go for. Just as the jukebox went silent, Ginger told the crowd in a loud and giddy voice that she would let every guy in the bar lick her pussy for $20 each.
Money started coming out of pockets and wallets faster than you would think possible. The bartender announced that he already paid with the free drinks and spun her around and dove his face between her legs. Ginger leaned back and I could tell that she had an orgasm almost instantly. A couple minutes later the bartender stood up with Ginger’s come in his moustache and said that was fantastic. He spun her back around and every guy in the bar took his turn eating her out until she came. Eight guys, $160 and nine orgasms left Ginger completely spent. She laid their sprawled out on the bar in all her glory. The bartended had taken the opportunity to fondle her breasts while each guy took his turn licking her pussy.
The spectacle was so erotic that I couldn’t stand it any longer. I climbed up onto the bar, took my shorts off and fucked Ginger there on the bar in front of everyone. I just had to have her after watching 9 strangers lick her pussy. In fact I was so worked up that it took less than a minute to shoot my load deep into her quivering pussy. She pulled me to her and told me how much she loved me and how wonderful she felt and how much she enjoyed what just happened. I asked her if she really enjoyed being fucked in front of a crowd of people and she said it made it so intense that, that, she was lost for words.
I suggested we get off the bar and put our clothes back on. The bartender handed her a towel to clean up with and I helped her off the bar back onto the floor. The bartender handed Ginger and Olga back their clothes, except for their panties which remained nailed up above the cash register. The girls and I get dressed and sit back in our booth.
The bartender brings over another round of drinks along with four plates with burgers and fries. I figured the food would help keep us from getting too drunk with all the drinks and may help Ginger. After the steaks we had earlier, I was kind of surprised when she ate the entire burger and all of her fries. It seemed to help bring her back to her senses for a little while. I asked her if she remembers what just happened and she looked at me, smiled and said that she just had a bunch of men licking her pussy and that I fucked her on a bar in front of a crowd of strangers.
As we finished our food, the bartender came over with another round of drinks. He took a few moments to thank the girls for a wonderful show. He looked straight at Ginger and told her that any night she wanted to come and dance and perform on the bar to let him know and he would have the place packed. He told her that she made $160 tonight with just a few men in the place and that he knew as beautiful as she is that she could easily clear over $500 a night. She was blushing and said that we’re only leaving in the morning to go home, but would be back next week and she would have to think about it. She told him that she’s never done anything like this before and not sure if she would again.
We finished our last drink and figured it was time to head back to the trailer park. When we got outside, the air was still hot and hit you like opening an oven door. Bill and I took our shirts off and without any hesitation, so did Ginger and Olga. As we got to the trucks, Bill suggested we switch and have Olga wide with me and Ginger ride with him. Everyone agreed before I could say anything and Ginger climbed into Bill’s van and blew me a kiss. Olga was already sitting in my truck waiting for me.
We pulled out and I followed Bill as we headed back to the trailer park. Olga took my left hand and placed it on her breast and held it there. As I drove down the road with a topless woman beside me, fondling her breast I wondered if Bill was doing the same thing.
Driving south, the trailer park is the last place in town on the left hand side of the road. About 100 yards passed it on the right was a bar called the Galloping Goose. Bill drove past the trailer part and pulled into the bar and I pulled in next to him. Ginger climbed out of the van, still topless, gave me a kiss and followed Bill into the bar. Olga looked at me, gave me a kiss and followed Ginger into the bar and I was fast behind them.
By the time I got inside, the few patrons still in the bar were hollering, hooting and whistling at our two topless women. A couple of guys that were obviously drunk grabbed Ginger and began groping her and licking her breasts. I asked them to back off and they ignored me. I didn’t want any trouble, but I also didn’t want things to get out of control. Pushing my way past one of the drunks, I pulled Ginger over to a corner booth, slid her into the far end of the seat against the wall and sat down next to her. She was laughing and obviously out of control.
Bill stopped the drunks from following me and they finally just sat at the bar and starred at us. I asked Bill what he was thinking and he said that Ginger wanted one last drink before going to bed, so he pulled in here, knowing it was close to the trailers. When I looked back at Ginger, she was passed out cold, so I slid her out of the booth, picked her up and took out to my truck. We got in, I put her top back on her and then drive back to the trailer park. Bill helped my carry her into our trailer and put her in bed. Then I went back out to get her burse and Bill told me that Olga was passed out cold also, so I helped him carry her into their trailer. Olga was still topless and I was hoping that no one else in the trailer was up at 1:30am to see us carrying her this way.
I said goodnight, grabbed Ginger’s purse and the rest of our things and headed back inside the trailer. Ginger hadn’t moved a muscle while I was gone and I knew she had never gotten this drunk before. I figured the morning would be hard on her, so I got the aspirin ready on the table, stripped and climbed into bed next to her wondering how much of tonight she would remember in the morning. The last thing I remember before falling asleep was seeing her riding Bill’s cock out in the desert.
To be continued…
Poster: JD Whitings