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Sweet dare


Deser Heat - Part 9
I woke early the next morning as I usually do. Ginger was still sound so I quietly moved around, packing up our stuff to get ready to head back to our home as soon as she was awake. I only had four days off after working ten straight and we just spent one of those days off with Bill and Olga. I was anxious to get back home and take care of things there. I had called Jerry to let him know we would be staying an extra day down here, and he said no problem.
It was almost two hours later when I heard Ginger begin to stir. She slowly sat up and asked me for some aspirin. Her face told me that she had a hangover headache, so I gave her three aspirins and a glass of water. I asked her how she was feeling and she said other than her head, she didn’t feel too bad. As she swung her legs out of the bed, she grimaced, looked up at me, grinned and said her pussy was a little sore. I asked if she remembered last night and her grin widened, her face turned ten shades of red and said yes, she remembered last night. From her expression I took it that she didn’t regret it, but I had to ask anyway. She told me that she wouldn’t have done what she did in the bar if it hadn’t been for the drinks, but she had no regrets and hoped I was mad at her.
I wrapped my arms around her, held her close and told her that I realized it was the booze and no, I wasn’t mad at her. In fact, I told her that watching her dance naked on the bar and then letting all those guys between her legs licking her pussy was the most erotic thing I had ever seen in my entire life. She giggled and said it was pretty erotic on her end too and that she made $160 to boot. I asked what she was going to do with the money and she said she might buy some new clothes, including a couple more halter tops.
Ginger surprised me as her hangover headache passed rather quickly. She got dressed, grabbed a quick breakfast and we hit the road for the hour and half drive back home.
When we got home, Jerry greeted us at the door, took bag of dirty clothes from us and headed to the laundry room. He hollered back that our mail was on the table. I quickly sorted through it, ripped up the junk and put the bills and important mail on the desk in my study. Ginger checked the refrigerator and cabinets, making a shopping list of needed groceries. Jerry started our laundry and then asked if there was anything else he could do to help. We told him that we were going to run to the store and pick up some needed things including groceries. From the look on his face, I could tell that he wanted to come with us, so we invited him and he readily accepted.
Ginger quickly jumped in the shower and put a cute yellow summer dress on. It was one of my favorite dresses for her and she knew it. Except this was the first time that she wore it without a bra. I told her that Jerry was coming with us to shop and she looked at me and gave me a sly smile and said that was fine. I asked Ginger where she wanted to go first and she told me which department store.
She headed to the summer clearance racks and held up several halter tops and asked me if I liked them. Jerry seemed a little embarrassed when she asked him if he liked one of the tops. She tried to put him at ease by telling him that I would say I liked any top she would hold up and that she wanted someone else’s opinion.
Jerry was about a year younger than we were, but we both knew him from back in high school. He was a good looking young man about my height and build. He had jet black hair and the darkest brown eyes I’ve ever seen. At times they looked more black than brown. His girlfriend of several years had come home one day and told him to get out as she was letting her new boyfriend move in with her. He basically left with a single suitcase of clothes and nothing more. A mutual friend had a spare bedroom and let Jerry stay there, but it was a temporary arrangement only. He was very grateful when we offered him to stay with us and help take care of the place while we were away for 10 days at a time.
Ginger called Jerry over and asked him if he like a semi-see through halter top and his face turned all kinds of shades of red. She apologized and said she didn’t mean to embarrass him. It was then that she remembered that he had virtually nothing to his name including clothes, so she put back several of the tops she was going to buy and purchased only two. Then she said that we should go to the men’s department, so we followed her.
Jerry stopped to look at a rack of shirts and Ginger pulled me aside and said that she wanted to use most of her $160 to buy Jerry some clothes since he had very little. I told her that was a great idea. We noticed him pick up a nice looking casual shirt, look at the price tag, frown and put the shirt back. Ginger told him that shirt would look good on him, but Jerry kind of shrugged it off and said it wasn’t in his budget. He looked at her and said he was trying to save up so he could eventually get a place of his own. Ginger told him that she came into some extra money and wanted to help him get some new clothes. He said it wasn’t necessary but she insisted. I told him when she gets like that you best go along with her as she won’t take no for an answer. Reluctantly, he agreed and Ginger began the hunt for a new wardrobe for Jerry.
Nearly two hours later, Jerry had half dozen shirts, a pair of slacks and shorts. We grabbed lunch out and then headed to the grocery store and home. After everything was put away, Ginger suggested we all take a dip in the pool. Jerry got a sad look on his face and told us to go ahead and that he would go to his room. I asked what was wrong and Jerry said he didn’t have a swim suit. Ginger said that since he was the same build and size as me that he could use one of mine. The smile returned to his face and Ginger got him a swimsuit to wear.
Ginger grabbed some towels and sunscreen and met us out at the pool. The pool looked very clean and inviting and I told Jerry he was doing a great job taking care of it. After being kicked out by his girlfriend, his self-image had been pretty much dashed to pieces, so the compliment was exactly what he needed. The three of us casually swam and talked for a few minutes and then Ginger asked Jerry if he was using the pool while we were out of town. The expression on his face told both of us that he had and that since he had no swimsuit that he must have been skinny dipping. Ginger did her best to set him at ease and told him that we skinny dipped when it was just us and that we understood that it was only natural for him to do the same when he was alone. Sheepishly he admitted that he had been skinny dipping and hoped we weren’t upset with him.
Ginger then asked him if he liked swimming naked and free and again Jerry turned red and said yes, he enjoyed it. I knew then what she was thinking and I gave her a nod of approval. She then looked at Jerry and told him that since we enjoyed swimming naked and he enjoyed swimming naked and that since he was staying with us for who knows how long that we should all be able to swim naked if we wanted. His eyes got big and he wasn’t sure what to think or say. I asked him if he would mind if Ginger and I swam naked and he said it was our house and we should be able to do what we wanted. I then asked him if it would bother him if we did, and he said no. I then told him that it wouldn’t bother us if he wanted to swim the same way and as long as he was staying with us to consider himself part of the family.
By the time I finished saying what I did, I noticed that Ginger had taken off her bikini top and tossed it on to the side of the pool. Jerry’s eyes got big and he reacted by turning to look at Ginger. Realizing it, he quickly turned around and apologized. Ginger told him no apology necessary as she tossed the bottoms of her bikini to side by her top. I followed suit and shed my suit and tossed it over by Ginger’s.
It was plain that Jerry felt very awkward so I swam over to him and told him not feel embarrassed and that it was okay to look at Ginger’s body because we have nothing to hide. Ginger was listening to what I was saying and snuck up behind Jerry and suddenly yanked his swimsuit down. Coming back up out of the water she laughed and told Jerry that now he had nothing to hide. That seemed to do the trick, because he laughed with her and then tossed his swimsuit over with ours.
After swimming around and talking about the house and how well Jerry kept the place clean. Ginger suggested an old fashioned game of Marco Polo with the only rule is that you can’t get out of the pool. Before anyone could answer, she closed her eyes and called Marco, to which we both replied Polo. Jerry and I went in different directions and I knew Ginger would do her best to home in on him, which she did. Jerry didn’t realize that she was slowly backing him into a corner and when he did realize, it was too late. He tried to swim past her, but she managed to reach out and tag him on his butt.
Now it was his turn and I was certain that Ginger would accidentally on purpose allow Jerry to tag her. He began calling and we answered. It wasn’t long until she let Jerry get a little closer to her. She made a half-hearted effort to swim past him and when Jerry reached out, Ginger twisted perfectly to place her breast in Jerry hand. His eyes popped open and he looked at both of and began apologizing. Ginger swam up to him, took both of his hands and placed them on her breasts and held them there. She looked him in the face and said that he no longer had to apologize.
Ginger then reached down and grabbed Jerry’s cock which was already hard from holding her breasts. She smiles and said that now she didn’t have to apologize either. We played Marco Polo for another fifteen minutes and both Ginger and I were getting tired. I don’t think either of us had recovered from the day before. I told them that I was going to get out and lay in the sun and relax. Ginger said that sounded like a good idea and invited Jerry to join us.
I climbed out of the pool and laid down in one of the pool lounges. When Ginger got out, she stretched, making sure that Jerry had a good look and then joined in another lounge. Jerry finally decided that it was okay and climbed out of the pool and took his place in a lounge chair on the other side of Ginger.
In the hot desert sun, it doesn’t take long to dry off and begin to warm off. I got Ginger’s attention and made a motion asking her to get us a beer. She smiled, got up and went into the house and came back out with two beers and a soda for her. She walked right up to Jerry and handed him the beer. He couldn’t help but look directly at her pussy and pubic hair. Ginger was smiling as she noticed the effect it had on his rising cock. She turned and walked to me to hand me my beer and as she did, I noticed a distinct wiggle to her walk.
After everything that happened over the past two weeks, I could tell that Ginger had designs on Jerry’s cock. I figured that the next few days would be very interesting before we had to return to the field next Monday. She looked at me and winked and all I could do was shake my head and smile.
After handing out the drinks, Ginger laid back down in her lounge and it didn’t take long for her fall into a deep sleep. I got up, went over to Jerry and whispered that I was going in to take care of the mail, but that I’d be back out in about ten minutes.
My study was in the back corner of the house with a window that overlooked the pool. It had one of those lacy curtains on it that allowed you see out but it was difficult for anyone to see in. As I sorted through the mail, I kept an eye on the two out back. A couple minutes after I came in, I saw Jerry carefully sneak up and move over to Ginger and lean down in order to get a good look at her body. My cock got hard watching him look her over. Her legs were slightly spread on the lounge and Jerry knelt down at the foot of the lounge and looked up into her pussy. I only wished that Ginger would wake and catch him because she would probably pull his face straight down between her legs. He glanced up at the house and then hurried back to his lounge. His cock was fully erect and stroked it a few times before realizing he needed it to go down before he was caught.
I gave it ten minutes and waited until Jerry’s erection had gone down before going back outside. Jerry acted like he was asleep and went along with it. Knowing that Ginger had quite a bit of sun yesterday, I didn’t want to leave her out too long so I gently began to massage her breasts to wake her. She opened her eyes, stretched and told me she loved me. At the sound of our voices, Jerry roused and got up.
Ginger asked if everyone was getting hungry and we said yes, so she headed in to start cooking. Once she was inside, I asked Jerry if what happened at the pool bothered him. He said not all and then told me how beautiful and sexy Ginger was. I told him that we often just stay nude in the house and that if it didn’t bother him, we would like to continue to do so. He said that was okay with him and then I told him that he was welcome to join us if he wanted to. Then I told him not to worry if he got hardons looking at Ginger as it’s unavoidable. Besides, she loves to see guys react to her body that way.
He seemed to be okay with what I was saying. Then I floored him by telling him that I could tell that she wanted him and if he wanted her that I was okay with it as long as I know what’s going on. He just stood there and looked at me and didn’t know what to say. I waved my hand in front of his face and asked him if he would like to have sex with her. He managed to stammer yes, who wouldn’t. His face lit up with the thought of having her, so I thought I would set my plan in motion to surprise Ginger.
Leaning close to Jerry, I told him to go on inside and watch Ginger. When she least expects it, walk up behind her and then reach around her, grab onto her breasts and pull her against you. He asked if I was serious or putting him on. I told him that she is in there now trying to figure out how to seduce you and that you need to surprise her by being the aggressor. Once you grab her, run your hands over her breasts and down to her pussy. You take control of the situation. I’m sure she won’t expect it and it should be interesting to see what happens. Again he asked if I was sure and I told him yes. He grinned and said if it was okay with me that he would literally rape her if need be and I said that would be perfect and definitely knock her off her game.
We opened the door and walked into the house. Ginger was in the kitchen fixing some kind of dish to put in the oven. Jerry watched her and as soon as dinner was in the oven and she was beginning to tidy up, Jerry asked if I needed a drink and I said I’d take a beer. He went into the kitchen and as Ginger moved out of his way to let him to the frig, he made his move and grabbed her. One hand cupped her breasts and the other grabbed her mound and he pulled her against him. She wasn’t sure what to do or say. The look on her face was priceless as Jerry slid a finger into her pussy and began rubbing her clit.
Jerry bent her forward against the sink and before she knew what was happening he slid his cock up inside her pussy from behind and began to pump away at her. Her initial shock and resistance soon gave way to moving with his rhythm. She was now fucking him as much as he was fucking her. He had one arm around her hips and the other hand fondling her breasts.
It didn’t’ take long before Ginger had an explosive orgasm. The thrill was too much for Jerry and he began to shoot his load up inside her. When he finished, she spun around and kissed him very passionately. Then she asked what brought that on and he told her that he knew she wanted him and he wanted her, so he figured he would just take her. She looked over at me and I had a huge grin on my face. Jerry said that I gave him my permission. She smiled at me and said thank you and then jumped into Jerry’s arms, wrapped her legs around, crushing her breasts against his chest and kissed him like he was going away forever.
While she was still up in Jerry’s arms with her legs wrapped around him, she positioned herself so that his cock slid back into the pussy again and then started to move just enough to bring him back up to a full erection. Jerry walked over to the couch next to the recliner I was sitting in and sat down with Ginger still impaled on his manhood. He leaned forward just enough to suck on her nipples. Ginger’s head leaned back with an expression of total ecstasy.
When Jerry finished tasting her nipples, Ginger spun around so that her back was to him and facing towards me. She leaned back against him enough to give me a clear view of his cock sliding in and out of her. Jerry reached around and cupped a breast in each hand as he fucked my wife in front me.
Again I realized that two weeks ago, she would have never even entertained the idea of letting anyone other than me see her breasts. Now she was acting like a sex crazed nympho and in a surprise to myself, I was thoroughly enjoying her with another man. I always thought I was jealous of all the guys that watched her when we were out in public, but now I had become a true voyeur of her new found desires.
My thoughts were interrupted when I heard Ginger’s moans getting louder and faster. Focusing back on the spectacle before me, I could tell that his cock was rubbing on her sweet spot and she was on the verge of exploding all over him. Her stomach began to convulse in waves, her face grimaced and her whole body began to buck. She didn’t come back down right away as her orgasm seemed to keep going and going like the Eveready bunny.
Eventually she came down and was so spent that she almost fell forward off of Jerry’s lap, but he held on and kept on pumping. Ginger regained her composure and asked Jerry if she could finish him off orally. His eyes got big with excitement as Ginger climbed off his lap and kneeled between his legs. She took his cock in her hand and began licking it clean before sliding her lips around his shaft. Jerry watched her as she slowly sucked his cock into her mouth. When she managed to get the entire length in without gagging, she held it there and looked up at him. He was grinning more than either of us had seen him grin. There was a popping sound as she pulled herself off of his cock. Her tongue teased the tip and licked around the head of his cock, causing it to twitch back and forth.
You could see him on the verge of shoving it back in her mouth, longing to feel her lips working up and down her shaft. Sensing it herself, she began to bob her head up and down on his shaft. Jerry’s head now leaned back and I could tell he was in total ecstasy. Her breasts were rubbing against Jerry’s thighs and I knew how that feeling always helped make me cum quicker and sure enough, it didn’t take much longer for his to expel his seed into Ginger’s mouth. She gulped as fast as she could to keep from gagging. Not a single drop escaped her lips as she sucked him dry and then finished cleaning him off.
Ginger stood and said she needed to finished getting dinner ready and thanked Jerry for the appetizer before dinner. He just stayed there leaning back on the sofa with the happiest look on his face. The he looked over at me and asked if I was okay with everything that happened and I assured him I was. He said he never suspected that we were like this and I told him that up until two weeks ago we weren’t. While Ginger finished getting dinner ready, I gave Jerry a Reader’s Digest version of what happened this past week. Several times all he could say was ‘you’re not serious’ or ‘really?’
As I began to describe what happened the day before in the desert, the park and the bar, Jerry just sat there in awe. When I told him how Ginger got the money that she used to buy him the clothes today, his cock grew stiff again. Ginger noticed his hard on, walked over, flicked her fingers at his cock and told him not worry, she won’t charge him to lick her pussy. She turned to return to the kitchen, stopped, turned back towards Jerry and said that perhaps it could be his dessert. His cock jumped with excitement as he watched her walk back into the kitchen.
Turning to me, he said he was so happy that we offered him a place to stay as nowhere else had such great fringe benefits. Ginger smiled and said she was glad he was so happy, but he still needed to realize that she was mine first and foremost. Jerry stammered as he said he fully understood and wouldn’t want to anything to change that or cause problems between us. I told him that as long as I knew about it and Ginger approved, it would be okay and that we could live as a very happy threesome for the rest of the summer when we were home on my four days off.
At dinner, I sat at the end of the table with Ginger and Jerry sitting opposite of each other. I don’t think he ever took his eyes off her breasts throughout the meal, especially when she dripped some gravy on her breast. She looked straight at Jerry and did her best bring her breast up to her tongue, but could not reach it, He so wanted to lick t off himself, but she eventually used her napkin to clean it off.
When we finished eating, Jerry helped clean up the table and washed the dishes. After everything had been cleaned and put away, Ginger asked if everyone was ready for desert. Jerry remembered her words from before dinner and grinned. Ginger retuned the grin and walked over to the sofa, sat down, spread her legs wide open and announced that desert was served. Jerry looked at me and I motioned for him to go first. His cock jumped as it quickly grew.
He knelt in front of her, looked back at me again to make sure I was still okay with it. I nodded approval and watched as Jerry turned gazed at Ginger’s pussy before him. He placed each arm under her thighs with his hands on her butt and lifted her up and closer to him. His tongue began along her inner thighs. Ginger watched him as he stared at the woman in front of him.
As his tongue stroked her outer lips, Ginger moaned, closed her eyes and leaned her head backwards. Jerry’s tongue slid up one outer lip, crossed over just above her clit and then back down the other outer lip. The tip of his tongue played at the base of her opening, causing her pelvis to squirm longingly for more. Then his tongue moved upward along her opening and stopped at her clit. His tongue worked several circles around her clit which seemed to enlarge and reach out to him.
Ginger couldn’t take anymore teasing, reached down, grabbed his head and pulled him towards her, literally burying his face in her pussy. From her reaction, I could tell that he took the opportunity to plunge his tongue deep into her pussy. She held his head there until he forcibly had to come up for air. He looked up at me and said that she tasted fantastic and that he’ll never forget this day. Then he turned back and began to lick her pussy and suck on her clit.
I sat down on the sofa next to Ginger and began to suck on her nipples. In seconds, her back began to arch and she had all of the telltale signs of building towards her orgasm. While sucking one nipple, I played with her other nipple and Jerry worked away on her clit. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her abdomen roll more than a belly dancer’s. Her pelvis began gyrating on Jerry’s mouth and her moaning became louder and faster until boom, she exploded in an orgasm that rocked her entire body.
Jerry did his best to hold on and keep his position on her clit reminding me of a cowboy trying to stay on a bucking horse, only this was a lot longer than eight seconds. When his ride was over and Ginger came back down to earth, Jerry was still licking up every drop of her cum that he could. Sitting back on the floor, still staring at her open pussy, Jerry said that was the best dessert he’s ever had. Ginger said she was glad he liked it and perhaps she could arrange to serve it again sometime.
He moved away and said that I needed some dessert as well. I lifted Ginger onto my lap and slid my cock into her very wet pussy. Jerry’s eyes got wide as he watched me slide in and out of her pussy. Then Ginger motioned him to move closer in front of her. When he was close enough, she pulled his cock to move him even closer to her until he she could take hic cock into her mouth. Now she had one cock working her pussy and another working her mouth.
After watching Jerry take Ginger in the kitchen before dinner, watching him watch her during dinner and then watching him eat her out, I was more than ready and anxious to be servicing her. It only took a couple of minutes before I couldn’t hold myself back any longer and began pumping my love deep up inside her. This caused her to cum, causing her mouth to tighten on Jerry’s cock which caused him to cum. Ginger found it harder to swallow Jerry’s cum while she was in the midst of an orgasm so she pulled him out of her mouth and had him shoot it all over her breasts.
When it was all over, the three of us collapsed in exhaustion and ecstasy. Jerry fetched a wash cloth and proceeded to clean off Ginger’s breasts which they both enjoyed. Ginger must still be tired from the night before, because as she on the sofa next to me, it wasn’t long before she fell asleep. I decided to let her sleep and headed out to the pool for an evening swim. Jerry joined me and we talked about everything that had happened and I made sure he knew never to tell anyone or it would be out the door for him. He assured me that he wouldn’t do anything to mess this situation up.
I quietly fetched a couple of beers without waking Ginger, who was asleep, naked a one leg spread open. We drank our beers and talked about Jerry’s former girlfriend. After nearly six months of dating, she had invited Jerry to move in with her. They lived together for almost a year and half and he thought everything was going well. They had a great sex life; they rarely quarreled and enjoyed doing many of the same things. Then out of the clear blue, she came home and told Jerry that she was in love with another guy and that he was moving in with her the coming weekend and he had three days for pack up his stull and move out. He was devastated and at a loss. A co-worker said he could stay with him, but only on a temporary basis. That was a month ago and his co-worker was after him to find somewhere else to live when I called him up and invited him to house sit and take care of the pool.
Almost an hour later, Ginger came wandering out of the house. She looked groggy and like she had just emerged from an orgy with dried cum caked on her thighs. She smiled, walked past us and dove into the pool, swam a couple of laps and then got and joined us on the lounge chairs. She asked what we had been talking about I told her that he was telling me about his former girlfriend and how she just suddenly dumped him for another guy. Ginger looked at Jerry and said that his girlfriend must be crazy because he was a fantastic lover. Jerry blushed and said that Ginger was a lot better than his girlfriend and that I was one lucky guy. I told him that he was also a lucky guy after today.
I asked Ginger how she was doing and she said she was still a little sore after yesterday and today and that as much as she regretted to admit it, her pussy needed a rest. Jerry and I understood and nothing else really happened the rest of the night. We talked, swam and just enjoyed being naked together until it was time for bed.
To be continued…
Poster: JD Whitings