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Sweet dare


Desert Heat - Part 13
Desert Heat – Part 13
Friday morning came and Ginger and I slept later than we anticipated. The other three had already left for work. We found a note saying that they let us sleep and looked forward to seeing us when they got home. Ginger poured some coffee and we grabbed a quick breakfast. I asked Ginger what she wanted to do today since the house was clean, the laundry and yard work done and we did our shopping the day before.
She said that she would like to run out and try to find something special for Jerry, Pepper and Rosemary. I asked what she had in mind and she said she wasn’t sure, perhaps some clothes or something on that order. I told her we had nothing else to do and suggested we take in an afternoon movie while we were out and she said that sounded great.
She put on one of her sexy halter tops and a short skirt. I wore a t-shirt and shorts and we headed out to the stores. She finally found some nice sexy looking tops for Pepper and Rosemary, but could not find anything for Jerry. I knew Jerry was a big fan of Arizona State Football and suggested we look at one of the local sports shops for something. There we found him a nice looking shirt with the school logo and colors.
Ginger asked if she could stop in at a shoe store she saw and look for a pair of tennis shoes she could wear when she was helping me out in the field. I pulled into the shoe store she pointed out and went in to look for some shoes. There was a young guy, probably early twenties at the checkout and an older man down one of the aisles stocking shoes. We were the only ones in the store and Ginger looked at me with a devilish look and headed to the ladies sports shoes.
The older guy asked if she needed any help and Ginger told him what she was looking for and he asked what size she wore and she said she wasn’t sure which of two sizes and asked if he could measure her foot. He gladly obliged and knelt down with the tool they use to measure shoe size and asked Ginger to put her foot in it. He carefully measure her foot and when he looked up to tell her what shoe size she took, his eyes got big, his mouth opened, but nothing came out at first. I figured that he got a good look at Ginger’s panties. It started me wondering which ones she wore; one of the sheer see through pair or one of her sexy satin ones.
Regaining his composure, he said he would get a couple pair of shoes for her to try on and told her to have a seat and take off her sandals and he would right back. When she sat down to take her sandals off, she quickly showed me that she wasn’t wearing any panties and I instantly realized that the guy had looked straight up her skirt at her neatly trimmed pussy and red pubes.
It wasn’t long before the older clerk was back with two boxes of shoes. He carefully placed his clerk’s stool, which was lower than the chairs and had the sloped foot rest for the customer’s foot, directly in front of Ginger to help her try on the tennis shoes. He opened up one of the boxes of shoes, placed one of the shoes on the slope and asked Ginger to put her foot in it. As she lifted her foot, he put his hand on the back of her ankle and guided her foot into the shoe. I could tell he eyes were focused between her legs and as she lifted her leg to try on the shoe, she managed to spread them apart just enough to make sure he could see her pussy, but not too much to make it that obvious.
Ginger made sure she tried on at least half a dozen different shoes, making sure the clerk got a good look with each pair of shoes. Each time the clerk stood up to get more shoes, he quickly turned away from Ginger, trying his best to hide the bulge in his pants. On the last pair of shoes, Ginger made sure to spread her legs even further apart and when the clerk noticed, he looked up at her and she smiled and told him that she hoped he was enjoying himself. He asked if she was doing it intentionally and she hiked her skirt up above her waist and told him to try on the other shoe.
Just as the clerk was trying on the second shoe and getting a great view of her pussy, the younger clerk started to walk up to tell the older clerk that the district manager was on the phone. The young clerk stopped dead in his tracks and just stared at Ginger sitting there with skirt up at her waist and her red pubes shining the store lights. He stood there with his mouth open and a bulge growing in his pants. The older guy looked annoyed that he was interrupted and told the young clerk to take over helping her try on shoes.
The young clerk eagerly sat down and just stared at the pussy before him. Ginger asked if he liked what he saw and the clerk said heck yeah. She then flashed him a breast and told him which pair of shoes she would buy, then stood up and we headed to the check out. After I paid for the shoes, the clerk told that he hoped we’d come back real soon and Ginger responded by telling him that we would indeed cum real soon and the young man’s face turned scarlet when he realized what she meant.
We grabbed a bite to eat and headed for an early matinee movie. I asked Ginger what movie she wanted to see and she said anything that was dark because she was so horny after the shoe store that needed some relief and planned on getting it during the movie. She finally selected a movie; we paid and walked into the theater. There was one family with young kids sitting close to the front and a young couple sitting close to the back on the far side. I told Ginger that they always watch the ones that sit in the back so suggested that we take a couple of seats about five rows down on the opposite side from the young couple. Ginger said she would rather sit a couple rows in front of the young couple. I told her okay, but don’t get us thrown out of the theater.
The young couple looked a little annoyed as Ginger led me to the second row in front of the young couple. They were sitting in the middle of the row and Ginger moved almost all the way to the far end of the row so that she could easily turn and catch and glance of the youngsters to see what they were doing. Eventually the lights went dark and the pre-showing trailers of upcoming movies began showing. By the time the movie started, she had her skirt hiked up and two fingers in her pussy. As she got close to coming, her head leaned back and her breathing became noticeably louder. I quickly glanced around and the young couple was staring at Ginger. When they saw me look, they smiled and the girl gave a hesitant wave.
When Ginger came, her body shook and convulsed. I glanced back again and the young man gave me a thumbs up and smiled. Ginger was still coming down from orgasm and I thought I would have some fun, so I motioned for the young couple to move down and take the last two seats on the other side of Ginger. The guy pointed to the two them and as if asking if I meant them and I waved from them to join us and to sit next to Ginger. It didn’t take them long get up and move down. When they moved in next to Ginger, she was surprised and quickly pulled her skirt down and leaned over and told her I invited them. She gave me a sly look and then whispered thank you.
The young girl, who looked to be in her early twenties sat down next to Ginger and her boyfriend on the other side of her. Ginger greeted them and they talked for a minute or two. Then the girl got up and slid past us and sat down next me and her boyfriend moved over next to Ginger. It didn’t take Ginger long to take the young man’s hand and slide it between her legs. Even in the dark theater I could see the smile on his face. My attention was drawn away when the girl began unzipping my shorts and reached in, grabbed cock and pulled it out. For the next several minutes, she sat there slowly stroking my cock while her boyfriend was finger fucking Ginger.
I reached to feel her breast and discovered that she was not wearing a bra. Her breasts felt firm and probably a large B cup or small C. She didn’t stop me, so I unbuttoned her blouse, exposing her pert breasts. I leaned down and gently kissed one of her nipples and then the next. Her body reacted with a shiver of excitement. I looked her in the face and asked if she has ever done anything like this before and she said only with her boyfriend.
When I sat back up, she leaned down and started sucking my cock and I had to it admit that it felt great. I glanced over at Ginger and her head was back, the boyfriend was still working his fingers in her pussy, and she had his cock out stroking it. I reached over and pulled one of Ginger’s breasts out of her halter top and rolled her nipple between my finger and thumb. That was enough to send her over the edge and she came on the young man’s fingers. As soon as Ginger regained herself, she leaned down and started sucking the guy’s cock. His girlfriend was going to town on my cock and as I began to play with her breasts again, I felt the feeling of my cum streaming up through my loins and was wondering if this young girl was going to swallow me or shoot it all over the floor. I didn’t have to wait long as my load began to erupt. She grabbed my cock with one hand and sucked me harder, pulling every last drop out of me I had to give.
Sitting back up, she licked her lips and told me I was delicious. I thanked her and pointed to the other two and she smiled when she saw Ginger sucking her boyfriend’s cock. I told her that boyfriend finger fucked my wife and I was hoping to be able to do the same. She quickly glanced around and then unzipped her shorts and slid them and her panties down past her knees. Her white skin nearly shined in the darkness, interrupted only by her patch of dark pubic hair. She took my hand and guided it to her pussy which was very wet. I easily slid a finger into her and then a second. I reached to find her sweet spot inside and could tell by her reaction when I found it. Like Ginger, her head went back and her eyes closed. Leaning down, I took a nipple in between my lips and gently started to nibble on it as I worked my fingers inside her tight little pussy.
It only took a couple of minutes for her to come. When she was done, I licked my fingers cleaned and told her that she tasted great also. By the time the movie ended, each of us had cum twice and I even got the chance to lick the girl’s pussy. Ginger told me after that he had licked her pussy as well. When the movie ended, when thanked them and headed home. Ginger cuddled next to me and told me she had a great time and thanked me for inviting the couple over.
We managed to get in a short swim before it was time to start dinner. By the time dinner was done, everyone was home and naked. During dinner, they asked how our day was and Ginger smiled and said it was great and then proceeded to tell them about shoe shopping and going to the movies. Pepper asked what movie we saw and Ginger said she had no idea and didn’t care. Rosemary asked me if we really had oral sex with a strange couple and I said yes and it was great. I told them that the girl sucked me off twice, I finger fucked her once and ate her out as well. Rosemary said she wished she could have been there to see that and Pepper echoed her sister. I asked what they would do with the young couple and Pepper said she would eat the guy up and show his girlfriend how a real woman can take care of her boyfriend. I turned to Rosemary and asked if she really wished she had the chance to watch and even play with the young couple herself and she blushed, looked at Jerry and said it sounded exciting, so yeah, she’d wish she was there. I continued to tease them about what they’d with the young couple until dinner was over.
After dinner and cleaning up, I suggested we all relax out at the pool for a bit and everyone agreed and headed outside. After a few minutes, I told everyone that I was going in to get some beers and a soda for Ginger. While I was inside, I heard a knock at the door. I looked out the curtain and it was the young couple from the theater. I hadn’t told Ginger that I slipped them our address and invited them over for some skinny dipping. Opening the door, I invited them in and they were shocked to see that I was naked. I reminded them that they had come over to skinny dip and have some fun. I explained that there was another man and Ginger’s two sisters and that they were all naked and out at the pool. Then I told them that I had a plan to surprise them and had them go to my bedroom to strip and wait for my signal.
I grabbed the drinks and headed back out to the pool. As everyone was taking their first drink, I told them that I had an idea for some fun inside. Everyone would gather in the living room and I would blindfold everyone and move everyone around so they weren’t sure where they were standing nor would they know who was standing there. Then I would blindfold myself and join the group. Once I said to go, everyone would start moving about, feeling their way around and let their fingers search their surroundings and each other. No one was allowed to say anything so that no one would know who was where. They said that sounded fun, so we all headed inside and I went to the bedroom to grab some scarves to use as blindfolds.
While in the bedroom, I told the young couple, Tom and Helen to sneak out into the hall and listen for when I told them that I was now ready to blindfold myself. Then they were to tiptoe out and I would place them in the midst of the group and no one would know they were there.
First I blindfolded Jerry, then Rosemary, Pepper and Ginger. I spun each person around several times and then placed then in position. I motioned to the couple to come and I place Helen about 4 feet in front of Jerry and I placed Tom about 4 feet in front of Rosemary. Then I said for everyone to start moving around and reminded them no talking. Tom and Helen remained still as I had instructed them.
All four of them began slowly waving their arms from side to side and in front of them before moving. Jerry was the first step forward, but very slowly. A few small steps forward and his fingertips brushed against Helen’s stomach. Jerry moved a bit further and moved his hand upward until he reached her breasts and began fondling them. Helen looked over to me and grinned. Jerry’s other hand worked its way down her stomach to her thick patch of pubic hair. He carefully felt around the pubic hair and I could see that he was puzzled since she had more hair than any of the sisters. Helen reached out and grabbed Jerry’s cock and began to lightly stroke it and this seemed to take his mind away from the abundance of pubic hair and moved his hand on down to her pussy.
By this time, Rosemary had found Tom and was stroking his cock, thinking it was either me or Jerry. Tom was fondling her breasts with one hand and rubbing her pussy with the other. Pepper had moved forward and found Tom as well and joined Rosemary in playing with his cock.
I slipped over to Ginger, very quietly whispered shhh in her ear and removed her blindfold. She was so surprised that she almost said something and I managed to put my hand over her mouth to stop her. I pulled her away and had her sit on the sofa with me and watch what was happening. She began whispering questions in my ear and I had to stop her before the others could hear her.
We sat watched Helen Kneel down and suck Jerry’s cock. Pepper knelt down and began sucking Tom’s cock while Tom sucked on Rosemary’s breasts. Ginger had her hand on my cock, stroking it and I was fingering her pussy as we watched the sexy spectacle before us.
Jerry came and Helen swallowed all of it and then stood up and kissed him. Jerry then knelt down and began licking Helen’s pussy. She held his head tight against her as Jerry’s tongue explored her inner sanctum. Her eyes closed and her head leaned back so far that we were afraid she would fall over backward.
In the meantime, Tom had cum in Pepper’s mouth and now he was licking Rosemary’s pussy while reaching up to fondle Pepper’s breasts. Rosemary was already pretty worked up as she came within a minute. Helen also cums and Jerry licked up every bit of her that he could.
Then I told everyone to stay exactly where they were without moving and remove their blindfold. The shock and surprise on the faces of Jerry and the sisters was priceless. Rosemary said she didn’t know who he was but he was welcome to stay where he was. I then introduced Tom and Helen to the others and informed them that this was the couple from the theater this afternoon. Ginger wanted to know how they knew were we lived and I told her that I asked Helen if she and Tom would like come over and go skinny dipping with us this evening and when she said yes, I slipped her a piece of paper with our address and told her what time to come over.
Rosemary and Pepper began asking them about the theater and they verified what Ginger and I had told them. Rosemary turned to Ginger and said she was really impressed with her boldness. Then I asked Rosemary and Pepper if they remember what they said they would do with couple and when they said yes, I pointed to them and said here they are.
Tom then asked how far where he and Helen allowed to go? Ginger motioned Tom to come over to where we were sitting and told him to sit down. As soon as he sat down, she got up and sat on his cock and began fucking him. About a minute later, she asked him if that answered his question and he was grinning really wide. When he looked out into the room, Helen was sitting on Jerry’s lap and Rosemary was standing in front of her playing with her breasts.
Ginger kept on Tom’s cock and a few minutes later she came strong and hard. Pepper said it was her turn and she climbed on Tom and began riding him. Her back to him and he reached around and held her breasts, playing with her nipples as she pumped him like an oil rig waiting for the well to blow. Pepper pulled off, knelt on the floor and told him to take her like a dog and Tom mounted her and took over the pumping. I’ve always enjoyed watching a woman’s breasts sway while making love and told Ginger that I was getting close to cumming and she bent down and took my load in her mouth.
When Tom was getting close to cumming, he asked Pepper if it was okay to cum inside her or did she want him to pull out. She told him she was on the pill and to fire away. Pepper was loving the feeling of Tom shooing his load deep inside him and caused her to cum with him. Tom pulled out and Rosemary began cleaning his cock off by licking it. Her actions kept Tom hard and when she was done cleaning him off, she told him it was her turn and she pushed him to floor and sat on his face and leaned down and began sucking his cock.
Jerry had deposited a load inside Helen and she had cleaned him off. She walked over to me and said that she felt my fingers in her pussy and my cock in her mouth at the movies, but now she wanted to feel my cock in her pussy. Ginger told her to go for it and Helen jumped on my lap, facing me and slid down my re-hardened cock. I played with her breasts as she rode my cock like she was riding a horse. I lasted a lot longer since I just cum once already and Helen managed to have three orgasms before I erupted inside her. I asked if she was on the pill and she said she was.
After everyone had sex with the young couple, we decided to take a break and head out to the pool. Going out the door, Ginger told me that I done good inviting Tom and Helen over. She thinks the others enjoyed it also. We swam for about half an hour and then got and relaxed to dry off. We asked the couple about themselves. Tom was going to be a senior this year at Arizona State majoring in engineering. Helen was also going to be a senior studying occupational therapy. They planned on getting married once they graduated and got jobs.
Pepper asked if they had ever done anything like this before and Tom said that today in the movies was the first time they’d done anything with anyone else. Helen said that they really enjoyed what happened at the theater and went home had some of the best sex they’ve ever had. They debated about coming over as this was all new to them and they weren’t sure it was something they wanted to pursue, but they so enjoyed the movie that their curiosity got the best of them and decided to come over and see what happened. If they felt uncomfortable or decided they didn’t want to proceed, that they could always leave. Jerry asked if they were ready to leave and Tom looked at Helen and she was smiling and shaking her head no, she didn’t want to leave.
Ginger then asked how they felt about what’s happened and what did they enjoy the most. Helen said that she loved Tom so very much and would never do anything to hurt their relationship, but she thoroughly enjoyed seeing, touching and having sex with another man. She also said she was surprised that she wasn’t jealous of seeing Tom with another woman. Tom added that he loved her a lot also and that he was so turned on watching her with another man. Helen looked at him and told her she knew how much he was enjoying being with three beautiful naked women. He admitted that it was a thrill to have sex with the three sisters and then he told them that next to Helen, they were the second most beautiful and sexy women he’s ever known.
Ginger repeated the rest of her question and asked what part of what happened did they enjoy the most. Tom looked at Helen and said watching her orgasm to another man’s cock. He said that was almost as much of a turn on as the first time he saw Helen naked and had sex with her. Still looking at Helen, he asked her what part did she enjoy the most? She hesitated a bit and said the thing that she enjoyed the most and turned her on the most was being nearly naked in the theater and letting another man give her an orgasm by licking her pussy. She said it was the thrill of doing it in public and the possibility of getting caught. Tom agreed that being sucked by a strange woman in a public place was terribly exciting and a turn on.
Ginger said she understood how they felt and then told them about the shoe store earlier in the day and Helen’s eyes were wide opened and asked if she really showed her pussy to a shoe salesman. I told Helen that I was there and yes she did. Then I told her that is why she was so horny at the movies and started fingering herself as soon it got dark. Helen said she didn’t think she could ever do something like that but it sounds so, so naughty and exciting. Ginger asked Helen what she was doing tomorrow and she said that she and Tom were just going to hang out and spend some time together. Ginger asked if she had any short skirts like the one she was wearing at the movies and Helen said that she didn’t. Ginger got up, grabbed her arm and told her to follow her and they headed to the bedroom. Pepper and Rosemary were close behind.
I looked at Tom and asked him what his plans were and he said he wasn’t sure now. Jerry laughed and asked if he was prepared for his girlfriend to go out and show her pussy to a strange shoe clerk. Tom leaned forward and kept his voice down and said that he has often fantasized about other men seeing her breasts or even naked which is why he was so turned on at the movie and again here tonight. He said he would love to see her show her pussy to a strange shoe clerk. Jerry suggested that us guys go into the shoe store a minute or two before the girls so the clerks don’t know we’re together. We’ll browse around and manage to spy on the girls as they do their thing. He liked that idea and said they would be here in the morning.
Just about then, the girls came out from the back and all four were wearing short skirts and either a halter top or a top with a very low and loose neckline. Tom got erect when he saw Helen dressed so sexily. She twirled around in the middle of the floor then pointed to Tom’s erection and said that she gathered he like the outfit. He told her she looked good enough to eat here and now and Pepper asked him what he’s waiting for. Helen told Tom to pretend he was a shoe salesman and she pulled up a kitchen chair and sat down facing them. Tom knelt on the floor in front of her and she lifted her foot and placed it on his knee. When he looked up, he could clearly see her pussy, causing him to smiled, lift her skirt further up and dive face first into the very wet pussy.
The rest of us sat and watched this young couple, so deeply in love; enjoy each other for the first time in our presence. It reminded me of Ginger and I when we were first in love and I squeezed her hand and she squeezed it back, indicating that she knew what I was thinking. Just as Helen was building towards her first orgasm, she managed to say, I guess we’re going shoe shopping tomorrow, aren’t we, Tom, and he shook his yes as he continued to suck on the clit.
As the young couple continued, I explained to the sisters what Jerry had suggested about us guys separating and going in the store first and then spying on the girls and catching the flashing in progress. The girls said that sounded good to them and we turned our attention back to Helen and Tom. She was peaking again for another orgasm and he was still working his tongue on her clit and in her slit. Helen’s whole body shook as the waves of ecstasy rolled through her body. He held on to her butt, making sure he didn’t lose contact with her as she reacted to the orgasm. As soon as she was done, he lay back on the floor and pulled her on top and him and began fucking her like a wild man. They were so into each other that I don’t think either one was aware of any of us staring at them. Helen came again as Tom wildly thrust himself up inside her pussy. His lust was so intense that he came inside her. His final thrusts were harder and slower until he stopped and laid there on the floor. Helen leaned down and starting kissing him all over the face.
Pepper asked the young lovers if they ever thought they would be putting on a sex show for a bunch of naked people and Helen turned so red that I almost worried for her. Tom said this whole experience is new to them and that once he started making love to Helen, he forgot all about the rest of us sitting her watching. Now that he thinks about it, it’s pretty exciting and stimulating to realize everyone was watching them. Helen said she could tell because he was getting hard again inside of her. Pepper told them that we wanted an encore performance and surprisingly, Helen said who were they to disappointment their public.
Helen began to ride Tom to help him get fully erect and then pulled off and asked him to take her doggie style. They changed positions and Tom shifted himself so that he would be hitting the right spot inside Helen. Helen was soon matching Tom stroke for stroke. I had the perfect view to watch Helen’s pert breasts swing up and back with each stroke of their love making.
As I’ve said before, I love watching a woman’s breasts swinging and bouncing while they have sex. There is something about it that I find very sexy, stimulating and erotic. My cock agreed and soon got hard. Ginger noticed and asked if I was getting turned on by watching them and I told her it was watching Helen’s breasts swaying. She asked what I wanted her to do about my hard on and I told her sit on it with her back to me, so she did. I wrapped my arms around her, cupping her breasts in my hands and began pumping her while watching Helen’s breasts moving with their rhythm. I scooted Ginger a little forward on my lap and could tell that I was now hitting her sweet spot. I whispered in her ear to just watch Helen’s breasts while she felt my hands on hers and my cock working inside her pussy.
Before long, Rosemary is sitting on Jerry’s cock and he’s got his hands on her breasts as they watch Tom and Helen’s encore performance. Ginger looks over at Pepper who is sitting alone obviously feeling left out since there is one more guy than girl. She leaned back and asked if I would mind if she let Pepper take her place and I said that was fine with me. Ginger got Pepper’s attention and motioned her to come over and the two sisters switched places.
With my eyes closed it would have been difficult to tell the difference between the feel of Pepper’s pussy sitting on my cock and Ginger’s. Like I did with Ginger, I wrapped my arms around Pepper and cupped both of her breasts in my hands and began a pumping rhythm with her. Ginger knelt down between our legs and began licking my shaft as it slid in and out of Pepper’s pussy and also started licking and sucking on her clit. I could feel the effects as Pepper’s pussy kept tightening its grip around my cock until she exploded with a massive orgasm and squirted all over me and all over Ginger’s face. The squirting caught everyone’s attention, including the couple on the floor. When I felt Pepper squirting, I glanced around her and when I saw Ginger’s face, I couldn’t contain myself any longer and shot my load into Pepper.
Helen exclaimed that she has heard of women squirting during an orgasm but never realized it really happened. She asked if it was from the bladder and Ginger kissed her and told her smell and lick her face to find out. At first Helen was hesitant, but realized that it didn’t smell like urine, so she cautiously licked Ginger’s cheek. She sat back and said wow, you really did cum all over the place. This got Tom’s curiosity up and he asked to taste it as well and licked Ginger’s other cheek. Ginger suggested he taste the source and pointed to Pepper’s pussy, still impaled on my cock.
Tom moved over and licked the sides of Pepper’s pussy, sending shivers up her body. He kissed her clit and then returned to Helen as Ginger was explaining that all three of the sisters have just recently learned that they can be a squirter under the right circumstances. Pepper added under the right stimulation also helps and that I seem to have the ability to bring that out in a woman. Helen looked at Tom and whispered something to him and he nodded as if giving her an approval. Then Tom said that she wants to know if I could see if I could make her squirt and I said I would try, but couldn’t make any guarantees.
I instructed Helen to sit on the couch and carefully positioned her just so. I told her not to try and think about squirting but just close her eyes and concentrate on what she was feeling. She leaned her head back and closed her eyes. I motioned Tom over and whispered instructions to him and let him get in between her legs. I stayed next to him to help if he needed. Tom began kissing her pussy and working his tongue in and out of her pussy. When she began to react, he inserted two fingers into the pussy and reached up to the roof of her pussy and searching for sweet spot. We could tell when he hit it by her physical and oral reaction. He began working her sweet spot with his two fingers and then began working her clit with his other hand. As her body tensed and arched and motioned Tom to pick up his intensity on both her clit and sweet spot and he did. Helen reacted to the amplification of stimuli and began to convulse with the most intense orgasm of her life. Just as Tom looked at me with a questioning look, Helen let out a very loud and long groan and began to squirt all over Tom. It came in three intense streams, splattering off his hands in nearly every direction around.
After the third spray, Helen’s body sank down in the sofa and we all thought she passed out. Tom panicked and began calling her name and patting her face. Helen’s eyes fluttered open and she wearily whispered that she was fine and then added she was more than fine. Without realizing our switch, Helen thanked me for the most intense orgasm of her life. I told her that it wasn’t me and she lifted her head and looked and saw Tom still kneeling between her legs and drenched from her squirting. She asked Tom if it was him and he was grinning from ear to ear told her yes, it was him. Then she asked him how he knew what to do and he told her that I instructed him how.
Ginger suggested the young couple take a shower while we cleaned up the room. It only took us about 15 minutes to clean everything up with the 5 of us pitching in. As soon as we finished cleaning the room, Ginger, Pepper and I headed in to shower as we were still pretty messy also. Tom and Helen were just coming out of the shower when we went in. We hurried, cleaned up, got dried and joined the others. We made plans for Tom and Helen to meet us here in the morning and we would go on our shoe shopping – flashing expedition. They got dressed, thanked us for a wonderful night, said goodnight and headed back to their apartment.
The five of us pitched in and cleaned up the drinks and snacks, said goodnight and headed to bed. As we headed down the hall, Pepper asked if she could sleep with us again and Ginger eagerly agreed. The three of us were exhausted, so we cuddled up together in bed, said goodnight and promptly went to sleep.
To be continued…
Poster: JD Whitings