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Sweet dare


Desert Heat - Part 14
Desert Heat – Part 14
Saturday morning I woke early like I do every day. When I went to bed, I was cuddled up behind Ginger and she was cuddled up behind Pepper, but that’s not the way we were positioned when I awoke. I was still cuddled up behind Ginger but Pepper was cuddled up behind me. The thought occurred to me that I was the piece of meat between two nice buns.
As carefully as possible, I slid out from in between them and went to the bathroom. When I came out of the bathroom, I noticed that Pepper had moved closed to Ginger or vise verse, but the two of them were now cuddled together. With everyone still sound asleep, I quietly went to the kitchen and started the coffee, waited until it was ready and then grabbed a cup and headed to my office to get caught up on some of my technical reading.
About 45 minutes later, Rosemary peaked around the corner and when I looked up, she asked if I had a moment to talk, and I said yes and motioned her to the chair in front of my desk. I was concerned when she closed the door behind her. Sitting down, I asked her what was up. She asked me what I could tell her about Jerry. She said she really liked him and he almost seemed too good to be real. She admitted that she hasn’t known him that long, but that she had very strong feelings for him and just wanted to know as much about him as possible before things went too far.
I sat back and told her that I’ve known Jerry since high school and would have been a year ahead of her as we all went to the same high school. Rosemary seemed surprised and thought back to high school trying to recall if she knew him at all. She said she couldn’t recall him from high school. I told her that Jerry had gone to college for a couple of years before having to quit and find a job. He fell head over heels for a girl he worked with and he ended up moving in with her. In Jerry’s mind, she was the one and he had planned to marry her until one day she came home and told him she was in love with someone else and told him he had to move out right then. Jerry was devastated and ended up at another friend’s house, but it was only temporary. I told her that I asked Jerry if he wanted to move in here and help take care of pool and yard while we were out in the field for ten days at a time. Then I told her that Jerry is very smart, a hard working guy and very loyal. He never jumped from girl to girl, but always looked for long term relationships.
Rosemary was smiling and thanked me. Then I asked her just how serious is this relationship and she said she wasn’t sure. They both agreed take it easy and see how things worked out and I told her sleeping with him from the first day you met him is not taking it easy and she chuckled and said she guessed I was right. Then I told her that I thought Jerry was a fine catch for any woman. Rosemary blushed, got up, kissed and thanked me and said she was going to start breakfast. Just before she reached the door, she told me to tell anyone who asked that she came in to give me a blow job.
As she left my office, I watched her naked form move through the door and thought to myself that she would be a fine catch for any guy, also. Like her older sisters, Rosemary had a great figure, good sense of humor, good cook, and fiercely loyal to the people they loved. I found myself realizing that I could easily have fallen in love and married any of the three sisters and not have gone wrong.
A minute or two after Rosemary left; Jerry snuck in and asked me what that was all about. I told him she came in to give me a quick blow job and Jerry looked shocked, until I laughed. Then I told him that she was asking about him and what I thought. I told her that you went to high school with her, but you were a year ahead of her. Jerry looked surprised as he realized he knew her from school. He told me there was the really cute little redheaded underclassman that he had a crush on but was too shy back then to approach her or ask her out. Then he said he didn’t realize that that was Rosemary and then said wow!
Jerry asked me what I told her and I told him I warned her that he was a jerk, couldn’t hold a job, and was always moving from girl to girl just to get from them what he could. His eyes were big with shock and then said I was kidding and repeated it in question form. I chuckled and said I was and then I told him that I told her that he was a really good catch for any girl. He said thanks and then said he could smell breakfast and headed to the kitchen.
I returned to my reading only to be interrupted again by Ginger and Pepper, both smiling from ear to ear. When I looked up at them, Pepper told me I should have stayed in bed, but since I left, they had no alternative but to have some sister on sister action. Ginger added that it was pretty good too. I told them that was okay because Rosemary came in and gave me a great blowjob. They acted like they didn’t believe me and I told them to go ask Rosemary and they hurriedly left for the kitchen. I knew I had to see what happens so I was right behind, saying that I was hungry.
As we got to the kitchen, Pepper loudly asked Rosemary if she gave me a blow job this morning. Turning from the griddle covered with pancakes, Rosemary said that Jerry was still asleep and she saw me reading in my office and just couldn’t resist. Ginger playfully went over to her pinched her on butt and asked her how her husband’s cock tasted first thing in the morning. Rosemary licked her lips and said it was yummy with all that cum in her tummy and tried to slip me a quick wink, but Ginger saw it and wanted to know what the wink was for. I told her it was for our date tomorrow morning for a repeat performance, but Ginger didn’t believe me.
Rosemary finally broke down and told her that she saw me in the office and just went in to talk and that nothing really happened. Then she told her that she told me to say she gave me a blowjob if anyone asked. Ginger then wanted to know what we were talking about and Rosemary just said things, we were talking about things. By that time, the last of the pancakes came off the grill and everyone sat down to eat.
The conversation turned to shoe shopping and Ginger was asking her sisters if they had the courage to flash their pussies like she did and Pepper said no problem. Rosemary seemed a little bit hesitant and asked Jerry what he thought about it. He said it sounded really sexy and exciting and he was looking forward to it. She turned to Ginger and said yes, she had the guts to do it and if it pleased Jerry and turned him on, then she was game.
Then they began to wonder if Tom and Helen would really show up. I wondered out loud if last night may have been too much for them all at once. Ginger added that things did get a little out of control last night. Jerry said that he thought they would show up because Tom really enjoyed it and seemed really excited about watching Helen flash a shoe clerk. Rosemary asked what time were they coming and Ginger said they are supposed to be here by 9am, Helen would change here and we would head out. I mentioned that we’ll have to take two vehicles since there were 7 of us total. Jerry suggested that since the guys and girls were entering the stores separately that we should drive separately also. He said he would drive his car and Ginger said she would drive out car with all the girls.
After breakfast, we cleaned, got dressed and waited to see if Tom and Helen would show. Nine o’clock came and no Tom and Helen. Five minutes after nine and still no show. Just as we were about to give up on them, there was a knock on the door and it was them. They apologized for being late, but there was an auto accident that happened right in front of them and they couldn’t get around it and had to wait for traffic behind them to back up and turn around one at a time. The girls rushed Helen into the bedroom to change and I asked Tom if they enjoyed last night. He said it was the best party they had ever been to and that they thoroughly enjoyed it and had no regrets. He told me that Helen is already sopping wet just thinking about flashing strangers today.
A few minutes later, Helen came of the room in her short skirt and halter top and looked fantastic. Tom’s eyes lit up when he saw her and told her she looked good enough to eat. She responded that will have to wait until later but that she would hold him to it. Then she looked at Jerry and me, and said she would hold us to it as well and smiled.
We piled into the two cars and headed out to the first unsuspecting shoe stores. Knowing it was a Saturday also meant that the stores would be busier than normal, so the girls knew they had to be careful. We decided to avoid the mall or the more popular shoe stores. Ginger and Pepper said they knew some shoe stores away from the beaten path that we would try first, so Jerry followed them to the first store on the list.
The three of us guys went in the store first and began looking around at men’s shoes. There was a college aged girl at the checkout and a thirty something guy (about our age) stocking and straightening shoes in one of the aisles. The male clerk asked if he could help us and we said we were just looking and would holler if we needed something. About a minute later, the girls walked in and the girl at the checkout looked up and stared at the short skirts and halter tops and smiled as they walked passed. Helen stayed close to Ginger and Rosemary stayed close to Pepper.
They started looking at shoes at one aisle over from the guy stocking the shelves. The clerk could hear them and went around the corner to see if he could help. He paused as he saw the four ladies and a smug smile appeared on his face. He asked them if he could help and Ginger told him that Helen wasn’t sure what shoe size she really was and asked if he could measure her feet. Retrieving the foot size gauge, the clerk knelt down in front of Helen and asked her to put her foot in the gauge. It must be something they teach all shoe salesmen because the clerk put his hand on the back of her ankle and guided her foot onto the gauge.
Once he measured her foot, he glanced upward to tell her what size she was and his eyes got big, jaw dropped open and he just stared straight up at Helen’s pussy. Tom was watching from around a corner and could see Helen smile as she realized that the clerk was staring her pussy. Ginger asked him what her size was and the guy answered fine, just fine and all four girls busted out laughing. Realizing his faux pas and that he’d been caught staring, the clerk’s face turned scarlet. He quickly stood up and started apologizing over and over.
Then we heard Pepper tell the clerk that Rosemary wasn’t sure of her shoe size either and that he could measure her foot if he wanted to. He looked at her and then asked what was going on and Pepper said nothing but if he didn’t want to help them that they would go to another shoe store. Again, the clerk knelt down and helped Rosemary place her foot in the gauge and measured her foot. He stood up without looking first and then told Rosemary her shoe size. With Pepper’s prompting, Rosemary asked if the clerk had a certain slip on shoe in her size and he fetched a shoe box, pulled up one of those clerk stools with the slanted front for the customer’s foot. He asked Rosemary to sit down in a chair and he placed his stool in front her and set the shoe on the slope.
When Rosemary lifted her leg up to try on the shoe, the clerk was doing everything possible to avoid looking up her legs to her pussy. Rosemary shifted and even allowed her legs to drift wider apart, but the clerk kept his attention focused on her foot and the shoes she was trying on. Getting a little frustrated, she asked the clerk if had the shoe in a color close to her eyes and it worked because the clerk looked up to see her eyes and ended up getting an eyeful himself.
The clerk surprised them all when he stood up and said he couldn’t wait on them and that he would get the clerk up front to come and help them, and then walked away. All four girls were shocked and just watched him walk to the front of the store. The clerk said something to the girl; she laughed and headed back to help the girls. When she got back to the girls, she told them they had to excuse him as he is very awkward around girls and even at his age, has never dated or even asked a girl out on a date in his life. Then she said that she suspected they were up to no good when she saw them come into the store and then asked if they really intended to buy any shoes and Rosemary said she was thinking about it and asked the female clerk if she had the same slip on shoes in a color close to her eyes, and the clerk that she thought and went in the back to check. A moment later she arrived with a box and presented a pair of green shoes.
The lady clerk took her position on the stool in front of Rosemary and looked straight up at her pussy when Rosemary lifted her leg. She looked up and it was very nice and thanked Rosemary for the view. She wasn’t embarrassed or apologetic about staring. As she tried the shoe on Rosemary’s foot, she asked the rest of the girls if they were commando and they all responded by lifting their skirts. The clerk complimented all of them and admitted that her colleague didn’t know what he was missing. Pepper joked that he did know and that’s why he couldn’t handle waiting on them and they all laughed.
Rosemary said she’d take the shoes and we all made our way to the front to pay. As they approached the register, the male clerk quickly made his way to the back of the store and avoided looking at the girls. Rosemary paid for her shoes and the girls left and we left shortly thereafter. We met in the parking lot where Helen and Rosemary were telling what it was like when the male clerk saw their pussies. Rosemary admitted that it would have been more of a turn on had he not been so frightened of a little pussy. Ginger said let’s head to the next shoe store where we hoped to have better luck, so we got in the cars and headed down the road about two miles to another shoe store in a small strip mall.
There weren’t very many cars in the parking lot so we hoped that meant that it wasn’t too busy for some more fun. Once again, us guys went in first to scope the place out. This store had three guys working in it. One of the guys looked like he may still be in high school and he was stocking shelves. The second guy looked college age and the third was an older guy, perhaps in his later 50s early 60s. They asked us if wanted help and we told him we were just looking.
Not long after, the girls came in and headed down the aisle where the high schooler was working. They looked as some shoes and then Rosemary asked him if he could measure her feet to see what size shoe she wore. He climbed down from his step ladder fetched a measuring gauge and knelt down to measure her foot. He looked up to tell her and almost passed out. As he stared up at Rosemary’s pussy, the girls heard him gasp ‘my gosh’. Rosemary, acting innocently, asked him what was wrong and he stammered nothing was wrong.
Pepper asked if he would measure her feet and he was all too anxious and as he moved in front of her with the gauge, he looked up at her pussy before even trying to place her foot in the gauge to be measured. The teenager looked like a deer in the headlights as he just knelt there staring up at Pepper’s pussy. Finally, Pepper asked about her foot size and the young guy fumbled to get her foot in the gauge. He finally measured her foot and told her what size as he stood up. The bulge in his pants was very obvious and Pepper pointed to it and said that it looked like he enjoyed his job. When he realized what she was pointing at, his face turned very red and he turned, excusing himself.
As the young clerk exited the aisle, Rosemary whispered that was much better than the other store and Pepper agreed. Helen and Ginger were looking at some shoes when the young clerk returned. He began to apologize and Pepper told him it wasn’t necessary and that they were glad they made his day. His face was still red but the bulge in his pants was gone. We guessed that he had to go adjust himself so it wouldn’t show, as he wasn’t gone long enough to do anything to relieve it.
Helen asked the young clerk if she could try one a pair of two different shoes to see which one she liked best and the clerk eagerly pulled down the styles in her the size she told him. He asked her to sit down and he pulled up the trusty clerk stool and pulled out of the shoes. Helen lifted her leg to try on the shoe and as she did, the young clerk looked up her slender legs, shook his head and the girls said he mumbled ‘it figures’. Helen asked what he meant that it figures and the clerk, obviously embarrassed and flustered said that it figures that she wasn’t wearing panties either. Then with a little bit of boldness, he turned to Ginger and asked if she was also pantiless and she lifted up the front edge of her short skirt to show him that she also was bare down there.
Helen then drew his attention back to her shoes and said she really was interested in trying them on if he didn’t mind. He said he was happy to help her and guided her foot into the first pair of shoes and told her stand up and then walk up the aisle and back. Helen did as instructed; returned and said she wanted to try on the other pair. The young clerk was more than happy to help her take that pair off and try on the other pair. As he was putting the second pair of shoes on Helen’s feet, Ginger asked him if this had ever happened to him before and he said no it hadn’t. There had been a couple of times that he caught a quick peek at panties but never had he had any customers going without their panties.
Then Ginger told him to run his hand up her leg and touch Helen’s pussy. He looked up hesitantly, looking at Helen for permission and she smiled and nodded her head. The clerk held her ankle with his left hand and slowly felt his way up her leg with his right hand. About mid-thigh, he paused and Helen told him to go ahead. His hand once again began its journey of feeling Helen’s leg and as he got the inner thing next to her pussy, he again paused. Helen asked him what he was waiting for and he said that her legs felt so smooth and then he placed his fingers on the lips of her pussy, brushing them up and down. Helen told him to go ahead and feel inside and the clerk’s eyes got real wide and inserted a finger into her pussy and began rubbing it in and out. Helen said that felt sooooo gooood and the clerk said it sure does.
Pepper warned that someone was coming and they all looked at Helen and Pepper said she meant someone else in the store. The clerk quickly withdrew his hand and returned to helping Helen with her shoes just as the older clerk approached and asked if everything was okay and if anyone needed anything else. The young clerk looked up and said that everything was under control, ‘dad’. The older clerk said ok and that he was just checking and went back to what he was doing several aisles over. Dad? Asked Pepper and the young clerk said that this is the family’s store and his dad is the boss and his older brother was also working here. Helen asked him how old he was and he said he was seventeen and would be a senior in high school this next year. Helen then asked if he’s ever felt a woman’s pussy before and he looked embarrassed and said no, that he’s only had a couple of girlfriends and neither of them let him do anything with them.
When he was through with Helen, Rosemary sat down and asked if he would like to feel another pussy and he responded by asking if he could. She placed on foot on the clerk’s stool and opened her legs for the teenager. This time he used both hands to feel Rosemary’s smooth leg, rubbing both hands all over her leg as he made his way to the grand prize. He looked at Rosemary and said that her leg was so smooth and very sexy. Rosemary said that they are merely the pathway to better things and parted her legs just a little more. The clerk soon reached her pussy and began to feel the lips and then his eyes got big. If asked if that little bud was her clit and Rosemary said it was. He said he’s heard about them but never seen one before. Rosemary reached down and spread her lips to show her clit and slit to the clerk as his fingers explored every inch of them. Then he slipped a finger into her pussy and began to stroke her as did with Helen.
I could tell that Rosemary was enjoying herself and so was Jerry who was rubbing his cock through his shorts. Pepper then looked around to make sure no one was watching and leaned down and told the clerk to kiss and lick Rosemary’s pussy. He said you’re kidding and Pepper said no she wasn’t. Rosemary nodded yes and the clerk took a quick look around and then leaned up and kissed her pussy lips several times. Pepper whispered for him to start licking her pussy and to insert his tongue and he did. Rosemary soaked by that time and it was obvious. In no time he was buried nose deep in Rosemary’s pussy and she was starting to moan in response to the pleasure. Pepper put her hand over Rosemary’s mouth and told her to keep it quiet. The clerk kept licking and in less than a minute, Rosemary began to arch and squirm in her chair and then her whole body shook as she came in the young man’s face. As she was cumming, Jerry whispered to me that he’s glad she didn’t squirt.
The young clerk stopped licking and asked Rosemary if she was okay and she said she was great. Pepper told the young clerk that he had just given her an orgasm and he said ‘you’re kidding’ and Pepper assured him it was true. Rosemary was recovering from her orgasm and asked the teenager how she tasted and he said it was fantastic. She told him that she hoped he would get opportunities to taste other pussies and he looked at the other girls standing around him and fixed his gaze on Helen. She looked around and realized she couldn’t ask Tom since the guys were hiding and watching in secret, so she asked the clerk what time he got off work and if he had any plans. The young looked sad and said he rides with his dad and brother and they close the store at 9pm. They go home, have dinner, relax for an hour and go to bed. She asked him if he ever goes out after work and he said sometimes, but his dad always wants to know with whom and to do what. Helen told him to tell his dad that he was going to go out with some friends from school to grab a bite to eat and just hang out for a couple hours. If he was willing to tell his dad that, then she would swing by 9pm to pick him up.
The young clerk’s eyes got big and asked if she was serious and Helen said she was. He told her he would tell his dad and that he would see her at 9. Everyone composed themselves and Helen bought both pair of shoes and Rosemary bought another pair. The young clerk walked to the front of the store with the four girls, rang up their purchases and watched them leave the store.
We hung around a bit to see what he would do and sure ‘nough, he went over to his father and told him that a friend from school was picking up from work after the store closed. His dad asked him about dinner and he said that they were grabbing a bite to eat. Dad hesitated for a minute and then said okay, since tomorrow was Sunday and they didn’t open the store until 1pm, that he could stay out late, but warned him not to get into trouble. The lad agreed and walked away with a huge smile on his face and bulge in his pants.
Then we made our way out to the parking lot, got in our car and pulled out to meet the girls around the corner. We told them about the boy’s conversion with his dad and how it affected him and Helen just smiled and told Tom that she hoped it was okay with him. Tom asked where was she planning to take him for this pussy dinner and she said she didn’t know, probably back to their apartment. When Helen said that, all three sisters turned and looked at me and I knew I was had. I looked at Jerry and he just shrugged his shoulders and smiled, acknowledging that I was had, so I said that Helen and Tom could bring him here.
Rosemary reminded everyone that the lad knew nothing about Tom and might frightened when Tom shows up. She suggested that she go with Helen to pick him up and they would bring him back here. We could all hide in the back rooms until they had him naked and in the middle of something that then we could all sneak out and join in. That seemed to be the plan for the moment.
I asked if anyone was hungry and they all said yes they were. We agreed on a restaurant and got a corner booth that fit the seven of us. Tom and Helen squeezed in the middle with Rosemary and then Tom of the other side and Pepper, Ginger and then me on this side. The way the restaurant was arranged, there were only about three tables that had any kind of view into the booth. The table that had the best view had four guys sitting at it and they all intently watched the girls as we entered and sat down. I could see the look on the girls’ faces and I asked them not to get us kicked out of the restaurant before we had a chance to eat. They laughed and agreed that they would be good during lunch.
A really cute waitress came to the booth and asked what we wanted to drink. Ginger and Helen ordered a vodka Collins and the rest of us order a beer. The waitress looked at the girls in their halter tops as if she was lusting over them and then left with our orders. A few minutes later, she came back with our drinks and as she was handing them out, she told the girls how lucky they were that us guys allowed them to wear their tops outside. She said she has tried on more than one occasion to wear her halter tops outside and her husband always tells her to change into something less revealing. I responded to her by saying that I like the halter tops because it’s easier to flash their boobs at someone. The waitress looked surprised by my statement and when she looked back at the girls, all four of them had pulled their halter tops into the middle of their chest, revealing their boobs. The waitress looked around and then said that was great and suggested they cover quickly before anything happens.
The rest of the meal, the waitress was very attentive and bringing more drinks as we needed them. When we were done eating, she thanked us for making her day and inspiring her to keep trying to get her husband to allow her to wear her halter tops out in public. Then she whispered that she plans on doing it when he is at work some day and we even inspired her to try to flash someone to see what it was like. We left her a big tip and decided to hit one more shoe store before heading back home and relaxing in the pool.
The last shoe store was a little busier, making it harder to do any real flashing. After several minutes of browsing around, the girls decided to leave. We met in the parking lot and they were all disappointed as they wanted one more flashing experience before going home. Jerry said he had an idea and told the girls to get in their car and follow him. Little did they know what he had in mind.
To be continued…
Poster: JD Whitings