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Sweet dare


Desert Heat - Part 15
Desert Heat – Part 15
We drove about 20 minutes when Jerry slowed down and pulled into a bar. From the outside, it didn’t look like much. The girls asked about the place and Jerry said that he came here a couple of times with some friends and that he thought it might give the girls an opportunity to do some flashing. They shrugged their shoulders and followed him inside. At first it looked like any other small bar and since it was early afternoon, there weren’t many people inside. The girls were about to turn around and leave when Jerry told them to wait. He went up to the bar, said something to the bartender who looked at the girls, nodded his head to Jerry. Jerry turned and told everyone to follow him.
We went passed the bar, through a door, down a hallway and through another door. Once inside we saw that it was a strip club. There was a shapely brunette on the stage who was just taking off her bra. The girls smiled and we found a couple of tables that we could pull together for the seven of us. As they watched the brunette on stage strip down to a g-string, jerry turned around and said that they welcome amateurs to strut their stuff and that if they want to flash someone without getting in trouble, and he pointed to the stage.
There were around 20-24 men and about half as many ladies in the joint. As we were eyeing the crowd, a pretty blonde, dressed only in a pair of lacy shorts approached and asked what we wanted to drink. We placed our order, I paid the waitress and she left, making sure that we saw her shake her sexy ass at us. A couple minutes later, she returned with our drinks and then asked if any of the girls were interested in trying out their luck on the stage. Pepper asked if they got anything for trying and the blonde told her that they get to keep 80% any money thrown at them and the house keeps 20%. She said on a good day, an amateur can walk away with a couple hundred dollars is she puts on a really good show. Pepper then asked how far can they strip and the blonde answered as far as you want, honey. Pepper told her that they would think about and the blonde smiled and walked away.
The four girls were busy talking amongst themselves, asking each other if they would get up on stage and strip. Rosemary asked Jerry if he minded and he said that if he minded, he wouldn’t have brought them here. The questions of who would do what soon turned to dares and basically each girl was daring the other, but no one wanted to be the first. I said I would give $20 bucks to the girl who went first, but they still hesitated.
About then the blonde returned and I told the blonde that they all wanted to but were afraid to go first. Then I told the blonde to pick one, since she didn’t know any of them. She looked the girls over and over and finally she turned to Pepper and she seemed bolder with questions than the others. I handed Pepper the $20 and put her hand in the blonde’s hand and told the blonde to lead her on. The blonde and Pepper went through a set of curtains where guessed that they were getting her ready to go on stage.
We sat there anxiously waiting to see what Pepper would do and how far she would go. It seemed like forever but my watch said it was only ten minutes when an announcer introduced a newcomer to the stage by the name of Pepper and then he told the crowd that this Pepper was red hot and the crowd started applauding. The music started playing and out came Pepper, dressed in a white blouse, plaid mini-skirt, and had her hair in pigtails. She started dancing and at first you could tell she was nervous, but after a few moments, she seemed to feel more at ease.
Pepper slowly unbuttoned her blouse, making sure to keep it closed until all of the buttons were undone. Then she would open one side and then the other, revealing a white bra underneath. The audience was responding to her dancing and a large round of applause was heard when she let the white blouse fall to the floor. Next she worked the zipper on the side of the mini-skirt until it also fell to the floor, revealing a pair of white underpants. Some of the guys in the crowd were whistling and several tossed dollar bills onto the stage and called for her to keep going and take more off.
The more the crowd applauded, whistled and called for more stripping, the more into the experience Pepper got. She even managed to use the pole to lift herself off the floor, turn upside down and slide down to the floor with her legs spread wide open. The money really started to flow when she did that. Pepper pulled herself across the floor to the edge of the stage, got up on all fours, pulled the ties out of her pigtails, releasing her red hair and twirling her head around. She stood up using the pole, and reached behind her back and unclasped the bra, holding it in place with her other arm. She grabbed the pole and swung around, letting the bra fly off, revealing her breasts. The volume nearly doubled when that happened and more money flew onto the stage.
After twirling on the pole a few times, Pepper slid down to the floor and onto her back with her head towards the audience. She scooted herself across the floor to the edge of the stage and then sat up. As she got close enough, a number of the men in the joint began stuffing bill into the panties she was wearing and we could tell that Pepper was really getting turned on at this point. She spun around a few times on her butt and ended up with her back to the audience again. She laid back on the stage and slowly slid the panties off and kicked them into the air. The money was practically raining down on her now. Pepper then spun around on her butt and stopped with her legs wide open and facing the crowd. At that the noise was deafening and men were emptying their wallets and tossing the money at her exposed pussy.
Pepper danced around on the stage for a little longer, much to the delight of the crowd. She even ran her fingers between the lips of her pussy and then licked them to shouts and whistles and more money. I saw Pepper nod to someone and she pointed to our table and a spotlight lit us up. The spotlight then narrowed it beam until it was focused on Ginger. Pepper stood on stage, motioning with her finger for Ginger to come and join her. At first Ginger acted like she was too shy and hesitant, but a quick feel of her pussy under the table told me a different story, so I literally pushed her to her feet.
Since Pepper had died her hair to match Ginger’s, to everyone’s eyes, they were identical twins. As Ginger moved closer to the stage, the crowd cheered and applauded as they realized they were about to get double the pleasure, double the fun. Several of the men in the audience lifted Ginger up onto the stage as she approached it. One of the men that lifted her up noticed that she wasn’t wearing any panties and pointed to her pussy.
Pepper grabbed Ginger by the hand and brought her over to the pole. She whispered in Ginger’s ear that she had this arranged before going on stage and promised the manager that the two of them would put on a show that they’ll never forget. Ginger looked at and Pepper gave her the big sister pouty smile and then placed Ginger’s hands on the pole. As Ginger stood holding the pole, Pepper began running her hands up and down Ginger’s body and over her breasts. Occasionally she would lift Ginger’s skirt and give them a quick flash of her ass.
Then Pepper pulled up closed behind Ginger and began massaging her breasts through her halter top while gyrating her pelvis against Ginger’s butt. Pepper moved Ginger around on the pole to where she was facing the crowd and as Pepper’s hands fondled Ginger’s breasts, she would offer a quick little flash by pulling the halter top to one side and then back again. Then Pepper untied the back of the halter top and played with it like it reigns on a horse. In one quick move, she flipped the Ginger’s halter top over her head and tossed to behind them on the stage. The crowd again grew louder and more money floated onto the stage.
Ginger began to play along and moved in front of the pole and held onto it with her hands over her head. Pepper worked her breasts from behind and then moved around and began to kiss one nipple and then the other. I could tell from watching Ginger’s face that she was so turned on and enjoying every second of being the center of attention to room full of lusting men.
Pepper whispered something in Ginger’s ear and Ginger turned her back to the crowd and Pepper began playing with her mini-skirt and flashing Ginger’s ass and then covering it again. The more Pepper played with Ginger’s skirt, the more bent over Ginger became. When she was bent over enough, Pepper acted like she was going to unzip the side of the skirt and take off and then stopped and motioned to the crowd to see if that was what they wanted. Of course crowed responded, encouraging her to strip her twin.
About this time, I began to notice that there were more people in the strip joint and wondered if someone had called some friends to tell them of the show. The roar of the crowd again was deafening as Ginger’s skirt fell to the floor, exposing her ass and pussy. Pepper caressed Gingers ass and acted like she was humping her sister. Then Ginger turned and slid down to a sitting position and began kissing Pepper’s pussy. Pepper soon returned the favor by lying down between Ginger’s legs and licking Ginger’s pussy, all the while having her own legs spread wide open to the crowd.
The sisters stood up and began kissing each other and running their hands up and down each other’s naked body. They pressed their bodies together like a pair of writhing snakes squirming all over each other. Up and down, back and forth they moved. I had never seen the two of them move like this before and but it looked so hot and the rest of the audience thought so also and the money flying their way proved it further.
Pepper slid around behind Ginger with Ginger facing the crowd. With one hand she cupped one of Ginger’s breasts and the other worked its way down to her pussy. She played with Ginger’s pubic hair and then started to penetrate her pussy. First one finger entered her and then Pepper brought her finger up and sucked off Ginger’s pussy juice. Eventually Pepper had two fingers in Ginger’s pussy and began working her sweet spot while she played with Ginger’s nipple in her other hand. In only seconds, Ginger began to respond to the fingers working her sweet spot. Ginger’s head went backwards, her eyes were closed and back started to arch and stomach convulse like waves on water. Her mouth opened and when she moaned loud enough to be heard by the crowd, the room nearly went silent.
The crowd was leaning as far over the stage as possible and was quieter than any time since we entered the building. Ginger’s moans got louder and faster and until suddenly there was a guttural moan as Ginger hit the peak of her orgasm. The intensity was enough to cause Ginger to squirt all over the stage. The force and volume of her squirting was enough to spray the faces of those closest to the stage. At first the whole room was completely silent except for Ginger’s moanings and then they erupted in applause, whistles, and more cash than previously was tossed onto the stage.
When Ginger regained her composure, she stood up, bowed before the audience, gathered her clothes and returned to our table. Pepper gathered the cash on stage and then went backstage to get her clothes. Pepper managed to dress before returning to the table, but Ginger carried her clothes with her and just sat down at the table, still naked and quite exhausted by her ordeal. I asked her if she enjoyed herself and leaned over kissed me passionately and said ‘oh yeah, that was hot.’ Then I asked Pepper how much money they got and she said it was over $600 and that after the house got their cut, they had about $500. Then she added that the blonde, whose name was Honey, said she couldn’t remember an amateur making that much in one performance.
A few minutes later the blonde returned and told Rosemary and Helen that this was a hard act to follow, but wanted to know if they were going to try to top it or not. Rosemary stood up and moved a short distance away with the blonde and they whispered back and forth. Then she returned to the table, whispered something in Jerry’s ear. He smiled and nodded his head. Rosemary motioned to Helen to come with her and they followed the blonde to the backstage area to get ready for whatever they were going to try.
I asked Jerry what they had in mind and he said he wasn’t sure but told Rosemary that it was up to her as to what she wanted to do. Ginger, still panting and trying to catch her breath said she didn’t know how her little sister was going to top what they just did, but it ought to be interesting to watch.
About 15 minutes went by when the announcer introduced two newcomers to the stage, but didn’t give their names. When the music started, Rosemary and Helen appeared on stage both dressed like cops with their guns drawn like they were looking for someone. They walked all around the stage, looking everywhere. After a couple of minutes, they looked at each other, shrugged their shoulders and leaned against opposite sides of the pole. They took off their police hats and used them to fan their faces. Acting like they were hot, the continued fanning themselves as they slowly unbuttoned their uniforms and let the jackets fall to the floor. They both had on matching bras that had a police badge emblem over one breast. The whole time they were doing this, they had their backs to each and appeared oblivious of what the other was doing.
Then they glanced over the shoulder and saw each other and acted like they were shocked. After the shock, they went into a mock fight or wrestling match. They were all over each other and in the course of the struggle, they both managed to take the other’s bra and panties off. Like earlier, the money began to gather on the stage. Soon the wrestling became more of a making out session and they kissed, fondled and sucked on each other’s breasts and pussies.
The two girls then stood up and started whispering back and forth to each other until they both nodded in agreement. They walked to the edge of the stage where a gathering of men were staring straight up at their pussies. Rosemary pointed to our table and the spotlight focused on Jerry. He began to protest when Rosemary told the guys at the stage to go and bring him to her on stage. The physically carried Jerry over their heads and set him on the stage. The rest of us at our tables were laughing, not knowing what Jerry was getting into. Then Helen stood at the edge of the stage pointed to Tom and again, the spotlight focused on him. Before Tom could react, the same group of men came over, picked him and carried him to the stage.
Both girls went to their discarded uniforms and pulled out their guns and handcuffs. They pointed their guns at Jerry and Tom and motioned them to move to the pole. They motioned to the two guys to take their shirts off and as they did, the ladies in the joint began to hoot and holler and some of them threw more money onto the stage. After their shirts were gone, the guys were placed back to back against the pole and handcuffed to each other.
The girls danced around the guys, taunting them with their guns and mock slapping their faces. Then bent down, removed Jerry’s sandals and Tom’s sneaker and socks. The girls then made a big deal of slowly undoing the guys’ shorts. Rosemary stuck her hand down Jerry’s shorts, looked surprised and then went and did the same thing to Tom. She then whispered something to Helen who stuck her hands down Tom’s shorts and then did the same to Jerry. Standing in the middle of the stage they appeared to be talking about how big each of the guys’ cocks were. Marching back over the guys, the girls suddenly pulled the guys’ underwear down, exposing their cocks. The cheers again went from the ladies in the place and more money rained down like confetti.
Ginger began examining Jerry’s cock, holding it in her hand and Helen was doing the same with Tom. The girls met, talked and then switched places with Helen examining Jerry’s cock and Rosemary doing the same to Tom. After a careful examination, Helen began sucking on Jerry’s cock and Rosemary began sucking on Tom’s cock. About a minute later, they switched places and sucked their partner’s cocks.
Then Rosemary bent over and started rubbing her ass against Jerry’s cock and Helen was doing the same to Tom. The girls acted like they were about to impale themselves on the guys’ cocks but stopped short of doing so. Again the two girls met, talked and then they started pulling Jerry and Tom’s feet out from under them until the guys were in a sitting position. Then the girls straddled the guys' legs and placed their pussies in their faces. Jerry and Tom responded right away and began licking and sucking on the pussies in their faces. Both girls played up the audience about how good it felt.
Turning around to face the crowd, Rosemary pointed to Jerry’s cock and then to her pussy and asked the audience if the two should get together and the cheers went up and the money poured down. Rosemary squatted down until Jerry’s cock was barely touching her pussy and the crowd began to chant for her to go all the way down on him. She bobbed up and down, mocking like she was going to sit on him and then rising up again.
Helen was imitating what Rosemary was doing, only she began sliding down onto Tom’s cock and then rising back up off it. The crowd on her side of the stage had a full view of her pussy sliding down and lifting off of his cock. Not to be outdone, Rosemary sat down on Jerry’s cock and began grinding herself into his loins. Before long, both girls were fucking their men there on stage in front of everyone, and nothing was hidden from view.
After a bit of that, the guys had their handcuffs removed and they each began to work their girl on the stage. Jerry moved Rosemary to the edge of the stage and bent her over and began taking her from behind. Her breasts were swaying to his movements and the guys were going wild. Money flew onto the stage like a down pillow being opened up in front of fan. One tall guy in the front managed to reach up and feel Rosemary’s breasts as they swayed in front of him. His touch was enough to send Rosemary to her first orgasm.
A few feet away from them, Tom also had Helen near the edge of the stage, but had her one leg held up and was taking her from behind as well. With her leg held up in the air, everyone could clearly see his cock sliding in and out of her wet pussy. He held the leg with one hand and with the other he played with her clit, forcing her to cum as well.
After both girls had their first orgasm, they switched partners and Rosemary moved over to Tom and Helen went to Jerry. Each couple managed to fuck in a number of different positions on stage in front of everyone. When the guys got close to cumming, they put the girls bent over face to face and had them kissing each other as their guys fucked them from behind. They pounded the girls and had their breasts swaying to and fro like wild animals. Jerry was the first to stand up and thrust had and long into Helen as he pumped his load deep into her pussy. A few moments later, Tom stood up and emptied his load into Rosemary. They pulled out and then faced the girls with the butts and pussies to the crowd. When the audience saw the cum begin to drip out of the pussies, a unified roar went up and the money floated down. Rosemary cupped her hand underneath her to collect as much of the cum as she could. Then she stood up and began to lick the cum from her hand. One of the ladies in the audience shouted she wanted a taste and Rosemary held her hand out and the lady began licking Tom’s cum from Rosemary’s hand.
When they were through, the girls gathered the money off the stage while the guys gathered all of their clothing. They went offstage to the back dressing room where they were met by Honey and the manager. The manager told them that was quite a show. They counted the money which came to just over $700, of which the manager took his 20% and thanked the four of them for the great show. He invited them back anytime and promised them that if they let him know far enough ahead of time that he would have a larger crowd and would only take 15% instead 20%. He told them to tell the first two girls that the same offer applied to them as well.
Everyone eventually got dressed; we finished out drinks and headed back outside and to the cars. We had been in the strip joint for about an hour and half and walked away over a thousand dollars. Needless to say, after we got home and into the pool, that thousand dollars became the topic of conversation. The girls were saying that even split four ways that was more money than they made a day. When they said split four ways, Jerry and Tom jumped into the discussion and said split 6 ways as they were on stage performing also and everyone laughed.
Then Ginger turned to me said she just realized that I was the only one that never got on stage and wondered how that happened. I told her I was lucky as I got to sit back and watch all the fun. I told them it was as much fun watching the crowd as it was watching them.
After relaxing in the pool for nearly an hour, I decided it was time to start dinner. The girls went inside and I fired up the grill. Dinner was good as always and afterward, we relaxed, had a few beers and talked until it was time for Helen and Rosemary to pick up the young shoe clerk and bring him back to the house.
To be continued…
Poster: JD Whitings