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Sweet dare


Desert Heat - Part 16
Desert Heat – Part 16
Saturday, July 20, 1985
While the two girls left to pick up the young shoe clerk, we straightened up and then headed back to the bedrooms. Not long after, we heard the girls drive up and peeked out the bedroom window to see if they had the lad with them and yes, they did.
Helen and Rosemary showed the teenager into the house and offered him a drink. He said he doesn’t drink alcohol but would be happy to have a soda. Rosemary asked him if he was hungry and wanted something to eat and he said he was and asked what they had. Rosemary pulled out some leftovers, put them in the microwave and served him at the table. As he ate, they talked and asked him questions.
We heard Helen call him Steve, which was the first time we heard his name. He asked them where the twins were and they asked him if he was more interested in them or the two girls with him now. Steve said he didn’t mean it that way, but noticed how much Rosemary looked like the twins and thought that they were sisters. She said they were sister, but that the other two weren’t twins but were two years difference in age. All he could say was wow, in between bites of food.
When Steve had finished eating, Rosemary asked if he would like to go swimming. He said that sounded great, but didn’t have a swimsuit. Rosemary said they never wore them and his eyes got big and asked if they really swam nude and she said yes, they really do. I decided whispered to Pepper to walk past them and say you’re heading to the pool and then Ginger would follow about 15 seconds later. Since we were already naked; Pepper grabbed a towel, draped it over her arm and casually walked out, said hi and that she was going swimming. Steve’s eyes got huge as he watched Pepper walk past him in all her glory. I gave Ginger a little nudge and she followed suit. Again, the young clerk’s eyes and mouth were wide open as he watched my naked wife stroll past him.
Rosemary stood up, removed her top and slid her shorts and panties down and asked Steve if he was going to join them. Before he could compose himself enough to respond, Helen stripped, held out her hand to him. Steve took her hand and stood up. Helen helped him unbutton his shirt and then unbuckled and unzipped his pants. She slid them down, catching his briefs with her fingers, stripping the young man of his clothes. His cock sprang up in Helen’s face and she immediately sucked into her mouth. He looked down at her and was obviously overwhelmed with everything that had just happened and didn’t know what to do or say.
As Helen gave his cock a few more sucks, Rosemary asked if he had ever seen a naked woman before and he said only in pictures, but never in real life. She told him that he’s just seen four of them and asked what he thought and he stammered that it was great. Helen stood up, grabbed his cock in her hand and led him out to the pool. Pepper and Ginger were in the pool and Helen, still holding Steve’s cock, led him to the steps and down into the pool, and Rosemary was close behind.
Once in the water, all four girls surrounded him, pressing their naked bodies against his. Jerry, Tom and I were watching from the window of my study. With the lights off, he couldn’t see inside the dark room, but we could see him. As we watched the girls rubbing their breasts against him, Jerry said if that had happened to him when he was that age and he would have cum instantly. Tom said he may just be doing that and we three guys chuckled.
Pepper took Steve’s hands and put them on her breasts and kissed him. A few moments later, Rosemary took his hands and put them on her breasts and kissed him. Each girl took her turn having the young clerk feel their breasts and kiss him. Then we saw Pepper take his hands and put them under the water and we can only guess that she had him feeling her pussy. Like they did with their breasts, each girl took her turn of having Steve feel their pussy.
Not long after, they all got out of the pool and Pepper told the lad to just stand right there where she placed him and turn his back towards them and not to turn around until he was told. She then had all four girls line up loungers side by side and they sat down and spread their legs wide open. Pepper then told him to turn around and we could see his cock twitch as he gazed at the four gorgeous pussies spread wide open in front of him. Steve just stood there staring until Pepper asked him if he was going to do anything of just stand there and stare. Then she reminded him about what happened in the store earlier in the day and that they had offered him the chance to taste more pussies and make them cum. She told him to start her and then work his way across.
He moved over in front of Pepper, knelt down between her legs and leaned in to her pussy. Steve started by kissing her thighs and then kissing the lips of her pussy. Pepper’s head went back as Steve began to run his tongue up and down her slit. It didn’t take her long to have her first orgasm. As she was cumming, Steve began to lift his face and Pepper grabbed his head and pulled him into her pussy and held him there. She told him to suck on her clit and when he did, she had her second orgasm. She released her grip on his head and allowed him to come up for air.
Steve gave Pepper a kiss on her pussy and then moved over to Ginger and positioned himself between her legs. Before he leaned down to her pussy, he asked her if she was sure that she and Pepper were not twins, and she assured him that Pepper was two years older than she was. Looking down at her pussy and then over to Pepper, he said that they looked identical to each other and then he said he hoped that they tasted identical too. Ginger told him to find out for himself and I watched as a teenager buried his face in my wife’s pussy. Ginger had watched him eating Pepper’s pussy and was already worked up when the young man started licking and sucking her own pussy and she came in less than a minute. Steve continued sucking Ginger’s clit until she had her second orgasm. He gave her a kiss on her pussy and moved over Rosemary.
He pretty much followed the same pattern with Rosemary and then Helen as he had with Pepper and Ginger. Each of the girls had two orgasms with the clerk’s tongue. Pepper asked him how he liked eating pussy now that he’s experienced and he grinned from ear to ear and said it was the best thing in the whole world that he had ever done.
Ginger suggested they all go back into the house as she had an idea for some more fun. Once inside, us guys hid in the hallway so we could continue to peek and listen to what went on. Ginger tied a blindfold over Steve’s eyes and told him to trust what they said and what they would guide him to do. Ginger then bent over with her hands on the arms of the sofa. Pepper and Rosemary guided Steve forward, grabbed his cock and guided it into Ginger’s pussy. Ginger started working herself on Steve’s cock. At first he stood there but the urge to move overtook him and he began to pump his cock in and out of Ginger’s pussy. It wasn’t long before Ginger could feel his cock begin to swell and pushed herself back onto his cock as hard as she could as they both came hard. Steve’s face grimaced as he emptied his load in Ginger’s pussy.
While they had Steve fucking my wife, Jerry, Tom and myself snuck out and took seats in the room. I sat on the sofa next to Ginger and even played with her breasts as they were going at it. Ginger looked me in the face and whispered that she loved me and I kissed her.
I winked at Ginger and the others and then asked in a loud anger voice, who was fucking my wife. Hearing my voice, Steve said ‘oh shit’ and fell backwards onto the floor and began trying to take the blindfold off. Steve had the fear of God look in his face and could only stammer as he tried desperately to hide his cock from view. I only let him squirm for a few moments and then we all busted out laughing. Ginger introduced me as her husband, Tom as Helen’s fiancé and Jerry as Rosemary’s boyfriend. The poor lad still looked scared, shocked and bewildered.
I told him that three of us men were at the shoe store, peeking and watching from around the far corner. We went into the store on purpose to flash a sales clerk and it was him. Then I told him that the of guys have been here the whole time, watching from windows and listening in the hallway and that we had everything all planned out for him and wanted to make it a night he’d never forget. He still wasn’t sure about everything and suggested that perhaps he had better leave, but Pepper spoke up and told him that there were still three more women that he needed to fuck before they would take him home. That’s when he realized that he had fucked Ginger and began to apologize to me and I did my best to put him at ease and tell him I enjoyed watching them.
Pepper got on the floor with Steve and began licking and sucking on his cock. It didn’t’ take long for it to start getting hard again. Once she had him erect, she asked him how he wanted to fuck her. His face got red and said that he had never fucked anyone before tonight and wasn’t even sure what position was what or what position he had just used on Ginger. Pepper told him that he had taken Ginger from behind or what they call doggie style. She said that she would show him the missionary position, Rosemary can show him her on top and Helen, well, she turned to Helen and asked what she would show him and Helen said she’d leave that to the end.
Pepper laid on the floor and spread her legs. She guided Steve between her thighs and then into her pussy and told him to pump it in and out of her. She said to start slow and then gradually build up speed and force until he finds a good steady rhythm. Steve did as he was told and realized that everyone was watching him. We asked if that made him nervous and he said yes, but found it to be a turn on also and asked us to stay and watch.
Part way through his introduction to the missionary position, Pepper showed Steve that by changing his angle a little that he could produce a different sensation in her. When he did, he said it was a different sensation for him to and he like the variation. He started positioning himself from side to side and then upward and downward. When he moved downward, he hit Pepper’s sweet spot and she came almost instantly. She told him to keep going. By the time young Steve came insider her, Pepper had two more orgasms.
Steve rolled off of her and said that was more work than he realized but that was the best kind of work he had ever experienced. We all laughed and congratulated him on his first two fucks. Rosemary sat on the sofa between Ginger and Helen and told Steve to stand in front her. She began to lick his cock to clean it off. About the time she was done, Ginger went down to the floor and began cleaning Pepper’s pussy, lapping up all of Steve’s cum that she could. Pepper had another orgasm as her sister licked and sucked her pussy clean.
Rosemary asked Steve to sit down for a bit so he could rest and build up some more strength and come for his next lesson. We all talked to him and found out that he has always been shy around girls and consequently didn’t date much. He also didn’t have much time to date between school, homework and working at the family’s shoe store. Steve said he had seen pictures and heard guys at school talking about sex, but never had the opportunity to find out for himself what it was all about. He admitted that he also didn’t understand a lot of the terms he had heard and we asked which ones. For the next half an hour, we gave him a lesson on sex slang and terminology. When necessary, we would use Rosemary’s pussy to point out something or my cock and balls.
Half an hour went by and Rosemary asked if he was ready for round three and he said he was. She told him to sit back on the sofa which he did. Then she positioned herself with her back to him and sat down on his cock and began to rock up and down. It didn’t take Steve long to match her rhythm as he held onto her hips and pumped away. Rosemary took a couple of minutes to blast an orgasm. Afterwards, she stopped and had Steve move over to a kitchen chair. This time she sat on his cock facing him. As the two began to pump up and down, they passionately kissed each other. Steve also took advantage of the position to fondle Rosemary’s breasts. She encouraged him to lean down and suck on her nipples and being the good student he was he went right work on them. Then she told him to roll the nipples gently between his teeth and when he did, Rosemary had her second orgasm. After she came back down to earth, she told Steve to hang on because she was going to ride him hard and mean and she began to buck up and down his lap like she was riding a wild horse. Steve commented that he could feel her pussy getting tighter on his cock and she said that was because she was ready to have another orgasm. He said it felt so good that he thought he was going to cum also. Moments later, Rosemary came hard and almost fell off of him. Her pussy clamped down so tight on his young cock that he erupted inside her and she pressed herself down on him as much as possible so she could feel him spew as deeply into her as possible.
When they had both finished, Rosemary climbed off of him and laid down on the floor. Pepper went to her and began cleaning her pussy out of his cum. Helen moved over in front of Steve, got down on her knees and cleaned the lad’s cock. They knew it would take another half hour to regain his strength and rebuild his cum, so they talked some more about sex with him. Helen, who was still kneeling in front of Steve, playing with his balls, asked him which position he liked the best. He thought for a bit and that said it was hard to say. They were all different and all were great. He didn’t think he could pick a favorite.
Another half hour went by and Pepper asked Helen what position she was going to teach the young man. She said it was a tossup between two, anal or 69. Steve asked if anal was what he thought it was and Helen said yes, that he would fuck her asshole. He said that sounded a little gross and wasn’t sure he wanted to try that. Then he asked what 69 was. Helen drew the number 69 on a piece of paper asked Steve what was the relationship between the two numbers. He said they were facing opposite each other and she said exactly. At first he was confused trying to figure out how they could fuck facing opposite like the numbers and she said she would show him.
Helen had Steve lay down on the floor and then she got on all fours on top of him and faced the opposite direction. She then backed up until her pussy was right over his face. She asked him if he could reach her pussy and lick it and he lifted his head slightly and said he could. She told him that she’d lower herself a little more and then he would learn what 69 meant. Helen went down on Steve’s face and began sucking his cock. He picked up on what he was supposed to do and began licking and sucking on her pussy as he had down out by the pool. Steve remembered the reaction he got when he sucked and lightly chewed on their clit and started doing that to Helen. She reacted almost immediately and began to convulse with the orgasmic waves that washed through her body. Steve was doing the best he could to keep contact with her pussy. He had his arms clamped around her butt her holding down as much as possible. Then Helen arched more than normal and squirted all over Steve’s face. He reacted and asked why she peed on him and Pepper quickly calmed him down explaining that wasn’t pee, it was a woman’s cum and that not every woman squirts. Ginger added that making a woman squirt if very special and that he should be proud of himself. Rosemary told him to taste it and when he did, he said it tasted great and went back to sucking on Helen’s pussy.
In the meantime, Helen was just sucking away and since Steve had cum three times in the last hour and half, his staying power was substantial. Helen came three more times before Steve was ready to blow his load. She felt his cock swell with rising rush of white hot fluid and she took a deep breath as it began to wash into the back of her throat. Helen stroked his cock with her hand making sure she got every drop of cum. When she was sure he was empty, she carefully licked him clean and then crawled off of him and proudly told him that this was what 69 meant.
Steve sat up, panting and smiling from ear to ear. He said this was the best night of his life and began thanking us over and over. Jerry asked him now that he is experienced at having sex if he’d ever watched someone else do it and he said no but he’d sure like to. Jerry looked at Rosemary and she smiled back and said she would love to be his show for a change. Jerry sat on the sofa and had Rosemary sit on his cock with her back to him. Rosemary told Steve to feel free to move around and get as close as possible if he wanted to see more.
Rosemary began to ride up and down on Jerry’s cock and from Steve was sitting on the floor; he was looking straight up at Jerry’s cock sliding in and out of her pussy. His eyes were wide open and he was smiling from ear to ear. His cock had also recovered and rose to full staff. I couldn’t help but watch Rosemary’s breasts bounce up and down as she rode Jerry’s cock. Steve noticed the bouncing breasts also and Rosemary motioned for his to move closer. When he did, she told him to hold her breasts and feel them as they bounced. He stood up to reach them and when he did, Rosemary leaned over gave his cock several quick sucks. Then she motioned for Steve to kneel in front of her and to reach out and feel her pussy. He said it felt weird because he could feel another man’s cock sliding in and out of her. She told him to rub her clit and within seconds of him following her instructions, she came.
Steve’s eyes were glued to Rosemary’s pussy as he watched the lips contract over and over again. As Rosemary eased up from her orgasm, Jerry again picked up the pace. I told Steve to put his hand next to Rosemary’s pussy and gently allow his fingers to wrap around Jerry’s cock and feel the two of them work together. He looked questioningly and I told him that it’s nothing to do with gay and we won’t have bad thoughts about him but he may be surprised at what you feel. Steve set okay and cautiously put his hand against Rosemary’s pussy and carefully allowed his hand to feel Jerry’s cock as it went in and out. He gasped ‘oh my’ and his eyes got wide again. Saying it felt so weird, he asked if he could put a finger in her pussy and Rosemary told him to do whatever he wanted.
Steve worked his finger inside Rosemary’s pussy while Jerry was still pumping her with his cock. Jerry now said that felt really strange and different but he liked it. Steve agreed with him and then pulled his finger out. Then he leaned in and began sucking on Rosemary’s clit. This sent her into an instant orgasm. Steve continued to suck on her clit until Jerry announced that he was ready to cum. Steven moved from her clit and got real close so he could watch as Jerry filled her with his cream filling. Steve said that was fantastic as he saw Jerry’s balls pull up and he could see the base of shaft pulse with each spurt. Then the young lad sat back and thanked them for a wonderful demonstration and allowing him to watch and touch them.
Steve realized it was getting quite late and said he needed to get home soon. Helen said he needed to get cleaned up first and led him to the shower. She motioned for the other girls to follow and they all went in and showered with the lad, making sure he was well cleaned up. They all took turns scrubbing him and gave him turns scrubbing each of them. Afterwards, they helped him dry off, get dressed and then Helen and Rosemary got ready to take him home. Since it was after 1am, Tom and Jerry went with them because they didn’t want the girls driving back alone at that hour.
While they were gone, Pepper, Ginger and I enjoyed a drink and leisurely swim. When the other four returned, they told us that all Steve could talk about was how much he appreciated everything and that he promised to keep it a secret. He also asked if he might be able to come over again sometime and they told him they’d let him know if that was a possibility.
Tom and Helen thanked us for another wonderful night and left for their apartment. Pepper asked what the plans were for tomorrow (Sunday) and I said that Ginger and I had to go grocery shopping and pack up for our next 10 days in the field. Other than that, we planned on just relaxing and taking it easy, especially since it had been such an active weekend. Rosemary and Jerry said their good nights and headed off to bed. Pepper followed Ginger and I and the three of crawled into bed, with Ginger in the center and fell asleep fairly quickly.
To be continued…
Poster: JD Whitings