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Sweet dare


Desert Heat - Part 17
Desert Heat – Part 17
Sunday – Wednesday, July 21 – Aug 1, 1985
Sunday morning nearly came and went without anyone in the house waking up. When I did finally open my eyes and focused on the clock, it was almost 12 noon. I got out of bed, went to the bathroom and then back to wake Ginger up without waking Pepper. However, I got Pepper to respond before Ginger and the three of us stumbled our way to the kitchen. Ginger made a pot of coffee and we debated on whether to have breakfast or lunch and decided that breakfast sounded better. Pepper joined Ginger in the kitchen and began cooking some sausage and a tray of biscuits. My mouth began to water as I knew they were fixing my favorite breakfast of biscuits and gravy.
The smell of the coffee and food wafted through the house and summoned Jerry and Rosemary to the kitchen. Ginger then placed a large plate in front me with a couple of biscuits, smothered in gravy, sausage patties and eggs. I looked up at her as she set the plate in front of me and told her I loved her and she said she loved me too. It seemed that all five of us loved the same breakfast and it didn’t take long to eat everything that had been cooked.
During breakfast, I told the others we were going to go grocery shopping which meant we would hit two of our favorite store. They all asked to come along as they needed groceries for the next week while we were gone. I reminded them that while we were in the field that they had to provide all of their own food and they agreed. We cleaned up the kitchen, reluctantly got dressed and headed out to the stores.
Grocery shopping isn’t exactly a sexy thing to do unless you are shopping with three nympho sisters. Ginger stayed with me and shopped while the other two shopped with Jerry. Every time we would see each other at the end of an aisle the girls would flash each other. It became a game to them and they didn’t really care who saw them. On one occasion, we were at the end of the aisle at the back of the store and the others were coming around at the far end of the aisle at the front of the store. A young couple was passing through the center aisle and as they passed by, the guy saw Pepper and Rosemary flashing and the girl saw Ginger flashing. They passed on by and then must have exchanged what they saw and peeked back into the aisle. When Pepper noticed them, she lifted her skirt, flashing her red pubic hair and Rosemary flashed her breasts. They turned and looked our direction and Ginger used one hand to lift her skirt and the other flash a breast. The guy was smiling ear to ear as his young wife pulled him away.
We figured we better hurry and finish our shopping before we were thrown out of the store. As we approached the register, two male managers appeared at the front of the store and watched us check out. Just before we reached the exit, they came over to us and said that they had been watching us on their cameras and that they enjoyed the show. Pepper thanked them and then the one manager asked if we ever returned to the store to try to keep from flashing other customers as they had a complaint from a young lady. We knew who it was as she was standing in a nearby checkout line and had that look that said she got even with us. Her husband was still smiling and Pepper winked at him. When he waved back, his wife slapped him on the shoulder.
After almost getting in trouble at the first store, we decided to keep it tame and safe at the second store. We shopped, checked out and headed back home. We unpacked the groceries, placing our cold food in one location in the frig and the rest in a couple boxes. Ginger and I then went and got our clothes packed and everything ready for our departure in the morning.
It was only mid-afternoon when everything was done. I told everyone that I hoped they didn’t mind but I was going to grab a beer and go relax in the pool. They said that sounded like a great idea. We stripped, got our drinks and headed out to the pool. I put some background music on the outside stereo, climbed into one of the floating loungers, and we talked for about half an hour while we finished our drinks. I remember leaning back in the lounger and thinking about how good it felt to just relax in the water.
The next thing I recall was being woken up and told that dinner was ready. Ginger kissed me and said that I had slept for 2 hours. She told me that I was so sound that she just couldn’t bring herself to wake me until dinner was ready. I went inside and everyone greeted me and commented about my being so tired. I thanked them for the nap and said dinner smelled great and it also tasted great.
After dinner, I helped clean up and the five us played some cards and had an enjoyable evening. When it was time for bed, we said our good nights to Jerry and Rosemary and once again Pepper followed us into the bedroom. As we got ready for bed, Pepper said that she was going to miss both of us and wish we didn’t have to go. Then she turned to Ginger and asked if she could make love to me before going to bed and Ginger said she knew she could without asking. Pepper then said that she also wanted to have some time with Ginger before we left for the field. She said that her time sleeping with the two of us has been so special and has meant so much to her. She and Ginger hugged and then the love making began.
Pepper crawled in bed between Ginger and me and began kissing me very passionately. Ginger was behind her, feeling Pepper’s breasts. After several minutes of kissing, Pepper rolled over and began kissing her sister. I let my hands travel all over Pepper’s body from behind and marveled at her narrow waist and heart shaped butt. She was so much like her sister that it was hard not to fall in love her as I had with Ginger. I snuggled up close behind her and worked my cock into her already wet pussy.
I was so lost in feeling how great Pepper’s pussy felt around my cock that I didn’t notice Ginger had turned around on the bed to let Pepper suck her pussy. Ginger lifted Pepper’s leg, giving her access to my balls which she began to kiss, lick and gently suck. Whether from the night’s activities of educating young Steve or feeling the sisters working my cock and balls at the same time, it didn’t’ take me long feel my sperm begin to travel from my balls to the shaft of my cock. Ginger had one of my balls in her mouth as the feeling began and that only served to intensify the experience. She continued to suck on my balls as I erupted deep inside Pepper’s pussy. Feeling Ginger’s mouth working my balls was so stimulating that I had no idea if Pepper orgasmed or not, but I later found out she had.
As I pulled out of Pepper, Ginger licked and cleaned me up. Once I was out of the way, she began lapping up my cum from Pepper’s pussy and the two were enjoying a sisterly 69 session. Pepper still had back to me so I stroked her back and butt with my hands and then reached around to fondle her breasts. I took one of her nipples in my fingers and rolled it back and forth. She moaned louder and before I knew it, both girls were cumming in each other’s face. I told them it was my turn to clean them up and started with Pepper and licked her pussy clean and then did the same to Ginger.
We all seemed satisfied and as we curled up in our threesome with Ginger in the middle, Pepper whispered that she loved us both and will be anxiously waiting for us get back home. That was the last thing I remember before waking to the alarm in the morning.
Monday morning came too early and neither Ginger nor I wanted to get up, let alone to head back down to the hot and cold running trailer in the small desert town. I loved the desert, but was already growing weary of recording readings 5 times a day. What fun we had going died along with Bill. I knew that last time out when we heard about Bill’s death, it put a damper on the whole rest of our time there. I decided the least said the better and would try to find ways of distracting Ginger in the small town.
Pepper got up with us as she had to get ready for work. I kissed her nipples goodbye and told her I looked forward to doing that again upon our return. Ginger and I got dressed, grabbed a quick breakfast, loaded our food and clothes and hit the road. On the way there, Ginger asked me not to talk about Bill and Olga and that she wanted to make the most of the next 10 days as possible. I agreed, leaned over and kissed her quickly and then returned my attention to the driving.
When we pulled into the trailer park, we saw another trailer parked where Bill’s had been. Ginger commented that this was good as seeing the empty space was a huge reminder. We unloaded, put out cold food away and immediately headed out to turn all of the test equipment back on. That took nearly an hour and half to reach all of the locations, turn everything on and make sure they were working.
Returning to the trailer, Ginger changed into a halter top and shorts and then we put rest of the clothes and food away. We cleaned up the trailer, swept, wiped the dust off everything and then headed out to take the first set of readings. As soon as I turned off the main road on to the dirt road leading to the first location, Ginger took her halter top off and said this is going to be a fun week and that I was all hers and she wasn’t going to share me with anyone.
When we arrived at the first test site, Ginger took her shorts off and left them in the truck and walked over to the test site to help me record the data. She remained naked the rest of the time at the test sites. After recording the last set of data, we walked back to the truck, Ginger put the notebook on the seat, and then bent over in front of me and told me to take her then and there. I peeled out of my clothes and took her from behind and enjoyed it just being the two of us out in the middle of the desert.
I loved taking her from behind and leaning to the side just enough to watch her breasts sway to our love making. Ginger enjoyed making love outdoors also as she came in a matter of a minute. I kept pumping her and she had another orgasm which was enough to bring me to my own and filled her, standing there in the middle of nowhere. When we finished, she stood and let my cum drain out onto the ground. She wiped herself clean with a tissue and jumped back into the truck, still nude. Ginger stayed nude until just before we got onto the main highway and then she put her top on, but didn’t put her shorts back on until we were pulling into the trailer park.
By the time we had lunch, it was time to head back out for the next run. The moment we pulled out of the trailer park, Ginger slipped her shorts off and her top followed the moment we hit the dirt road. This was the pattern she set for every run out to the test sites and at least once a day we made love at the last test site before returning to the trailer.
On Wednesday, our third day out, Ginger’s period hit and that pretty much killed our sex life for the next week. She did give me a blow job during that time, but we both wanted more and knew we had to wait. The day before heading back to our home, the curse had ended and we managed to have sex out in the desert one more time.
Finally, it was the last day and we finished our last run and shut down all of the test equipment. We stopped at the trailer long enough to load up our dirty clothes, lock up the trailer and hit the road for home.
To be continued…
Poster: JD Whitings