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Sweet dare


Desert Heat - Part 18
Desert Heat – Part 18
Wednesday – Thursday, Aug. 1-2, 1085
We arrived home late, after 11:30pm. There was one light on and a note on the table telling us they were looking forward to seeing us tomorrow. Ginger and I were quite tried and decide to unpack the cold food only and get the rest in the morning. It was after midnight when we headed for bed and found Pepper sound asleep in our bed, waiting for us. I pulled Ginger from the room and suggested we let Pepper sleep. We headed over to Pepper’s room and climbed into her smaller bed, snuggled up close and fell right to sleep.
Ginger and I must have been more tired than we thought because we woke about an hour after everyone left. There was another note on the table wishing us a good day and they were looking forward to seeing us when they got home. We grabbed a quick breakfast and then unpacked the rest of our things. Ginger did the laundry while I went through the mail that piled up. I paid some bills and before we knew it, it was lunch time. I told Ginger to put some clothes on and I would take her lunch and then we could grocery shop for tonight and the weekend.
As we left the house, she told me she felt like Italian, so we headed to a restaurant we always wanted to try, but never had. On a Thursday afternoon, the place wasn’t very crowded and we had no problem getting a booth. The food was good, prices reasonable and we made a note to come back again.
On the way to the grocery store, we tried to figure out what to do supper. We decided on Mexican and got some hard and soft tacos, ground beef, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, taco chips, salsa and refried beans. I realized that I had forgotten to check the beer and soda, so we bought more anyway. We also bought some limes and headed to the liquor store to get more tequila and Cointreau for margaritas. Ginger wanted to hit a music store on the way home and buy some Mexican festival music to play in the background to set the atmosphere.
By the time everyone got home from work, Ginger and I had our Mexican dinner ready and the music on. The three others loved the music and menu and said it was a great celebration dinner. Ginger and I looked at each other and asked what celebration. Rosemary walked over to us, held out her hand to show us a diamond ring. Ginger’s inhaling gasp was so extreme I wondered if there was any more air in the room for the rest of us. The two sisters started hugging each other and Pepper joined right in. I walked over to Jerry and congratulated him.
After all the excitement settled down, at least for the moment, we fixed out plates and sat down at the table to eat. Ginger asked her if they’ve set a date and she said they had and that it all depended on us. I asked what that meant and Rosemary said they wanted to have the wedding on Saturday, September 1. I told them I that wasn’t a problem as my last day in the field was Wednesday, August 29th. She said they figured either way that we would be home. Rosemary looked at Jerry with a questioning look and he asked if they could have the wedding here at our house. My first question was how many guests do they intend to invite. Jerry said very few since the girl’s parents were dead and there really weren’t any other close relatives. I asked what he meant by a few, and Rosemary said Tom and Helen, the justice of the peace and Jerry’s brother. I asked Jerry about his family and he said his parents were also dead and it was just him and his brother.
Then Pepper piped in and said there was one other twist and I instantly looked at her and asked what, thinking I really didn’t want to know. She started to answer when Rosemary jumped in and said they wanted a nude wedding. They now Tom and Helen wouldn’t mind and Jerry said his brother wouldn’t either. I asked them where they were going to find a JP that would perform a nude wedding and they said no problem, they already had one tentatively lined up.
Ginger gasped and then asked what about their wedding photos? If it’s a nude wedding, all the photos will be of us nude and you’d always have to be careful who you showed them to. Rosemary said they thought of that and have made arrangements to go to a studio that will supply the dress and tux and have photos taken in advance. We all could go and have a variety of clothed photos taken, even the JP. Then we come back to the house and have the real wedding in the nude.
Before I could say anything, Ginger said it sounded like a great idea and she was all for it. She turned to me and said it would be great and that she would stay home on my last field outing and make sure the house and everything was ready. I asked who was going to help me shut down and pack up all of the equipment and she reminded me that it was just going to be me before she lost her job, so I should be able to cope and everyone laughed. Just like the request they made a month ago to move in with us, I knew I was had and said it all sounded good and to go ahead with their plans.
Then Jerry asked if it would be okay if they continued to stay here for a while to help them save up for a down payment on a house of their own. I said it really didn’t matter since they were already living together in the largest spare bedroom anyway. Ginger said we were all the family they had anyway, so why not stay together in the same house. Rosemary said that there was one other family member, Jerry’s brother Josh, perhaps he could move in with Pepper and then we’d really be one big happy family. Pepper asked Jerry if Josh was good looking and he said that they looked very much alike except that Josh was an athlete so he kinda looked like him but with a lot more muscles. Pepper said that sounded very interesting and she looked forward to meeting him, hopefully very soon and we all laughed.
After dinner, we all helped clean up and Ginger put out a large bowl of tortilla chips and two bowls of salsa, one mild and one hot. I made up a pitcher of margaritas and when Jerry and Pepper had their first taste, they commented that this was a lot tastier and smoother than the pitcher I had made two weeks ago. I told them instead of Triple Sec, I used Cointreau. It costs more but worth it.
We sat in the living room and the three sisters talked about the wedding and what they could do to decorate the house and so on. After an hour of listening to the girls, Jerry and moved out to the pool and took another drink with us. I told him this was fairly fast as he’s only known her for a month and he said he’s never felt so right and complete. I asked him about his last girlfriend that he lived with for a lot longer. He said that relationship never felt like this. It was love at first sight and he said that Rosemary said the same thing. I told him I was happy for him, we toasted and finished our drinks.
We headed into the pool and were there for about twenty minutes when the sisters came out looking for us. They said it just dawned on them that we were gone and asked how long ago we came out. I told them that we had been out here for nearly half an hour and they didn’t believe it at first.
Pepper said she thought this was a night of celebration and Ginger asked her watch she had in mind. Rosemary reminded her that they had to work in the morning. Ginger suggested that we celebrate by doing margarita body shots. Jerry asked what she meant and she said that the girls will lie on the table, rub fresh cut limes on their clits, place the salt half way between the pussy and navel and a shot of tequila setting on the navel. The trick is to lick off the lime juice, lick up the salt and take the shot glass in the mouth, tip the head back and down it. All of this has to be down without spilling a drop. He said that sounded like fun and he was anxious to try it off of Rosemary. We all headed back inside for our celebration.
Jerry helped Rosemary to get into position on the table. He placed the salt just above hairline, rubbed her clit with the fresh lime and then carefully set the shot glass of tequila on her navel. He said he gets to go first. The moment he started to lick the lime juice from her clit, she twitches and the shot glass tipped over. Jerry then did his best to lick up the tequila pooled up around her navel and what spilled across her abdomen. Pepper wanted to go next, and Jerry set up the human bar again. Pepper tried next and again she twitched enough to spill the tequila when Pepper started to lick the lime juice from her clit.
Pepper said she could control herself and told Rosemary to move and let her be the bar. Jerry again had the honors of placing the salt and rubbing her clit with the lime and then set the shot glass on her navel. Rosemary claimed the honor of going first. Pepper started to move when Rosemary began licking the lime off her clit, but managed to control herself. Rosemary then licked up the salt, lifted the shot glass with her teeth, tilted her head back and downed the tequila.
Each girl took her turn being the bar and at least two of us got try our luck at the margarita body shots. Rosemary then said that she wanted Jerry to be the bar and he began to protest, but quickly realized that the three sisters were ganging up on him, so he gave in. Rosemary placed the salt just above hairline, grabbed his cock and rubbed the lime all over the head and set the shot glass on his navel. Like Jerry did, she claimed going first. She began swirling her tongue around the head of his cock, then licked the salt and got the tequila. Pepper was next, and she made it all the way without spilling a drop.
That’s when Ginger said it was my turn. I was excited about having beautiful women licking my cock, so I eagerly jumped up on the table. Ginger took great pleasure in rubbing the head of my cock with the lime, then placing the salt just above hairline and she filled the shot glass to the brim so that the slightest movement would cause it to slosh over. As she began to lick the lime off my cock, Pepper started kidding around and I had to do my best not to laugh. By the time Ginger got to the shot glass, I had managed to stay very still and she had to take the whole glass full of tequila, something she wasn’t use to. I thought she was going to choke on it.
Next was Pepper to load me up and again she was doing her best to get me to laugh and spill the tequila but I was determined not to. However, right as she began to lick the lime off my cock, I farted, almost point blank in her face and laughed so hard that the glass of tequila spilled everywhere. Everyone was in hysterics and laughing more at Pepper than at me.
That pretty much ended the body shot margaritas. We all pitched in to help clean up and then decided to head for bed, especially since the three of them had to get for work. They asked what our plans were and Ginger said we had some shopping to do, but we would be home and have dinner ready when everyone got home.
When we got into out bedroom, Ginger asked Pepper if she wanted to cuddle up behind me tonight and we all started laughing again. She said not in my wildest dreams was she going to cuddle up behind me after all the refried beans I ate for dinner. But she did ask Ginger if she could take the middle and have me cuddle up behind her and she could cuddle up behind Ginger. Ginger said that was fine and all climbed into bed.
When I cuddled up behind Pepper, she wiggled her ass a few times and then reached behind her, took my cock and positioned it to slide into her pussy. I slowly worked it in and began a very slow rhythm. It didn’t take too long before Ginger couldn’t take in anymore and turned around in a 69 position with Pepper. As I pumped Pepper’s pussy (say that five times real fast), Pepper began licking and sucking on Ginger’s pussy and Ginger was licking Pepper’s pussy along with my balls and shaft. It was a very erotic threesome and Pepper was the first to cum. A minute later, Ginger climaxed. I was doing everything possible not to cum, but the feeling of Pepper’s pussy swallowing my cock and Ginger’s tongue licking it at the same time was too much to withstand and I came sooner than I wanted. As I started to spray inside Pepper, she also began to cum. When she did, she accidentally clenched her teeth right on Ginger’s clit. Ginger screamed and shot of bed and I had no idea why at first. Her scream also brought Jerry and Rosemary running in to see what happened. By the time they got they got there, Pepper was lying in the middle of our bed laughing hysterically. Rosemary asked Ginger what happened and if she was okay. Ginger said that Pepper had bit her clit and it hurt. Pepper was still in laughing out of control. Ginger rubbed her clit for a moment and then dove on the bed, trying to get to Pepper’s clit to bite her back. Jerry, Rosemary and I just stood there laughing as the two sisters looked like a couple of nude women wrestlers. They must have wrestled for over 5 minutes until they were laughing so hard they couldn’t wrestle any longer.
Rosemary scolder her older sisters in jest, telling the ‘kids’ to settle down, be quiet and go to sleep. She and Jerry went back to their room. Ginger and Pepper changed the sheets on our bed since their wrestling match left my cum spread all over the place. With clean sheets, we climbed back into bed, this time with Ginger in the middle. We all said good night and that we loved each other. Within minutes, we were all sound asleep.
To be continued…
Poster: JD Whitings