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Sweet dare


Desert Heat - Part 20
Desert Heat – Part 20
Friday, Aug 3, 1985
After Ginger and I relaxed for a bit in the afternoon, it was time to start getting things ready for everyone to get home from work. I went to the kitchen and began seasoning the racks of ribs, then wrapped them in wet burlap and fired up the grill. I set the grill on the lowest setting, placed the wrapped ribs inside and closed the lid. Cooking them this way takes almost three hours which would make them ready just about the time Sherry was due. Ginger and I decided not to tell the others about Sherry until she got here. After getting the ribs ready and on the grill, I began to make up some drinks. Ginger knew the others would be hungry when they got home so she fixed up some snacks to hold them over to dinner.
Within the next 45 minutes, everyone was home and changed into nothing. They wanted to know where dinner was. After all, we told them we would have dinner ready for them and we didn’t. I told them we decided on something different and special and that dinner wouldn’t be ready for a couple hours, but we had drinks and some snacks to hold them over. They decided to go out to the pool for a swim to help them relax. Just like Ginger had earlier, all three of them fell asleep in the lounges and we let them sleep, figuring it would help kill the time. I quietly checked on the ribs and then helped Ginger with the rest of the dinner in the kitchen.
Fortunately, they slept for nearly two hours. Before they woke, I saw a car pull up and I greeted Sherry at the door before she knocked. She was surprised to see that I was naked and then she looked over and saw Ginger was naked also. I told her that the house rule was everyone in the house goes naked all the time. She said that was fine with her and asked if she could undress in a bathroom and freshen up since she came straight from work. Ginger took to our bedroom that had the master bathroom and told her to just come on out when she was ready.
A few minutes later, Sherry walked out and I started to get hard almost instantly. The waitress uniform hid her figure at the restaurant, but now it was in full view in front of me. She was couple inches taller than the sisters, had long black hair that draped down enough to cover her shoulder blades, deep brown eyes, long well shaped legs, a thick black bush and I would estimate her figure to be about 36C breasts, 22 inch waist and 32-34 inch hips. On a scale of 1 to 10, she was definitely a 9.
Sherry noticed the rise of my cock and asked if she did that and I said yes she did and that I through she was very pretty and had a great figure. She looked at Ginger to see if she would be jealous of my words and Ginger told her that she totally agreed with my assessment. Sherry asked Ginger if there was anything she could help her with and Ginger said she could help wake up the rest of the family. Sherry didn’t know what to think and asked what she meant about the rest of the family. Ginger told her that her two sisters and a sister fiancé all lived with us and that they would sleeping out back by the pool.
I walked her over to the sliding back door and showed her the three sleeping members of the family. She looked at Pepper and asked if she was Ginger’s twin and Ginger chuckled and said everyone asks that. Then she told her that Pepper was nearly 2 years older and Rosemary was the youngest and that Jerry is Rosemary’s fiancé. I told her to step outside and shout ‘come and get it’ and watch their reaction when the wake and see you. She said she was too embarrassed to do that and Ginger said not to worry and urged her to go for it. Sherry hesitantly stepped out the door and in a loud voice said ‘come and get it.’ All three of them were surprised and were trying to figure out who she was. Jerry had a similar reaction that I had and Sherry smiled when she saw is sleepy cock wake up and stand at attention.
I grabbed a platter for the ribs and stepped outside, where I introduced Sherry to the others. Pepper and Rosemary greeted Sherry with a hug and kiss on the cheek. Jerry also hugged her and Sherry smiled as she felt his cock part her pubic hair. Then they started asking how we met her and all of the normal questions. As I pulled the ribs off the grill, I tried explaining about our lunch at the restaurant, Ginger flashing her and then the two of them in the ladies room and Ginger inviting her back to the house. They all told her she was more than welcome but also asked her to keep our lifestyle quiet from others and she assured us she would.
Ginger fixed potato wedges cooked in the oven with butter and garlic, steamed broccoli with cheese sauce and cheddar biscuits. She set it all on the table and then I placed the platter with the racks of ribs in the middle and everyone’s eyes lit up. Pepper turned to Sherry, who was sitting next to her and said told her that if anyone drips sauce on themselves that they are not allowed to wipe it off with a napkin. Sherry asked why and Pepper told her it was so someone else could lick it off and Sherry grinned and said she was liking this more and more.
It wasn’t long after we started eating that Pepper dripped some sauce from the ribs on her breast. Sherry noticed it right away and pointed it out to Pepper and asked if she could have the honors and Pepper told her to go ahead. Sherry bent down and spent plenty of time licking the sauce from Pepper’s breast. She also managed to lick and suck on her nipples. The rest of the meal was full of dripped sauce on breasts, stomachs and laps followed by a fair share of licking and sucking. When dinner was over, I asked them which the enjoyed more, the dinner or each other. They laughed and said it was a difficult choice but they assured me that the ribs were great.
We all helped clean up and then headed for the family room. Ginger told Sherry to sit in the middle of the sofa, then told me to sit on one side of her and Jerry on the other. She asked Rosemary if that was okay and she it was. Once the three of them were seated, Ginger announced that dessert was now served.
Jerry and I looked at Sherry and then each of us took a breast in our hands and then began kissing and sucking on them. Sherry reached down and took our cocks in her hands. Her head leaned back and she let out a soft moan as we sucked on her nipples. I let me one hand travel down her flat stomach to the top corner of her pubic hair nearest to me. My fingers twirled their way through her pubic hair and she let out a louder moan than before. I felt her legs drift apart and slowly worked my hand down to her lips.
She was already dripping wet so I slid off the sofa and positioned myself between her legs and began to kiss and lick her pussy lips. Her whole body shivered when my tongue ran down her clit and across the opening between her lips. I swirled my tongue around her slit and then slowly worked it between her very wet lips. Looking up, I saw Jerry sucking on one breast and fondling the other. Sherry’s head was back, eyes closed and mouth part way open to let out groans drift out to our ears.
After a minute or two of teasing her pussy, I suddenly dove my tongue as deep into her pussy as it would reach. The sudden plunge sent Sherry over the top and she came fast and hard. I drank up every drop of cum I could. After cleaning her up as much as I could, I tapped Jerry on the leg and motioned him to take over and we switched places. Jerry moved down between her legs and almost immediately started sucking on her clit. I began kissing her neck and worked to her cheek and then she turned her head towards me and I kissed her passionately and long while fondling her breasts and playing with her nipples.
It only took her a couple minutes to explode with another orgasm and I could hear Jerry lapping up her juices like a dog drinking water. Ginger then suggested that we move to the middle of the floor and we did. She produced a blindfold and assured Sherry that this would be the experience of a lifetime. Once she was blindfolded and positioned in the middle of the room, I climbed between her legs and gently worked my cock into her beautiful pussy. Jerry kneeled at her head and leaned down enough so that his cock met her mouth and she readily began sucking it. Ginger and Pepper kneeled on one side of Sherry and Rosemary on the other side. The sisters began running their hands all over Sherry’s body from her long black hair to her slender feet. Hands roamed over Sherry’s breasts, stomach and inner thighs and we could tell that she was in a sexual paradise. I began pumping away in and out of her pussy and Jerry was pumping away in her mouth. Ginger was watching me slide in and out of her and asked Sherry if she was on the pill and she nodded her head affirmatively. Then Ginger looked at me and nodded, telling me to unleash my load deep into Sherry’s pussy. I looked down at my cock sliding past her thick black forest of hair and found the sight so erotic that I exploded spurt after spurt until I could spurt no more. The feeling of my cumming must have been enough to unleash Sherry’s third orgasm of the night.
After I pulled out, Pepper leaned down and licked Sherry’s pussy clean. She sucked on her pussy, doing her best to draw out as much of my cum as possible. When she finished, I motioned Jerry to switch and he moved in between her legs and slid his cock into Sherry and I moved up to her head and let her start sucking my cock. Jerry must have been close while working Sherry’s mouth, because it wasn’t long before he released his load of white hot juice into her. He tried to stay in her as long as possible, but eventually he was so soft that his cock would no longer keep himself inside.
Rosemary then moved into position to suck out Jerry’s cum and lick Sherry’s pussy clean. When she was done, she looked up at us and motioned to us that she was going to try to make Sherry squirt if possible. She worked two fingers into her pussy and watched Sherry’s reactions to let her know if she had found her sweet spot. When she found it, she began to work it with her fingers and then started sucking and nibbling on her clit as intensely as she could. Sherry’s moans grew louder and more intense. Her breathing quickened and her body began to arch and convulse. Suddenly a loud guttural moan emanated from Sherry’s mouth, her whole body tightened up as she began her orgasm and then it happened. She drenched Rosemary’s face as she squirted about 4 or 5 times.
Ginger took the blindfold off of her and held her head on her knees and caressed her forehead and hair. Sherry was still trying to catch her breath and her eyes were still closed. About a minute later, Sherry said ‘oh wow’. Rosemary asked her if she has ever squirted and she said no, never. Then Rosemary said she has now and told her to look at her face which was still covered with Sherry’s juices. Sherry opened her eyes, looked at Rosemary and asked if she had really done that to her and Rosemary shook her head yes and started laughing. Sherry started laughing also and the rest of us joined in.
Ginger looked down at Sherry and told her that she promised her the time of her life and then asked her if she had ever experienced anything like this before and Sherry said she never had. Sherry looked around at all of us and said being blindfolded only enhanced the experience. She said that when the first cock penetrated her, her mind went wild trying to figure out which one it was. As she said that, she looked at me and at Jerry and we both shrugged our shoulders and she knew that we were not going to tell her which one of us went first.
As Sherry sat up, she began to thank us over and over again for a wonderful night. I asked everyone else to help clean up the floor while Sherry rested. Once everything was cleaned, I asked if she wanted to take a dip in the pool and she said that sounded great, so we all headed out back. It was just getting dark out and I opted not to turn the pool light on, making it very dark in the water. It wasn’t long before a couple of the girls began swimming underwater trying to find cocks or pussies to play with. Hands were reaching out of the dark, grabbing and groping breasts, butts and everything else. This went on for about 15 minutes and I’m sure that everyone managed to grab and touch everyone else at least once or twice.
The swimming began to slow down and everyone started to relax. Ginger asked Sherry if she was still enjoying herself and she said she was but wondered if there was one more thing she would like to do before leaving. Ginger asked her what and she whispered to Ginger that she wanted to see what it was like to eat another woman’s pussy. Ginger said she didn’t need to whisper or be embarrassed and that no one here would object to her request. Then Ginger asked her if she wanted to do it out here by the pool or inside. She thought for a few seconds and then asked to do it outside at the pool. Ginger asked her who she wanted to do first and Sherry asked what she meant by which one first and Ginger answered saying that if she going to taste one of the sisters she would have to taste all three and Sherry’s eyes lit up and her smile stretched from ear to ear. Sherry looked at Ginger and said she started all this at the restaurant so she had to be first.
Ginger lifted herself up onto the side or the pool, spread her legs and motioned Sherry to move on in. Sherry told her that she’s never done this before and was a little nervous. Ginger asked her if she’s ever been eaten out before tonight and she said she had, so Ginger told her to just do what she enjoyed having done to her and she couldn’t go wrong.
Sherry started by kissing Ginger’s mound and lips. When she kissed Ginger’s clit, she jumped and Sherry asked if that felt good and Ginger said, ‘oh yeah, that felt great.’ Sherry leaned back into Ginger’s pussy and began licking her lips and around the clit. Slowly she moved her tongue along Ginger’s slit. Next Sherry worked her tongue between Ginger’s lips and into her pussy. She began working her tongue faster and faster and as she did, Ginger’s head fell backward, her eyes closed and her back began to arch. It was obvious that her tongue was getting tired and she quickly moved to sucking and nibbling on Ginger’s clit and in no time, Ginger climaxed. Sherry drank up as much of Ginger’s juices as she could. Finally, she raised up and told Ginger that was great and that she tasted fantastic.
Pepper hollered that she was next, but Sherry said her tongue needed a rest. Pepper said she didn’t need to use her tongue and that she would teach her what to do. Sitting on the side of the pool, she motioned Sherry to move in between her legs. Pepper instructed her to put two fingers in and begin stroking the upper walls of her vagina and to watch Pepper’s reactions and she would know when she found the sweet spot. Once that was located, to work that spot with her fingers and suck hard on her clit. Sherry followed her instructions and it didn’t take her long to find Pepper’s sweet spot. Then she started sucking and nibbling on Pepper’s clit and continued to work the sweet spot. Pepper began moaning, her body started convulsing and all at once she drenched Sherry’s face as she squirted almost half way across the pool. Sherry was so surprised at Pepper’s squirting that she just stood there, absolutely sopping wet with Pepper’s juices.
Rosemary moved over next to her and told her now she knew how she felt when Sherry squirted in her face earlier. Sherry said that before tonight she had heard about girls squirting but thought it was more hype than truth. Then all she could say was that was incredible. Rosemary pulled her into the pool and they two of them swam around to rinse off. I said that was okay because we had a very good filter and chemical system on our pool and it would be cleaned out of the water in no time. As they swam around, Rosemary told Sherry she wanted her turn to take place in the house where they could be more comfortable. Sherry asked her what she had in mind and Rosemary said she would find out then, so they got out of the water and started drying off.
After drying off, we all moved inside. Rosemary told her to lie down on the floor. Then Rosemary climbed on top of her in a 69 position and told her to have at it. We sat and watched the two girls enjoying each other’s pussy. Rosemary came quickly as she hadn’t had any satisfaction all night and Sherry had been the center of attention. She came in only a few minutes, but kept working on Sherry for several more minutes until she had her umpteenth orgasm of the night.
When Sherry came down from her orgasm, Rosemary rolled off of her and laid on the floor beside her. Gathering her breath, Rosemary asked her how she enjoyed a 69 woman to woman. She said that it was great as was everything that was done to her. Sherry managed to climb up off the floor and onto the sofa. Looking around at all of us she said she has never had anything like this happen to her before and she had never even dreamed or fantasized about anything like this. Then she asked the sisters where they lived and she was shocked when they said here with us.
Ginger explained that Jerry had moved in June to help watch the house and pool for us as I worked 10 days in the field and home for 4. Then we had the sisters here and, well, they stayed. Rosemary and Jerry share a bedroom and Pepper has the other bedroom but we are in town, she usually sleeps with us. Sherry was surprised that Ginger would share her bed and husband with her sister, and Ginger explained that it’s all in the family and it works for them and no one is jealous of anyone else. Then she told Sherry that the others pay room and board and help out around the house and it seems to be working very well.
Then Rosemary told her that she and Jerry were getting married here at the house on September 1st and it was going to be a nude wedding and everyone in attendance has to go nude also. Sherry said, no, they were pulling her leg and Jerry assured her it was the truth. Rosemary then asked her if she would like to attend and Sherry said she usually works Saturdays as that’s a busy day and good for tips, but she’ll switch with one of the other girls. She asked what time and Rosemary told her they were thinking of 2pm, followed by a nude reception.
Sherry asked her about wedding pictures and she said that they are meeting at the photographer’s studio to take photos with clothes, but that he is also taking photos at the real wedding for their private album. She then asked what they were doing about their honeymoon and Jerry said they were still trying to figure that out. They wanted to go somewhere where they could go naked on the beach, but they didn’t have a lot to spend. Sherry said her sister is a travel agent and can get her great deals on trips. She’ll talk to her sister to see what she can come up with and Rosemary kissed her and thanked her.
It was nearly midnight and Sherry said she had to work the early shift at the restaurant on Saturday, so she really needed to head back to her apartment. She gave everyone a hug and kiss and then put her waitress uniform on, but left her panties and bra off, and left for home. She promised to stay in touch and we promised to make the trip over to her restaurant again soon and leave her a big tip. She said that we already gave her a big tip and grabbed the tip of my cock as she said that and then turned and left.
Ginger said she was great and hoped the others didn’t mind her being invited and Pepper said not at all and that she liked Sherry. I said I liked Sherry also and she was a very pretty girl with a great body. Ginger looked at me and I quickly said but not as pretty and sexy as you and your sisters. Pepper said that was a pretty lame save attempt, but she had to agree that Sherry was very pretty and had a great body. Rosemary looked at Jerry and asked what he thought and he smiled and said no one compares to her and Rosemary smiled and said good answer. Then Jerry added that she was pretty close thought and Rosemary slapped his shoulder and we all laughed.
We all pitched in, cleaned and straightened up. The others asked what our plans were tomorrow and Ginger said we really didn’t have any, but will probably run to grocery store for something for dinner, but we weren’t getting up early for it. We’ll just get up whenever. We hugged, kissed and said goodnight, and as usual, Pepper followed us to our bedroom and we three snuggled up close like always and went to sleep.
To be continued…
Poster: JD Whitings