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Sweet dare


Desert Heat - Part 21
Desert Heat – Part 21
Saturday, Aug. 4, 1985
We all must have been pretty tired after our time last night with Sherry because I was the first to wake up and it was nearly 9 am. I quietly made my way to the kitchen and started the pot of coffee. I slipped on pair of shorts and went out to get the newspaper. As soon as I was back inside, the shorts came off and replaced next to the door for tomorrow’s paper fetching.
With the coffee ready, I poured a cup and sat down to read the newspaper. I was almost done with the paper when Jerry wandered out, poured a cup of coffee and joined me at the table. He started talking about the wedding and how much he and Rosemary appreciated everything we were doing for them. I told him we were glad to do it and that Ginger was so excited about it all.
He was about to ask me something when Ginger and Pepper wandered out. They poured their coffee and then asked what we wanted for breakfast. I looked at Jerry and suggested French toast, bacon and two eggs. Jerry said that sounded good to him also. I had the feeling that he wanted to talk to me privately, so we went outside to the pool.
Once we were alone again, he said that he and Rosemary have been talking about who was giving the bride away, who would best man and who would be maid of honor. I told him that I would be happy to give Rosemary away since I am her only living relative that she knows. He said that’s what she said, but then he told me that he also wanted me to be his best man. I asked about his brother and he told me that they weren’t that close and he just learned that his brother got a job France and wouldn’t be here for the wedding. I said that would be no problem. I can be best man for him and give Rosemary away.
He then said there was another problem and Rosemary didn’t know what to do about her sisters and who would be maid of honor for Rosemary. I told him I understand her problem. She doesn’t want to disappoint or anger either sister. Sipping the last of my coffee, I suggested that since this wedding is going to be so different than normal anyway, why not have two maids of honors? Jerry asked if they could do that and I said it’s their wedding and that they can do anything they want. He said that sounded great and he would tell Rosemary as soon he got her alone. I told him I was glad to help.
The timing was just right and the three sisters brought breakfast out to us and we all ate around the patio table. Rosemary asked what we were talking about and before Jerry could respond, I told them we were discussing who was going to fuck who today along with where and how. Ginger looked at me and said okay you don’t want us to know, so we won’t tell you what we were talking about. The playful banter bounced back and forth all through breakfast.
As we were just about finished eating, Ginger asked if I had any plans today and I said not really. Jerry said he didn’t either. Then she asked if we minded if the three of them went shopping for a few things and I shrugged my shoulders and said that would be fine and Jerry agreed.
After breakfast was cleaned up, the girls got dressed and headed out. They were all wearing their short skirts and halter tops and I told them to enjoy themselves but not to get arrested for prostitution. They laughed and headed out. Jerry asked if I did have any plans and I told him yes, but didn’t want them to know. I told him I wanted to go shopping for a few special items for the girls and he was welcome to come with me.
We got dressed and headed across town to an adult gift shop that I had never been to before. When I pulled into the parking lot, Jerry asked what kind of special items I was looking for and I told him I’m not sure, but will know once I see them. We went inside and started looking to see what all they had. This skanky looking old lady came up to us and asked if she could help and I said we were just looking and would let her know if we needed help. As she walked away, Jerry looked at me and made a face indicating just how repulsive the woman looked. Most of the items on the shelves looked old and dirty and I decided to leave and go to my second destination.
The next adult shop was much cleaner and the clerk we saw when we walked in was young guy that looked like he was an athlete and/or male model. He stood about 6 foot 4, broad shoulders, tan skin, sandy blonde hair and blue eyes. This young stud was the type of guy who would turn every girl’s head at a party and make all the men feel inadequate. He asked us if he could help us and his strong Scottish accent just added to his charm. I told him that we were just looking for ideas for something for our wives. He asked if wanted matching pairs for them and the look on his face was priceless when I said not two but three. I explained that I was married, her two sisters lived with us and Jerry was engaged to one of the sisters and the five of us had a very open relationship. All he could say was wow and pointed down an aisle and said to holler if we had any questions.
After he walked away, I turned to Jerry and told him that if Ginger was in here she would have wet her pants and probably have an orgasm when she heard his accent. Jerry said that all three of them would be drooling over the guy. We walked down the one aisle and saw a number of lotions and oils of varying flavors and scents. I asked Jerry is Rosemary liked massages and when he said yes, I said that both Ginger and Pepper do also. We selected a couple different scented oils and a couple flavored lotions. In the next aisle we found a collection of dildos and decided to pass them up. Up at the front near the checkout was a large display of vibrators. Jerry and I looked them over and decided to get three different ones, figuring that they would likely share anyway.
We took our items to the register and the Scottish stud asked if there was anything else that we needed to surprise our ladies with. Jerry quickly piped up just him. He looked up and asked what did he say and Jerry said the only other thing we could use to surprise the ladies was him. He said he appreciated the offer but he was married to a beautiful woman and then called out for Loreena and moment later a gorgeous blonde woman approached from the back of the store. She was a tall lass, I guess about 5 foot 11, with light blonde hair that hung down to her waist. Her eyes were green and she had a figure much like Ginger except her breasts were a very ample C cup.
When she asked what he wanted, calling him Colin, we heard her thick Scottish accent also. Jerry and I looked at each other and smiled. I knew he was thinking the same thing I was which was the guys would bust their zippers and cum in their pants when she entered a party.
Colin told her about us and the three sisters and that we had invited him home with us. She cuddled up alongside him hugging his muscular arm and asked if the invitation included her also. I said by all means and that we were having a little gathering around the pool tonight and they were more than welcome to join us. Loreena looked up at Colin and asked him what he thought. She added that they had been wanting to make some American friends and perhaps this was a good opportunity to do just that. Colin reminded her that we said we had an open relationship with the 5 of us and she smiled and said it sounded like fun. He turned back to me and asked what time. I asked when were they off and he said they owned the shop and could close it anytime they wanted. I told them that dinner would be served at 7pm, wrote down our address and my phone number. I paid for the items and asked if they could bring them with them and she said that would be fine. Then I got her to put a vibrator, bottle of oil and lotion in each of three boxes and wrote the girl’s name on them. I instructed them that when they arrived to tell the girls that they had a special delivery for and then read out the names. Loreena caught on and said that would make for a great surprise and I agreed with her. She asked how formal they needed to dress and what kind of swimsuit was be appropriate. I told her that it is very casual and swimsuits were optional but what they were wearing would be perfect of the delivery. She smiled and tugged on Colin’s arm and told him that it sounded like a lot of fun.
Jerry and I drove to a couple of other places, but didn’t buy anything else. We stopped at a sports bar for lunch, had a couple of beers and talked about the evening. We told them casual, so I decided that dinner would be casual also. I picked up some lean ground beef, buns, red onions, buns, corn on the cob and everything I needed to make my homemade potato salad and we headed home. I put the potatoes and some eggs on to boil and started preparing the hamburgers. I chopped up some onions, several cloves of garlic, broke several eggs and added some seasoning and several teaspoons of Worcestershire sauce. I formed the burger patties, put wax paper between them and set them in the fridge to cure. Once the potatoes were done, I cooled them as fast as possible and then diced up in a big bowl. I then diced up the hardboiled eggs, some celery, a couple sweet pickles, added some mayo, paprika and a little bit of lemon juice. Mixed it all up, sprinkled some more paprika on the top, covered it and placed it in the frig to cure and set up.
Once I had all of the dinner prep done, Jerry and I decided to go for a swim. Jerry asked what I had in mind tonight and I said that the girls have been very good to us and that I wanted to do something special for them to let them know how much we appreciate them. He asked if I intended to let the giant Scot have his will with the girls and I said if that happens, I’m okay with it. He asked me what I intended to do with the lassy. I said we’ll just have to see what happens, but if he recalled I asked the lad before I ever knew there was a lass. I then asked if he was having misgivings about this and he said not at all, he just wanted to be on the same page with me.
About 5 pm, the girls got home and carried a number of bags straight back to Pepper’s bedroom and closed the door. Jerry and I looked at each other and I said that this ought to be interesting. About 20 minutes later they came out nude like normal and asked what up for dinner. I told them that I had something special planned and that it had about another hour to cure in kitchen before I was ready to start cooking. Ginger started to go to the kitchen to peek and I told her no peaking. Since they had an hour before I was going to start cooking, they decided to go for a swim and work on their complete tans and headed out back. I looked at clock and told Jerry if they stay out there for an hour, that would be perfect for the surprise delivery.
Jerry and I grabbed a beer, made ourselves comfy and turned on a baseball game. Two more beers and several innings later I noticed that it was time for Colin and Loreena to arrive. I mentioned it to Jerry as I peeked out back and the three girls were sound asleep in floating loungers in the pool. This was going perfect I thought to myself.
A few minutes later I heard a knock on the door. I looked out and it was Colin and Loreena carrying three gift boxes. I opened the door and let them in and explained that the girls were asleep out back in the pool and them to follow me. We went out the door and called out to the girls, asking if they were expecting a delivery. Ginger said no and then asked why and I said there was a special delivery here and then motioned for Colin and Loreena to come out the back door. I saw Colin’s eyes light up when he saw the three naked sisters in the pool. The girls swam over to the steps and climbed out, grabbed towels and began to dry themselves up.
Colin stepped forward, looked at one of the boxes and said he had a delivery for Pepper and looked up to see who would respond. Pepper hesitantly held out her hand to take the box. Then he read out Rosemary and Ginger and handed them their gifts. I told the girls I would see the delivery people out and turned and escorted them back into the house. Once inside, I took them to our bedroom and told them to go ahead and change into their swimsuits or nothing at all and then wait for my signal to come out
By the time I got back outside, all three of the girls had opened the boxes and were laughing at the different vibrators. Ginger looked at me and asked which one of us was the prankster and I told her neither of us were pranksters. She knew that I like to play with words and semantics, so she rephrased her question asking which one of use bought them their gifts. Rosemary looked at Jerry and confidently said it wasn’t him as she could tell by the look on his face.
All eyes turned to me and I just shrugged my shoulders. Then Ginger said she loved the gifts. Pepper and Rosemary echoed her thanks and all three gave me a big hug and kiss. Then Pepper asked about the delivery guy, saying he was a hunk and his accent was so sexy. That started the conversation about Colin, although I never told them his name. I suggested we take the gifts inside and I’ll start cooking dinner.
As we moved inside, I asked Pepper what she would do with the delivery guy if she had a chance. She said that she would rip his clothes off of him as fast as she could, stand back and take a good long look at this body. They she would move close to him and run her hands over every inch of his muscular body until she got to his cock and then she would take in her mouth, suck on it and then sit on it and take every last drop of cum he could produce. The sisters were hootin’ and hollerin’ as Pepper went on and on about what she would do to the Scottish lad.
I asked them what they thought about the girl with him. All three girls said they hardly noticed her as they could take their eyes off of him. I asked Jerry and he started in much like Pepper had, saying how he would take clothes off and then run his hands all over her body. He said he would spend some time caressing her beautiful breasts, then he would kiss and suck them and then work his way down to her pussy. When he reached there, he would take his time to kiss, lick and taste her sweetness and eventually he would enter her and take her until his balls were bone dry. Rosemary was sitting back listening to him and kept saying in his dreams and the others laughed.
Jerry asked her what she would do with the delivery man had she a chance at him and she said pretty much the same thing that Pepper said, except she wanted to sit on his face and feel his tongue deep inside her before his cock. It was Ginger’s turn and she said that she would do what both Pepper and Rosemary had said. Then she asked me what I would do with the woman and I said I wanted to have her and Ginger at the same time with my cock in one of them and my tongue in the other. Ginger laughed and said if only.
I excused myself saying I had to go to the bathroom and head back to our bedroom. Colin and Loreena were standing just inside the bedroom door and said they had been listening. They had decided to strip down naked since the rest of us were and I have say that they both looked like 10s on anyone’s list. Loreena had a thick patch of blonde hair doing its best to hide her treasure. Her breasts were a very ample C and looked fairly firm with very little sag. She had an hourglass figure and hips that spread to the perfect width to go with the rest of her figure.
What could I say about Colin? Tall, blonde and extremely muscular with six-pack abs. His muscles were not the only things that were impressive. Standing in the bedroom un-erect, he was definitely larger than Jerry or me. I could only imagine what the sisters would do once they saw it grow to its full potential.
I asked what they thought and Loreena told me she was so wet just listening. Then she looked up at Colin and asked if he was ready for this and he said if she didn’t have any objections that it sounded like fun and that he was about to gangbanged by three beauties. Loreena said if he could handle the three girls that she would do her part with the guys. I told them to hang tight and when they heard me say ‘burgers’ that it was their cue to come on out and surprise the others. Just as I was about to return to the others, Loreena kissed me on the cheek and thanked me for inviting them over. I winked at them both and said this should be a great night.
Returning to the others, I asked Ginger if she and the sisters could cut up the fruit for the fruit salad and I asked Jerry if he could fire up the grill. He looked at me and I motioned him to go ahead. I took the potato salad out, stirred it up and tasted it to make sure it was okay and it was. Jerry came back inside and the three sisters were busy in the kitchen preparing the fruit salad. I told them I was going to put my special burgers on the grill now.
From the kitchen the girls could not see Colin and Loreena as they crept out into the room. I stopped them just short of being seen and asked the three girls if they meant what they said about the big good looking delivery man and Pepper said you betcha. Then I motioned Colin and Loreena to come on out the rest of the way and I announce that tonight they would get their chance to back up their words. Pepper almost cut her finger as she looked up and saw the naked couple. I introduced everyone to each other and then told the girls that it was eyes only until after dinner and everything was cleaned up.
Standing naked in front of the three gorgeous sisters, Colin’s manhood quickly rose to say hello and here I am. Pepper began to take a step in his direction and I reminded her that it’s eyes only until after dinner. She turned to told me to stop standing there and get the burgers on the grill and hurry up because she was anxious get down to business. As I was heading out to the patio and grill, I mentioned to them that Loreena was a knockout and that Jerry and I were looking forward to getting down to business also. Ginger threw a grape at me and Rosemary slapped Jerry on the shoulder in gest.
During dinner, Colin and Loreena told us that they were from Bucksburn, Scotland, a suburb of Aberdeen. They both came to the states to attend university but ran into problems with the school. They began traveling across the US to see as much as they could before having to return to Scotland. While eating dinner at a restaurant, they overhead an older man telling a friend that he wanted to sell his business and retire. We turned and asked him what kind of business and how much did he want for it. At first they were shocked by the kind of business, but the guy said don’t let the nature of the business fool us and that it does provide a good income. Arrangements were made to check out the store the next day and they watched as a number of people came in and shopped. They went to a bank and were able to arrange financing using a large sum of money that they had left over for school. That was six months ago and they’ve been enjoying it ever since. The store does pretty good, but owning and working your store makes you a slave to it and gives you very little chance to socialize, do things and meet people. That’s why Loreena wanted to accept our invitation when I offered.
Everyone said they were very glad that they accepted. Ginger turned, gave me a kiss and told me that I did good. After hearing their life history, they asked about us and the little I had told them at the store. Ginger told them about her emerging from her prudish cocoon earlier this summer what’s happened since then. Pepped enjoyed telling them about the day they came to the house and found Jerry and I wearing nothing but an apron and us being Ginger’s slaves.
Rosemary piped in and said that was when she met Jerry and fell in love with him before that weekend ended. And I added that it was that weekend that our household went from 3 to 5 people with only 3 bedrooms. Ginger added that Rosemary moved right in with Jerry and Pepper got the smallest bedroom all to herself. Pepper chimed in that she only sleeps there when we are away on work, otherwise she sleeps with Ginger and me.
By now, everyone was full and complimented the dinner. We all pitched in to help clean up and as soon as it was all done, Pepper looked at me asked if it was time to get down to business. I looked at Colin and Loreena and said what happens to night is completely up to them. Loreena looked up at Colin and told him that under the circumstances, he was free to do whatever he wanted tonight. He looked at her and she was also free to do what pleased her.
After saying that to each other, they both just stood there as if not sure what to do next. I told the sisters to stand shoulder to shoulder and they lined up with Ginger in the middle. Then I placed Colin in front of them, placed one of his hands on Pepper’s breast, one hand on Rosemary’s breast and then moved him up against Ginger so that his cock was pressing against her and said ‘ladies, he’s all yours.’
I turned to Loreena and motioned Jerry to join us. I took one of Loreena’s hands and placed it on Jerry’s cock and put her other hand on my cock. Then took Jerry’s hand and put it on her breast and I put my hand on her other breast.
The ice had been broken. Loreena moved close and kissed me and then kissed Jerry. She began slowly stroking both of our cocks and then knelt down and began to kiss Jerry’s cock while still stroking mine. A minute later she switched and began sucking my cock and stroking Jerry’s. After a bit, I moved her to the sofa and told Jerry to suck on those fabulous breasts while I taste her exciting pussy.
On the other side of the room, the sisters were almost smothering Colin. Pepper was doing everything possible to take his enormous cock into her mouth. Ginger was straddling his face giving him access to her pussy and Rosemary was holding his balls and Colin was fondling her breasts. Without even looking, I could tell that Ginger was fast approaching the first orgasm of the night as Colin licked and sucked on her pussy and clit.
Loreena wasn’t far behind Ginger. I ran my tongue as deep into her pussy as possible while my thumb was working her clit. I could feel the walls of her vagina begin to contract on my tongue over and over again. As Ginger’s orgasmic groans filled the room, Loreena’s pussy clamped down on my tongue and I could feel the flood of fluid against my tongue and drank it up as fast as my trapped tongue could manage. She moaned an ‘oh wow’ as her pussy released my tongue.
Jerry and I switched positions and as we were moving, I looked over and saw Rosemary sucking on Colin’s cock and Pepper was now straddling his face. Ginger sat back trying to regain her composure from her first of many orgasms of the night. I cupped Loreena’s ample breasts in my hands and buried my face in her cleavage. Then I began sucking one breast for a bit and then switched to the other. Her breasts tasted as good as her pussy did. They were larger than any of the sisters and it was great holding and feeling them.
Sucking her breasts I could feel her body begin to move in response to Jerry working her pussy. I did everything I could to keep my lips on her nipple as her body moved more and more. Sucking on one of her breasts, I reached over and began to twirl her other nipple between my finger and thumb. Loreena must have very sensitive nipples because the moment I started working her nipple, her body arched, she moaned loudly and came in Jerry’s face. He drank up her juices as I had.
A few moments later, we could hear Rosemary reaching her first orgasm of the night. Pepper suddenly stopped sucking on Colin’s cock, spun around and slid down on it as fast as she could. As she did, she couldn’t help but gasp at the size of his cock which was larger than she was used to. She barely got him inside of her when he began thrusting his hips as he pumped stream after stream of his Scottish cream up inside of her. The intensity of his cumming along with the size of his cock triggered Pepper’s orgasm as she took every drop of him she could into her pussy.
Afterwards, Pepper just sat there, waiting for his cock to weaken, but it didn’t. Rosemary said it was her turn to sit on his staff, so Pepper climbed off and Ginger made her lay down on the floor and began to lick Colin’s cum from Pepper’s pussy. Colin told Rosemary to bend over the end of the other sofa and he moved in behind her and worked his cock into her hungering pussy. Like Pepper, Rosemary gasped at the size of his cock as it opened her wide and begin to penetrate her.
After Jerry brought Loreena to her second orgasm, she begged us to fuck her. I motioned to Jerry to go first and eagerly slid himself into her pussy. I moved up so that she could take my cock into her mouth and we both worked our own opening. Her lips around my cock felt so good for the second time of the night and as much as I longer to shoot my load into her pussy, I knew the first load was destined for her mouth.
Jerry moved just enough so that his cock was rubbing her clit and she quickly began to build for her third orgasm. When she began to climax, her lips tighten around my cock and she took all of me into her mouth and held it there until after the initial waves of ecstasy began to subside. I was doing everything possible to hold back, but I couldn’t, and as she relaxed from her orgasm I began my own. She was very adept at taking a cumming cock in her mouth as he lips and tongue caressed every drop of my fluid and she swallowed every bit of it without the slightest hint of gagging.
Rosemary rode Colin like a rodeo star except that she stayed on a lot longer than 8 seconds. As she rode him, Ginger began to play with Rosemary’s clit, rubbing it with her thumb as she placed her hand against her mound. Her fingers were also against Colin’s cock as it slid in and out of her. Ginger’s hand was strategically placed to intensity the feeling for both Rosemary and Colin. Rosemary soon convulsed in an intense orgasm. Colin picked up the pace as she slowed down and it was clear that he was bound to shoot his load into the youngest of the three sisters. His staying power was impressive, but I guess having just cum once a short time before would have something to do with it. By the time Colin was ready to let it go, Rosemary had a total of three orgasms while riding him. She was nearly exhausted but when she felt his cock swell even bigger, her eyes opened and she told him not to hold back. Colin didn’t hold back and began to pump rope after rope of his Scottish seed into her.
When he had finished, she collapsed onto his chest until she felt him shrinking. Then Rosemary climbed off of him and asked who wanted to clean her up. Both Pepper and Ginger answered. Ginger told Pepper that she could clean her off when she finished with him, but this was her turn. Pepper agreed and Ginger moved down on Rosemary and began licking and sucking as much of Colin’s cum out of Rosemary’s pussy as possible.
Colin sat leaning back against the sofa just taking in the sight of Ginger cleaning her sister’s pussy and drinking his cum from her pussy. When she was done, Ginger turned her attention to Colin and he asked if he could just rest for a bit to regain his strength. Ginger said that was fine but in the meantime, she wanted him to suck on her breasts. She loved having her breasts suckled and I could tell she was in ecstasy having the Scottish lips around her nipples.
Loreena said she needed a rest also. I suggested that we could all go out for a dip in the pool to refresh and relax and our Scottish visitors said that sounded good. Ginger reminded Colin that his cock belonged to her when they came back in and he smile, tweaked her nipple, making her jump and giggle. Jerry helped Loreena to her feet and led her to the back door. Heading out, I asked them what they liked to drink and if a beer was fine and they said it was, so I grabbed a handful of beers and soda for Ginger and followed them all outside.
The pool water felt refreshing and did help revitalize our bodies. I heard Loreena quietly ask Colin if he was enjoying himself and he said he was and she whispered that she was too. She then asked him if he was glad that she talked him into it and he nodded yes. She hugged and kissed him and as she did, and I watched as her breasts pressed against his chest and found the sight to be very erotic. I’ve always been more of a breast man and always enjoyed looking at a set of beautiful breasts and Loreena’s breasts were close to perfect.
We had been outside for just shy of half an hour when Ginger announced that she hoped Colin was rested enough because she doesn’t want to wait any longer. She said the rest of us could stay out and swim if we wanted, but she was dragging her waiting stud back inside. Colin barely had time to dry off when Ginger grabbed him by his cock and told him to follow her and she led him back into the house.
Once back inside, she knelt down and sucked his cock until it grew to full size. She bent over, holding on to the arm of the sofa and told him to take now. Colin moved in behind her and started rubbing his cock along the outside of her pussy. By the way Ginger was moving her butt, I knew that she was growing anxious to feel him inside of her and she succeeded. He slid his cock across her pussy and she shoved her butt backwards onto him, forcing his shaft into her. The sound she made wasn’t exactly a groan or a moan. It sounded more like the sound someone makes when they taste a perfectly grilled juicy piece of steak. In other words, Colin felt very good to her.
All eyes were fixated on Colin and Ginger and I took the opportunity to whisper to Jerry that I was going to see if I could make Loreena squirt. I asked him if he would concentrate on her nipples while I did my magic on her pussy and he smiled and said it would be his pleasure. Before I could get Loreena into position, everyone in the house heard Ginger as she climaxed. I gently led Loreena to the sofa, and sat her down. I slid her butt closer to the edge of the couch and Jerry say beside her and began kissing and sucking on her nipples. I reached two fingers into her pussy and began rubbing the inside until I found her sweet spot. Once I located it, I leaned down and start sucking and nibbling on her clit and working her sweet spot at the same time.
Almost immediately, her body began to react. Her stomach moved with waves of contractions and her back arched and her legs quivered. I increased my tempo and her body responded even more. It wasn’t long before a loud groan emanated from her lips, her back arched as far as it could, her legs were quivering as fast as possible and then the fountain opened up. My face felt like it was being sprayed by a pulsating garden hose as she squirted rhythmically sprayed me about half a dozen times. I let go of her pussy and pulled my lips off of her clit and looked up at her. She was panting as if she had just sprinted the length of a football field.
Eventually, her eyes opened and she took a moment to focus on her surroundings. She looked down at me and said that was the most intense orgasm she had ever had. It was about then that she realized that my entire head was drenched as was a large area of the floor in front of her. She asked if she did that and I told her it was all her doing. I asked if she had ever squirted before and she said no, never before.
Colin was focused on Ginger and taking her from behind until Loreena’s loud groan and squirting distracted him. The sight of his wife spraying me and half the room had greatly excited him and he began pumping his hot seed deep into Ginger’s pussy. I could tell by the way his thrusts changed that he was filling her and I could hear the distinct sound of her enjoying every ounce of it. He started to pull out of her and she begged him to stay as long as possible, but I could tell that Colin was anxious to go to his wife and congratulate her on her squirting. He was still so excited by what he saw that it took him a while to soften, but once he did, he pulled out and Pepper moved in to clean Ginger up and drink his cum.
Colin moved over beside Loreena and held her and told her how great it was to see her squirt like that. They kissed and began to hold and fondle each other. I suggested that they should have some time together and if they didn’t mind, we would watch. Loreena said that she would like to feel Colin’s cock in her. She stood up on very wobbly legs, straddled his legs facing him and lowered herself onto her hubby’s massive cock. As they began to move with each other, Loreena’s breasts began to bounce. I don’t know why but the sight a pretty woman’s breasts bouncing to the motion of lovemaking has always been one of the sexiest things to me and I loved watching them.
Ginger knew I was watching Loreena’s breasts bouncing and she moved over in front of me and put my hands on her breasts. My cock quickly hardened and I managed to slide it into her from behind. It wasn’t long before I was matching the same rhythm as the young couple. I continued to watch Loreena’s breasts moving and holding Ginger’s breasts at the same time. She felt so wonderful and in only a few minutes I released my seed. As I did, Ginger pressed her butt against me to help me make my deposit as deep as possible. Colin and Loreena were still going at it, but I could tell she was about to cum again for the second time since she mounted her his cock. With Loreena cumming, Colin’s thrusts became stronger and we could hear their skin slapping together. He began to grunt harder and then it was Loreena’s turn to be filled with his cum. She fell forward against his chest, kissing his face and telling him how much she loved him.
In all of the excitement, the girls had forgotten about their vibrators, lotions and oils. When I reminded them, Pepper said they didn’t need them when they had the real thing and everyone laughed. Still sitting on Colin’s lap, Loreena turned to look at us and began to thank us for the most incredible evening of their lives. She said they had never done anything like this, but would definitely be open to doing it again. All three sisters jumped at that and said they were welcome back anytime. Loreena turned back to Colin and asked him if he had anything to say and he stammered for a bit and then said he agreed that it was incredible and that he thoroughly enjoyed it. Loreena asked him what it was like to have four pussies in one night and he said it was better than he could ever imagine.
Loreena then told us they often fantasized about having sex with another person and even another couple, but this far surpassed any of their fantasies. I said I was glad that they accepted my invitation and that we were able to help them fulfill their fantasy. Colin said we didn’t fulfill their fantasy, we exploded it. Rosemary then told them that her and Jerry were getting married here at the house on September 1 and that it will be a totally nude wedding and that they were invited. Colin said Saturday’s are their busiest day and Loreena said that they could afford a day off and that they would love to join us.
It was after midnight and they said they really needed to get home. Loreena gave me a big hug, squashing her luscious breasts against my chest, kissed me and told me again how wonderful this was. She went over to Jerry, hugged and kissed him and told him thank you also. She repeated this with all three sisters and once again I watched as her breasts pressed against each of the girl’s breasts. The girls all took turns hugging and kissing Colin and thanking him for a wonderful night and telling him to cum again soon. We all hated to see the couple put their clothes on, but knew it had to happen. We said our goodnights and they left.
It took us about 15 minutes to get everything cleaned up from Loreena’s squirting. Then we locked up, said our goodnights and headed to bed. This time, I asked if Ginger could cuddle in front of me and Pepper behind me and she said she would like that. With the three of us all nestled into bed together, we soon drifted off to sleep, hoping to dream about our new found Scottish friends.
To be continued.
Poster: JD Whitings