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Sweet dare


Desert Heat - Part 22
Desert Heat – Part 22
Sunday, August 5, 1985
Sunday morning, I roused just before 8am when I felt on of the girls getting out of bed. I rolled over, opened my eyes and saw one of them going into the bathroom. My first thing in the morning blurry focusing eyes couldn’t tell which one it was. I checked to see when one was still in bed with me and at first I still wasn’t sure. Ever since Pepper dyed her hair and matched Ginger’s hairstyle, there were times I found it found it difficult to tell the difference between them. Their personalities were different but their bodies were almost identical and I realized that I truly loved them both, but wasn’t sure if I could reveal those feelings to Ginger or Pepper.
As I was contemplating my dilemma, Pepper came out of the bathroom and waved. I smiled and waved back and she motioned that she was going to head to the kitchen to start the coffee. I laid there for a few minutes and watched Ginger breathing and the gentle rise and fall of her breasts. It was one of my joys to lie in bed and watch her sleep.
The smell of the coffee began to drift into the bedroom and it smelled so good that I slowly crawled out of bed without waking my sleeping beauty. Pepper greeted me with a big hug and passionate kiss when I walked into the kitchen and I asked her what that was for. She told me that she had a wonderful time last night and had wonderful dreams and wanted to thank me. After I peeled her off of me, I told her I would help start breakfast.
I started cooking a bunch of sausage while Pepper started scrambling eggs and making 10 slices of toast. Just as the last of the sausage was coming off the stove, Ginger strolled into the kitchen, saw me cooking sausage. She came up behind me, wrapped her arms around me and asked if I was going to make some gravy and I said only if she’ll fix some biscuits. I loved feeling her breasts pressing against my back and hated for it to end, but I appreciated her help with the biscuits. With almost perfect timing, Jerry and Rosemary emerged just as breakfast was ready to serve.
Before anyone asked, I told them that my plans for the day was to shop for my supplies for the next 10 days, pack and be ready to head out first thing in the morning. Jerry asked what I meant by ‘my supplies’ and I reminded him that Ginger was staying home this month to help Rosemary and Pepper with wedding plans and to spend time with her sisters. Jerry then asked me if was really going to leave him here with the three of them and I said sure and that I was sure he could handle all three of them. He asked me if I trusted him with Ginger while I was gone and I said it was more like wondering if I could trust Ginger with him while I was gone and she punched me in the arm. I looked at Ginger and told Jerry that he is free to do anything here at the house while I am gone that is done while I am here. Ginger leaned away from me, looked at me and asked if I was giving Jerry permission to take her while I was gone. I answered that I trusted her to make whatever call she thought was best, but in case she needed or wanted some fulfillment that I understood and did not object. She said that made sense and then kissed me and told me she loved me.
After breakfast, Ginger put the last of the laundry on and then the five of us headed for the grocery store. All three of the girls were still feeling frisky after last night and they wore their short skirts and halter tops. I decided it would be safe to shop at a couple stores further from home because I could tell they were up to some fun and games. At the first store, I started shopping for my food items to take with me and the girls shopped for the four of them. Jerry stayed with me as the girls did their shopping. Every time we saw down an aisle, at least one of them would flash us their breasts, often it was all three. By the time we got to the checkouts, I’m sure at least half dozen people saw the girls flashing. One young guy about our age began following them through the store, only he did so from the opposite end of the aisles so he could see them flash. He only had on a t-shirt and pair of shorts that did nothing to hide his bulge which the girls obviously noticed from the far end of the aisle.
The next store was more of the same thing and again, Jerry and I shopped and left the girls to their wild ways. In this store, they almost got in trouble when a mom with two school aged sons walked by right as they were flashing. The two boys, probably junior high and 5-6 grade got a good look at the girls’ breasts. I thought for sure the mom was going to complain, but she just grabbed the boys and pulled them along with her. After checking out and loading our groceries in the car, the girls started giggling like young girls and laughing saying that they bet those two boys will be jerking off the first chance they get.
The last stop was my favorite butcher shop and I made them promise not to flash or do anything inside that would cause problems for future shopping. I picked up some meat for me to take and the girls got some meat for them while I was gone. We headed home, unloaded everything and I wrapped up my meat in individual servings and put them in the freezer.
By now it was lunch time and Pepper told Jerry and me to go and relax by the pool and they would let us know when lunch was ready. We grabbed a beer and headed out back. About 20 minutes later, Rosemary popper her head out the door and told us to come and get it. When we walked inside, Rosemary and Ginger were holding a sheet up so that we couldn’t see the table. That immediately raised my suspicions. Before uncovering the meal, they told us that no utensils or hands were allowed and that we had to eat straight from the serving tray. I thought of things like pies and such that would make a mess, but I was wrong.
When they were ready and we agreed to no utensils or hands, they dropped the sheet to reveal Pepper laying on the table with pieces of meat, cheese, olives, potato chips, celery and carrots strategically placed all over her naked body. I joking told the girls to go first and we would eat what’s left. Jerry said that sounded good to him and everyone laughed. They insisted we go first, so leaned down with my hands behind back and began to eat some meat and cheese off of Pepper’s breast. As I cleared to food off of her nipple, I took the opportunity to kiss and suck on it for few moments before eating more from her lovely body.
Jerry made a beeline for her crotch and was gobbling up the bits of food from over her pussy and pubic hair. He attempted to stick his tongue down to her lips and Rosemary pointed out there was no food there. Jerry told her he was looking for something to drink and trying to get to the well. Rosemary opened a beer and handed it to him but he wouldn’t take it. He reminded her no hands and suggested she place the beer between Pepper’s legs by her pussy and she quickly quipped that no one was shoving a cold beer in her crotch.
Jerry and I switched places and he began eating what was left on her breast and I moved to the pieces near her groin. Rosemary and Ginger were now eating off of the other side of her. Ginger, like me, started at Pepper’s breast and also took the opportunity to give her nipple a quick kiss and suckle. Rosemary was working on the lower extremities and it became a game between her and I over each piece of meat and cheese.
Finally I went for the carrots and celery on her navel and took great delight sucking on her navel and playing with it with my tongue. I could feel her twitch as I did which made me realize that she was just like her sister. I could make Ginger flow like a river by kissing and sucking on her navel and evidently the same held true for Pepper. We had our fill of food, but having Pepper laid out on the table before us more than I was able to pass up. I gave up eating food and began kissing her all over. I kissed her breasts, stomach, navel, arm, leg, neck, cheek, cleavage, and pussy. Several minutes later I told her that lunch was great but the dessert was fantastic. When we were finished, Pepper managed to gather enough pieces of everything for a lunch for herself.
After lunch, I relaxed and put a baseball game on. Jerry stayed in to watch it with me and the girls went out to work on the tans. The three of them said they were determined to get rid of the tan lines before the wedding and they had less than a month to do it. Several innings had passed and suddenly there was a knock on the door. Jerry ran to the bedroom and I grabbed a pair of shorts that I kept for just this sort of thing. I peeked out the window and didn’t recognize the young woman standing outside, but she was quite pretty. I opened the door and she asked if Ginger was here and I said and asked who was asking. She told me it was Jane and that she worked with Ginger and was laid off same time Ginger was. I asked if she could wait there I would see if Ginger was available.
I quickly opened the back door and told Ginger that Jane from her work was here to see her and she told me that Jane was okay and to let her and bring out to the pool. Opening the door, I told her that Ginger was out back at the pool and led her to the back door. On the way to the door, she asked if I was JD or Jerry and I told her I was JD. I noticed she gave the once up and down look and said that Ginger was indeed a lucky woman.
As Jane stepped out back and saw all three girls sunning themselves naked, she smiled and asked which one was Ginger. I asked her if she couldn’t tell the difference between them and she pointed to Rosemary and said that wasn’t Ginger, but she honestly couldn’t tell between the other two. Eventually, Ginger spoke up and greeted her by name and invited her to join them. Jane looked back at me, smiled and began stripping. She stopped at bra and panty, turned to face me, locked her eyes on my crotch and took off her bra and slid her panties down and off.
Jane was well built. She stood about 5’ 6”, had shoulder length jet black hair, dark brown eyes, B-cupped breasts with puffy aureoles, a narrow waist, shapely hips and a very thick jet black bush. Ginger told me to lose the shorts and meet her co-worker. I slid my shorts down, revealing my erect cock and Jane asked if she was the cause of that I said yes she was. She a step towards me, grabbed my cock, looked me in the eyes again to told me she’s been wanting to do this ever since Ginger told her about the past month.
Rosemary asked where Jerry was and I told her that ran to the bedroom when he heard someone at the door. She told me to go fetch him and I excused myself from Jane’s grip, opened the door and called for Jerry to come on out. Jerry emerged, wearing a pair of shorts and Ginger told him to drop the shorts as he is among friends. Ginger then introduced Jerry and Rosemary quickly added that he was her fiancé. Jerry stepped forward to shake her hand, but Jane grabbed his cock and shook it instead. Jane turned to Ginger and said that she did invite her over to enjoy the pool and layout in the sun, didn’t she and Ginger said yes, and told her to make herself home. Jane dove in the pool, swam a couple quick laps and laid down in a lounge chair. Ginger told me I could go back to my game as they were going to have some girl time, so Jerry and I went back inside to the game.
Jerry asked me who she was and I told him it was a girl that worked with Ginger and was laid off the same time as Ginger. I knew they had stayed in touch, but I didn’t know that Ginger had told her about everything. Jerry said she was a very pretty little thing and I agreed as I noticed Jerry was standing at attention. I told him it was a good thing that Rosemary isn’t the jealous type and again he agreed.
It was almost 2 hours later when the girls came in and said they had enough sun and decided it was time invade us guys. Ginger sat down on my lap, gave me a hug and asked if it was okay if Jane stayed for dinner. I said that was fine since she and the girls were cooking. Then she whispered in my ear that Jane finds me very attractive and would like to pleasure me, which was okay with her. She continued whispering, telling me that Jane’s boyfriend broke up with her several weeks ago and told her that she was a rotten lay and she’s been very self-conscious and feeling inadequate ever since. She also whispered that Pepper told her that I had the magic touch that could make any woman orgasm so intensely that she would squirt half way across the room. She gave me another hug, passionate kiss, got off my lap and then reached out to Jane to come over. She whispered something in Jane’s ear which caused a surprised look on her face and she astonishingly asked Ginger if she was sure and Ginger said yes. Then Ginger turned to me and told me that Jane was mine for the next hour while she fixed dinner. She turned back to Jane and told Jane that I was hers for the next hour and to enjoy.
I stood up, took Jane in my arms, hugged her close then leaned downed and kissed her passionately on the lips. Our tongues entwined and moved from mouth to mouth. I then set her down on the sofa and sat next to her. I kissed my way down from her mouth to her chin to her neck to her cleavage and then to her breasts. I spent time on each nipple, gently kissing, sucking and nibbling on them. After a few minutes there, I kissed my way down to her navel and used my tongue and a little sucking, which made her squirm because she felt it down lower. Kissing further down, I made my way to the edge of her pubic hair. I stopped looked up at her and told her that I thought she was very beautiful and very sensuous and greatly looking forward to what I was about to do. I could tell that my words helped to melt away some of her feelings of inadequacy.
Returning to the task at hand, my kissing made its way around the edges of her pubic hair and then I began to kiss my way straight up along her slit. Her body shivered as my lips and tongue grazed across her opening and her clit. I glanced up and her eyes were closed and her head was leaning back. My tongue then began to explore the outer edge of her opening and I could smell her excitement and with the tip of my tongue darting in between her lips I could taste her sensuousness. Then I suddenly plunged my tongue as deep into her as it would go and her body arched in pleasure and she came instantly. Her juices began flowing and I licked up every drop I could.
I moved to her clit and began sucking and nibbling on it. She instantly began to build towards another orgasm and in less than a minute she exploded for the second time. I didn’t give her a chance to recover as I inserted two fingers into her pussy and began stroking along the rook of her hidden cave. I could feel when I found her sweet spot and began to stroke it. With my other hand, I began rubbing her clit. As her body began to respond, I picked up the pressure and tempo in both spots. The more she reacted, the harder and faster I went. About two minutes later, she seemed to peak and stay there for a short time, so I applied a little more pressure speed. The added effort paid off as she began to cum and then she squirted about 5-6 times. She had enough force that it reached about six feet away.
Knowing she needed a chance to rest, I moved back up alongside her and began caressing her breasts. She was panting, trying to catch her breath. Eventually, her eyes opened and she looked over at and smiled. She gaspingly said that it was incredible and she had never experienced anything like that before. I told her that only women who were sensuous at heart were able to squirt like that and all it did was bring out what she already had in her. Ginger looked at me and gave me an approving nod, affirming that I was doing a good job at building Jane’s self-image. Jane smiled and kissed me long and hard.
She asked if she suck my cock and Ginger hollered over from the kitchen that she didn’t need to ask and that I was there for her taking. She got a big smile on her face, moved down between my legs and began gently stroking my already hard and oozing cock. Her stroking caused it to ooze even more and she began to lick the ooze off and then worked her tongue up and down the rest of my shaft. Slowly she began to take first the head of my cock into her mouth and then worked her way down part way. Her head began to bob up and down and her small mouth felt great. I knew I wouldn’t last long because I was watching her firm breasts bounce just a little as she worked her oral magic on my cock. She sensed that I was about to cum because she cradled my balls in her hand and gently massaged them as my white heat made its way to my cock and then out into her mouth. My load was pretty big and turned out to be more than she could swallow all at once and some of it dribbled out the sides of her mouth.
After I came in Jane’s mouth, I motioned to Jerry to join us. He moved over and pulled Jane to the floor, kissed her and then turned so that they were in a 69 position. Jane rolled him over on his back and went to work sucking his cock and Jerry began working her pussy and clit with his tongue. It didn’t take Jane long to climb to a very strong orgasm and Jerry lapped up every drop he could. Once she regained her composure, Jane returned to Jerry cock. A couple more minutes and I could tell by the movement of Jerry’s pelvis that he was starting to pump his load into Jane’s waiting mouth. She did everything possible take his entire load, but some oozed out of the sides of her mouth. After draining him dry, she cleaned him up and wiped off her mouth.
Just about then, Ginger announced that dinner was ready and that she hoped that we left room for real food. Jane answered saying that she just had two big helpings of cum, which she said were the best she’s ever had, but she still had room for real food. WE got up, washed up and joined the sisters at the table. I felt rather embarrassed at the table because Jerry and I were the main topics of conversation. Jane and the sisters were comparing notes about us as if we weren’t there. They discussed the size and shape of our cocks, and what differences Jerry and I had. Then they were asking Jane if she could detect a difference in taste between Jerry and my cum and they all agreed that mine was a little saltier than Jerry’s. Next they asked Jane if she could tell a difference between how we sucked on her pussy and she described the difference.
Lastly, Pepper asked Jane about her first experience squirting. Jane said that she had never had such an intense orgasm as that. She said that it was so intense that she had absolutely no control of her body. It arched and convulsed completely out of control, which she said was almost a little frightening. Ginger told her that she knew what she meant but that it was a great experience and Jane said it was that.
By the time my cock, my ability to make a woman squirt and my general loving making had been thoroughly analyzed and compared, dinner was done. Even Jane pitched in to help clean up and then we all moved back into the living room. Jane looked around and sheepishly asked now what. I said that I was still too full from dinner to do very much and Jerry concurred. Pepper suggested we all go out and relax by the pool and just talk while we gave dinner a chance to settle, so we all headed out back.
We all rested in lounges and Ginger began telling Jane about some of her recent experiences of flashing strangers. Then she told them about Tom and Helen at the movie and then young Steve from the shoe store and then Sherry from the restaurant and finally Colin and Loreena that I picked up at an adult shop. Jane just sat there staring at Ginger and her sisters as they recounted the past month. She just kept saying things like, ‘you’re kidding’ or ‘no way’. Nearly two hours later, Jane said that she wanted a chance to go shopping with the three sisters and maybe get in on the action. Ginger asked her if she had ever flashed a complete stranger and she said never before today and then added that both Jerry and I were perfect and that the sisters were very lucky.
It was get later in the evening and I still needed to pack and get ready to head back out to the field early in the morning, so I excused myself and headed back inside to get everything ready. Ginger asked if she could help and I told her that I could handle it and to stay with the others. Once inside, I packed my clothes and then proceeded to get all of my non-cold food items boxed up and ready. It took me about half an hour to get everything ready and then I headed back out to see what the others were doing.
When I stepped back outside, Ginger said I had perfect timing and that they wanted Jane to have one last mind-blowing experience before heading home and asked if I had any ideas. I told them to all come inside as I had the perfect thing. Once inside, I put a blindfold on Jane and then had everyone help lift her up onto the table where we laid her on her back. I told Jane to just allow her mind to wander as we pleasured her. Then I had the 5 of us move around so that Jane didn’t know who was who as we all started to run our hands over her body. Our hands roamed from her toes to her scalp. We touch, prodded and felt every inch of her skin and Jane’s moans of pleasure let us know which touches were better than others.
On my silent cue, we all started kissing her all over. Five pairs of lips gently kissed her legs, arms, neck, stomach, breasts and pussy. Pepper was the first to kiss her pussy and I saw her slip her tongue quickly between the lips and Jane’s body reacted and quivered when she did. Ginger kissed one of her nipples and Jerry kissed the other. Jane’s moans grew louder.
When I got my turn at a nipple, I licked around it in circle, making sure not to touch the nipple itself. I could tell she was in ecstasy as her back began to arch and her head tilted further back. Rosemary joined in on the other nipple and now Jerry was licking Jane’s pussy. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Pepper kissing and licking Jane’s navel. This combination was too much for Jane and her back suddenly arched up as she exploded with a fast orgasm.
I motioned to Jerry to fuck her and I moved around and put my cock in Jane’s mouth. Matching Jerry’s rhythm, we worked her like to two lumberjacks on opposite ends of a large saw cutting our way through a huge log. As Jerry drove into her pussy, I would almost pull out of her mouth and as Jerry pulled back I would sink my cock all the way to my balls into her throat and she took it all without a single gag. While we were sawing back and forth, Pepper and Ginger were sucking on Jane’s breasts and Rosemary was playing with Jane’s clit. It took Jane less than a minute to have a second orgasm since being blindfolded. Jerry and I continued to work her and I motioned to Jerry that I was getting close to cumming and he motioned back that he was also. A few moments later, we both erupted inside of her and the feeling of both of us cumming in her at the same time set Jane off on a third orgasm. As I emptied my balls into her mouth, she began to gag for the first time, so I pulled out and began to finish on her mouth and chin, but Pepper was there on the spot to take whatever I had left and to clean up Jane’s face. Rosemary moved down to clean up Jane’s pussy after Jerry pulled out of her and Jane had a fourth orgasm in response to Rosemary’s cleaning efforts.
We let her lay there blindfolded for a minute or two as we all stood together watching her. Slowly Jane reached up and removed her blindfold, blinked to help her focus and said ‘wow, that was mind-blowing.’ She started to ask which one of us was fucking her pussy but then said that the mystery would give her erotic dreams for weeks to come, so never mind. Pepper told her that not knowing who was doing what to her was what made the experience so intense. Then she asked Jane what she was thinking of when all this was going on and she said she envisioned herself in a room full of strange men and they were all touching her and kissing her and sucking her and fucking her.
Weakened from her mind-blowing experience, Jane barely managed to slide off the table and remain standing. Then she gave every one of us a big hug and kissed and thanked us for a wonderful time. She got reluctantly got dressed, thanked us again and headed for home. Ginger turned and apologized for forgetting to us about Jane coming over. She went into more detail with everyone, explaining that Jane had been deeply depressed after her boyfriend broke up with her. He told her she was fat and ugly and terrible in bed. Ginger said she knew that wasn’t true, but no matter what Ginger said to her, nothing helped. She felt that she needed to actually experience something that would make her feel sexy, pretty and an object of desire. Then Ginger said that we all did a great job of helping her friend. Jerry said that we were happy to help any more of her friends and Rosemary slapped him in the shoulder.
I told everyone that it was getting late and I needed to hit the road early, so I said my goodnights and headed to bed. I told the girls that I would sleep in Pepper’s room so I didn’t wake them in the morning. Pepper asked how early I was getting up and I told her probably 4am, so I could get everything loaded by myself and make it to the field in time to turn on all of the test stations. They both gave me a hug and kiss goodnight. Ginger thanked me for helping Jane and she thought I was wonderful. I kissed her one more, gave her a big hug and then headed to Pepper’s bedroom to sleep alone for the first of the next ten nights.
To be continued.
Poster: JD Whitings