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Sweet dare


Desert Heat - Part 23
Desert Heat – Part 23
Monday - Wednesday, August 6-15, 1985
Monday morning came way too early. I got up, packed my cold foods, loaded up the truck and headed out for what I knew was going to be a very lonely 10 days. In fact, this 10 day stretch seemed to last twice as long as any other 10 day stretch, even those at the beginning of summer when I was going down alone.
I tried to get one of the four others to write up what happened while I was gone then, but they insist that I write what they describe and to write it in the same way I have written all of the others. So please keep in mind this is me, JD, writing what they tell me to.
After I left Monday morning, Pepper, Rosemary and Jerry got and went to work like normal. With everyone gone, Ginger began working on wedding plans. She had the list of people who had been invited, which including all of us was now about 16 people: the 5 of us, the JP & his wife, the photographer, Tom & Helen, Terry & Tammy, Sherry, Colin and Loreena, and Jane. Just before noon, she called Terry and Tammy and gave them the numbers for the catering. She told them to plan on 20 just in case. Terry said that he would call and give her a quote later in the afternoon.
Ginger spent the rest of the day figuring out the best way to arrange the furniture to accommodate for the ceremony if it were to be held inside. Then she went outside, took measurements and arranged the outdoor chairs and realized that it would be easier to hold the service outdoors on the patio by pool. That would allow for the reception layout to be inside with easy kitchen access. She got all of her notes written down just in time to start dinner for the others.
Rosemary was the first one home and she was shocked to see Ginger wearing clothes. When she asked, Ginger said that for some reason she felt awkward being naked by herself. Rosemary told Ginger to stay clothed and she would change into something more casual and see what the others would do, so she went in and quickly changed before they got home. About 20 minutes later, Jerry walked in and stopped in his tracks when he saw the 2 sisters fully clothed. He asked what was up and if they were expecting company and Rosemary told him that she found Ginger clothed when she got home and decided to join her, just to get the reaction from him that they got. She told him to go change and into something casual and hurry before Pepper got home.
About half an hour later, Pepper walked in the door and like Jerry, she stopped in mid stride when she saw everyone else was clothed. And like Jerry, she asked if they were expecting company. Again Rosemary explained about Ginger and said it was up to Pepper what she wanted to do. Pepper shrugged her shoulders and said she would go change into something comfy and join them in a bit. As soon as Pepper left the room, Rosemary suggested that everyone strip so that when she comes back out in clothes, she’ll be the only one, so they did. Several minutes later, Pepper comes out in a pair of shorts and a top and stops as she enters the dining room where they were sitting at the table. She smiled and then said that she would just remain clothed out of spite.
Nothing else really happened that night, but the teasing that started that night set the tone for the rest of the time I was away.
Tuesday, Ginger drove over to the adult store run by Terry and Tammy to finalize the arrangements for the catering and paid them for everything. Ginger asked them if they would like to come to dinner some evening and they said that evenings were their busiest times but they do close the store on Sundays. Ginger said that would be fine and told them that they could come over for a swim in the afternoon if they liked and they said it sounded good and that would also let them see the house and figure out the best way to set up the food and decorations.
When Rosemary got home that afternoon, she found Ginger wearing a pair of shorts, but no top, so she changed into a pair of shorts with no top also. Jerry followed suite when he got home, so when Pepper got home, she saw the three of them topless, she figured they would switch on her again, so she put on a top and no shorts. When she came out, the three of them were still topless and laughing at her. Pepper decided to stay bottomless out of spite. Pepper asked Jerry which he preferred, topless or bottomless. Without hesitating, Jerry said he liked them both and that they both had their appeal. They all started laughing.
After dinner, Ginger told them that she finalized the catering for the wedding and that they caterers were coming over Sunday afternoon to swim, stay for dinner and to meet everyone and see the house to help them with their plans. Rosemary asked if they were aware that it was a nude wedding and Ginger said they were and that they were excited about being part of it.
Wednesday, Ginger shopped for a few things during the day and was home in time to fix dinner. When Rosemary got home, Ginger was wearing a top, but no bottoms. Rosemary changed to the same as did Jerry. When Pepper got home, she figured she would match them and came out bottomless as well. When she emerged from the bedroom bottomless, the other three had quick changed to topless with shorts on. They could tell that Pepper was frustrated when she said it was like losing at rock-scissors-paper every time she played. But her frustration gave way to a smile and then a laugh.
That night after dinner, Pepper mentioned that she was feeling a little lonely without any male companionship, if they got her drift. Rosemary put her arm around Jerry and asked if Pepper wanted to borrow her man and she responded either that or one them need to do something to satisfy her. Rosemary grabbed a banana from the hanging fruit basket and tossed it to Pepper and laughed. She took the banana, peeled it, inserted part of it into her pussy and then invited Jerry to come over and eat the banana from her.
Rosemary shoved Jerry and told him to go eat this banana like a good boy. Jerry smiled and said it was his pleasure as he knelt between Pepper’s legs and began to peel and eat the banana hanging out of her pussy. Once the banana had been consumed, Jerry continued his feasting and brought Pepper to an orgasm.
Ginger was sitting and watching, slowing stroking her own pussy. When Jerry stood up, Ginger said she was next, but Jerry hesitated. She asked him what was wrong and Jerry said he knew that I had said it was okay, but he felt funny doing anything with Ginger while I was away. When I was there, he had no problem satisfying his soon to be sister-in-law, but just couldn’t bring himself to do it while I was out of town. No matter what Ginger or Rosemary said, Jerry would not budge because it just didn’t feel right and he respected Ginger and me too much to do anything when I wasn’t there.
Ginger got up, gave Jerry and big hug and kiss and told him that she loved him and understood how he felt and that made her love and respect him even more. But then she said that she was disappointed about having to go without satisfaction. Pepper said she would take care of things and she dove in between Ginger’s legs and brought her sister to orgasm.
From what everyone told me, the rest of the time I was out in the field, Jerry would service Rosemary and Pepper, but wouldn’t touch Ginger out of respect for me and her. Ginger had to get her pleasure from her sisters and the vibrator that I had bought her. B
When I quietly walked through the door around midnight that following Wednesday night, Ginger was waiting and literally knocked me down when she jumped up on me. She said she was so horny for my cock inside of her that she couldn’t wait any longer. I told her I wanted to bring in the cold items from the truck and she said they could. I managed to peel her off of me and she immediately began to undress me. Once she had me naked, she jumped back up into my arms and slid herself on my now erect cock.
I have to admit that I had missed her as well, as using my hand out in the desert just wasn’t the same as feeling her pussy engulfing my cock. Ginger came within seconds of mounting me and I guess I was hornier than I thought as I only lasted about a minute. After I came, she just continued to cling to me and hug me as tight as she could hold me. Feeling her breasts pressed against me felt so good and it wasn’t long before I was hard again. This time it took me longer to come and Ginger managed two more orgasms during that time.
By this time, the others appeared sleepily from their rooms and said they were glad to see me home safe. Rosemary said that Ginger was especially glad since Jerry wouldn’t touch her in my absence. I looked at Jerry and said I had told him it was okay and he said that he just felt wrong in doing anything with Ginger while I was gone, even though I had said it was okay. He told me he respected and care for us too much and that it just didn’t feel right without me there. I thanked him for his honesty and respect.
I managed to put enough clothes on to get my cold items out of the truck and put them away. Although I was tired from a long day, I was excited to see Ginger and so was she. As soon as the cold foods were put away, she drug me to the bedroom. Pepper joined her in their sexual attack on me. For the next two hours, the two sisters ravaged my body like never before. I was so tired that I couldn’t perform any more and told them that I was exhausted. They admitted that they were too. We quick cleaned up and went to bed. I was concerned about Pepper having to get up in a few hours for work, but she told me she took the next two days off. We had one last hug and kiss and then I cuddled in between them and quickly drifted off to sleep.
To be continued…
Poster: JD Whitings