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Sweet dare


Desert Heat - Part 25
Desert Heat – Part 25
Thursday, August 16, 1985
Jerry got home from work first. The first thing he did was ask Ginger and Pepper if we were a happy functional or sad dysfunctional threesome. Pepper held up her ring and smiled. Jerry kissed the two of them and congratulated them, then went to his room to change out of his work clothes. When he returned, he grabbed a couple beers and headed out to the grill. Handing me a beer, he congratulated me on being a happy threesome. I asked if he knew about this and he said they all did but they weren’t sure how I would respond. I asked him how he thought I would respond and he said he thought I would go for the idea and really hoped I would, but there was always that small amount of doubt. He raised his beer and toasted my new relationship.
A few minutes later, Rosemary came home and immediately ran over to her sisters and asked what happened. Pepper held up her ring and three of them hugged and danced in a circle. Pepper told Rosemary to hurry and change, so she ran back to her room, stripped off her work clothes and ran back to the kitchen and the three of them hugged and danced in a circle again. Then Rosemary ran outside and literally jumped into my arms, pressing her breasts into my chest and kissed me. When she came up for air, she congratulated me for agreeing to the idea of the threesome. She kissed me again and then dropped off of me, gave Jerry a quick kiss and a quick tickle of his cock and then went back into the kitchen.
Dinner was great and very filling. Afterwards, we cleaned up and then just sat and talked. I had Ginger and Pepper on each side of me, both holding my hands. Most of the conversation was between the girls. They were still all giddy like three high school girls. Every so often, Pepper would wrap her arms tighter around my arm and kiss me on the cheek. About 20 minutes later, I excused myself and went to the kitchen. I had a bottle of champagne in the fridge, saving it for some special occasion and decided getting a second wife was pretty special. I managed to uncork the bottle without them hearing and poured 5 glasses, set them on a tray and carried them out.
When I entered the room, I said that I felt a toast to me new bride was in order and handed the first glass of champagne to Pepper, the second one to Ginger, and then to Jerry and Rosemary. Taking my own glass, I raised it in the air, looked at both Ginger and Pepper and toasted to my two soul mates. Everyone took a sip of champagne and then Ginger started dribbling the rest of her champagne down Pepper’s breasts and told me that I had better drink my champagne. I set my glass down and began licking up the champagne from Pepper’s breasts and cleavage. Ginger continued to dribble the bubbly and I continue to lap it up. When her glass was dry, Rosemary handed her glass to Ginger and the flow continued. I have to admit that champagne never tasted better.
Ginger emptied the second glass and then Jerry moved over and began dribbling the rest of his on Pepper’s pubic hair and over her pussy, so I moved my efforts down to the new flow of bubble. Pepper spread her legs and I positioned myself so as not to miss a single drop. I used my tongue to make sure that none of the champagne dripped into her pussy and did my best to keep her clit cleaned. Even though the champagne ended, I continued to clean off her clit with my tongue. She grabbed me by the hair and pulled my face into her pussy as hard as she could just seconds before she had a powerful spasm.
When Pepper regained her composure, told me to sit down and she would be right back. She went to the kitchen and retrieved the rest of the champagne and told Ginger that it was now their turn. Pouring straight from the bottle, Pepper began to dribble the champagne over my cock and Ginger began licking it off as fast as she could. A minute or two later, Ginger took the bottle and told Pepper that it was her turn to lick champagne off of her husband’s cock. In no time, Pepper dove down and began licking the champagne that was running down the shaft of my cock. It felt so good to feel her tongue on me and I could tell from her moans that she was enjoying it also.
After a bit, Pepper stopped and invited Ginger to take over and Ginger told her that this was her night and that I was belonged to Pepper until tomorrow morning. Pepper began to say that she wanted to share and Ginger told her she knew and that she got to enjoy me all to herself on our wedding night and that it was only fair that Pepper got the same. Pepper hugged and kissed Ginger, thanked her and then turned to me, smiled and asked if I was ready and I told her yes I was. At that, she swallowed my cock as far as she could before she started to gag. She held me there for several seconds and then began sucking on my cock like there was no tomorrow. I motioned Ginger over and told her to straddle my face so I could pleasure her while Pepper pleasured me. Ginger told me that as much as she would like to, she was serious about my belonging to Pepper and Pepper alone tonight.
Rosemary said that she and Jerry would take care of Ginger tonight so that no one was left out of the celebration. With that, she had Ginger lay on the floor and instructed Jerry to start licking Ginger’s pussy. Then Rosemary laid on the floor and slid under Jerry so she could suck on cock while sucked on Ginger’s clit. As Jerry was diving into Ginger’s pussy, she looked over at me and mouthed that she loved me and I mouthed it back to her.
Pepper stopped sucking my cock, crawled up on top of me and I could feel her breasts against my chest. She looked into my eyes, told me she loved me and I told her that I loved her too. We kissed passionately for the next five minutes and finally, Pepper whispered that she wanted me in her and that she wanted to feel me cum inside her. I asked if she had a favorite position and she said that was a tough question as she loved it doggie, she loved riding facing me and she loved it when I laid behind her in bed and took her from behind. I suggested she sit on me so that we could make love and kiss at the same time and she said it sounded great to her.
She moved herself so that she sat on my cock. I put my arms around her and held her close. As we kissed, I again could feel her breasts against my chest and I’ve always been a breast man and the feel of her beautiful breasts against me was incredible. We moved slowly at first as it just felt great to feeling her pussy engulf my cock. Slowly, we began to rock back and forth with each other as I slid her up and down on my shaft. For a while, I managed to keep her breasts rubbing against but eventually it became too hard to hold her that close. As the pace quickened, Pepper moved a little further away and I then watched as her breasts bounced to our rhythm. The sight was incredibly sexy and sent me over the edge much earlier than I had planned, but I was thankful that Pepper had two orgasms before I lost my load deep inside her.
Pepper collapsed against me after I came inside her and she held me so tight and kept saying she loved me over and over and over again. I looked over at Ginger and saw that Jerry was now making love to her while he was sucking on Rosemary’s pussy. Her breasts were swaying to their action and watching her was enough to start getting me hard again. At the feel of my growing erection, Pepper began tightening the muscles in her pussy as if it was stroking my cock. It felt incredible and in seconds I was up and ready to go again.
This time we took it nice and slow, enjoying every stroke, feeling her pussy sliding up and down on my cock. I also was able to kiss her nipples and fondle her breasts as we made love. Pepper stared into my eyes and I could see the joy and happiness inside her. Part way through, I noticed tears starting to well up in her eyes and I asked her what was wrong. She said nothing was wrong. She was so happy about everything that they were tears of joy. Then she said she loved me and Ginger so very much and hoped that we would always be together. I told her that I loved her and Ginger and wished the same thing. Ginger echoed our sentiments. Moving slow and steady, Pepper never came and it took me a good 15 minutes before I emptied myself into her again.
When we finished, Ginger called our attention to the table where she had a small 2 tiered wedding cake. On the top was a small groom with a red-headed bride on each side of him. Pepper and I quickly cleaned ourselves off and joined the other at the table. Pepper and I took the knife and made the first cuts. We each took a piece of cake and looked at each other expecting the cake in our faces. I surprised her by smearing it all over her breasts. She returned the gesture by smearing it all over my cock. Of course that meant that we had to clean it off of each other which was a lot of fun for both of us.
After the cake and champaign, Jerry and Rosemary said they had to work in the morning, so they hugged, kissed and congratulated us. I told Ginger thanks for everything and that we would help her clean up. She told us to head on to bed that it wouldn’t take her long to clean up. Pepper asked if she was sure and Ginger hugged her and urged us to go on, so Pepper grabbed my hand and led me to the bedroom.
She sat on the bed, looked up at me and tears welled up in her eyes. I sat next to her and put my arms around her. Pepper looked at me and told me that she was happier than she ever has been in her entire life, even more so than at her first wedding. She told me again that she loved me so much and thought that it would be an unrequited love because she wouldn’t do anything to hurt Ginger or break up our marriage, but when Ginger told her that she knew how much she loved me and when she suggested this unofficial marriage she couldn’t believe it. Then her arms wrapped around my neck and she hugged me so hard and didn’t let got for several minutes.
Finally, I was able to lean back enough to see her face and kiss her. Our kiss lasted for minutes while our tongues danced with each other. I worked a hand up to her breast and whispered that I would love to kiss my new wife’s nipples. She leaned back and stuck her breasts out to me, smiled and said she would like that. I gently laid her back onto the bed, laid down next to her and ever so softly let my tongue play with her nipples for a minute or two before I gently put my lips on them and drew the nipples into my mouth. Quiet moans made their way to my ears and the more I suckled on her luscious nipples the louder the moans grew.
While I was suckling on her second breast, my hand slowly found its way to her navel where I played with it for a bit. Both Ginger and Pepper have sensitive navels and say that with the right stimulation they feel it in their pussy. When my finger circled and tickled her navel, I felt the telltale shudder, letting me know that she was feeling it in her pussy.
After her navel, my fingers moved over her clit and began to play with her outer lips, teasing her pussy. Her pelvis began to rock to the teasing, trying to force my fingers to move inside her. When they finally did penetrate her, I moved two fingers in and just held them there, softly gripping her pussy and mound between my fingers and thumb. The longer I just held her that way, the more I could feel her pussy quiver and pulse until she exploded with an orgasm.
Catching her breath, she begged me to make love to her. I asked her how she wanted it and she just said in her. I climbed between her legs and placed my rock hard cock against the lips to her pussy and stopped. She started lifting her pussy, doing everything she could to engulf my cock, so I obliged and slid all the way in. Her pussy was still pulsing from the orgasm she just had, so I just held myself there and felt the movement of her pussy muscles. But Pepper wasn’t having any stopping and she started bucking up and down on my shaft so I matched her movement and got into a great rhythm. Pepper started to build towards another orgasm and I lifted myself up and forward just enough to rub her clit as we rode each other and this sent her over the top for O #2.
Pepper then begged me to fill her with my cum as she so wanted to feel that warmth it brought her. I looked into her eyes and they were filled with so much love and passion that it took me over the top and I shot stream after stream as deep into her as possible. Her eyes said everything and we kissed for I don’t know how long. By the time we parted lips, I had shrunk and fallen out of her pussy and she was leaking all over the sheets. We made our way to the bathroom and cleaned up and grabbed a clean pair of sheets and changed the bed.
We crawled back into bed and Pepper nestled herself up against me with her butt against my cock. The feel of her sexy ass made me hard again and I slid into her pussy from behind, wrapped my arm around her and we drifted off to sleep in our love embrace.
To be continued…
Poster: JD Whitings