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Sweet dare


Desert Heat - Part 26
Desert Heat – Part 26
Friday, Aug. 17, 1985
Friday morning, Pepper and I awoke to the strong smell of coffee and bacon. She was still nestled up against me but when I reached behind me, Ginger was not there. I turned to see her standing at the doorway holding a bed tray with breakfast for 2 and a big smile on her face. Pepper told her that we missed her in bed last night and Ginger said she slept in Pepper’s room to give us the night, but now that the wedding night was over, it would be the three of us from now on.
Ginger moved to the bed and set the tray over my lap and told us to enjoy our breakfast and left. Along with the coffee, she fixed bacon, French toast and scrambled eggs. I took great delight in feeding Pepper. I managed to drip syrup and eggs on her breasts and when breakfast was done, I moved the tray and cleaned up all of the drips and spills.
We cleaned up and took the tray out to Ginger. Pepper hugged her sister and told her how much she loved her and Ginger echoed her sentiments. Then we looked at each other and asked what the plans were. To my surprise, there weren’t any so we decided to get dressed and do some grocery shopping. I was surprised when Ginger and Pepper appeared in buttoned down tops and fairly conservative shorts. When I asked, they told me that they felt like saving everything for me for the rest of the weekend. That sounded good to me and we headed out to pick up some groceries for tonight and the rest of the weekend.
We went to our favorite butcher and picked up a great looking standing rib roast that I would cook slowly on the rotisserie on the grill. To with the rib roast, we got some corn on the cob, fresh broccoli and cauliflower and some cheese to make our own cheese sauce. Then we picked up a couple bottles of red wine and a couple cases of beer and some soda for Ginger. The girls got what they needed to fix their special dark chocolate cake.
After we got home, I seasoned the rib roast and got it started on the rotisserie and then took about an hour to relax in the pool. The girls made their cake from scratch and then joined me in the pool. When they came out to the pool, I was sound asleep in a floating lounger so they quietly snuck into the pool, creating as little wave action as possible. I must have been in fairly shallow water as I awoke to the gentle touch of hands on my cock. Trying to act like I was asleep as long as possible, I laid there are they softly stroked me to an erection and then I felt tongues on both sides of my shafts and loving every bit of it.
One of the girls, it turned out to be Ginger, leaned in a little too much and almost tipped my lounge. I reacted to keep from going all the way over and they laughed and laughed. I grabbed them both, kissed them and asked who was going to finish the job, pointing to my fully erect cock. Pepper told Ginger to go ahead since she had me last night for her honeymoon night. Ginger told me to sit on the top step in the pool and told Pepper to join her. She said they would take turns and whoever finishes him off takes seconds in bed tonight.
Ginger started and after about half a minute she moved off and let Pepper take over. They continued to switch back and forth and I did everything I could to hold off as long as I could. I had my eyes closed and actually lost track of which mouth was working my cock, so when I could hold off no longer and blew a huge load, I looked up and saw that it was Pepper swallowing my white hot brew.
I knew it was time to check the ribs and they were looking great. I lathered them with sauce and let them continue to turn on the rotis. It was getting close to time for Jerry and Rosemary to come home, so Ginger and Pepper went inside to get the rest of dinner ready. Pepper popped quickly popped out with a cold beer for me and returned inside to help Ginger with the rest of dinner. By the time they got home, the girls were setting dinner on the table and I brought the racks of ribs and set them in the middle of the table.
Rosemary asked what we did today and when we told them just shopped and relaxed, she didn’t believe us. She tried to get us to admit to going out and flashing someone or seducing some poor unsuspecting salesclerk, but alas, she said what a disappointing and dull day. During dinner, I told them that I had something different planned for the evening, but would not tell them what it was. They spent half of dinner trying to guess, but no one was even close.
After dinner we all pitched in to clean up, which helps make it go very quickly. Then we gathered in the living room with everyone anxiously waiting to find out what I had planned. I told them I wanted to try non-contact sex. That brought looks of bewilderment from everyone and I knew I had them stumped. I pulled out a bag of various items including string, feathers, scarves and a number of different soft things. There was nothing hard like a vibrator that anyone could use to rub against someone. I told them that we would take turns to see who could make whom orgasm using these things without touching the other person with our own body parts. They still weren’t sure, so they told me to go first.
To determine which one of the girls I would try first, they would play one hand of draw poker with the winner being the first victim. Before revealing their hands, the girls were trying to bluff each other into folding, but they all held their ground. When the hands were revealed, Rosemary won with a full house. I told her to lie down, spread her legs and close her eyes and let her mind wander.
Once Rosemary was in place, I gently blew on her nipples and saw them instantly crinkle up and get erect. Then I began circling her nipples with the feather as I softly blew them. Next I moved between her legs and against softly blew on her pussy lips. I saw the lips tighten to the gentle blowing and then I began to run the feather up and down her slit. I teased her clit with the tip of the feather and I continued to softly blow on it. I continued on, alternating between feathering her clit, her slit or her nipples.
In between blowing, I whispered to Rosemary to imagine a strange man gazing at her naked body and being so close to her pussy that it was him blowing on her clit. When I ran the feather over her nipples I whispered that it was the gentle caresses of the stranger’s tongue. I kept my voice soft and steady, almost hypnotic and it wasn’t long before I could see her stomach begin to contract. I whispered that the stranger was there waiting to drink you her juices when she came and that she could feel him breathing on her pussy. Moments later, her back arched, her stomach convulsed and she exploded with a body consuming orgasm.
Rosemary laid there for about a minute, catching her breath and then said that was incredibly one of the sexiest things she had ever done. She us that she could actually envision this dark haired muscular guy playing with her breasts and pussy and so close to her pussy that she could fell him breathing on her. Pepper said that she would not have believed it had she not seen it happen right before her. She begged to go next, but we had to play a hand of poker to see who the next victim was, but Rosemary was not allowed to play since she had her turn. Jerry won the hand, so the girls, including Rosemary played another hand of poker to see who would try to get him to cum without touching him. Pepper won the hand and told Jerry to lie down and close his eyes.
Pepper sorted through the bag of props and picked up another feather, this one was stiffer than the one I used on Rosemary and she picked out a silk scarf and a plastic straw. She draped the scarf long ways between Jerry’s legs and slowly pulled it along his cock. At the same time, she used the straw in her mouth to blow his nipples. His cock began to grow so she gently pulled the scarf up along his cock several more times until he was fully erect. Once Jerry was hard, she began to tickle his balls with the feather. His hanging balls quickly drew up tight at the touch of the feather. Pepper work on Jerry for nearly ten minutes and although he stayed fully erect, he admitted that he wasn’t close to cumming and Pepper was very disappointed. She looked at me and said screw the rules and quickly began sucking his. It didn’t take long until Jerry’s cock began to look like small white fountain as he shot his load up in the air and back all over himself.
After watching what happened, we agreed that it was harder to get us guys to cum with no actual physical contact so we would just turn our attention to the ladies, mainly both Pepper and Ginger wanted to see if they could experience what Rosemary had. Pepper and Ginger played one hand of draw poker and Ginger won and positioned herself for Jerry’s attempt to make her cum without touching her. He chose the straw, softer feather and a small wad of bunched up string.
Jerry did his best to mimic what I had done to Rosemary only he used to straw to better direct his blowing to specific areas. He also used the ball of string to softly tease her nipples by barely letting it dance on them from time to time. When he wasn’t blowing on the straw, he was reminding Ginger about her encounter with Colin and even tried to imitate Colin’s Scottish accent. It took about 7-8 minutes but Ginger finally had her orgasm without Jerry directly touching her.
Pepper was so anxious for her turn that she tried to hurry Ginger to move out of the way. She positioned herself and closed her eyes. I silently motioned to Jerry to help and we both began to work on her. I worked on teasing her nipples with blowing and the string and Jerry worked on her pussy and clit, using the straw and feather. Using my hypnotic voice, I softly took Pepper back to her first day here at the house when she and Rosemary came over to find Jerry and me naked. I took her back to when she first held our cocks in her hands and then when she first sucked on then and then when we gave her orgasms out by the pool. Jerry continued to tease her clit and slit, I teased her nipples and took her back to the Saturday that started it all and it only took about 5 minutes before her back arched, her body quivered and her pussy exploded with an orgasm that rocked every inch of her.
After it was all over, they asked what gave me that idea and I said it just came to me and thought I would try it. The girls thought it was different and fun. Jerry said it was okay, but he preferred to be able to touch. I said I agreed with him, but if it gave the girls a unique and pleasurable experience that it was worth trying at least once.
Jerry suggested we grab a beer and head out to the pool to cool off and relax, so we did. It was just starting to get dark which is one of my favorite times of the day to swim. We talked about tomorrow’s plans and I said that I didn’t have any as I would do my chopping on Sunday before heading back out for my final stint in the field and asked if anyone else had any plans. Ginger said that everything for the wedding, which was only two weeks out was all done and taken care of so there was nothing left to handle. Pepper said that since this is their last weekend before the wedding with me home that we should go out, celebrate and have some fun. Then she added that we had two weddings to celebrate and smiled. Jerry and I looked at each other and knew that Pepper was up to no good and I added that I just hoped we don’t get arrested.
Rosemary suggested we hit the sack early and get a full night’s rest before Pepper gets us all arrested. We said out goodnights and headed to bed.
After getting ready for bed, I sat on the edge and watched Ginger and Pepper getting ready in the bathroom. As they approached the bed, I stood up and put my arms around them both. I told them that I knew we had all slept together before, but this was the first time that we were going to sleep together as husband and two wives and kissed them both.
I lay in the middle of the bed and told them that I was theirs for the taking. They looked at each other and Pepper said that they needed to work together as sisters and as wives to the same man. She suggested that Ginger sit on my cock and she would sit on my face and then switch. All I knew was that listening to them dividing me up between them had made my cock really hard.
Ginger sat on cock, facing me and slow began to ride me up and down. My view of her was blocked when Pepper sat on my face facing Ginger. Her pussy smelled so good and I couldn’t wait to taste it with my tongue, so I snaked it out begun to run it along her slit and she did taste so good. As Pepper’s juices flowed down onto my tongue, Ginger was already building towards her first orgasm. I could feel the muscles in her pussy begin to contract, release and contract again. She knew that drove over the edge quickly and coupled with the delicious taste of Pepper pussy, I couldn’t hold back very long and soon began shooting my love deep into Ginger. I kept working on Pepper and began sucking and chewing on her clit and it didn’t take her long before she orgasmed and drenched my face with her juices. I licked up every drop I could before she moved off of me.
Only after both of them climbed off and began talking about how good things felt did I learn that the girls were playing with each other’s breasts the whole time they were on me. They both said that it helped them cum quicker and felt so good. After a short rest, they traded places and Pepper sat on my cock and faced Ginger as she sat on my face. I could smell and taste my own cum mixed with Ginger’s juices and had grown used to it. At first the idea was off putting to me but when I realized that it was our love juices mingled together, I just thought of it as a very special love cocktail.
As I was enjoying the love cocktail, Pepper was sliding up and down on my shaft. She moved forward, backwards and leaned from side to side, all giving a variety of sensations. I felt her lean way forward, putting extra pressure on the top of my shaft. It was very sensitive and I could feel the tingle in my balls as they began earnestly whipping up another load of semen. Ginger was also leaning more forward and I wondered if they were kissing each other as they were both enjoying their husband. The thought was quite erotic and helped to stimulate that little semen factory in my balls.
My thoughts were suddenly interrupted with Ginger exploded with a massive orgasm that I didn’t feel coming. Her whole body rocked and shook with the intensity and her juices were flowing like crazy. I kept sucking on her clit as she finished cumming and decided to concentrate on giving her a second orgasm, but again my thoughts were interrupted as Pepper’s pussy began to flex and contract and act like they were stroking my cock. Within seconds of her climax, I shot my second load of the night.
Afterwards, I asked them if they were kissing each other while we were making love and Ginger told me that Pepper had leaned forward enough to suck on her breasts. She said that feeling me suck on her clit and Pepper suck on her breasts at the same time was fantastic. I told them that it was pretty fantastic for me as well and that we’ll have to do that again.
We hugged and kissed in the afterglow for several minutes I could feel the love pouring out from both of them and hoped they could feel my love for them pouring out as well. But knowing how easy it is to drift off to sleep like this, I got up and drug the girls to the bathroom to clean up. I so enjoy washing them after making love and having them wash me. On more than one occasion that washing up has led to more sex, but not that night. We turned off the lights and headed back to bed. Now we had to make one of the biggest decisions of our young 3 way marriage and that was how to determine who I cuddle up against at night going to bed and who cuddles up against me? We discussed a number of options and finally decided that they would switch ever other night, but we still needed a fair way to determine who goes first. Drawing cards or having them play a hand of draw poker were suggested, but Pepper is a better poker player than Ginger, so I thought that wasn’t exactly fair. I made an executive decision and told them to each roll a pair of dice and that the one with the most pips showing would go first. The sisterly competitiveness and trash talking started to surface but I could tell it was all in fun. Finally they rolled their dice at the same time. Pepper showed 7 and Ginger showed 8. They laughed and both agreed that just sleeping cuddled against me, front or back was a win-win for both of them.
I climbed into bed and laid on my side and then Ginger climbed in and snuggled her butt against my crotch and Pepper snuggled up behind me as close as she could and put her arm over me as I put my arm over Ginger. I told them both that I love them and we all drifted off together as husband and wives for the first time.
To be continued… (the nude wedding is getting closer)
Poster: JD Whitings