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Sweet dare


True story about showing my wife off
Me & Frank knew each other through some business dealings. We weren't long time friends as we lived 14 mls apart about half an hours car journey away. He'd visited me a few times cos I used to purchase items from him for my business. We started to go out for a drink together & got on well with each other. The first time he saw my wife it was obvious he fancied her & after a few nights out together & a few pints he'd tell me how he fancied her. I knew that & so did she . We visited each other quite often & I found we were very similar. Sitting drinking in pubs the talk always turned to sex & he was as horny as me & this is when my wife would get mentioned by him. Porn was mentioned & he said he has some videos so he'd loaned me them plus mens magazines he had. It was as if he was grooming me so he could fuck my wife one day. He told me his life story & the girls he'd had & how at school his nickname was Donkey Cock. After a fair drink I mentioned I had a video camera. Next he was weedling out of me that I had a porn video of my wife.
He said can he have a look at it discretely. I said sometime but I don't know when so he suggested I could bring it to his house when his wife was out on Friday.
So on the Friday night I took my amateur porn video up to his place & he put the video on. Seeing my wife in stockings & suspender without knickers on sliding a small cucumber up herself really got him going. He loved her bra that was just a platform for her bare tits to sit on. He got his cock out & started stroking it so I decided to get mine out & we both sat watching my wife on his big TV screen. My wife always shaves her fanny & he loved seeing her bald fanny on screen. He said he'd love to fuck her . As we talked I mentioned he had a big cock & he said it was over 9 inches & thick.
A few times watching her on screen he said he'd love to fuck her. So with us both being so horny I told him a little secret from a few years ago. I told him me & my Pal used to fuck her regularly. I said she is very shy but liked the idea of having two men fussing over her so she came up with the idea of having a few drinks while me & him were at the Pub & then when we returned she'd pretend to be tipsy & go to sleep for us We could then help ourselves & her reputation stays intact .
Straight away Frank said did she think of that idea? so I said she amazingly she did think of it. I said the first time she did it for us she instructed me that we could only get her tits out & go no further than that so I'd agreed. On the night arranged to do it , we went off for a few pints & once we left she'd taken her old Jeans & Jumper off, got showered & put her button fronted short skirt on with stockings & tiny knickers then a black platform bra so her tits were bare sitting on the platform with a see through white blouse so her nipples were on show. Seeing her like that it was impossible to just play with her tits when she was lying asleep. Frank asked what happened when we came in from the Pub so I told him she was sitting drinking & looking tipsy but still awake. nipples on show through her blouse. We sat with our fingers that crossed she'd drop off to sleep soon. After 5 mins her eyes were closing so we got our cocks out & sat stroking them. That ensured she wouldn't wake up cos if she'd had a peep she'd have closed her eyes again. We then knelt infront of her & tried to keep to her rule by opening her blouse & each sucking on a tit. I knew she really must have wanted more cos I'd been married 12 yrs & knew her well. So I lifted her skirt right up to show him her tiny knickers & those lovely lily white thighs above her stockings. We sat either side of her & took her hands & put them on our cocks & started wanking using her hand. I took my hand away & she kept wanking it even though she was 'asleep'. He did the same & she continued wanking his. Neither of us wanted wanked off so we pulled away cos it was so exciting we'd have cum in no time. . By now I was bursting for a piss so I had to nip to the Loo. When I returned abt three mins later he was sitting on the sofa & his cock was shrunk . He'd fucked her when I was away at the Loo. Frank asked if we still do it & I said we don't cos my mate reluctantly moved away . I told him she misses her bit fun on a weekend so maybe I can get her to go to sleep for him. I told him I'll work on her & see if she'll be up for it. I knew she liked him & she might fancy a dirty night when I tell her his nickname . Whenever me & her were romping on the bed I started to bring up Frank fancying her & the size of his cock .

It turned her on & she was definitely interested especially when I described 9 inches compared to my 7 inches. . I knew I could persuade her to go to sleep for us. One thursday night Frank rang to say his wife was away that weekend and suggested a great chance for a bit flirt with her. He said why don't we go for a meal on Saturday night (like we'd done once before) but don't tell my wife his wife is away. If we'd told her she might not have came on the Saturday.
So on the Saturday night we drove to Franks house & he answered the door just before I knocked & he was all dressed to go straight out. He winked at me & said 'Sorry, the wife had to go somewhere so I thought we'll just go to the local pub instead if that's ok'. I quickly answered it's OK with me knowing she would have to go along with my decision.
We all walked up the field to the Pub via the little path as it was only 100 yds & with it being his Local he grabbed a nice quiet corner where we could sit & talk. He got the drinks in which was her usual Whisky & lemonade but we stuck to Shandies. She thought we were on Lagers but who wants brewers droop when you are hoping for a horny night.? As Frank knew the Manager well & was a mate of his I think he got her a double or treble because she suspected it & said she hopes this is not a double. He just said his mate the landlord always gives him good measures.
She suspected something but didn't want say so we all chatted away & then I went & got the next lot of drinks . I got a double for her seeing she wasn't sure what he'd got her. She was soon starting to get tipsy & enjoying herself. I think she felt good being out with two men who both wanted her. We got talking about when we were young & that gave Frank to mention his. He mentioned how they ribbed him at school , calling him donkey cock. My wife would normally get embarrassed if we'd talked like that infront of her but she didn't bat an eye so the talk got more and more naughty.
Frank was looking at me & putting his thumb up as if to say she's getting drunk. I gave him a wink & he got up to go for more drinks. I was surprised my wife drank the third one cos she hates being drunk. Then I got up to go to the Loo & Frank followed. Standing at the Urinal he flashed his cock & it was standing up . He said he hopes this is up her later.
I said she's in a naughty mood & is curious about the size of your cock & she seems to be enjoying the dirty patter cos its turning her on, so fingers crossed she opens her legs for you. He said the best way is when we get in his sitting room I should take the one easy chair. She'll have to sit on the only other seat which is the 2 seater Sofa . Then he can sit next to her. & have a bit flirt & hopefully a bit grope .On the dark path to his house Joan staggered/tripped so he grabbed hold of her & had a feel of her tits & she giggled so that was permission for more silly carry on with her. When we got to the house I went straight for the easychair & she sat down on the sofa while Frank went for drinks. He came back with drinks & sat next to her . If she'd been sober she'd have noticed something 'fishy' was going on. Our naughty banter from the Pub carried on & she took part like one of the lads. Then he started his flirting with her & she seemed to enjoy it. He was complimenting her figure & asked her if her tits were real ones . She had a push up bra on so they did look bigger & he'd noticed. Being giggly & flirting with him she laughed & said of course they're real you silly bugger. He said you've got chicken fillets in your bra cos they're bigger than they used to be & she said they are definitely all mine so he made a grab for them saying Gis a feel then' She limply tried to stop him but he's strong & he took hold of them. I knew she was loving the attention cos she'd have told me to tell him to stop if she wasnt. He'd made his move as he groped her tits & she was letting him then suddenly her blouse was wide open showing her sexy push up bra &with her tits nearly hanging out . She was still laughing as they flirted and I dont think she knew her blouse was wide open. Frank was really turned on now & determined to fuck her. If I'd said pack it innow Frank I think he'd have ignored me.
I was loving sitting watching my wife like this cos I'd never seen her like this. She would never admit she wanted another cock up her yet she knew what Frank was after & she wanted it as well. I got my cock out & it was rock hard as I sat watching them flirting with each other on the Sofa . She looked over to me as if to say is it ok to go further? As soon as she me wanking that was her answer cos she smiled & slid into a horizontal position on the Sofa . He loosened her bra bra off to suck her tits & his other hand pulled her skirt right up above her knickers. What a horny view that is seeing my sexy wife lying there getting her tits sucked while he's trying to get at her fanny. I went over to her & she took my cock into her mouth and started gently sucking . Was kneeling between her legs pushing her knickers to the side.
Seeing her shaved fanny all juicy and ready for his cock up it was really horny for me never mind Frank. He'd seen her fanny on video and now he was going to fuck it. I was so excited I had to take my cock from her mouth because I was starting to Cum & I didn't want to just yet. I decided to help Frank so I eased her into a good position for him and he knelt between her legs. I leaned over & I pulled her fanny lips apart and helped him into her cos he really was big . I was inches away watching his big cock sliding into her & she took it no bother Within 3 or 4 minutes he started to cum & then spunked his load up her. He had bragged that he could last for ages with his will power ( What a bragger). He had either lied or he couldn't stop my wife's tight fanny from milking his cock. Once he'd cum up her & pulled out he nipped to clean up & my wife was really embarrassed cos she'd obviously cum once or twice. We had to get away fairly quickly & Frank was wondering what was wrong. He was probably hoping for another fuck of her later. I drove home and she was so horny she lay across & sucked my cock all the way home. Good job the Police didn't pull us up. When we got in we had a great fuck & talked about how daring she'd been. She admitted she'd loved the experience & she wasn't a shy wife. after a few drinks. We rarely saw him after that & found another pal closer to home.
Poster: Colin Mc