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Sweet dare


Desert Heat - Part 27
Desert Heat – Part 27
Saturday, Aug. 18, 1985
All five of us seemed to wake at the same time, but no one knew why. We got up, fixed breakfast and asked Pepper what she had in mind. She said she wasn’t sure and was open to suggestions. As we sipped our coffee, we looked at each other and I could tell by the looks on their faces that they had ideas, but were hesitant to speak out. I knew it was because of my statement about not getting arrested which meant that it was up to me to make the first suggestion.
I thought about it for a while and finally suggested something completely different. During the summer, hundreds of people floated down part of a local river. There are a number of places along the river where we could get to that are off the beaten path and we could sunbath nude while all of the people floated by. In fact, I knew of an old desert road on the far side of the river that was rarely used by anyone and it led to a sandy desert wash along the river’s bank.
They all thought that sounded like a great idea and while we were cleaning up from breakfast, the girls began planning what to take or get for our picnic lunch. We knew the fried chicken plane didn’t open by 11am and we wanted to be out there at the river before then. Ginger found the phone number for our local grocery store and asked the deli if they could order some fired chicken to be picked up in half hour. We knew the lady who ran the deli and she said she would put a batch on right away.
We got dressed, the ladies putting on bikinis with a sheer top over it and a pair of shorts. Jerry and I put on our swimsuits and tank tops. We packed up some chairs, towels, ice boxes and sunscreen and a few other supplies. But the time we were loaded up, we climbed into the two trucks and headed to the store to pick up our chicken, grab some potato salad, chips and a couple cases of beer and some soda for Ginger. We also bought ice and packed the beer and soda in ice and put the potato salad in on top.
I told Jerry to follow me and when we turn off on the dirt road to follow closely, but yet keep enough distance to watch the condition of the road. It was a little used path and at times was quite rough, which is why few people ever used it. After we did turn off on the dirt road, we found the road to be almost impossible, but we managed to take it slow and finally pulled up to where the desert wash fanned out to meet the river. There were already some people floating by who must have gotten a very early start.
We put the ice chests in the shade under a couple of trees, then set up our chairs and stripped naked. I sat at one end with Ginger, Pepper, Rosemary and then Jerry on the other end. With a cold beer or soda in hand, we sat and watched as a few more people drifted by. None of these early floaters noticed that we were naked, sitting there watching them.
After the first few groups of people floated by, the girls began saying how turned on they were getting knowing that anyone could look over and see them completely naked. Pepper suggested that the first time someone actually noticed them that they should stand up and wave to them. The girls began giggling like they always do and watched as a few more people floated past.
We sat there for another 20 minutes and watched a few more people float past before a group of about a dozen teenagers floated closer to our side of the river and one of the guys spotted up and began hollering to the others and pointing. Pepper was the first one standing, but Ginger and Rosemary joined her as they stood and waved. Pepper gave them a good show as she bounced up and down on her tiptoes, making her sexy breasts bounce up and down. Three of the girls on the rafts lifted their tops and flashed up their breasts and then one of the guys managed to stand long enough to slide his shorts down and flash his cock.
It wasn’t long before the rounded the bend and were out of sight. None of the girls had ever been outdoors completely naked flashing complete strangers, but they found the new experience exhilarating and very enjoyable. All three of them were saying how wet they were getting from the experience.
More and more people began to float past and for the most part most of them never saw us. The next group that spotted us were only 2 couples. They waved and Pepper stood up, walked to the water’s edge and waved back. Standing at the water’s edge, she was more visible to others who had not quite reached our location and you could hear shouts and whistles from up the river.
She called for Ginger and Rosemary to join her, but I stopped them and told Pepper that she needed to move back and sit down. She has a very disappointed look on her face and I explained that we could all get arrested for being naked out here and that standing at the water’s edge was a sure way to attract the attention we didn’t want. Ginger told her I was right and that we could still have a lot of fun, we did need to be careful. Pepper put on her fake pouty look and sat down. Her pouty face was so funny that none of the rest of us could keep from laughing at her. She tried to look more pouty, but she too gave way to laughing at herself.
For the next hour, we all just sat, drinking our beers and waving to the occasional floaters that noticed us sitting there. Several girls flashed up their breasts and several guys flashed us their cocks. When young guy tried to stand up and flash his cock, Pepper spread her legs wide open and they guy was so shocked that he fell off the raft and into the river. He began to swim in our direction until the rest of his group called to him as they began to float on down the river. He waved, and then turned and swam back to his group.
By now it was getting quite hot in the sun and we decided to cool off in the river, but I was a party poop and made everyone put something on first. The current was fairly strong against the bank, so we only waded in far enough to get wet, but ventured no further. While we were cooling off, one group of teens floated about ten feet away from us. One of the guys called out for our girls to show them their breasts and Pepper quickly obliged and then she called back for him to show them his cock, so he managed to pull it out as he and his group floated on by.
The river water was quite cold compared to the 100 degree temps in the sun, and it didn’t take long before we had to get back out to warm up. We could hear the hoots, hollering and whistling as the five of us rose up out of the water and made our way back to our chairs.
It was nearing lunch time, so we spread a couple of blankets out on the sandy wash and proceeded to have our first ever naked outdoor picnic that wasn’t in our own fenced in backyard. During lunch, the sisters were talking about how turned on they were knowing that a number of complete strangers saw them stark naked. Then they started talking about the guys that flashed them and began rating how the different ones were hung. I looked at Jerry and starting talking about the many girls that flashed us their breasts and began rating them on size, shape and firmness. Jerry added a rating that included the size of the aureoles. This caught the girls’ attention and made them realized what they were doing and we all ended up laughing at how it all sounded.
During lunch we noticed that the traffic on the river had picked up to an almost steady flow of floaters. I hadn’t realized that there were so many people floating on the river these days and suggested that we may want to pack up and leave. The girls looked at me with a look that told me they had a different idea.
I was still sitting on the blankets when Pepper and Ginger pushed me back into a prone position. Ginger moved onto my cock and Pepper sat on my face, the same as they did the night before, facing each other. Rosemary moved onto Jerry’s cock and the five of us had sex out in the open as dozens of people floated past. We could hear shouts and applauds from those that spotted us and saw what we were doing.
I could tell that Pepper was very turned on as her juices were flowing down her inner things. My tongue was buys trying to lick up as much of her juices as possible before probing into her wanting pussy. The moment my tongue parted the lips of her very hot pussy, she began to squirm and writhe on my face. It was everything I could do to keep her pussy within reach of my tongue and lips. In less than a minute from the time my tongue snaked past her slit, Pepper flooded my face with a wild orgasm.
At the same time, Ginger was riding my cock like she was a jockey in the Kentucky Derby hell bent on finishing first. I could only imagine what her gorgeous breasts looked like as they bounced wildly up and down on her chest. Not long after Pepper came on my face, Ginger exploded with a massive orgasm of her own. Her clenching pussy squeezed my cock so tightly that it literally sucked the white ropes of my seed up inside her womb.
I looked over and could see that Jerry and Rosemary had finished their love making as well. We all rolled over and laid out on the blankets to catch our breath and composure. As we were lying there, Pepper told Ginger that she was right when she said having sex outdoors with someone else watching was a huge turn on. I mentioned that I could tell she was turned on since she was flowing more than the river and for a moment I thought I was going to drown.
I guess lying down made us harder to see from out on the water and we heard no calls shouts or whistles. The interlude of notoriety and attention was rather refreshing, but not long lasting. A few minutes of just lying there, I heard Pepper say it was time to switch. She told Rosemary it was her turn to sit on my face and Ginger would ride Jerry while Pepper rode me. Jerry asked why I was always getting two of the girls he was only getting one, and Pepper replied because I had two wives and he was only getting one. Jerry said that for once he like to have two, so I suggested that Pepper ride Jerry while Ginger sits on his face. Pepper looked at me disappointedly and I told her that she could have me tonight and that seemed to satisfy her.
The two older sisters moved over to Jerry and Rosemary moved over to me. She looked at me and asked how I would like her and I told her to face Jerry and get on all fours. When she got into position, I moved in behind her and slid right inside. Reaching around, I cupped her breasts in my hands as I began to slide in and out in a steady and slow rhythm.
Rosemary and I watches as Pepper rode Jerry’s cock and faced Ginger as she sat on his face facing Pepper. I watched as Pepper’s breasts bounced up and down as she rode on Jerry. I leaned forward and quietly asked Rosemary if seeing her sisters with her future husband made her jealous. She turned her head back towards me and said not at all and besides, she had their husband all to herself so why should she be jealous. Then she looked up at me and told me that she loved me just as much as her sisters do and that she loves Jerry just as much also. I asked if her sisters knew and she said they are well aware and that they also love Jerry. I shouldn’t have been surprised after everything else that happened this weekend, but I was and then she told me that we are really one happy family of 5.
The whole time we were talking, I maintained my steady pace of pumping her from behind. Both Pepper and Ginger had already had orgasms with Jerry and I could feel Rosemary getting closer to hers. Grabbing Rosemary’s hips, I picked up my pace and pressure and her pussy instantly contracted around my shaft and I began to shoot my load into her as she was hitting the peak of her climax. I did my best to stay in her as long as possible, but as I began to shrink, I moved away and laid back on the blankets. That’s when I heard some yells and whistles from the river and it dawned me that I had totally blocked out the river rafters while we were making love. I asked the others if they had noticed or heard anyone from the river while we were busy with each other and they all said the same thing, that they don’t remember hearing anything from the river.
We decided to have another beer and sit in the chairs for a bit before packing up and heading home. The traffic on the river was pretty heavy and a number of people saw us sitting there naked. Pepper jiggled her breast several times at some of the guys and all three girls sat with their legs spread. About half an hour later and beers empty, we packed up and headed home. We had enough food left over from our picnic that we didn’t need to stop for food.
By the time we got home, we unloaded everything, put the food away and headed for the showers. It was a tight fit, but all five of us managed to squeeze into the same shower where we proceeded to scrub each other. A lot of the scrubbing was done body to body and was a lot of fun. After toweling each other off, which was also fun, it was time for dinner. We broke out the rest of the picnic food and took it out back by the pool, along with the cooler of beer.
The one thing that Jerry and I were rapidly learning is that when something new, like group sex outdoors with strangers passing by, happens, the three sisters dominate the entire conversation. At times, Jerry and I leave and they wouldn’t notice and this just happened to be one of those occasions. They talked non-stop for the next hour about how exciting it was to be naked outdoors and have complete strangers seeing them and then about making love in front of strangers. Jerry and I just sat back and listened. Every so often, we would look at each other and gesture to each other about things the girls were saying.
Finally, I stood up and said we needed to put the rest of the food away before it spoiled in the heat. The look I got from the girls was priceless as they couldn’t believe I would be so bold as to interrupt their discussion. I laughed and said they could relive their day after we cleaned up from dinner. Reluctantly, they got up and helped it didn’t take long for the five of us to put the remaining food away, clean up, grab another beer and then we headed in to the living room. As soon as we all sat down, the three sisters started back, talking about the guys that flashed them at the river today.
I motioned to Jerry to follow me. We grabbed a beer and headed back out to the pool with a deck of cards and stack of poker chips. We started playing poker and talking about the girls. It was almost 20 minutes later when the girls came out back and asked us when we went outside as they never noticed. Jerry told them that they were so busy yapping about the teen cocks they saw today that we just decided to move on out and play some poker. Rosemary asked if they could play and I said yes, but not for chips. Pepper looked at me and instantly knew what I meant and she asked how many articles of clothing do we each start with. Before I could answer, Jerry said 7 articles and like always, shoes count as 1 and so do socks. Everyone looked at him and asked why 7 and he said just to make it different for a change. We all laughed and headed towards the bedrooms to change, but Pepper and Ginger told me to set up the table inside and I could change when they were done.
Jerry and set up the poker table, got the chairs, cards, beer and a soda for Ginger. Everything was ready. Finally, the girls came out wearing bathrobes, not letting us know what they had on underneath. I asked if that was part of their 7 items and they said it was. Jerry and headed in to get dressed and decided we would do the same. A few minutes later, we walked out wearing our robes and everyone started laughing at each other.
For the next hour and half, we played strip poker until everyone was naked. Then we started playing for favors, which included sucking breasts, cocks and pussies, fondling all of the same and eventually the best of all. That actually took another hour and half because of all of the interludes to fulfill the favors won. By bedtime, we were all very satisfied, sexually. We cleaned up and put everything away, hugged and kissed goodnight and said we would see each other in the morning.
When Pepper, Ginger and I got into the bedroom, I remembered to ask Ginger if she had all of the honeymoon arrangements made for Jerry and Rosemary and she assured me she had. I gave her a hug and we got ready for bed. Climbing into bed, I was surprised to hear that both of them were tired and very satisfied, so we just snuggled up together and drifted off to sleep. I thought to myself that I was the luckiest man in the world to have two beautiful women to sleep with every night.
To be continued… Jerry and Rosemary’s wedding is drawing very near.
Poster: JD Whitings