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Sweet dare


Desert Heat - Part 28
Desert Heat – Part 28
Sunday, Aug. 19, 1985
I woke quite early Sunday morning and managed to slip out from in between Ginger and Pepper. They just naturally rolled towards each other in their sleep and cuddling each other in their arms. I made my way to my office and closed the door. Coffee wasn’t an option this early as the smell would wake everyone and none of them would be happy waking this early.
Grabbing some of the tech journals, I leaned back in my chair and began to skim through them, looking for pertinent articles to my work. Finding several, I set to reading them, but every time I started to get into the article, my mind went back to how the two girls cuddled up against each other in their sleep and how wonderful it looked to see them that way.
Then it really hit me that I was the luckiest man in the world to have not one, not two, but three beautiful sisters all tell that they love and that they all know about each other. Really, what man could want more? The more I thought about the intertwined relationships the harder my cock got. When I closed my eyes, I could see all three of them standing naked in front of me and wanting me.
Then I heard a familiar voice ask if that hard on was for her and without opening my eyes, I said whichever sister you are, yes this hard on is for you. I opened my eyes to see Ginger and Pepper standing there arm in arm and smiling at me. Again I thought to myself what a lucky man I am.
The girls walked over, and kissed my hard on and then said they were going to make coffee. I tried to go back to my reading, but it just wasn’t going to happen so I joined them in the kitchen. After breakfast, I sat down to make a list of groceries I needed to get for my last 10 day stretch. I was really dreading this last stretch and being gone from the girls, especially after what had happened. I felt bad that Pepper didn’t get a honeymoon like Ginger and I had and decided I would remedy that as soon as I could.
I don’t what it is about our fivesome, but every time I need to shop for my groceries on the Sunday before leaving, they all want to come, and I have to admit that it’s fun having them and sometimes it’s downright challenging. Today was no different as they were all in a very good mood which I knew could mean trouble and danger was brewing along with the flashing of bare skin.
It was another hot day in the desert and the three sisters dressed accordingly in their halter tops and shorts. Jerry and I were a little more modest in t-shirts and shorts. We headed to the first grocery store where I had my list and the four of them had their own list for groceries while I was gone. Usually I had Ginger and/or Pepper or Jerry with me, but today, I shopped alone while the four of them carried on with their shopping. I had no problem locating them in the store as they were laughing a lot and quite loud at times.
Turning the corner into an aisle, I saw all three girls showing their breasts to a couple of college age guys. When they saw me at the other end of the aisle, they waved and said hi, causing the two guys to turn and look. One of the guys asked Ginger who I was and she said I was her husband. Then Pepper told them that I was her husband also. The looks on the guys’ faces were priceless. Then one of the guys asked why they were with Jerry and not me, and Pepper told them that I was leaving town for 10 days and that the three of them were staying with Jerry. As they said that, they all put their arms around Jerry and cuddled up to him and all Jerry could do was shrug his shoulders and say it was a long story, but he wasn’t complaining. Every time the girls saw the two guys watching down the aisles, they would flash them their breasts. All I could do was shake my head and enjoy the show, as I have to admit that I do get turned on watching them flash other people.
After shopping, we went home and put everything away. I spent the next hour getting everything I needed ready and packed for my early departure. It was lunch time and we just fixed some sandwiches, grabbed potato chips and cold beer. We were just finishing lunch when we heard a faint knocking on the carport door. I quickly grabbed a pair of shorts and the others headed for the bedrooms.
I looked out the window and saw our neighbors’ daughter Brianne. I opened the door and asked is we could help her. She said her parents were gone for the week and she was home alone. She probably saw the curious look on my face so she explained that they had reservations made for their vacation and didn’t realize that Brianne couldn’t go along because she had track practice every day.
By now, the others had quickly gotten dressed and Ginger asked her on in and then asked what we could do for her. She looked at Ginger and asked if she remembered inviting her over to swim in the pool at the beginning of summer and Ginger said yes. I quickly realized that this was before Ginger went with me to the field and met Bill and Olga who helped her find her sensuous side. Ginger said that she was more than welcome to use the pool and that we were probably heading out for a swim ourselves.
Brianne was sixteen, tall and thin. She ran cross country, meaning she didn’t have an ounce of fat on her. Her breasts were an average b cup at the most, but on her slender frame, they were plenty to give her a sensuous look. Ginger took her out back to the pool and told her that we were just going to change into our swim suits and we would be right out. When she got back inside, I quickly warned everyone that she was underage jail bait and that I had no desire to see any of us go to jail, so we all had to be good. Pepper gave me that devious look and I shook my finger as a warning to her and she just chuckled.
After getting our swim suits on, we grabbed the towels and headed out back. We were all shocked to see Brianne floating on a pool lounger stark naked. I asked her what she thought she was doing and she said that she has heard us out here for the past month and knew that we were swimming naked and having sex in and out of the pool. I told her that maybe so, but that she was underage and I didn’t like the idea of going to jail. Brianne looked up at me and mentioned that I obviously liked what I saw and that all she wanted to do was sun herself naked and that she wasn’t asking for sex so if there is no contact, then there should be no problem. I said she could have sunned herself in her back yard with her parents gone and then she told us that neighbors’ boys built a treehouse that overlooks their backyard so sunning of any kind was completely out of the question.
By now, Ginger, Pepper, Rosemary and Jerry were all staring at me, waiting for my response. I looked at them and then looked at Brianne and told her that there would be no contact, no sex and that she never mentions this to anyone. She smiled and said thank you half a dozen times. It didn’t take Pepper or Ginger long to strip down and join Brianne in the pool. It was then that I allowed myself to take in the full view of this nubile young lass. Her long blonde hair now looked darker after getting get and even though her crotch was several inches underwater, I could see the dark triangle of her pubic hair. By now Rosemary was also naked and floating in the pool with the others.
I still felt awkward being naked with an underaged girl, especially one as attractive as Brianne was, so I opted to keep my swim suit on and so did Jerry. All four of the girls tried to pressure us into stripping, but Jerry and I remained firm and clothed. I offered Brianne a soda and she readily accepted.
Floating out in the pool, Brianne began asking the sisters about some of the things she had heard over the fence. She told us that she heard us talking about sex and that she heard loud moans and people announcing that they were cumming. I was rather shocked and surprised as we never thought about being overheard over the fence. Then she asked Ginger that if she promised to keep it a secret would we have sex in front of her? She said she was still a virgin and had heard many things, often very contradictory to each other and she wanted to see for herself what was true and what was were lies told by other teens.
Ginger and Pepper looked at me. Ginger had a concerned look on her face and Pepper was smiling with anticipation. I said I didn’t think it was a good idea as we could get charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Brianne pleaded and so did Pepper. Ginger shrugged her shoulders indicating she wasn’t sure what to do. When I looked at Rosemary, she also shrugged and Jerry said it was up to me but that understood my hesitation. Then Ginger said she had an idea that might work. She suggested that Pepper and I go into my office which has a window facing the pool. Pepper and I could make love in my office and Brianne could watch through the window and give all of us plausible deniability. Before I could answer, Pepper was out of the pool and drying off. She toweled me off as fast as she could, grabbed my hand and literally yanked me into the house.
We went to my study and Pepper pulled the sheer curtains back making sure that Brianne had a clear view. I had a small sofa in the office that was clearly visible from the window. As soon as we saw Ginger and Brianne standing at the window, Pepper yanked my swimsuit down, knelt before me and began to lick and kiss my cock. She made sure that we were at the right angle to give Brianne the best view possible. Eventually Pepper moved from the licking and kissing to sucking on my cock. First she began on the head and slowly worked her way down, taking more and more of me into her mouth. Once she had most of my cock in her mouth, Pepper started to suck in and out, looking like one of the oil rigs you see in the farmlands.
While she sucked my cock, I reached down and played with her nipple. I rolled them between my fingers and as I did, I could see Brianne playing with her own firm nipples as she watched us. Seeing this young girl standing there watching me was really turning me on and told Pepper that she better save some of me for her pussy. She pulled off of me and laid down on the sofa and spread her legs. I knelt between her legs and leaned up and started kissing and sucking on her nipples. Slowly I kissed my way down her belly to her mound and then kissed her thighs before reaching the lips of her pussy.
I ran my tongue and down both sides of her slit and above her clit. Bit by bit I moved closer until finally my tongue was traveling up and down her opening. Then I worked my tongue into her pussy and tasted her sweet juices. From licking her pussy I moved to kissing and then sucking her clit. In less than a minute Pepper’s body convulsed with her orgasm. I let her come off her plateau and then moved up and began rubbing the tip of my cock along her anxiously waiting pussy. Pepper couldn’t stand it any longer. She reached around, grabbed my butt and pulled me into her. She lifted herself to meet the thrust and I sunk deep inside her. The feeling of suddenly being pulled in almost made me cum.
Once I was inside Pepper, I turned us over so that her butt and pussy faced the window and Brianne had a clear view of my cock sliding in and out of her pussy. I glanced past Pepper to the window and saw Brianne standing there and her eyes were as wide open as they could be. From the look on her face, she was completely mesmerized by the sight inside the window. I reached down and grasped Pepper’s butt cheeks and pulled them apart, making sure that Brianne got a good look. Pepper had another orgasm and it had to be obvious from outside as her body arched and shook almost uncontrollably.
I slowed down to all Pepper to recover. I suggested that when I got close that I should pull out and that Pepper should finish me with her hands and as I start to cum, she should start to lick my cum up and clean me off with her tongue. Pepper agreed that it would make a better show so I told her to get ready because I could feel it traveling up from my balls. Pepper immediately got up and knelt down just to the side of me so as not to obstruct the view and began to stroke my cock. It only took about a dozen strokes and I began to shoot my white jets into the air. As the eruption started, Pepper leaned in and began licking up as much of my cum as possible.
Once I was cleaned up, I put my swim trunks back on and we headed back outside to the pool. I hadn’t stepped two feet out the door when Brianne jumped into my arms, thanking and kissing me. She was still naked and I could feel her young firm breasts pressing against my chest and I couldn’t help but get hard again. As she slid back down to the ground, she brushed against my bulging cock and smiled up at me and said how much she wished she could have it inside her. I told her that as much as I would love to feel her tight little pussy surrounding my cock, I wouldn’t do it because of her age and I didn’t want to take any chance of getting arrested.
Brianne reached for my bulge and I stepped back and said that it wasn’t going to happen. Then she asked if I would reconsider if she told me something that I could use against her and I asked what. She told stolen several credit cards from strangers and that she had used them to buy some clothes. Brianne said if she showed us the credit cards and allowed us to copy down the names and numbers, then we could easily turn her over to the police if any word of her having sex with me every got out. I told her to get dressed, go home, get the cards and bring them back and that we would talk about it here while waiting for her.
Brianne hurriedly got dressed and ran back to her house. Before I could say anything, both Ginger and Pepper told me that I should go for it and that they didn’t think she would ever say anything. I told them that I still thought this was a dangerous idea. Ginger asked me if I thought Brianne was cute and sexy and I said yes, she was a beautiful looking young lady and she had a dynamite body. Pepper asked me if age wasn’t a problem and she and Ginger urged me to take her, would I?
Right as I said that I would take Brianne in a heartbeat, she walked through the door and heard what I said. She jumped into my arms and kissed hard on the lips. After finally peeling her off of me I asked to see the credit cards and she handed me 4 cards, all with different names. I asked her how and why she stole them. She said that her parents told her that she needed to earn her own money to buy some of the things she wanted but no one would hire her. She continued and said that she was walking through a busy restaurant and saw the credit cards on a waitress tray by a register but no one was there and the next things she knew she had the cards in her purse and she was out the door. Along with the cards, she had several receipts that totaled about $133. I took them to my office and copied down all of the information and went back out to the pool.
I told her that if any word got out about her being here with us naked or anything about what happens that I would certainly turn over the information to the police. She promised over and over that she’d never say a word especially knowing that she would go to jail also. I turned to the others and they all nodded their approval. I turned back to Brianne, reached out and took her hand in mine and pulled her closer. As I kissed her, I reached around and untied the top to her bikini and let it fall. Then I knelt down in front of her and slowly slid her bikini bottoms off.
Still kneeling in front of this delicious young dish, I looked up at her blonde bush, leaned forward and kissed her pussy. Her body trembled and Ginger said she looked like she was going to pass out. I looked over to Jerry and motioned for him to come join in. He moved in behind her, reached around and cupped her breasts and let her lean back against him. For the next few minutes, I continued to kiss all around her pussy and even teased her by barely sliding my tongue between her sweet lips. I looked up and saw that Brianne had her eyes closed and had a look of bliss on her pretty face. I asked her if she has ever had anyone kiss her pussy like I was and she said she’s never been naked with a boy ever. Pepper told her that she was in for the best experience of her young life.
I told Jerry that we needed to move her inside to the living room. He put his arms under hers and I grabbed her ankles and lifted her off the ground. Carrying her into the house was a pleasurable experience because I had a great view of her pussy with her legs spread. Brianne knew I was staring at her pussy, causing her to smile and ask if I liked what I saw. I told her that it looked good enough to eat and that is what I was planning to do. She said that sounded great but asked if she could take off Jerry and my swimsuits before I ate her out and we said that would be fine.
Setting her on the sofa, Jerry and I stood in front of her. She reached for my swimsuit and pulled it down to my ankles. My cock was already rock hard and it sprang up, almost hitting her in the face as she leaned in to lower my suit. She sat there staring at my cock only inches in front of her. Pepper asked if she had ever seen a man’s cook before and she said only in pictures and through a window. She acted like she wasn’t sure what to do with it, so Pepper sat next to her and guided her hands around my shaft. Pepper instructed her on how to gently stroke a cock and then to taste the precum that was oozing out. Brianne was hesitant to put her tongue on my cock but once Pepper convinced her that she would like it, she quickly licked off a little of my excitement. She looked up and said that actually tasted good and began to lick it again.
Jerry asked about him and Brianne was all apologetic and turned to him and slid his shorts down and then took hold of his cock and licked the tip of his cock. Still holding Jerry’s cock in one hand, she wrapped her fingers around mine, causing more precum to ooze out which she quickly licked off the tip of my cock.
Brianne turned to Pepper and asked about seeing her suck on my cock through the window. Pepper explained to her what to do and Brianne leaned forward and took the head of my cock into her small mouth. She began to suck and as Pepper told her to start sliding back and forth along my shaft. Man did she lips feel great and watching her bobbing on my cock was quite the sight. After about a minute, Pepper reminded her that there was another cock waiting and Brianne quickly moved over and began sucking Jerry’s cock and I heard Jerry moan with pleasure.
I left her sucking Jerry’s cock and moved down between her firm legs began to lick and kiss around her pussy. I worked my tongue in circles around her clit and she squirmed with excitement. Then I ever so gently placed my lips over her clit and began to softly suck on it. Brianne was so caught up in my sucking on her clit that she forgot she had a cock in her mouth. Jerry realized it and turned his attention to sucking on her pert hard nipples. She leaned back on the sofa with her head back, eyes closed and low moans emanating from her throat.
It didn’t take long before her back started to arch and then shake. Her moans got louder and as her orgasm reached its peak. I backed off for a few moments until she opened her eyes, looked at me and began to cry. I thought that I may have done something wrong so I asked her what was wrong. She said nothing was wrong but that she had never felt anything so incredible before and she was so happy that she couldn’t help but crying. Pepper was still sitting next to her and asked if she had ever had an orgasm before and she said only when she did it herself and they never felt like that. Pepper whispered in her ear that this was only the beginning and Brianne smiled from ear to ear and said she was ready for whatever came next.
I moved aside and motioned to Jerry to take his turn. He moved between her legs and began licking her pussy lips. Slowly, he worked his tongue between her lips while spent some time sucking and playing with her nipples. Jerry used his thumb to rub Brianne’s clit while he licked and sucked on her pussy and in only a couple of minutes she had her second orgasm and Jerry licked up her juices as fast as they flowed from her virgin pink lips.
Recovering her composer only a little, she looked at me and asked if I would make her a woman. I told her I would love to but she needed to finish something that she had started. She had that I have no idea what you’re talking about look on her face and I pointed to Jerry’s cock. Then I told her that if she finished sucking his cock that I would make her a woman. Brianne said she wasn’t sure how to finish Jerry off or what to do once he started to cum and Pepper told her that she was there to coach her.
Jerry moved back in front of Brianne and she hesitantly placed her lips on his cock once more. Pepper whispered in her ear to start moving on his cock like she was earlier and to place one hand on his balls and hold the base of his cock with the other hand. With Pepper’s encouragement, Brianne was soon sucking Jerry’s cock like a pro and as she sucked, Pepper fondled her breasts. Jerry’s breathing changed and I could tell he was getting close. He opened his eyes and looked down at the young beauty taking his cock in and out of her mouth. He looked over at Pepper and me and nodded that he was about to cum. Pepper leaned in and whispered to Brianne to be ready to swallow and to keep swallowing as fast as she could and to keep sucking. A moment later, Jerry began emptying himself into Brianne’s mouth. She started to gag and Pepper did what she could to coach her through it. She told her to keep sucking after he stops cumming to make sure she gets every drop out of him. When she’s sure he’s empty, then she can pull off of him but to lick his entire shaft and head clean.
Brianne finished her first ever blow job and again said wow. She said that she was afraid that a man’s cum would be disgusting but she liked how it tasted and how it felt when Jerry’s cock swelled and began pumping it into her mouth. Looking up at Jerry and still holding his cock, she thanked him for allowing her to suck him and taste his cum. Jerry assured her that the pleasure all his and that she was welcome to do it again sometime. Brianne said that she would like that.
Then she turned to me and said that I promised to make her a woman after she finished Jerry and I told her I would be more than happy to. I looked over to Ginger and she smiled and told me to go for it and not to worry about the sofa as the covering was washable. I said that I needed to get a condom first because I couldn’t risk getting her pregnant and she told me that she’s been on the pill for two years to help regulate her period so I didn’t need one.
I moved between her legs again and said I wanted to see how tight she was first, so I worked one and then two fingers into her pussy. She was very wet which was good, but she was also quite tight and I could feel her hymen still intact. As I was feeling the inside of her pussy, Brianne was already moaning with pleasure. She mumbled that I was the first male to ever touch her and that my touch felt wonderful.
Before I took her virginity, I kept working my fingers in her pussy to give her another orgasm, but not a squirting one. I figured that would be saved for a later date, if need be. I watched her juices run all over my fingers and hand as she came hard. Her whole body shook and convulsed. I gave her a minute or two to regain her whereabouts and told her that this could hurt, but that the pain should ease fairly quickly and be replaced with a good feeling. She said she was ready, so I moved in closer and began to rub the head of my cock against the lips of her pussy. I loved the way it parted her pubic hair and ever so slowly disappeared into virgin territory.
I proceeded slowly because I could feel how tight her young pussy was. Her face grimaced from time to time as I worked just the head of cock into her. Not wanting to hurt her, I carefully fucked her with just the head of my cock until the grimace left her face and I could feel her pussy accommodating my size, and no I’m not some giant monster down there like everyone writes about. I have an average cock, about 6 inches fully erect but there is distinct swell in the shaft just behind where my foreskin was circumcised. Ginger always told me that the large part of the shaft was thicker than the head and added to the pleasure.
Once Brianne had adjusted to the head, I started to work my win a little deeper and soon could feel it hitting her hymen. Again I took some time working it in and out to help her adjust, but before I could go any further, she came again and her pussy clamped onto me and just held my cock in place until she finished her orgasm. She looked at me said that was great and began to thank me when Pepper told her I just gotten started and that I hadn’t popped her cherry yet. Brianne looked surprised asked if there was more still to come and Pepper told her yes and there really is more to cum. Pepper took Brianne’s hand in hers and nodded to me to go ahead.
I was still working in and out and hitting against her hymen when I gave a harder thrust. Brianne cried out in pain and clenched Pepper’s hand as I felt her hymen give way and allow me to slide a little deeper. Knowing that there was that initial stinging, I just held my cock in place for about a minute, watching the look on Brianne’s face. She looked up and told me to go ahead, so I once more began to slowly work my cock a little deeper with each stroke. It took a couple of minutes of gradual progress before I had the entire shaft inside her. I stopped and held it there for a few moments and asked Brianne how she was doing. She said the pain was almost gone and that she was ready for whatever was next.
Now I began to slowly work my cock almost all the way out and then back all the way in. Bit by bit I picked up the pace and it wasn’t long before I could feel Brianne starting to move to match my strokes. Again I asked her how she was doing and she said the pain was gone and that this was the greatest feeling in the world and she began to cry tears of joy. I leaned up a little so that my cock would rub against her clit as I turned this girl into a woman. As soon as I did this, I could feel her pussy starting to contract and a few moments later she climaxed again. The intensity of her pussy contraction was incredible. I was sunk all the way inside her and every part of my cock was being squeezed over and over like it was in a milking machine. Watching her nubile body in front of me and watching my cock sliding in and out along with the total cock massage her pussy was giving me brought me close to cumming really fast.
I wanted this to last a few minutes longer and savor the feeling of this virgin pussy and what it had to offer, so I slowed down and barely moved inside her. As I did, I could feel her body reacting, trying to get me to keep up the rhythm, but I wanted to make it last longer. Still with tears of joy streaming down her cheeks, Brianne asked me to finish making her a woman and cum inside her. She so wanted to know what it felt like to have a man spew his seed inside her pussy. I leaned forward, kissed her on the lips and whispered that we need to savor this moment a little longer. I kissed and sucked on her nipples as I slowly picked up the pace.
Brianne locked her gaze upon my eyes as if looking down into my soul as I slid in and out of her. I could almost get lost her deep brown eyes that begged me to fill her with my cum. Never breaking our gaze, I continued to make love to this gorgeous young creature and this time I didn’t hold back. When my cock began to swell, her eyes got bigger and she told me she could feel me suddenly getting bigger. That was all it took for me to unleash gush after gush of my white hot seed. As I began to fill her, I couldn’t help but realize that my sperm was the first to ever enter into this young girl’s inner most sanctum and the thought kept me pumping and pumping. It had to have been one of the biggest loads I had produced in quite a while. Both Pepper and Ginger commented about how long I kept pumping.
With each thrust and spurt of hot cum, Brianne kept whispering thank you over and over again. When I was sure I was empty, I began to pull out and she wrapped her legs around me and begged me to stay, so I stayed in her until I began to shrink. Finally I had shrunk enough that I fell out of her. Brianne suddenly became concerned about the cum starting to leak out of her pussy and Pepper told her not worry and nudged me out of the way. She took my place in front of Brianne’s pussy and began to lick and clean up all of the cum that trickled out. At first Brianne didn’t know what to say, but she soon started to moan as Pepper licked inside and outside her pussy and even paid special attention to her clit. In no time, Pepper gave her another orgasm which caused more of my sperm to ooze out which Pepper readily licked up.
Over an hour had passed by and now we were all sitting around naked with our sixteen year old neighbor. Rosemary, who had been a quiet observer though it all asked Brianne how she felt now and if she realizes everything that had just happened to her. Brianne said that she had never felt greater in her entire life and that this was most amazing experience she had ever had. When she tried to recall what all happened, she admitted that there was so much that she wasn’t really sure. Rosemary recounted that she had been eaten out by a man and woman, she had sucked off one man and another man had fucked her. She also had been fondled and had her breasts kissed by two men and one woman and that she had a total of six orgasms. Brianne said she had no idea that all that took place but added that she was awfully glad it had.
Pepper warned her that she might be a little sore for a couple of days and that was normal for the first time. Brianne thanked Pepper for the warning and then told her she was surprised when she licked her pussy and made her cum. She had never thought about doing anything with another girl and it surprised her, but she said it felt great. Pepper then asked her if she would be interested in licking and tasting another woman’s pussy like what she had done to her. Brianne’s face turned red and said it sounded interesting and that she would probably like to try it at least once. Pepper then asked her to select which one of the sisters she would like to taste and Brianne said her since she had helped her so much this afternoon.
Brianne and Pepper traded places and Brianne moved in between Pepper’s legs. Ginger moved over next to Brianne and said it was her turn to help guide her. She told Brianne to start with licking the outer lips and around the clit and Brianne leaned in and started to do as she was told. Then Ginger told her to work her tongue between Pepper’s pussy lips and taste the sweetness. The young tongue followed its orders and wormed its way between Pepper’s pussy lips. Pepper was very wet from all of the action and Brianne was getting her first taste of a woman’s lust and her moans indicated that she was liked the taste. Ginger instructed her put her tongue as deep into Pepper as she could and work it around to feel and taste as much as possible. Brianne followed Ginger’s guidance and pushed her face against Pepper’s pussy, trying to get her tongue as far inside her as possible. Pepper moaned out that she was doing a great job.
Then Ginger told her to start sucking and gently nibbling on Pepper’s clit. She did as she was told and Pepper started building instantly. Ginger urged her to suck and nibble harder and with more passion and in less than a minute Pepper convulsed with an orgasm. Ginger told Brianne to start licking up Pepper’s juices and she did. It was almost comical to hear both Pepper and Brianne moan simultaneously as if they had rehearsed it.
Finally Ginger told Brianne that she could come up for air. Pepper asked her to lean down to her and when she did, she took Brianne in her arms, pulled her on top of her and gave her long passionate kiss. As they kissed, Pepper fondled Brianne’s firm little breasts and we could tell that Brianne was enjoying every moment of it. The two of them embraced and kissed for almost 5 minutes when Brianne asked if this made her a lesbian. We all burst out laughing and Pepper asked her which she preferred, having a man’s cock inside her or having oral sex with another woman. She said a man’s cock of course and Pepper assured her she wasn’t a lesbian in the slightest. She told her that if anything she could consider herself to be bi-sexual meaning she enjoyed both men and women and Brianne liked the sound of that.
Brianne asked what time it was and when we told her she said she had to get back home and her parents were due to call her anytime to check up on her. She hurriedly got dressed, hugged and kissed all of us and ran back home. After she left, Ginger and Pepper asked how I felt popping that young cherry and I told them that it felt great, but I’ll always come back to them.
We spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing, drinking a beer and watching football. After dinner, I double checked everything I had packed and ready for the morning. Since I had to get up before 5an, I told everyone I was turning in early. Pepper and Ginger followed me into bed and said they wanted their turn with their cherry picker husband. We spent the next hour hugging, kissing, sucking and fucking. I made passionate love to both of my wives and made sure they knew just how much I loved them. I sandwiched myself between them and thought to myself that I will especially miss them this next 10 days and drifted off to sleep.
To be continued…. Only 13 more days till the wedding.
Poster: JD Whitings