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Sweet dare


Desert Heat - Part 29
Desert Heat – Part 29
Monday – Wednesday, August 20-29, 1985
Monday morning I again woke early and tried to slip out of bed without waking the girls, but it’s hard to do when sleep cuddled up between them. I thought that I may have succeeded but before I made it to the bathroom I heard Ginger say that I’m not getting away that easily. Pepper sleepily added that I should hurry up in the bathroom because they were going to have me for breakfast before I hit the road.
Doing what I had to do, I returned to the bed and crawled in between my two wives. They told me that they both wanted me to fill them with my cum before leaving. Rolling on my back, I asked them whose first and it was funny as both sisters were telling the other to go first. I started laughing and then they realized how they must have sounded and told me to select. I told them I was not going to pick who was first and get one of them mad at me. I told them that there was only one way to settle it and without saying another word, Ginger fetched a deck of cards off the dresser and handed them to me and told me to shuffle them. I shuffled them and then told Ginger to cut and then Pepper. Low card always wins with us and Ginger drew the low card. She turned and apologized to Pepper for going first and Pepper started to tell her not to worry and I suggested they spend more time on me or I’ll have to leave before they get finished with their niceties with each other.
Ginger grabbed my cock and sucked it hard before sitting on it. Pepper positioned herself over my face so I had full oral access to her sweet pussy. Ginger didn’t just ride my cock, but she kept changing her angle and pressure so that I was getting a whole array of sensations, making it difficult to concentrate on Pepper’s precious pretty pussy (say that 5 times real fast).
As much as I wanted this to last, I knew I had to hit the road early, so I attacked Pepper’s clit with a vengeance, sucking hard and nibbling on it like it was my last meal. The intensity worked and she came fast and hard. Her body convulsed so much that she lost her balance, slipped off me sideways, bounced on the bed and continued to roll off onto the floor. I didn’t see what happened, but Ginger was laughing so hard that she had to stop riding me. Pepper got up from the floor long before Ginger could compose herself and stop laughing.
Reacting like sisters often do, Pepper climbed back up on the bed behind Ginger, reached around her and started rubbing Ginger’s clit as hard as she could. When she came it was hard and fast like Pepper’s. It was so strong that it felt like cock was caught in a writhing vice grip. It was like there was a hand inside Ginger’s pussy stroking me off and it felt so good that I soon came and pumped my first load of the morning into her.
Pepper was anxious to get her turn and she began cleaning m cock off with her tongue and then sucked me for a minute or so. The stiffness quickly returned to my cock and she hastily slid down upon it. She rode me like a pony express rider delivering the mail. Ginger decided to return the favor and sat behind Pepper, reached around and began working Pepper’s clit. Pepper climaxed again and then a second time before I shot my second load of the morning into her pussy.
We laid there in the afterglow for several minutes and as much as would love to have just stayed in bed with them I had to get up and get going. We showered together and then the girls fixed breakfast while I started loading my truck. By the time I had everything loaded, breakfast was on the table. I ate, kissed my loves goodbye and hit the road. As I was going out the door, Ginger told me that all three sisters had adjusted their birth control pills so that their periods all arrived while I was gone and would be over before Jerry and Rosemary’s wedding in two weeks.
As I was driving out to the field I kept thinking of what just happened this past weekend and how surprised I was when Ginger approached me about Pepper. I thought back to nearly four years earlier when I first fell in love with Ginger. Her beauty was what first attracted me, but it was the person behind those looks that I fell in love with. Pepper looks so much like her sister that it’s hard not to be attracted to her but the more I was around her the more I discovered that she was very much like Ginger, only a little more outgoing, but she is so much like the person I fell in love with in her sister that it was impossible not to love her too. I would never have done anything to Ginger to hurt our relationship, but secretly loved Pepper knowing that nothing could ever be done about it.
That is until this past weekend when Ginger asked me to accept Pepper into our marriage as a second wife. They are so much alike that I realized it really was double the pleasure double the fun, but it wasn’t just fun I was after, it was love, genuine love and I felt I was the luckiest man in the world to have two beautiful women that loved me as much as I loved them and that they loved each other as well. I must have smiled the whole drive down.
Monday was spent turning on the five test stations and start recording readings.
On Tuesday, I really started missing the girls. On my last run of the stations, it was about half an hour before it got dark. I took the readings at the last station which also happened to be the most remote station. Looking around, I was positive there wasn’t a soul around, so I stripped off all of my clothes and walked a ways from the truck and began to stroke myself. Ginger and I had made love out here several weeks earlier and I thought about her being out here in the open desert, stark naked and fucking like an animal. Picturing her in my mind, it only took about five minutes before I shot my load into the open desert and noticed that the first spurt traveled a good three feet out from where I was standing. I took a stick and drew a line in the ground to mark where I was standing and then marked where my seed had landed and decided that every night I would stroke off and see how far I could shoot while thinking of my brides back home.
I walked back to the truck, got dressed and drove back to the trailer. The pool in the small trailer park was empty that time of night so I went for a swim to cool off and relax before heading to bed. Since the trailer had been closed up for 4 days, it was hotter than an oven and I knew it would take the small AC unit a day to even begin to cool things off. I turned on the small fan, stripped naked and went to sleep thinking about my wives back home.
Wednesday and Thursday were pretty much repeats of Tuesday. I ran my scheduled runs and then stripped and stroked off after recording the last station of the day. There had been no traffic out at the last station as I could see my tracks on the road the days before. On Thursday’s stroking, I managed to shoot my first spurt about 8 inches further than I had on Tuesday and I felt quite proud of myself. Each night I went back to the trailer park, swam about half an hour and then went to bed.
On Friday, I noticed fresh tire tracks on the road by the last test station. Getting out of the truck, I could tell that there were two sets of tracks and from the tread patterns I surmised that they were two dirt bikes. As I was writing down the last test results, I thought I could hear a woman’s voice in the distance. I stood up and listened, thinking I was hearing things but then I thought I heard it again, coming from further down the dirt road.
I put my notebook in the truck and carefully made my way on foot down the road. Nearly one hundred yards down the road, I saw a pair of dirt bikes lying down just off the road. I did my best to stay behind the desert bushed as I snuck up closer. I wasn’t sure what to expect and kept my hand on my sidearm just in case. The woman’s voice grew louder as I made my way from bush to bush. Finally I caught a glimpse of movement through some of the brush and moved up behind one more bush. I saw a young couple, probably high school age chasing each other and they were both naked.
The young lad was trying to catch the girl and she was doing a good job of keeping one or more bushes between her and him. She looked to be about 5 foot 5 inches tall, had shoulder length brown hair, had a thick brown bush and breasts that were probably a b cup. Her breasts looked firm but still bounced when she ran. The boy with her was about 5 foot 10, slender and his cock was rock hard and it bounced in every direction as he chased his naked prey.
Suddenly, she began to run in my direction and before I could move to another hiding location, she darted around the bush I was hiding behind and ran into me. Her scream brought her boyfriend to her aid. She immediately tried to cover her breasts and bush with her arms and hand.
The boy demanded to know what I was doing spying on them and asked if I was come kind of crazed pervert. I told him I was a scientist and had been taking readings from a test station nearby when I heard his girlfriend’s voice and followed it to see who it was. I told him that rarely saw anyone out in this area and was surprised to hear them. When I saw them, I couldn’t help by watch since his girlfriend was so cute and sexy. I apologize and told them I would go back and leave them alone, but before I turned to go, the girl asked if I really thought she was cute and sexy. I told her that she was and that her boyfriend was a lucky guy. Saying that, she relaxed her arms, revealing her young body just a few feet away from me.
She looked at my growing erection and asked if that was because of her and when I said yes, she asked if she could see it. I thought about it and knew that the sisters would understand, but I promised not to do anything without them, so I told her that I was very happily married and didn’t think it was a good idea. She said that it wasn’t fair for me to see her and her not see me, but I said nice try. I turned and left.
I thought about stroking off back by the truck but didn’t want to take the chance of them catching me so I waited until I was back at the trailer. Like normal, I headed to the pool and again it was empty and the lights were off. The pool filter was running and as I rested along the edge of the pool, I felt one of the return jets hitting me at my crotch and it felt pretty good, I slid my swimsuit down and allowed the water stream stroke along my shaft as I kept a careful watch for anyone approaching. I was thinking of the young body I had seen just a short time earlier. It took longer than if I was using my hand, but in time, I began to shoot my load into the pool and let the current carry my seed away. That night I went to sleep thinking of the young couple.
The rest of my stay, I never saw a soul out by the last station and every evening I would strip, go to my mark and stroke off, trying to shoot my load further than before. Saturday night, I was thinking about the naked couple I had seen the day before and held my orgasm as long as possible and managed to shoot out nearly a foot further than before. I never came close to that mark the other nights I repeated the process.
The following Wednesday was the last day of the summer testing. I only had to make the two morning runs. At the noon run, I shut down each test station, packed them up into the cases and loaded them in the back of the truck. At the last station, I was torn between whether to stroke off one last time or hurry home to my girls. I knew Pepper would still be at work, so I decided to strip down one last time and walk the 100 feet down the road to my marker by the side of the road. I stroked off one last time out in the open desert, then back to the truck, got dressed and headed back to the trailer.
I had already had the trailer packed, unhooked and ready to hook up to the truck, so as soon as I got back, I grabbed a cold soda and hit the road for home for the last time. Pulling the trailer, it took longer though I wanted to get home sooner. Then I remembered that I had to take the trailer and test equipment back to the office before heading to the house. While at the office, I talked to my boss and asked for two weeks vacation before I returned to the office to work the data I had collected. He said there was no problem and that I deserved it. Then I called Pepper’s boss, whom I knew and explained to him that I wanted to take Pepper on a two week vacation with Ginger and I and asked if it would be okay and he also said no problem. I asked him to not say anything to Pepper when she showed up at work tomorrow. Then I called and managed to make plane, hotel and car rental reservations for the three of us at a resort I knew of in Mexico that had a nude beach. That took an additional three hours to drop off the trailer and make the arrangements.
I ended up getting home just as Jerry and sisters were finishing dinner. They had no idea when I was coming and this was in the days before cell phones. Everyone was surprised to see me that early as I usually got back after midnight. The girls quickly fixed me some dinner and helped me unload the truck and put everything away. During dinner I told them about the young couple and how she wanted to see my cock and I refused. Ginger said I could have and I said I know, but I didn’t because neither of my wives were there.
After dinner, I was quite tired and asked if it was okay to hit the sack early. Ginger and Pepper looked at me and smiled and said that we had better head that way now as they had plans for me. They were so horny that they didn’t even give me time to reach the bedroom before they began grabbing and stroking me. Once in bed, they kissed nearly every inch of my body and spent extra time kissing and sucking my cock.
Since Ginger went first the morning I left, Pepper got first dibs tonight and she told me to take her doggy style, so I mounted her from behind. Ginger stood next to me and I began kissing and licking her pussy. She came quickly and hard. Less than a minute later Pepper came and I have to admit that she felt so good and it had been a long 10 days and I began pumping hot seed, spurt after spurt into her. When we had finished, Ginger insisted on cleaning both of us, Pepper and me. She started with Pepper, licking and sucking up as much of my cum as possible. Then she turned her attention to me, licking and sucking my cock clean.
Her cleaning brought me back to a full erection in no time and she said she wanted it the same way and knelt of all fours. I kissed her pussy and then slid right in. Pepper took her turn standing next to me so I could lick and kiss her pussy and suck on her clit. I could taste my own juices still mixed with hers. I had one hand on Ginger’s hip and one around Pepper’s butt, pulling her to me. I was thinking that sucking on one pussy and pumping another was as good as it gets. Increasing the intensity of my sucking, Pepper was the first to cum and she was flowing like a river when she did. It was almost more than I could lick up.
When she was done, I let her go and held Ginger’s hips with both hands and pumped her hard and faster. That was all it took for her to cum, but I kept pumping for another couple of minutes. I reached around her and cupped her breasts in my hands and that was all it took to take me to the edge and filled her with my love. Pepper cleaned both of us up just as Ginger had done earlier. The three of us jumped into the shower and enjoyed soaping each other up and then drying each other up.
We climbed into bed with Ginger in front of me and Pepper cuddled up behind. As we got all nestled together, I mentioned out loud that there should be no more field work which meant no more nights apart. Both girls cuddled closer and said that sounded so good to them. I draped my arm over Ginger and quickly drifted off to sleep.
To be continued… Only 3 days until the wedding.
Poster: JD Whitings