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Sweet dare


Desert Heat - Part 30
Desert Heat – Part 30
Thursday, August 30, 1985
I must have been more tired than usual as I never heard Pepper get up and get ready for work. Ginger got up with her and still I slept through it all. By the time I finally woke, up, Jerry and Rosemary had also gotten up, eaten and headed off to work, their last work day before their wedding on Saturday.
When I did wake, up, the house was eerily silent and I felt very alone. I stumbled out of the bedroom and noticed that everyone was gone. The only vehicle in driveway was my truck, so I wondered where Ginger was. I looked out back and saw that she was swimming laps in the pool. She liked to exercise and stay in shape and I was grateful for that. I watched as she swam naked. First one bare butt cheek would crest about the surface and then the other. All three of them had the cutest butts and I loved to watch them when they swam. I poured a cup of coffee and stood at the window and just watched my mermaid swim her laps.
I have no idea how long she had been swimming, but I watched her for a full twenty minutes. When she stopped swimming laps, I watched her do her cooling off and eventually just float in the water. Finally she climbed out of the pool and laid on one of loungers to dry off. It was already getting quite warm and it doesn’t take long to dry off. I tried to sneak out without her hearing me but she heard the sliding glass door and smiled at me as I approached. She asked if I’d been up long and I told her I had been watching her swim her laps for about twenty minutes.
Noticing that I was still semi-erect, she quipped that it really turns me on to watch her swim and I mentioned it was watching her gorgeous ass. She rolled over on the lunge and told me to come and get it. She didn’t have to tell me twice as I almost dove onto her butt, kissing and fondling her sexy cheeks. Then I crawled up her back, kissing my way to the back of her neck until I was in position to slide into her pussy. It was wet and not from the pool. I asked if she had noticed me watching her and she admitted to catching a glimpse of me at the window on several of her turns in the pool.
I took my time loving her slow and steady. Not only did I enjoy the feel of being inside her, but I also enjoyed the feel of moving against her butt. From this angle, I knew I had a good chance of my cock hitting her sweet spot and that was quickly confirmed as she started to wiggle and squirm as her she built towards her orgasm. I so loved the feeling of her pussy tightening and contracting around my cock as if she was able to reach inside to stroke me as I pumped her. I did my best to keep my slow and steady pace and by the time I finally came and filled her, Ginger had her second orgasm.
After finishing, we back inside, I grabbed a quick breakfast and we hit the shower. I soaped my body and then proceeded to scrub her body with mine. She did the same to my back and made sure that my cock was squeaky clean by soaping it up several times. I was beginning to wonder if we would make it out of the shower, but we did. While we were toweling off, I told Ginger that I had to run into town for something and asked if she wanted to tag along. She looked at me and said that I’d been 10 days and she wasn’t bound to let me go without her.
We got dressed and I could tell she was still feeling amorous because of how she dressed in one of her semi-sheer halter tops and short skirt. I asked her if she was wearing panties and told me to find out for myself. I reached under her skirt and felt something that felt heavier than panties. I lifted her skirt and saw that she was wearing one of her bikini bottoms. I donned on a printed t-shirt and pair of pair of shorts and we headed out on my errand, of which she had no idea of where we were going or what I was picking up.
In the truck, Ginger told me that Brianne had come over several times while I was gone and begged Jerry to fuck her. He did on two occasions and the three sisters instructed her in the pleasures of 69ing each other. She told me that Brianne said she couldn’t wait until I got back because she had been dreaming and fantasizing about me ever since that first day I took her. Ginger cuddled up to me and told me that I had created a young nympho. I told her that could be good and it could be bad if anyone found out. She said Brianne still promises to keep it a secret.
When I pulled into the parking lot of our travel agent, Ginger looked at me with a questioning look. That look took on a more incredulous face when our agent greeted me and told me that my honeymoon package was all set and ready to pick up. Ginger said she already had made all of the arrangements for Jerry and Rosemary’s honeymoon in Cancun. The travel agent just grinned as she handed me the package with all of our tickets and reservations. I just smiled at Ginger, thanked the agent and we left.
Once back in the truck, Ginger was twenty questions and kept trying to grab the travel packet as her curiosity was getting the best of her. I told her that it had to wait until this evening and speaking of this evening, I asked her what was for dinner. She told me that she wouldn’t tell me unless I told her about the travel packet that I was hiding. I told her that was fine and if need be, I could always go out for dinner. I knew I gave up too easily for her and that always irks her.
My next stop was at the bank where I withdrew several thousand dollars and purchased $5,000 worth of Traveler’s Checks. Now I really had her curiosity peaked and it was driving her crazy, but I also realized that the rest of the day would be a disaster if I didn’t tell her. I drove on until I pulled into a mall parking lot. Before getting out of the truck, I handed her the travel packet and let her open it.
Ginger’s eyes got big and wide and her mouth just hung open as she read the names on the airline tickets; hers, Pepper’s and mine. Then she saw the date and it was for this Sunday with a return trip two weeks on Saturday. Then she had a ‘what the hell’ kind of look on her face when she asked me where Tulum was. I told her it was in Mexico, about 80 miles south of Cancun. She asked what was at Tulum. I told her that I had reserved a small secluded bungalow south of Tulum that had its own private beach. She asked if there were others around and I told her that there were several other bungalows at the resort and that it had its own restaurant, massages, bar and other amenities. Ginger was still full of questions and asked why there and I told her that the resort is a clothing optional resort and her eyes lit up.
She asked me why and how I got the time off and what about Pepper getting time off and the questions just kept flowing like river. I told her that I took her on a nice honeymoon to Hawaii and that I felt Pepper deserved a honeymoon also and she agreed. I told her that I talked to my boss and got two weeks off and then talked to Pepper’s boss and explained that I had the two weeks and wanted to take her and Pepper on a trip and he said that would be no problem and that he promised not to say anything to her today at work. Since Jerry and Rosemary are going to Cancun, I didn’t want to go there and barge in on their honeymoon and that I remembered hearing about the new resort in Tulum and thought I would surprise everyone.
Ginger wrapped her arms around my neck so hard that I thought she was going to strangle me. She planted a kiss on me that made my cock tingle. When she came up for air, she was crying for joy and told me that me that I was the most thoughtful and loving husband two women could have and that Pepper will be so thrilled. I asked her not to say anything but to let me surprise her and Ginger agreed. Then she asked me why we were at the mall and I told her that we should buy Pepper a wedding present. Ginger asked if I had anything in mind and I suggested some clothes to wear on the trip, perhaps a new bikini, shorts and top, and something to wear when we sightsee and travel into town. She said she knew just where to look and we headed into the mall.
She was so happy that she almost bounced into the mall instead of walking. Holding my arm, she literally drug me to a young woman’s apparel store. Ginger picked out a sexy looking pants and top and then a cute skirt and blouse. I was surprised that they didn’t flash anyone in the store, but I figured she was so caught up in the moment that she didn’t think of it. After paying for the two sets, she pulled down the mall to another store that was clearancing their swimwear. She picked out four pretty and sexy bikinis, two for Pepper and two for her.
Thinking she forgot about flashing quickly went by the way as Ginger tried on all four bikini tops in front of the mirror on the sales floor. She untied her halter top around her neck and let it fall to her waist as she tried all four bikini tops, asking me how I liked each one. They all looked great on her and I told her so. So did one of the female salesclerks who had been helping her. There as a younger couple in the store and they were obviously surprised to see Ginger’s boldness and breasts. I heard the guy ask the girl he was with if she would do that and she said no way, not with another man in the store. I smiled and told her that I wouldn’t mind if she did and her face turned scarlet. She was cute and I wish she would have, but she didn’t.
As we checked out, the salesclerk told Ginger that she loved the show and hoped she came back soon. Walking out of the store, I told Ginger that she was hitting on her and Ginger said she knew and she does every time she goes in there. I asked if she was ever tempted and she told that one time, Pepper took the clerk into the dressing room and they took turns sucking each other’s pussy and they both came. That really didn’t surprise me with Pepper.
I asked if there was anything else and Ginger said a wedding trousseau would not be complete without a sexy negligee and she drug to Fredericks of Hollywood. I was surprised to see that one of the clerks was a good looking muscular young man. Ginger saw him too and I saw a lustful smile on her face that told me that this young stud was going to see my wife’s beautiful breasts. She made her way over to the lingerie and started looking though the selections.
I stood back and pretended to look at sex toys as the young stud approached Ginger and asked if he could help her find anything. She explained that she was looking for a very pretty and sexy nightie for her sister for her honeymoon. The clerk asked what size and what color was her hair and eyes. He quickly explained that the secret of a sexy nightie is matching it to the woman’s hair and hopefully bringing out the color of her eyes. Ginger told him that her sister looked like her twin even though she was two years older. The male clerk took a step backwards and gave Ginger a good look up and down and then said he had the perfect thing. He reached over and picked up a sheer turquoise nighty and held it up to Ginger. He began to explain that the turquoise will bring out her red hair and make her eyes shine.
Ginger said she needed to see the nightie on to really tell and the clerk began to tell her where the dressing room was, but by the time he finished pointing it out, Ginger had untied her halter top and set it on the clothes rack. Then she unzipped the side of her skirt and let it fall to the floor and then slipped the nightie on over her head. She adjusted herself in it and the clerk just stood there and stared. Then Ginger asked him how it looked on her and he said it looked great on her and that her sister was going to love it along with her husband. She pointed over to me and said that I was her sister’s new husband and motioned for me to come over. As I approached, she turned completely around and asked me how I liked it. I told her it looked fantastic.
Then I asked the clerk if he had another one just like it in the same size as Ginger needed one also. The clerk looked surprised and asked if I was buying one for my sister-in-law and I said, no, I’m buying one for my other wife and his eyes almost popped out of his head. Then Ginger explained that her sister is not legally married to me but we consider her another wife for me. He looked at me and I shrugged my shoulders and told him double the pleasure double the fun.
The clerk was still trying to process everything when Ginger took the nightie off. Instead of covering up, she began looking at several other similar nighties only in different colors. She tried on a pink, light yellow, pale green and a pale blue and I had to admit that the turquoise really did look the best on her. By the time Ginger finally put her skirt and halter top back on, she had been exposed to the clerk for almost 15 minutes and his bulge was quite obvious. Ginger noticed the bulge also and reached down and gave it a quick feel and then told the clerk that she hoped he enjoyed the show. Red faced, he said he did very much and hoped she would come back and shop there again. I smiled and told him that I’m sure both her and her sister would be back sometime and he said he looked forward to meeting her.
Next I took Ginger to the same jewelry store in the mall where I bought her engagement and wedding rings. I was fortunate in that they still had the same two rings that I had bought for Ginger and they didn’t need to be sized. I told Ginger that Pepper needed her own rings, even if it isn’t a legal marriage it’s a marriage to us. Ginger kissed me and told me she will be blown away as she knows Pepper was not expecting a ring.
Leaving the store, Ginger said she was hungry and I asked her if flashing made her hungry and she yes, but not for food. I knew what she meant and only smiled. I asked where she wanted to eat and she mentioned a Mexican restaurant that we liked but hadn’t been to since earlier this year. Mexican sounded good to me, so we headed in that direction.
The restaurant wasn’t terribly busy on a Thursday afternoon so we took a corner booth and slid to the back of it so we faced out to the rest of the restaurant. I remembered that she was not wearing panties so I looked to see if there were any lucky patrons in the place, but didn’t see any likely victims and I could tell that Ginger was disappointed. An older Mexican man came over with a bowl of tortilla chips and salsa, two glasses of water and handed us a menu and said he would be back to take our order. After he walked away, Ginger said that she wished she had a buttoned blouse on as she could have enough buttons undone to accidentally flash the waiter, but she couldn’t think of way do it accidentally with her halter top. I told her I had an idea and untied the knot behind her neck and let the ties drape down on her back. She smiled and said this should be good.
Several minutes later, the waiter returned to take our order. I ordered first and then Ginger leaned forward to ask a question about something on the menu. On cue, her top slipped off her shoulders and dropped to her waist before she could react. The waiter must have been reacting instinctively as he began to reach to catch her top and then realized and pulled back. Ginger looked up at him, said oops and casually lifted the top back on and loosely tied it behind her neck. She explained that it works loose sometimes. The waiter smiles and told her that it was okay and then with a little boldness told her how lovely her breasts were. Ginger thanked him for the complement and then placed her order.
After he left, she told me that was a great idea and she loved his complement. Then she told me that she wished there was someone she could flash her pussy to and I told her that we just got here and someone might come in and sit in the right place. A few minutes later, the waiter returned with our meals. As he was setting them down, he looked a little apprehensive we wondered if it was seeing Ginger’s breasts, so she started to apologize for her faulty top and he said that it was not a problem, however… and then stopped, obviously not sure what to say. Ginger asked him what was wrong and he said he didn’t want to upset us or embarrass us, but when he told Hector, and pointed to the man behind the bar, about what happened, he didn’t believe him. He went on to explain that he is the owner and Hector said that if you dropped your top again and showed him your breasts that your lunch would be free. The waiter started to apologize and said not to blame him and that he was sorry for telling Hector.
Ginger motioned for Hector to come to the table and he hurriedly came to her bidding. When he arrived at the table, Ginger asked him if it was true that our lunch would be free if she dropped her top for him like what happened to the waiter and Hector confirmed that he indeed had said that. Ginger looked Hector in the eyes, reached up and untied the neck straps of her top and let it fall to her waist. You could tell by the look on his face that he didn’t expect her to do it. Then she asked Hector what he would give them is she showed him that she wasn’t wearing any panties. Hector about choked when she asked him that and he just stood there and stammered for a bit. Finally regaining some composure, he told her that he would give us five free meals each if she showed him.
She looked at me and I asked Hector to slide the table out a foot and he did. Ginger then kidded up her skirt, revealing her red pubic hair and pussy to the two gawking men. Hector leaned in to get a closer look and Ginger told him that if he made in ten free meals each that he could feel her pussy. Hector told her it was a deal and he reached down and rubbed his fingers over her pussy lips. She could tell that the waited wanted to touch her also and Ginger nodded to him to go ahead. He was a little more cautious in touching than Hector and his touch was soft and gentle. Hector reached down a second time and this time he slid a finger into her pussy and felt her up, then pulled the finger out and brought it to his mouth and tasted her juices.
Ginger left her skirt hiked up as we slid the table back in place and began to eat our meal. Hector and our waiter were very attentive all through the meal, constantly refreshing our drinks and asking if there was anything else we wanted. After we finished our meal, the waiter cleared our plates and Hector came over with 20 tickets for free meals, 10 for each of us. He thanked Ginger over and over and took one last good look at her pussy before she pulled her skirt back down. As we started to leave, Hector told us to hurry back and Ginger said we would and that the next time we would bring one or both of her sisters with us. Hector’s eyes got wide and asked if her sisters looked anything like her and Ginger told him that one looked like an identical twin and the other looked just like her only a couple of inches shorter. Hector told her that if she brought both of her sisters and that all three of them got naked and let him touch them like he did her today that we could all eat there for free as long as he owned the restaurant. Ginger promised to tell her sisters all about it.
I asked her if she enjoyed it and she yes, but now she’s as horny as can be and needs to be satisfied. I then asked if needed to head straight home or do we need to stop at the store to pick something up for dinner, and she said we needed to stop, but she wasn’t sure she wanted to wait that long. I said I had an idea and drove to a nearby park and was glad to see the parking area empty. Not many frequent parks on weekdays when it’s over 100 degrees outside. I parked at the far end by a couple of large shade trees and left the motor running and the air conditioning on.
I slipped over to the passenger side of the truck and Ginger was so anxious that she barely gave me a chance to get my shorts down before trying to sit on me. She was super wet and I slid right in. Just the initial entry was enough to push her over the edge of her first orgasm. I didn’t start pumping her until she recovered and she was still so turned on after being touched by the two men in the restaurant that she immediately started climbing towards her next orgasm. By the time I finally shot my fountain of love up into her, Ginger had three orgasms and then collapsed back against my chest.
We cleaned up as best we could and I asked Ginger how she was going to be able to grocery shop without panties and her pussy was still leaking both of our juices. She said she wasn’t sure but told me to head to the store anyway. Then I told her to check the glove box where she found a pair of her panties that she had left in the truck one other time. They were black and would work well under her short skirt and she seemed grateful for them and then told me she had been looking for that pair.
On the way to the grocery store, I told Ginger that I was going to tell Pepper about the honeymoon quietly because this weekend belonged to Jerry and Rosemary and I didn’t want take away from that. She agreed and then asked about the presents we just bought her and I told Ginger to wrap them up and we’ll wait until after Jerry and Rosemary leave for their honeymoon before we give them to her and tell her about the honeymoon. She asked if there would be enough time and I told her yes, that their flights leave early Sunday morning and our leave Sunday afternoon.
We arrived at the grocery store, picked up some steaks and the rest of the meal and then headed home. After we got home, I put the groceries away while Ginger wrapped Pepper’s presents and then hid them. Then we sat and had a beer and talked about the next two days. Ginger told me that Terry and Tammy were coming on Friday to set up the decorations and bring some of their equipment with them that they would need to cater the wedding. I asked Ginger what the final count was and she told me would be a total of 14 people, but that they were catering for 20 just in case. She also told me that Friday we were all heading over to the photographer’s studio for photos and that the Justice of the Peace would be there also. However, Jerry and Rosemary decided not to have the photographer take photos of the actual wedding or the guests for obvious reasons and I told her that was probably wise. She reminded me that I was giving the bride away and that Pepper was the maid of honor. I asked what she was doing and she said she was helping take care of everything else.
Ginger told me that they had been trying to figure out the best way to set up the chairs and have Rosemary enter and I suggested using the pool. The guest could either stand in the deeper end or sit on the sides of the pool. The JP could stand at the bottom of the steps and Jerry and Rosemary could stand on the top or second step and face everyone. Ginger thought that was a great idea and that would give Terry and Tammy more space for the catering. She told me to suggest it to Jerry and Rosemary tonight at dinner and if they liked the idea, we could walk through a mock ceremony to see how it would flow.
I asked her if we were having a bachelor party or any kind of wedding practice party and Ginger said that neither of them wanted a big party. Knowing that Saturday would be a busy and exciting day as well as a long day, they said they wanted to get plenty of rest, especially since they had to get up so early on Sunday to get to the airport. It made sense to me and I agreed that it would probably do us all good to hit the sack early and be well rested for the big day.
I asked Ginger if she wanted to join me for a swim and she said that sounded like a great idea and we stripped and headed out back to the pool. After several minutes of swimming and cooling off, Ginger swan over to, took a deep breath, submerged and began sucking on my cock as long as she could before coming up for air. I grabbed her and carried her over to the steps where I sat on the top step, spread my legs and gave her full access my now erect cock. She smiled and continued what she had started. As she sucked on my cock, she fondled my balls, making it easy to tell when I was getting close. She looked up at me and asked if I had a preference of where I came, in her mouth or pussy and I told her that both were great, but since I already came in her pussy earlier that her mouth needed to be satisfied as well. Ginger smiled, returned to the job at hand and brought me back to a near orgasm and then stopped again and asked me if I was sure. I knew what she was doing in prolonging the experience and when she did that, it also seemed to increase my load. This time she continued to such me all the way and I shot spurt after spurt into the back of her mouth. Like a trooper, she swallowed as fast as she could, doing her best not to gag.
Once Ginger had satisfactorily drained my cock and cleaned it up, I held her in my arms and took her into deeper water. I let her loose to float with her legs spread on either side of my head and then pulled her towards me and began to lick and suck on her pussy. She had to keep her arms moving to keep her head above water and as she started to cum her faced bobbed below the surface and she accidently breathed in some water and came up choking and gasping. I helped her to the edge of the pool and held her as she slowly coughed up the water she breathed in and got her breath back.
By now it was time to start to get things ready for dinner as the three of them were due home soon. We got out of the pool, toweled off and I started the grill as Ginger went inside to start getting dinner ready. I scrubbed some potatoes, wrapped them in foil and put them on the grill and then went back inside. A few minutes later, Pepper got home, gave both of us a kiss and hug and went to the bedroom to change. When she came back out, she grabbed a beer, took a big swig and then said she was glad to be off tomorrow with all the wedding plans going on. I winked at Ginger and she only smiled and said it would be nice to have her home with us.
Rosemary got home next and when I saw her come in the door, I started humming the wedding march and she blushed, smiled and told me I was 2 days too early. A few moments after she went to the bedroom to change, Jerry came home all smiles. He peeked in and saw that Rosemary wasn’t in the room and quickly brought in a wrapped gift and hid it behind the loveseat in the corner. He smiled and headed to the bedroom to change.
It was time to put the steaks on the grill, so I grabbed the platter of steaks and headed outside. A few minutes later, Jerry joined me with a beer for both of us. I asked him if he was ready for this weekend and he said yes he was and then he thanked me for all Ginger and I had done for him and Rosemary. He thanked us for letting them stay here to help save money for a place of their own. He thanked us for having the wedding her and for making all of the arrangements so he and Rosemary didn’t have to. Then he thanked us for the honeymoon. I asked if he could keep a secret and then told him about our honeymoon plans and told him that I wasn’t telling Pepper until after we dropped he and Rosemary him at the airport Sunday morning. He wanted to know why the secret and I told him this was their weekend and I didn’t want to take away from it. I told him that I would give him contact information for where we were staying in case of any emergency. Then I assured him that we were coming back a day ahead of he and Rosemary and that we would be picking them up when they got back.
During dinner, Ginger told Jerry and Rosemary about my idea of having the wedding at the pool and they both liked that idea. After dinner, we all went out back and walked through how the wedding would flow and everyone liked the plans. We decided to relax for a bit and swim and talk. Ginger told everyone about our lunch at the Mexican restaurant and how she flashed the waiter and then the owner Hector. She told them about Hector touching her pussy for free meals and then she told them what Hector said about bringing her sisters back and if they got naked and let him touch them and they would get free meals forever. Pepper wanted to know if Hector was good looking and Ginger told her that he wasn’t bad looking, about 50ish, slender, hair just starting to grey and a ruggedly handsome face. Pepper giggled and said she could taste her free enchiladas already and we all laughed.
Later on, we decided to head to bed early and said our goodnights and headed off to bed. In the bedroom, Pepper asked Ginger what she was wearing and Ginger held up her top and skirt and showed her. Then Pepper asked me to show her how Hector had touched her pussy and she sat on the side of the bed. I reached down, ran my fingers over her pussy lips, slid one inside, wiggled it around and then took that finger and put it my mouth and sucked it clean. Pepper turned to Ginger and said she was surprised at her boldness and Ginger just said that she was horny and ready for almost anything.
I continued to finger Pepper with one hand and fondle her breasts with the other. A couple minutes of that and Pepper said she needed the real thing and pushed me back on the bed and sat on my cock. As Pepper rode my cock, I realized that I was going to have my hands full keeping both of these girls satisfied for the rest of our lives, but it was a task that I was cherishing and looking forward to. Once Pepper had her fill, we cleaned up, cuddled into bed drifted off to sleep as a very happy man.
To Be Continued… 2 days till the wedding.
Poster: JD Whitings