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Sweet dare


Desert Heat - Part 31 - The Day Before the Wedding
Desert Heat – Part 31
Friday, August 31, 1985 – Day Before the Wedding
Friday morning I woke early again and made my way to my office to catch up on more reading. It was over an hour later when Ginger and Pepper peeked in and said good morning. They headed to kitchen to fix breakfast while I finished reading one more tech article.
The smell of coffee brought me to the kitchen to find my two gorgeous naked wives busily fixing a breakfast fit for royalty. I asked why all of the fixings and Ginger said that they asked Jerry and Rosemary what they wanted this morning. Rosemary wanted bacon, pancakes and eggs. Jerry asked for hash browns, biscuits and gravy and sausage. I looked at her and asked if it would be possible to get French toast and the looks I got from both of them was priceless and then told them I was kidding. Ginger told me that she already figured that I wanted the sausage, biscuits and gravy and hash browns and that’s what I was having like it or not. I walked over to both of them and gave both a big hug and marveled at how nice it was to feel four breasts press against me at the same time.
Then I heard Rosemary behind me telling us to either cook breakfast or back to the bedroom and then laughed. I turned and hugged her, squeezing her breasts against my chest and said this was the best way to start a morning with having so many beautiful naked breasts squeezed against me. Jerry said that sounded good to him, so he moved over and hugged Ginger and Pepper and then told me how right I was. A few minutes later, breakfast was ready. Ginger reminded us that Terry and Tammy were coming just after lunch to start decorating and getting things set up.
During breakfast, Rosemary started to get emotional and cry. It took as bit to find out that she thought her parents and that they wouldn’t be here to see her get married. Ginger tried to comfort her and said she knew exactly how she felt since they had died several years before our wedding. Pepper tried to ease the situation by saying that she didn’t think they would approve of a naked wedding anyway. Rosemary tearily said that she would gladly trade the nude wedding for their being here. Ginger and Pepper did their best to comfort her.
Trying to change the subject, I asked them why they didn’t want a rehearsal party or bachelor/bachelorette party. Jerry answered first and said they didn’t need strippers or a stag party when we had each other with our open relationships. Rosemary said that if Jerry was going to any last minute pre-marital sex that she wanted it to be her sisters instead of a stranger. I asked her what about her having pre-marital sex and she looked at me, smiled and told me not to worry as I was on her menu today. Jerry added that the sisters were on his menu.
I then asked what the plans were this morning before the caterers arrive and Ginger said we are doing a last minute cleaning and that everyone was helping. She told me that I was dusting everything high since I was the tallest. Jerry was going to run the vacuum and Rosemary was going to dust everything lower. Pepper said she was cleaning the bathrooms and Ginger said she was cleaning the kitchen and mopping the floor. Then she added that this afternoon, Jerry and I needed to make sure the patio and pool were clean and ready while they helped Terry and Tammy. I asked if we should be dressed for the caterers and Ginger said it would probably be a good idea to start dressed unless I wanted to help them unload their supplies naked for all the neighbors to see.
Breakfast was done and we all helped clean up and then started our assigned chores. With everyone pitching in, it really didn’t take that long to get house cleaned and ready. I handed Jerry and beer and told him we need to go take a look out back and headed out the door. We clean off the pool decking, hosed it all down, arranged all of the chairs and loungers at the far end of the pool so guests could watch the wedding. By the time we had everything clean, it was lunch time. We grabbed a quick lunch of sandwiches and then got dressed and waited for Terry and Tammy to arrive.
We didn’t have long to wait when the couple showed up in their van. We helped them carry in the decorations, food warmers and other supplies. They asked for a walk through of where the wedding was taking place and where we wanted them to set up. Ginger took them out back and told them about the wedding in the pool and Tammy said that was great. They walked through the kitchen and dining room Tammy was happy with the room they had to work in and set up. She and Ginger went over the menu and all the details. We all pitched in to help put up the decorations. When Rosemary and Jerry saw the naked decorations we picked out, they started laughing. It was the first time I saw Rosemary smile or laugh all day since her crying about her parents this morning. It was good to see her bubbly self again.
Once the decorations were all set up, it was still early afternoon. I invited Terry and Tammy to join us for a beer and swim before they ran but she said they still had to bake the cake so it will be ready for decorating first thing in the morning and they had other items to start getting ready. Terry said he hoped that after the wedding there might be a chance to relax and take a dip in the pool. They confirmed that the wedding was at 2pm and they would be here by 10am and then they headed back.
It was getting close to dinner and I asked Jerry and Rosemary what they wanted for dinner. They thought about it for a bit and then said they wanted to take us out to dinner as a way of saying thank you for everything. Pepper asked if it was the kind of place where we could have some fun and Jerry said he the restaurant was kind of classy and that halters and shorts would not be appropriate. Pepper looked disappointed but Jerry promised that the food was good and she would enjoy it.
As we were getting dressed to go, Pepper was grumbling that she wanted to have some fun tonight but no, Jerry insisted on taking us to a fancy restaurant. Ginger tried to tell her that you never know what might happen. Both of them decided to wear nice looking skirts and blouses, but with no bra or panties just in case. I couldn’t help but laugh at the two of them I donned on a pair of dress slacks a shirt.
Jerry and Rosemary were dressed pretty much the same and as we climbed into Jerry’s car, Pepper was a thousand questions about where we were going. She asked Rosemary and all Rosemary would say is that this was all Jerry’s doing and up to him. Every time we neared a restaurant, Pepper would ask if this was the place. She reminded me of the kid who keeps asking if we’re there yet on a long drive.
Suddenly, Jerry pulled into a McDonald’s parking lot and you should have heard Pepper start complaining about getting dressed up for a McBurger. However, Jerry drove around to the back, through their parking lot and into the parking lot of a very nice steak and seafood restaurant. When Pepper realized where we were, she got quiet and all apologetic. Approaching the door, Jerry asked everyone to behave as he and Rosemary wanted a nice dinner for all of us. Pepper said she would be a very good girl in such a way that Jerry looked at me and rolled his eyes, knowing exactly what she meant.
After being seated at a table almost in the middle of the restaurant, Pepper casually unfastened the top button of her blouse. It was still fairly modest when the waitress arrived with menus and glasses of water. She took a drink order and said she would be right back. The moment she left, Pepper unfastened another button on her blouse and carefully pulled the one side further open than the other. Jerry didn’t notice what she was doing but I did and she knew I knew. I also noticed that two guys at a nearby table had noticed and from they were sitting, they could see into the open side of her blouse.
The drinks arrived, the waitress took our orders and then left. Once again, Pepper nonchalantly unfastened a third button revealing more of her breasts to the two young guys at the neighboring table. When she tented her blouse open to them, the one guy missed his mouth with his fork full of food and Pepper couldn’t help but chuckle.
By the time the waitress returned with our food, Pepper practically had a breast hanging out of her top and the two young guys couldn’t help but sit there and stare at Pepper. As the waitress moved around the table to place our dinners in front of us, she clearly saw Pepper’s open blouse and visible breast. She smiled at Pepper and whispered to her that the guys at the next table are enjoying her floor show. Pepper told her that she knew and was doing it on purpose to get them all worked up. She told Pepper to enjoy as she left our table.
Pepper said it was a shame that she wasn’t positioned to give them a pussy flash. Ginger said that the three of them go to the ladies room and that while they are gone, Jerry and I should move the plates around and place Pepper facing straight at them. The three girls got up to go to the ladies room and when Pepper slid her chair out, she leaned over as she stood, giving the guys a full view of her breast. The one guy exclaimed omg loud enough that we all heard him. As soon as the girls were out of sight, I switched Pepper’s and Ginger’s plates, placing Pepper with a straight on view. When they returned, Ginger slid into Pepper’s spot and Pepper took Ginger’s spot.
The two guys at the next table looked very disappointed because they could no longer see inside Pepper’s blouse. But it wasn’t long until Pepper began to relax her legs and allow them to drift open. Bit by bit her legs separated and as they did, the attention of the young guys was drawn to what they were hoping to see. The same guy that missed his mouth earlier was leaning do far forward trying to see up Pepper’s skirt that his shirt got in his food and he had a big stain in the front. Then Pepper spread her legs enough for them to see that she wasn’t wearing panties and their eyes almost bugged out of their heads.
As we ate our meal, Pepper continued to give the two young guys a show. I sat next to her and watched their faces as they stared without any concern of being caught. Their expressions told me when she closed her legs and when she opened them without me knowing what Pepper was doing. I couldn’t help my laugh at them from time to time.
The coup de gras was when Pepper had her legs spread and reached down with her hand and began to run her pussy. She played with her clit for a bit and then inserted two fingers into her pussy. After a minute of working them in and out, she pulled her fingers out and presented them to me and gladly sucked them cleaned. Again she inserted the two fingers and this time presented them to Jerry, who gladly sucked them clean. A third time she put her fingers into her pussy and this time when she brought them out, she waved them in the air at the two young guys, teasing them with the thought of tasting her pussy juices. Pepper could see the longing on their faces and pointed at the better looking of the guys and motioned him over. He practically sprang out of his chair and almost stumbled getting to her.
When the young man arrived, Pepper told him her name and asked him for his name. He said his name was Brian. She asked him to pull up a chair from the next empty table. As he did, he had a perfect view into her blouse and made no attempt to hide the fact that he was staring. Pepper caught his attention and then asked if he would like to taste her fingers and his expression was answer enough. She lifted her fingers to his lips and he eagerly drew them in and savored the taste of her pussy. Then Pepper took Brian’s hand and guided it down under the table to her waiting pussy.
Brian’s friend was almost apoplectic as he watched Brian begin to finger Pepper’s pussy. He rubbed his fingers along the outside of her lips, around her clit and then looking into Pepper’s eyes, slid two fingers up inside her. He felt the inside of her pussy for about a minute when Pepper pulled his hand up and pushed his fingers to her lips where she sucked them into her mouth. Then she whispered to him asking if he was enjoying himself and all Brian could do was nod his head up and down. Then she asked him if he liked the look of her breasts and again he nodded. Then she asked him if he was going to go home and jack off thinking of her and he nodded again. The rest of us were doing everything possible to keep from laughing. We knew Pepper was stringing him along and was about to leave him hanging. Pepper told him that she was glad to know he enjoyed himself, but we were done eating and had to leave.
The poor guy could not believe that was the end of his seeing and feeling this gorgeous woman and just sat there as we got up and left the restaurant. Just as we reached the door, the waitress stopped us and told Pepper that what she did was incredible and sexy and thanked her for a fun time watching. Pepper kissed her on the cheek and told her it was her pleasure.
When we got out to the car, Pepper said she was so horny now and wanted to know what other plans Jerry and Rosemary had. They said none; that they just wanted to take us all to dinner to say thanks. Rosemary added that since tomorrow promises to be a busy and exciting day that they wanted to get to bed early. Pepper said straight to bed sounded good to her as long as Jerry or I went with her to satisfy her need. Jerry told me that it was up to me and all I could say was no problem.
The moment we got home, Pepper grabbed me by the hand dragged me to the bedroom as fast as she could. Within seconds she was naked and stripping me. She laid down on the bed, spread her legs and told me to taste her and see how wet she was. I climbed onto the bed and kissed my way up her inner thighs which I knew would drive her crazy as horny as she was. Just as I reached her pussy, I heard a voice behind me asking if the other wife was allowed to join and Pepper told her to get naked and hop on board.
As I began to work my tongue between Pepper’s very wet lips, I felt a hand on my balls and then a familiar set of lips on my cock as Ginger began sucking my cock while I began sucking on Pepper’s pussy. Life just doesn’t get any better than this I thought to myself. Pepper was hornier than I thought because it was only seconds from when my lips touched her pussy that she began to orgasm. Her back arched so high that I thought she was going to rise right off the bed. I held onto her hips as best I could as I continued to lick her pussy.
After her orgasm, I suggested we reposition ourselves into one of our newfound favorite positions that I called our trilingual. We moved now so that I was sucking on Ginger’s pussy, she was sucking on Pepper’s pussy and Pepper was sucking on my cock. Pepper was still worked up as she was the first to cum, Ginger was next and I was doing my best to hold out, but when I felt Ginger’s pussy contract around my tongue my balls clenched and my fountains of cum squirted into Pepper’s mouth. She sucking me until I was sure my balls were empty and my cock clean.
The three of us came up for air and Pepper began asking Ginger if she could have my cock first as she was still worked up after the restaurant and Ginger said that would okay with her but that she made first claim for tomorrow morning. The kissed giggled, kissed and hugged and then Pepper turned to me and said she hoped that I was ready for round two because she wanted my cock in her now. Since I was limp after being sucked off, Ginger said she would do the honors and began massaging my balls and licking the shaft of my cock.
As Ginger worked to get me erect for round two, Pepper started describing how she felt at the restaurant when she first opened her blouse enough to let the two guys see her breasts. She said her when the guys actually saw her breasts that her nipples tingled and got rock hard. She also felt the sexual tingling in her navel and pussy. Then she told us that every time she opened her legs and showed them her pussy and saw their reaction that she wanted a cock in her more and more. I asked her what made her let the guy feel her up and taste her juices and she said she was so horny by then and she almost let him fuck her right there in the restaurant, but knew that was not a smart thing to do.
With the conversation and Ginger sucking my cock, I was ready for round two and asked Pepper how she wanted it and she stood next to the bed and bent over, showing me she wanted it doggy style, which is one of my favorite positions. Ginger positioned herself on the bed so that Pepper could have access to her pussy as I moved in behind her and easily slid all the way in. She felt so good around me that I just help myself there for a bit, feeling the movements in her pussy walls.
Eventually I started moving in and out at an even pace. Periodically I would change my angle so that I made sure I contacted every bit of her pussy. I also leaned to one side so that I could see her breasts swaying to our motion. This always turns me on even more as I love to watch a beautiful woman’s breasts sway and bounce. It also afforded me the chance to see Pepper sucking on Ginger’s clit. This time Ginger was the first to cum and Pepper was about a minute behind her. Since I had just cum once, I had more stamina and continued to pump. By the time I finally came and shot my hot white seed into her, Pepper had two more orgasms and Ginger had a second one.
Both girls were spent and satisfied and so was I. We managed to make our way to the shower to clean up and then headed for bed a little earlier than normal. With Pepper cuddled up behind me and Ginger in front with her beautiful butt pushed against my cock, I wrapped my arm over her, grasped one of her breasts and drifted off to sleep.
To be continued… Tomorrow is the wedding!
Poster: JD Whitings