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Sweet dare


Desert Heat – Part 32 - Wedding Day
Desert Heat – Part 32 - Wedding Day
Saturday, Sept. 1, 1985
Like normal I woke early and tried to sneak out of bed, but before I could reach the end of the bed I heard Ginger whisper, asking me where I was going. I told her I was going to the bathroom and she told me to hurry back as she had the morning dibs on me. I smiled, did my business and hurried back.
Pepper hadn’t moved or said anything I suggested to Ginger that we go to the livingroom and she thought that was a good idea. Once in the livingroom, she hugged and kissed me very passionately and then asked me to take her to the moon. I knew what she meant and laid back on the sofa and Ginger climbed on top and worked her morning tight pussy down on my already erect cock. Putting my hands on her hips, I began to pump up into her. Taking her to the moon is when I slide her down just enough so that my cock rubs hard against her clit. This always sends up to a really high orgasm and she loves it. Sometimes this orgasm is so intense that she’ll squirt.
It didn’t take her long to orgasm once I shifted her down so that I was pumping against her clit. The muscles in her pussy tightened and then started contracting wildly as she climbed higher and higher. It felt like her pussy was massaging my cock and it felt oh so very good. She came hard, but not hard enough to squirt all over which I was thankful for since we had the place clean and ready for the wedding. But her orgasm was hard enough that when her pussy did squeeze in on my cock that it was so tight it felt like it grabbed my cock and was not going to let go. I tried to keep sliding in and out of her but the grasp was so tight that I was virtually locked into place. The feeling was so intense that I could feel my balls stirring much sooner than I expected. Just as her pussy began to relax its grip on my cock, I began to blast my load up inside her. Her eyes widened and said that it was one of the strongest and most forceful cums she had ever felt. It also lasted longer as I kept spurting more hot seed with every stroke.
When we had finished, we heard a familiar voice from over the couch asking if they could clean us off. Ginger and I looked up and saw Rosemary smiling at us. She said Jerry was still asleep and she thought she would sneak out and start the coffee, but saw us and couldn’t help but watch. Ginger lifted off me and laid down on the floor. Rosemary quickly moved into position and began licking and sucking my cum from her sister’s pussy. Finishing up with Ginger, she turned her attention to me and licked my cock clean. She asked if there was any left inside and then gave my cock several strong sucks.
Ginger asked her if she wanted me to satisfy her and she said that she and Jerry promised each other that they would not do anyone else today until after the wedding and they made love to each other first. Then she told me that I was first on her list after that. I hugged and kissed her and the three of us headed to the kitchen to start the coffee and breakfast.
As we were fixing breakfast, Ginger and Rosemary talked about the day’s plans and I was surprised to hear about the planned separation. Rosemary and Jerry would be allowed to see each other at breakfast, but as soon as they were done, Jerry was to be put in my office and Rosemary in their bedroom and would stay there until the wedding ceremony started. Pepper would go and help Rosemary with her hair and makeup and when I asked about Jerry, I was told that he was on his own. I asked what Jerry was supposed to do all morning in my office and they said he could watch the TV, read, nap or do whatever. The only time either of them was allowed out of the room was to go to the bathroom and then we had to make sure the other was behind closed doors.
The smell of breakfast and coffee eventually brought Jerry and Pepper to the kitchen. Jerry went to hug Rosemary and Pepper stopped him saying he could see her during breakfast but no touching until the ceremony and then she made them sit on opposite sides of the table. Most of the conversation was about what the day’s plans were and I could tell it was a conversation of the sisters. Jerry also had that expression, so I started talking to him about college football and I don’t think the girls even heard a word we said.
We barely finished breakfast, cleaned up and exiled the soon to be marrieds to their rooms of banishment when there was a knock at the door. I looked out and it was Terry and Tammy with arms full of their catering supplies. I opened the door letting them in and then slipped on a pair of shorts helped them carry in their supplies. After everything was in, they stripped and began quickly setting up their serving hot trays. Ginger had agreed to help them, so she jumped right in. I asked if there was anything I could do to help and Ginger smiled and said they had everything under control. She suggested I go spend some time with Jerry to keep him company, but to make sure I was back out by noon. The wedding was scheduled for 1pm and she figured some of the guests might come half an hour early.
I spent the next couple of hours playing cards with Jerry in my office. Ginger helped Tammy start cooking the food while Terry finished decorating the cake and getting all of the sexually explicit wedding snacks and favors ready and set up. As noon drew near, I could tell that Jerry was getting nervous. Not scared nervous but more like anxious nervous.
Suddenly, Ginger stuck her head in the door and told me that I was needed, but Jerry had to stay. Ron, the Justice of the Peace had arrived with his wife Sharon and she wasn’t sure about staying when she saw all of us running around naked. Ginger introduced me and asked me to explain, so I sat down with them and told them how both Jerry and Rosemary requested a nude wedding here at the house and that I had explained that to Ron when I called him. Ron said he told Sharon, but it turns out that she didn’t believe him. She was all dressed up in a fancy dress and I had to admit that she looked very pretty. Sharon was about 50 years old and probably about 30-40 pounds overweight, but it was well distributed. She told me that she had never been naked in front of other people before and wasn’t sure she could do this. I asked if she would like to go meet the bride and talk to her and she said that would be a good idea.
I escorted Sharon to the bedroom, peaked in the door and got Pepper’s attention. I quickly explained the situation to her and then opened the door and invited Sharon into the room. Rosemary was sitting in a chair as Pepper was finishing her hair. I gave her a wink and closed the door.
When I got back to Ron, he was all apologies and said he wasn’t sure what to do. He didn’t want to let Jerry and Rosemary down, but unless his wife somehow came around to the idea, he wasn’t sure if she would approve of him officiating in the nude. I told him to give her a few minutes with Rosemary and Pepper and see what happens.
A couple minutes later, Pepper came out and got Ginger and they back to the bedroom. I found out later that they wanted Ginger to give Sharon a brief synopsis of her transformation this summer and what it has meant to her and her marriage. After nearly five minutes, they convinced Sharon to take off her dress and slip and sit with them in just her bra, panties and nylons. Sharon told them that she wasn’t very confident of her body since she was slightly overweight. Pepper told her that it wasn’t what the body looked like but what the person inside the body was like.
As they talked, Pepper nonchalantly began to rub Sharon’s shoulders from behind, trying to relax her. Gradually her hands worked their way down her upper chest and her sides. Then Pepper worked her hands down Sharon’s back and every so softly undid the clasp on her bra. Part of Sharon’s extra weight was in her breasts and the weight of them instantly pulled the loosened bra down and it fell to the floor before she could react. Ginger told her that she looked fabulous and reached out to gently caress one of Sharon’s breasts. Sharon’s moan told them that she liked Ginger’s touch. Sharon asked if Ginger was being honest about the way her breasts looked and she said she never lies about anything like this and Pepper and Rosemary instantly agreed with that.
Then they convinced her to take off her panties and nylons. They said they could tell she was very self-conscious. They told her that she looked great and that since everyone else would be naked that no one would be staring just at her. She was still apprehensive and Ginger said that she would be right back and came got Ron and myself and explained to us what had transpired. We promised to make her feel good about herself.
When Ginger led us into the room, Sharon instantly tried to cover herself up. Ron said a big wow when he saw his naked wife and I told her that she looked ravishing. Sharon’s face was red with embarrassment and she wasn’t sure whether to cry, hide or run. I took a step toward her and said that I was very impressed with her breasts and pointing to the three sisters said that I wasn’t used to such a large set and asked if I could hold them. She looked at Ron and he nodded yes, so she dropped her arm that she had partially covering them and I reached out and cupped both breasts in my hands. I quickly got erect and Sharon noticed. I could see the wondering look in her eyes and I told her that yes, she had done that to me and I took her hand and placed it on my cock.
While this was going on, Pepper helped Ron strip out of his suit behind Sharon’s back. Once naked, he stepped around her so she could see him and at first she was shocked but began to realize how turned on she was getting. I leaned down, kissed both of the nipples and told her that I would like the honor of sucking on them after the wedding. Again she looked at Ron and he nodded his approval and told her that she could play with my cock some more after the wedding. Sharon blushed a deeper shade of red when she realized that she was still holding my cock and slowly stroking it. She let go and apologized.
Ron moved towards her took her into his arms and hugged her. He whispered in her ear and I heard him ask her if she was okay and she whispered back she thought so. Then Ron asked her how it felt to have another man hold her breasts and tell her he wants more and she said it was very flattering. They he asked her if she enjoyed holding my cock and I didn’t think it was possible for her face to get any redder, but it did. She looked down and whispered that it felt good and when Ron asked, she admitted that it had turned her on.
Rosemary stood up, faced Sharon and asked if she would please stay and be a part of her special day and then promised her that it will be a wedding she’ll never forget. Sharon looked around at everyone and said she would give it her best effort, but that she was still rather embarrassed about being naked. I told her she would probably be more embarrassed being the only one with clothes on and she agreed. Ginger said she had to get back to helping Tammy and Terry and I said I had to take Ron to talk to Jerry and asked Sharon if she would like to join us, but she elected to stay in the bedroom with girls.
I took escorted Ron to my office and he and Jerry began talking. I excused myself and went back to the livingroom. The wedding was only half an hour away. My timing was pretty good because there was a knock at the door. I looked out and saw that it was Sherry, the waitress from the restaurant we had meet a month earlier. She was seemed surprised to see that I was naked and I reminded her that it was a nude wedding and she said she knew, but just didn’t expected being greeted that way. I gave her direction to our bedroom where she could strip and then I would show her where she should sit.
As Sherry emerged from the bedroom naked, there was another knock and it was Tom and Helen from the movie theater. They already knew where our room was and I told them to go back and undress. I escorted Sherry out to the pool and told her that she could use on the chairs at the far end of the pool or she could use one of the floating loungers as long as she stayed in the deep end and not make any waves. She chose the pool lounger. Tom and Helen came outside per Ginger’s instructions and I gave them the same options and they opted to sit in one of the chairs outside the pool.
Several minutes later, Colin and Loreena showed up and I took them to the bedroom to undress and then told them to meet me out at the pool. When they came out, I introduced everyone and our Scottish couple opted for loungers in the pool.
It was nearly 1pm and all of the guests had arrived. I asked Ginger if she and the caterers were ready and they said they were. I told Ginger to get Sharon and let Rosemary know that we would be ready in five minutes. I was surprised when she showed up a minute later with Sharon and I escorted her out to the pool and she took a seat outside the pool. I fetched Jerry and Ron and told them we were ready. I had to chuckle when I saw Jerry wearing just a collar and bow tie giving some semblance of formal wear. I led them to the back door and hit the tape player that had the music Rosemary and Jerry had selected.
When the music started, everyone got quiet and watched the door. That’s when Jerry and Ron made their way out to the steps of the pool and stopped and waited. I went to Rosemary’s room and got her and Pepper. Like Jerry, Rosemary was wearing a lace veil as her semblance of formal wear and I had to say it was quiet striking and sexy. Getting to the door, we waited for the next song to start. When it did, Pepper led the way, walking over to the steps but stopped just short of them. Then I escorted Rosemary arm in arm out to the steps.
Ron then asked who was giving this woman to this man and I said her sisters and I were. I placed Rosemary’s hand in Jerry’s and then I escorted Pepper to the base of the steps and then we took our positions opposite each other. Jerry and Rosemary stepped down to the second step and Ron stood on the first step.
Evidently, he and Jerry had done quite a bit of talking because Ron began recounting some of Jerry’s recent past and how he ended up here at our house. Then he told the gathering about the day he and Rosemary met, when Ginger had Jerry and I dressed only in aprons doing her every bidding when she invited her sisters over. You could hear some chuckles coming from the guests. About 15 minutes later, he asked if they had their vows and they faced each other and pledged their love and loyalty for all of their days.
Then Ron asked for the rings and Pepper and I had been holding them and we handed them to Jerry and Rosemary. After placing the ring on each other’s finger he pronounced them man and wife and told Jerry that he could now kiss the bride. He knelt down and kissed her on her pussy lips, then stood and kissed her like you would expect. Then Ron turned them to face the guests and presented Mr and Mrs Jerry McK---------.
Terry, Tammy and Ginger made a quick beeline to the kitchen and told me to give them five minutes. I announced that the reception would be starting inside in about five minutes and those in the pool may want to start drying off. Everyone cleared the pool and when things were ready inside, I had Jerry and Rosemary stand just outside the door and greet everyone and thanked them for coming to the wedding, just like a regular wedding receiving line. As they greeted the guests, instead of shaking hands, Jerry and Rosemary shook the guys’ cocks and jiggled the lady’s breasts. I noticed Sharon seemed a little reserved so I moved in behind her and helped her through the line. After she passed into the house, I asked her if that was so bad and she giggled and said she thought of going back for seconds. I told her that was the spirit and I was proud of her.
The meal consisted of rib tips, roasted potato wedges, a broccoli and cauliflower mix. I played bartender and handed out beers and mixed drinks. We had tables set in the family room and with a table at the head of the room for Jerry, Rosemary, Pepper and myself. As everyone got seated, I stood to make the traditional best man toast. I raised my beer, thanked Jerry for moving in and taking care of the house for us this summer and for taking care of Rosemary as well, and everyone chuckled. Then Pepper stood, raised her glass and wished her sister a long and happy marriage and ended it by telling Jerry if he ever does anything to hurt her that she’ll make sure he won’t be able to hurt anyone else and pointed at this cock, again to chuckles.
After the meal, Ginger announced that it was time to cut the cake which was in the other room. To this point, the cake had remained hidden and I so enjoyed watching everyone’s reactions when they saw it. Terry and Tammy had done a great job of making the cake look like the midsection of Jerry and Rosemary with Jerry’s cock inside Rosemary’s pussy, complete with her reddish pubic hair. They used some type of spun sugar to make the pubic hair but it looked almost real. Ginger handed the knife to Rosemary and the two of them cut the cake off to the side, leaving the crotch intact. Ginger and Tammy then started cutting pieces of cake for everyone.
Next to the cake were bon bons that were made to look like breasts complete with nipples. Next to them were small sausages made to look like a cock and balls. Everyone ooed and awed over the cake and the other treats and complimented Terry and Tammy for doing such a wonderful job.
After the cake and treats were over, Jerry stood up and thanked everyone for coming and for those that worked so hard to make it all possible. Then Rosemary addressed everyone telling them that at many weddings, it is traditional for the bride and groom to have the first dance and then everyone else joins them on the dance floor. Since this wedding is different than most, they had something else in mind and after they started, everyone else was invited to join in. They moved to the loveseat that had been strategically placed against the one wall but still central to the entire room. Jerry sat down on the loveseat, Rosemary knelt down and began to suck his cock until it was hard. Once hard, she sat on his cock, facing everyone so that they had a full view of Jerry’s cock sliding in and out of her pussy.
I heard Sharon gasp in shock as she was glued to the scene in front of her. I motioned to Ron to move over to her and begin fondling her breasts from behind. Sharon was so focused on Jerry and Rosemary that she screamed in shock as Ron reached around her and held her breasts. Everyone turned and she was so embarrassed and apologized. Ron continued to fondle her breasts from behind her and I could tell that he was rubbing his cock up and down in her butt crack. Before long, her head leaned back towards him and her eyes closed as Ron seduced his wife in the midst of everyone else.
By now, Rosemary was beginning to orgasm and as she did, everyone applauded and cheered. Jerry was also excited and worked up because it didn’t take long before he came, filling her up with his seed. Pepper asked if she was allowed to clean up her sister and Sherry asked if she could clean up Jerry. Colin and Loreena began having sex as did Tom and Helen and Tammy and Terry. Ron and Sharon had joined in the fun as he had her bent over a chair and was taking her doggie style. Her large breasts swayed wildly as he pumped her and I was so happy to see them fitting right in.
There were six guys and eight ladies, but that didn’t seem to matter. Sherry and Pepper were the extra girls but they were both outgoing and had no problem doubling up on each other or someone else. Ginger and I were on the floor, me on my back and Ginger riding my cock with suddenly a pussy lowered itself onto my face. I knew it wasn’t Pepper’s and wasn’t sure who it was but it smelled enticing so I began to lick it and suck on a clit. A voice above me told Ginger that she hoped she didn’t mind her sitting on her husband’s face and Ginger said by all means. The voice belonged to Sherry and I began sucking her clit all the more. Ginger came first, Sherry came next and then I emptied my balls into my first wife’s pussy.
After thanking Sherry for letting me taste her pussy, I heard a voice telling me that I had a promise to keep. I looked up and Sharon was standing over me. Ginger moved out of the way and I asked Sharon what she had in mind. She told me that Ron had given her permission to see what it was like to have another man’s cock inside her and she knew it had to be me. I told her that I would be honored to be her first tryst. I asked her if she had a preference and she said she would first like to suck on my cock and then she would like to sit on it like Ginger did. I invited her down, but told her to face the other way and I would suck her pussy as she sucked my cock. She said she’s never done that before, but was willing to try.
Ginger helped position her for some serious 69ing and her pussy reacted like it had never been sucked on before. I found out that it never had as she had never let Ron have oral sex with her. The moment my tongue began to move along her pussy lips, she squirmed and moaned. I licked her lips a few times and then dove my tongue as deep as I could into her pussy and again she moaned. As I moved to her clit, I could tell that she wasn’t used to sucking cock very much either as she was hesitant and not sure what to do. When my lips closed in on her clit, her whole body twitched and she forgot about sucking my cock. She instantly started to build and when she reached her peak and climaxed, her body shook and she moaned loud enough to be heard by everyone. Her legs went weal and collapsed on top me but I continued to suck on her clit until she was completely done. I rolled her off of me and climbed on top of her.
She opened her eyes and told me that she had never felt anything so intense in her entire life. I reminded her that I had also promised to show her breasts more attention and I began to suck on one nipple and then the next one. While sucking on her nipples, I slipped my cock inside her and began to slowly work my way in and out. Her moaning was increasing in volume and frequency. I moved myself forward just enough so that my cock was now rubbing against her clit and picked up my pace. It didn’t take long for Sharon to begin to climb again. Her body began to arch, her head went from side to side and her pussy was getting tighter. I picked up my tempo again and it was enough to send her over the top. When she came this time, her moan was so loud that it got everyone’s attention. I leaned down to her ear and asked her if it was okay to cum inside her or not and she just kept saying yes, yes, yes, so I unloaded into her. When she felt me cumming, she wrapped her arms around me and held me tightly. Then she started thanking me over and over.
I looked over and saw Ron, smiling from ear to ear as he was pounding away at Ginger and watching me finish off his wife. I whispered in Sharon’s ear to look to her left and she saw Ron and Ginger, she smiled and said she didn’t realize how sexy it was to see him with another woman. She pulled my face down to hers and planted a deep passionate kiss on me and thanked me for inviting her then told me that she wanted to talk to Ginger and I later in private with Ron.
I started to get up off of Sharon when Helen told her that if she’s never squirted to ask me. She looked confused and admitted that she had no idea what squirting meant. Helen told her that’s when a woman cums so hard and intense that she squirts out her cum just like a man does. Sharon asked if she meant the woman pees all over and Helen so no, it’s not pee, it’s cum, it pussy juices. Sharon looked at me with a look of bewilderment. Pepper told her it’s true and that I made her squirt. Helen said I made her squirt and then so did Sherry, Loreena, Ginger and Rosemary. Tammy piped in and said she’s never squirted before either and wanted me to make her squirt.
I knew where this was going and that there was no way to get out of it, so I said I would try to make both Sharon and Tammy squirt at the same time without touching either one’s pussy. That generated some curious looks from the group. I told Sharon and Tammy to come here and sit on chairs next to each other. Then I asked Ron and Terry to come over and told them that they were the ones that were going to do the deed, not me. Both guys said they had no clue how to make a woman squirt and I told them I was going to teach them by having them do it.
Once the ladies were seated, I told them to lean back in the chair, close their eyes and let their minds wander. Then I began to instruct Terry and Ron, starting with just rubbing the outsides of the pussies. I asked them if they knew where the lady’s sweet spots were and they said no. I instructed them to place two fingers into the pussy with their palm up and then start rubbing the insides of the pussy and watch for any body movement and facial expressions and they would know when they found the sweet spot. Ron was a bit awkward at first but eventually he found it. I told them to keep rubbing the sweet spot and then with the other hand to start rubbing the clit. Again, Ron was not very adept at this but with some encouragement and instructions he began to catch on. As the ladies began to respond, I told them to increase their pressure and speed. The more the ladies responded the more pressure and speed.
To my surprise Sharon was the first one to climax and I wasn’t sure if she would squirt or not, but alas she produced several squirts that traveled about 4 feet, part of it splashing all over Ron. She came so hard that a guttural moan emanated from deep in her throat that almost ended like an air raid siren. After hitting her high peak, she began to slowly ease off and opened her eyes to Ron licking her pussy and looking up at her. The look she gave him was one of deep love and joy.
Tammy also began to squirt when she came, sending streams of fluid over 6 feet out. Her orgasm was so intense and her one foot was rapidly pounding the floor like a dog trying to scratch itself. Her body arched and bucked and when she finally came down from her experience, all she could say was wow.
I congratulated both ladies and everyone applauded as Ginger grabbed a couple towels and quickly cleaned up. I told Ron that now he knows how to make his wife squirt whenever she’s in need of a really good intense orgasm. I turned to Terry and said that whatever he and Tammy does together as brother and sister is fine by me, as long as they enjoy it together and don’t get themselves in trouble.
Then I proposed a different sort of toast to the married couple. In invited all the girls to lay on the floor next to each other and allow Jerry to fuck each of them until he finally came inside one of them. Then I invited guys to lay down and let Rosemary sit on our cocks and ride us until we all had a chance to cum in her. The newlyweds said that sounded great and no else objected, so we started our toasting of the couple. There were two lines of people lying on the floor, the ladies in one line and the men in the other like. We were almost toe to toe and so that when we looked over at the line of ladies we were looking right up their legs to their pussies. It really was quite a sight.
Jerry started with Pepper at one end and spent about 20 seconds inside each pussy. Then he worked his way back across the line. He managed to do each lady at least twice, but on his third time through, he could hold off no longer and ended up pulling out and shooting his load over Loreena, Tammy and Sharon. Sherry, Pepper and Ginger jumped at the chance to do clean up by licking the other ladies clean and then turning their attention to Jerry and thoroughly cleaning him.
At the other line, Rosemary started with Colin at one end and rode each cock until she had an orgasm. Then she moved to Tom, Ron, Terry and myself. I could tell that she was pretty spent after 5 straight orgasms all on a different cock, so I suggested that she kneel down and the 5 of us guys would stroke off on her. Rosemary asked if it would be okay to suck cocks at the same time I said unless the guys objected and that brought a round of no’s real quick. So we gathered around her, stroking our cocks when she wasn’t sucking them. One by one we all came and shot our loads all over her breasts. She was quite the site to behold. Rosemary asked if any of the ladies wanted to clean her off before she grabbed towel and they all did except Sharon who wasn’t sure about licking cum up off of another woman’s breasts.
After Rosemary had been cleaned off, I suggested we all go relax in the pool for a while and we did. With everyone in the water, I realized that 14 naked people in our pool all at the same time was a record for us, and I wondered if there would every come a time that we would beat that record. Everyone had a good time in the pool. It started out as just people bobbing around, talking and relaxing but after a bit it started in with a game of tag, started by none other than Pepper. The only rule she made is that only tags that touch breasts, butts, pussies or cocks count and no one was allowed to get out of the pool to avoid being tagged.
It was a lot of fun and after about 15 minutes of tag, it became more of a group groping than anything else. We were all huddled together in the shallow end rubbing our bodies against each other and feeling and fondling whomever’s whatevers. At one point I felt six different hands roaming my body as my cock was pressed up against a woman’s butt. This went on for about 20 minutes and I could tell that the sexual desires were building amongst all of us so I suggested that we all dry off and go inside to release those desires. Pepper then said that those that want to go inside can and those who want to stay outside and release those desires in the pool with her were welcome to stay. I don’t know why I was surprised but everyone wanted to stay outside in and around the pool.
Loreena moved over to me and kissed and hugged me. I sat her up on the side of the pool and proceeded to lick her pussy. A few moments after I started, Terry lifted Sherry onto the pool decking next to us and said they hoped we didn’t mind some company. Then on the other side of me, I was pleased to see Jerry lifting Sharon up onto the side of the pool. Sharon looked at me, smiled and mouthed thank you again and then leaned back on her arms as Jerry began to lick her pussy. Eventually, Ron had Ginger on the side of the pool next to Sharon and Colin lifted Rosemary up onto the pool decking. Tom followed suit with Tammy. Helen said she felt left out and Pepper said no she wasn’t and lifted her onto the side and began licking Helen’s pussy.
There we were, divided into 7 couples performing oral sex on a lady that was not our own partner. The moaning didn’t take long to start and before long it sounded like a battlefield hospital full of wounded soldiers only these moans were from ecstasy, not pain. Within minutes 7 ladies all had an orgasm, all but Pepper but she was happy having brought Helen to her orgasm.
The ladies returned to the water and we all just started having sex with whomever we could grab onto. I ended up having my cock in all 8 pussies and I think the others guys managed the same. When I was ready to come, I was with Helen and I pumped her full with a big load. She wrapped her arms around me, kissed me deep and long and then told me how much that day at the movie theater meant to her and Tom and how much they’ve talked about us since. I told her it was special for us as it was the first time Ginger had ever done anything like that and she loved it. Helen asked if she and Tom could come over again sometime and I told her sure and that we would all look forward to it.
After an hour of pure sex in the pool, everyone was getting tired and spent. It was already evening, so some of our guests said they needed to leave. Tammy and Terry said they needed to clean up their stuff and pack it up. Pepper and Ginger said they would help. Colin and Loreena thanked us for a wonderful time, got dressed and left. Sherry also had to run. Tom and Helen said they would stay and help clean up.
Before getting dressed, Sharon asked if she and Ron could talk privately with Ginger and me, so we took them into my office. Sharon started by apologizing to Ron for not being more sexually outgoing to him. She then told us that she was raised that sex was just for having children and that any other time it was a sin. That affected her relationship with Ron and she knew it, but never knew what to do about it. That’s why she was so apprehensive about coming to the wedding today. She said that any time Ron wanted to try something new, that she would not allow it. It was missionary style sex with most of her clothes on and that was it. Nothing oral or using hands.
She said that today opened her eyes and her mind but she wasn’t sure how to do many of the things she witnessed today. Ron added that he felt awkwardly inadequate himself. Sharon then asked if we would tutor them and help them to learn more about how to please each other and become better sex partners. I looked at Ginger and she was smiling. She leaned forward, took Sharon’s hands in hers and told her we would love to. I said that we were leaving for two weeks tomorrow, but when we returned, we would have them over to start their lessons. I also asked them if it would be permissible to have Pepper, Rosemary and Jerry join us and they said that would be okay. Sharon thanked us, hugged me so tight that I couldn’t breathe but it was great feeling her ample breasts pressing against my chest. Ron shook my hand like there was no tomorrow and gave Ginger a big hug also. I so enjoyed watching my wife’s bare breasts being pressed up against the chest of another man. They got dressed and left.
We had to get dressed to help Terry and Tammy carry their supplies out to their van. We thanked them for a great catering job and they thanked us for the great sex and asked us to recommend them to any of our friends getting married or having a party that needed catering.
Back inside, we just kind of collapsed in the livingroom. Jerry sat in the loveseat with Rosemary on his lap and I sat on the sofa with my two wives snuggled up against me. Rosemary thanked us for a wonderful wedding and said it was better than she imagined. Jerry added that he liked all the sex better than dancing anyway and Rosemary mock slapped him and then agreed. Pepper added that having 6 different cocks in her in the same day was fantastic and I added that being inside 8 pussies in the same day was even better.
I reminded Jerry and Rosemary that we needed to have them at the airport early, so we all needed to hit the sack early. We hugged and kissed our goodnights and I watched as the newlyweds sauntered off to their bedroom. I grabbed my two wives and we headed to the bedroom. Pepper was a little quiet and I sensed that she was feeling somewhat left out by not having a honeymoon like Ginger and I did and like what Jerry and Rosemary were headed out to bright and early in the morning. I snuggled up close behind her in bed with Ginger behind me, draped my arm over her and whispered in her ear that loved her so very much. She said she loved me too, but I could hear that little bit of disappointment in her response. I wanted so much to tell her that she was going on a honeymoon tomorrow, but didn’t want spring it on her before Jerry and Rosemary left for their trip, so I reluctantly let her go to sleep feeling as she did.

Stay tuned for Pepper’s Honeymoon…
Poster: JD Whitings