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Sweet dare


Next Door Neighbor's MOM
While I was in high school, I was introduced to the most beautiful girl. She was tall....about 5' 8"....long, straight natural blonde hair.....big, bright blue eyes.....a wonderful smile. Did I mention l-o-n-g legs? Did I mention the fact that she wore button up blouses that where always ready to pop the buttons? She was stacked! I flirted with her...trying to find out if there was any chance. She fell in love with me....she called me "Bro"!!!! Shit! I didn't want that....I wanted to experience sex with her the way all those magazines I'd been reading showed.

While I was trying to seduce her, I graduated high school, but it had no improvement on my success with this Amazon daughter. With futile attempts, I of course got to know her mother, who was no old lady by any means. Her mom was 5' 9", just as stacked, and just as sexy....but I was interested in her daughter. She was a beautician, and had one day off a week. I worked 2nd shift, so on her day off, I would go next door and we would talk and play cards. Eventually, the topic of sex cam up. She confronted me about my attention towards her daughter. I told the truth about how I wanted her daughter, but I lied to her regarding my previous experience (I had no significant experience to that point). She started asking probing questions about sex, oral sex, and more sex. Did I like this? What would I do if? Would I like to have sex doggie style? After a couple of months, all I could think about was "Mom" and our discussions.

One day, on a dare, I took "Mom" to my favorite adult book store. We meandered up and down the isles, looking at magazines, toys and videos. She would pick up something and loudly ask if I'd like this or that. I was so turned on by her openess, but a coward to do anything about it, especially in the store. She picked up a huge rubber cock that was endorsed by Swedish Erotica, and commented that Seka and she could be sisters. I watched as she cupped that cock through the packaging in her hand and motioned as if she was jerking it off. Would I like her to do that for me she asked. And I only looked at her with my mouth gaping and nodding!!!! How was that for being a stud? What an idiot!!!!

One day, again because she dared me, we went to an adult movie house and watched a double feature. She rubbed my cock through my pants and said how she was so impressed by my stature and my self control. By the end of Christy Canyon's multiple orgasms, she was so hot she'd given up on me, and had led my hand to her skirt. I felt her through her panties, there in the dark, with a dozen other horny OLD men watching Christy Canyon get her brains fucked out. We all listened to Christy scream in orgasms, but I got to listen to Mom moan and groan wanting sooooooo much more.

A few weeks later, a note was one her door, to come to the back porch. I found her there, sun tanning. Her well browned skin was slick with oil. When I came up the stairs, she turned her head and smiled, then asked me to put some oil on her back. I sat, and started with her back....soon she was moaning like she had in the movie house, and her hips were moving so slightly. My hands moved over her buns, caressing and teasing....she called me on it, telling me I'd better not tease unless I was ready to do more!!! Next I oiled her calves, working upwards. Finally, my hands upon her thighs, I spread her legs and stroked her pussy through her swim suit.

She stood up suddenly and walked quickly inside. Concerned that I had perhaps done something wrong, I followed, ready to apologize. When I stepped inside, she grabbed me, kissing me hard and plunging her tongue inside my mouth. WOW!!!!!!! What a first kiss!!!!!! My arms wrapped around her, pulling her body tightly against mine, my hands on her buns again. While her tongue played within my mouth, her hips rolled against my raging hard on. While she humped me and probed my mouth, she pulled my shirt out of my shorts. Her hands first on my stomach, long finger nails teasing, but then lifting my shirt and circling my nipples.

I slipped my hands down under her swim suit and cupped her buns. Still she humped my raging hard on....I reached as far as I could and tried to part her pussy lips. Her knees saged....she broke her kiss and stepped away from me....motioning me to follow. I followed her to the bedroom. She removed her bikini top....glorious dark errect nipples sat atop her full round white breasts, with crisp dark tan lines.....then she rolled her bottoms down off her hips and let them fall to the floor. When she approached me, she lifted my shirt over my head and kissed my nipples, sucking hard and biting my flesh. I was frozen....after a lifetime of her attention, with me only stroking her ribs, she rolled my shorts over my hips. She struggled slightly, trying to get my shorts off over my rigid cock without breaking her lip lock on my nipples. When my shorts fell to the floor, she stroked my shaft and then moved to the bed, inviting me to join her.

She lay there, with her knees raised and parted. I could see her pussy lips slightly parted as well. When I climbed onto the bed, I traced a line along her pussy lips, watching her face. She was as eager as I was to have my cock buried deeply within her. I asked something I had not asked long had it been? Her response was that it had been toooooooooo long, please hurry. Kneeling between her legs, I spread my knees around her buns. She reached down and parted her lips wide as I laid the head of my cock between her lips. I moved it up and down along her slit, and then she lifted her legs to my shoulders. She told me to hurry, to not worry. I thrust hard into her, my cock hammering into her pussy. She gasped and stroked my nipples....another thrust and I slipped beyond that....tight spot. Another thrust and I felt my balls against her buns. She smiled a cheshire cat smile and rolled her hips....then she tensed her cunt and I felt her working my shaft. She laughed at my surprise, and then told me to fuck her hard.....I did. Though I did not last long before my first orgasm, she kept me hard enough to go a second round. And later that day a third and fourth round.

Over the coming months, she taught me much about sex. I now believe that there was no loss of virginity with my next door neighbor, but rather a gaining of manhood and learning how to satisfy a woman. Not just the wham-bam thank-you, Ma'am....but satisfying the inner drives of a woman....
Poster: Finn