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Sweet dare


My wife's story
I met my wife, Linda, when she was working as a waitress at a Chinese restaurant. She had recently arrived from China and didn't know much English. She was young, innocent and beautiful. She usually wore a short black skirt and white blouse. I would watch as she moved between the tables, always hoping to see a little more as she bent over the tables. I was smitten.

I started talking with her, when it was quiet and it wasn't long before I asked her out for dinner. After a few nights out, she offered to coke me a home meal and I spent the evening with her. I saw more of her and we were soon making out and having sex.

After we had been dating for a few weeks, I would meet her after work and we would walk and talk. One day we were sitting in a park, enjoying a warm, summer afternoon, when she started to tell me about her work. She said she wanted to be honest with me, because she liked me and wanted a good relationship. She told me she had been having sex with her boss at the restaurant. She assured me that since we had been dating she had stopped, but she said it was still very tempting and he always wanted to have sex with her.

I asked her what did she mean, and she said "He always looks at me like I'm very sexy and it makes me want to have sex with him again." I didn't know her very well yet and it was a bit shocking, what she was telling me. She seemed so innocent but here she was, telling me about having sex with her boss, and that she still wanted to do it.

She said "Yesterday, he wanted to have sex with me like before. I told him I am seeing someone and tried to stop him, but when I was standing at the sink he came up behind me and pulled my pants down. I just stood there at the sink and he touched me. I didn't let him fuck me, but I was very wet and it was hard to resist. Do you think I'm a bad person?" She was a bit tearful at this point.

I told her that I didn't think she was a bad person and that I was glad she was telling me. She said I could trust her. That she wanted to be faithful to me.

I asked her how she felt and why she still wanted to have sex with her boss. She said it is because he always wants to have sex with her and it makes her feel sexy. Also, because he is married and his wife works at the restaurant, bossing the waitresses and it is very sexy sneaking around and having sex with her boss when his wife isn't there. She is usually there when it is busy at lunch time, but then she leaves when it gets quiet in the afternoon and evening, just coming in occasionally. Linda said it makes her feel good that her boss wants to have sex with her instead of his wife.

She also said that her boss has a big cock and fucks her very fast. "It feels very good when he fucks me but it is over too quick, so I always want more."

"When it is quiet in the afternoon, he sends everyone else home and it is just him and me there. Then we have sex, almost every day. Sometimes we go down in the basement or on the stairs. Sometimes he fucks me in the kitchen. One day I went downstairs for some supplies and he followed me. On the stairs, he grabbed me and put his hands under my skirt. He told me he wants to fuck me, but everyone was there and the restaurant was full. It made me very wet and he put his fingers inside me."

She was shy, but at the same time, here she was, telling me intimate details of sex with her boss. It seemed she wanted me to know what she was doing and how she felt. I found it a bit confusing, but also very sexy and I told her so.

She said "Sometimes in the afternoon, if there is no one in the restaurant, he fucks me in the kitchen. I stand in the doorway and watch out, in case a customer comes, and he lifts up my skirt and fucks me from behind. It feels very good to be fucked standing up, but we have to be careful, in case his wife comes back."

I asked her if it was only a few times and she said "He is a man who likes a lot of sex. He always wants to have sex. Sometimes he fucks me every day or more. He says when he sees me, he wants to have sex." I thought about that and realized I wasn't the only one who liked her long, slender legs and her short skirt. Her boss had been doing what I had been fantasizing about as I watched her.

She said it feels good to have sex in secret and sneak around. So I asked her if she has any other secrets I should know. She said that some other customers had asked her out and tried to have sex with her, but she liked me better. I asked her if she would have let me fuck her in the restaurant and she said that if I had followed her downstairs, she would have let me fuck her. She said she likes getting fucked in secret. It was quite a revelation.

A few weeks later, I went to meet her after work and we stayed to have dinner at the restaurant. It was a quiet evening and there was only her and her boss there. She sat with me and we talked for a few minutes, then she went into the kitchen to order our dinner, then returned to sit with me. A while later, her boss came out with our dinner and he stood there, talking Chinese with her. I looked at him, thinking about him fucking my girlfriend and about how much she wanted to be fucked by him. She had told me several more times about how big his cock is, how much he likes to have sex with her and about how good that makes her feel. I looked at her, wondering if she wanted to have sex with him now.

After dinner, a very nice lobster dinner, she took our dishes into the kitchen. She was gone quite a long time and I sat, wondering. When she came back, she said she had to help clean up, but she was now ready to go.
Poster: Bob