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Sweet dare


Wife surprises ex co-worker
This is a wonderful memory of a surprise we pulled on one of her ex co-workers that was a real turn-on for both of us.

Ed was an ex co-worker who lived in Canada, and only returned to the States on infrequent visits. He and my wife had worked together for about 3 years, but had not seen each other in several years. We knew his wife Connie, but she didn't travel with him when he came to the States. (names are real)

He called us when he got into town and we offered for him to stay with us instead of staying at a hotel. We both liked Ed and were really thrilled he could spend a couple of nights with us. When he arrived we all got re-united and talked about families and what had all happened when we last saw each other. We shared an evening meal and talked until late into the evening. There was no 'sex talk' at all, and we went to bed just remembering our past friendship.

That night my libido kicked in and I began telling my wife that I knew Ed liked her very much and that I knew he would love to experience her in bed. She laughed and told me I was crazy, that Ed was happily married and that nothing had ever happened between them that would lead her to believe that Ed was interested in her at all. I told her that she was right, but that I also had sensed some 'electricity' between them when he had seen her for the first time in several years. I could see that she pondered that comment.

Later that night as we went to bed, I picked-up on the conversation and told her that I knew Ed thought she was Hot. She laughed and dismissed it. But once we were in bed I kept whispering to her that I thought it would be very sexy if she allowed Ed to sleep with her. She did not seem to be 'taking the bait' at all. But I was consistent and persistent. As we tried to fall asleep I kept telling her I would be OK if she wanted to sleep with Ed. I kept telling her how sexy she was and that with her being about 10 years younger than Ed, that he was probably fantasizing about her as he was trying to go to sleep in the guest bedroom. I told her that she missed out on a lot of great experiences since we married so young and she never got to sleep with other guys.

I kept up the sex talk as we cuddled and snuggled that evening. I reached over to caress her muff and found it to be a wonderful puddle of excitement. I knew right then than I had her thinking of how sexy it would be to have a 'roll in the hay' with Ed. I fondled her and kept up the barrage of sexy talk and kept telling her how exciting it would be if she just sneaked into his room and got into his bed. She kept laughing me off, but I knew she was considering what I said. As I fondled her and whispered to her I finally just threw down the dare.

I said, "Please just do yourself a favor, and a huge favor to Ed, by just going into his room and climbing in bed with him." I told her I was more than OK with it, and that it would be a huge turn-on to me too. I begged her to just go to him.

Much to my surprise, she finally said, "OK", and just slipped out from under our covers, completely nude, and quietly went to his room. I tried my best to hear what was going on, but I could not hear anything.

In about 20-30 minutes she returned to our bed and I could not wait to hear what had happened. I asked her if she had sex with Ed. She said, "Yes!" I wanted to know all about it, so she related this experience.

She said, "I just opened his door and quietly went to his bed. He was asleep and under the covers. She said, I touched his face and said, "Ed, are you asleep?" He opened his eyes and in the moonlit room saw that I was standing there nude in front of him. He lit up! He smiled and reached for me. I lifted the covers and crawled into the bed with him. He was sleeping in just boxer shorts and he immediatley pulled them off. We kissed and carressed as he pulled me on top of himself. He fondled me all over and we kissed passionately without much talking at all. He was instantly hard and I could feel his erection pressing into my legs as we cuddled. Within seconds he pulled me on top of him and we slid into each other as if we had done that many times. There was no awkward groping. He just slid his throbbing shaft into me. We moved together in a wonderful sex dance as we both searched for maximum pleasure. In just a few minutes it was over and we were both spent with pleasure. He asked if I knew what she was doing and she assurred him that I knew and had encouraged her to come to him. They had sex one more time and then she left and came back to our bedroom.

I was so excited for both she and Ed. I only wished I could have been there to see it all transpire. I asked her as many questions as I could, but she didn't want to talk about it too much. She did tell me that he was a little larger around than me, but that we both 'fit her' very well.

The next morning at breakfast was a little awkard until I said, "Ed, I think you know that I encouraged my wife's trip to his room last night". He blushed, and said, "Thanks.... That was a wonderful and shocking experience. Thank you very much!"

He left the next day and we have never seen him again. After 30 years I still remember that "gift" I gave to Ed and my wife as one of the sexiest things we have ever done.

I am so glad she got to experience sex with another man.
Poster: Lee