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Sweet dare


Long Road Traveled 6
After Miya's experience with Eric she was open to hearing more about my other friends and what goes on at the party house. She soon started asking me random questions more often than not while we had sex. Was their girl on girl? Which couples clicked the best? Which women turned me on the most? The questions trailed off the closer we got to our planned visit. We were going to stay with my best friends Tom and Maddy while we were in town and I think she was getting a little cold feet. Plus meeting Eric's wife Julie for the first time knowing she had already fucked her husband.

We flew in and were met at the airport by Tom. His bright smile and outgoing personality won Maya over right a way. We had a great conversation on the way to his house. Maddy greeted us and complimented Maya on being so pretty. Maya returned the compliment. We visited and ate dinner and finally went to bed. Maya got quiet and I asked if she was ok. She said yes but it seemed weird and exciting both knowing we may be having sex with them soon. I just pulled her close and we both fell to sleep.

The next morning Tom and I were out early to meet Marcus and Eric for a round of golf. Maddy had a full day planned for Miya. Shopping and lunch with Julie and Tonya. Later I found out the girls just got to know each other and there was no talk about sex or the house. That put Miya at ease and especially how welcoming Eric's wife Julie was.

Tom and I got back before Maddy and Miya. We showered up and fired up the grill. The girls arrived and we talked about our day and had a great meal. The wine and beer was flowing and I was happy Miya felt so at home. It was getting late so we all turned in and Miya jumped in the shower so I am thinking I am going to have some fun. Maya came out in a short robe. She stood by the bed bent and gave me a hot kiss. I reached for her and she pulled away and walked out of the bedroom. A couple minutes later in walks Maddy naked. She left the door open and climbed into bed
with me. She gave me a long kiss and immediately went down on my dick. As I lay their enjoying some really good head. I heard Miya laughing and then she was moaning softly.

I pulled Maddy up for a kiss and then proceeded to return the favor. Maddy and Miya's moaning seemed to getter louder like dueling banjos. After Maddy came we got up and went into the master bedroom. Tom was fucking Miya doggy so we joined them and I started fucking Maddy. We all ended up missionary and as soon as I heard Miya cum I blasted into Maddy. Tom pulled out and came on Miya's stomach. We all layed there and talked to a while. Miya and I returned to our room and had sex again it was hot and Tom and Maddy got at it as well.

The next day we just hung out and relaxed. Miya even took a nap. I think because she was both nervous and anxieous about the party at the house that evening. The evening came and we arrived at Duke and Launas house. We were greeted warmly and the girls dragged Miya off to meet the other women. Miya got some looks from the guys. She had on an amazing bikini covered by a see through pullover and some roman style sandals that wrapped around her muscular calves.

I joined the guys in the game room/bar for a pool tournament. We eventually made it outside and the ladies were around the pool. I noticed Miya with her big margarita and she was on a lunge chair talking with Launa and Tonya. I swam around for a while and the Miya asked if I wanted to hit the hot tub. We were joined by Eric and Julie and Duke and Tonya. Drinks laughs and more of Dukes stories. I noticed Eric's hands disappear under the water often an Miya would get quiet. So I decided to cool off in the pool to see what would happen.

It wasn't long and I saw Miya Tonya Duke and Eric go inside. I waited a while and found Julie and led her upstairs. I soon found them in the master bedroom. Eric was long dicking Miya on the bed. Her body was covered in oil. Tonya was riding Duke in a chair. I watched Miya arch up as she came nails digging into Eric's arms. The Julie and I went into the next room and fucked frantically for a long while. Later in the evening Miya and I did a threesome with Maddy and Miya had her first girl on girl experience. I ended up cumming in Miya as Maddy and her were in a 69.

We returned to Toms house exhausted and called it a night. The next evening the four of us had dinner with Duke and Launa. We ended up back at Toms house playing cards and drinking. Launa and I were partners playing Tom and Maddy. Duke and Miya were in the room talking. I could tell Miya was turned on by Duke even though he was twenty years older. Must of been his accent and the salt and pepper hair.

They were slow dancing for a while and then he leaned in for a kiss. After a pause and some quiet conversation he led her upstairs. After another hand I called for a short break. I went upstairs and Miya was moaning in our room. I pushed the door open slightly and Duke was laying flat on top of Miya pumping away. Miya's hands grabbing his ass and she was moaning and gasping with every stroke. I went back down stairs and the others were already naked and on the living room floor Launa was eating Maddy and Tom was doggy fucking Launa. I joined in by having Maddy suck my dick. I finally ended up fucking Launa while she rode my dick her long red hair hanging in my face until I came.

They stayed the night with Duke andMiya staying in our room the whole night. The four of us stayed in the master bedroom. Miya and I left the next day to our home in Florida. We talked a lot at home about the experience and had some great sex. I asked her if she would be interested in finding like minded couples closer to home and she said no that she would only do it with our friends.
Poster: DJ