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Sweet dare


Long Road Traveled 7
Miya and I continued meeting up with our friends and also getting together at Duke and Launas party house once or twice a year for the next few years. We traveled to England with Duke and Launa and Tonya and Marcus. We went on a cruise with Tom and Maddy. Spent a week in Cancun with Eric and Julie and more. Through these years couples came and went from our circle.

Marcus and Tonya moved to Vegas. Which was great for us to visit. Eric moved to Chicago with Julie for a new job. I got a new assignment to Italy. So our get togethers scams less frequent. To the point the first two years stationed in Italy we were completely monogamous. Miya received a lot of male attention but refused any of my attempts for us to find new couples or even singles to play with. I would bring up past times with others and she would get super turned on but that was it she would say she was not going to play outside our group.

I love Miya very much so I let it go. I took some leave and planned a vacation for us to the island of Crete. We stayed in a small family run hotel right on the beach. The rooms were simple but had these ten foot high doors that opened up to balconies facing the Mediterranean. We were met by the owner a robust older Greek man with a huge mustache and large belly not married and had no problem ogling Miya and held her hand a very long time. The co-owner his sister a portly mid aged lady and her son. He was slender and about mid 20s olive complextion and somewhat shy.

We settled in and headed out for some sight seeing. Crete has to be one of the most romantic places on earth. We returned to the hotel and the food was amazing. But it did not take long for Miya to pick up on the owner although being very nice to his guests. He was somewhat overly touchy freely with his female employees. I could tell Miya didn't like it much. Their were only a few other guest at the hotel as it was the off season as such.

Notibly there was a small group from a Scandinavian country later we found out Sweden. Staying at the hotel. They ranged in age from early 40s to 60s. All blonde haired and blue eyes. We learned the next morning that the entire group would go butt ass naked swimming in the sea each morning as a healt regime. What a sight from our balcony. I went back to bed and made slow love to Miya. Went went down stairs for breakfast and the owner greeted us and immediately got his big chubby hands on Miya and gave her a long hug. Miya tensed and shivered all at once. We ate and headed down to the beach for the day. We got to know some of the Swedes better.

That evening after dinner we hung out with our Swedish friends at the bar downing shots of Ouzo. The owner was also our bar tender. Miya feeling no pain finally told him that he was a dirty old man always fondling the workers. He just laughed her off and said they liked it. Miya feeling no pain said if she worked for him he would lose his hands again he just laughed her off. We eventually staggered to our room and promptly passed out.

We woke up late with hang overs Miya's worse than mine. She busted wanted to sleep and I decided to head to the beach and do some wind surfing. I stayed out for a couple hours before heading back to see how Miya was feeling. Our room was on the top third floor and this hotel had no elevators so on the way up I passed some of the swedes and they looked at me funny but just said hello.

As I approached our room I could here Miya crying out in pain. I rushed to the door and before I could open it Miya moans and says fuck me. I stopped in my tracks not sure what is going on. Then Miya is moaning even more and says she is cumming. Now my heart is racing and my dick is getting hard. Now I know why the swedes looked at me funny. So in my mind I am thinking one of the younger Viking looking Swedes is fucking Miya. I slowly open the door and peak in and there on the bed I can barely see Miya as she is buried under the fat owners hairy body as he is pumping furiously. Miya's firm muscular legs are pulled back and her arms are wrapped around his neck. Miya is grunting with his heavy thrust and then he growls as he cums. He collapses on her and her legs and arms flop out flat on the bed.

I slowly close the door and walk around the corner. He finally came out of the room and I went in. Miya was a mess covered in sweat mostly his. She was thoroughly fucked. She pointed at a mirror on the wall and said she saw me watching. After getting over being stunned. I said to her I thought she thought he was a pig? Also what happened to no fucking outside of the group?

She basically explained to me it was my fault. Huh? As I was leaving this morning I told the owner she was hung over bad and would be staying in. He took it upon himself to bring her a local remedy for hangovers and some breakfast. He simply let himself in the room. She was awake but just laying under the covers naked so she couldn't jump out of bed.

Miya politely asked him what he wanted and he told her about the remedy and food. Even though she wanted to be mad she thought it was a nice gesture. She thanked him and he place the tray next to the bed. Miya sat up pulling the covers up. He handed her the hot drink and she sipped it down. She thanked him again and thought he would leave. He said he would wait for her to eat something so he didn't have to run back up the stairs for the dishes. She was starving so she ate the dates and some bread and cheese. After she ate and was feeling remarkably better. He got up and sat on the edge of the bed. Miya started to feel uncomfortable and asked him to leave. She said he simply looked her in the eyes and said she was beautiful. Miya got firm with him and asked him to leave. He laughed and said he would if he could at least see her naked body. Miya started to cuss him out but then decided she just wanted him to go.

Miya slowly pulled the covers from her brown 38C breast and to her amazement her huge brown nipples were hardening. The owner was drooling at this point. She stopped there thinking it would be enough. He reach over and pulled the covers off. He was breathing hard now but was not getting up. By now he was rubbing his dick through his pants taking in her tits flat stomach and amazing hips and legs.

He then slowly grabbed the bottle of massage oil. Miya said at this point she didn't know if she should grab for the covers or run for it. She was frozen. He opened the oil bottle and poorer domed oil on her chest above her breast. It ran into her cleavage and as she looked down he placed his big hand on her chest and proceeded to spread the lotion out. Not a word was being spoken by either of them. He started pinching her nipples and she layed her head back and the his mouth took over biting and sucking.

He stood up by the bed removed his clothes still not a word. He crawled on the bed and pushed her legs apart and started eating her shaved pussy. He ate her to an orgasm. He stood up and asked her if she wanted him to leave all the while stroking a fat dick. Miya said she knew she should of said yes but she answered no. He crawled up on top of her with all his girth and weight and she guided his fat dick into her drenched pussy. She said she felt so dirty slutty she came after her barely started fucking her. She said dominated by this big hairy Greek guy made her so hot she didn't care. When she saw me in the mirror watching she came immediately.

We showered together and had great sex. As we left the hotel for more sight seeing the owner walked us to the door. I noticed his hand on the small of Miya's back and slide down her ass as we parted. Miya gave him a smile and he looked at me like he knew something I didn't. We had a great day together but the scene of this fat older man fucking my fit beautiful wife kept me in a state of constant arousal.

The next day we hit the beach as I surf sailed Miya relaxed on the beach. I noticed after a while the owners nephew sitting next to Miya and after a while she had him rubbing lotion on her back and legs. By the way the beach was topless and Miya was. I stayed in the water quietly observing. After a while Miya gets up and collects her things and the nephew stands as well trying to adjust his shorts. Miya looks at me and waves. I waved back and she headed to the hotel. My mind was racing again.

By the time I paddled in returned the equipment and gathered my things and got back to the room I expected Miya to be getting it on with the nephew. But the room was empty. But there was a note just saying next door at the cottage. Well the cottage was a separate building from the hotel where the owner his sister and nephew lived. I took a shower the whole time my mind is all over the place. Then I headed next door.

I walked over and then to the back of the cottage. I could be voices from inside the moans and slaps. The window was shuttered so I just listened as the fucking got louder. It was driving me crazy so I slipped inside the cottage and immediately knew it was Miya getting fucked. I crept down the hallway and peaked in the bedroom. Miya was on all fours sucking the owners fat dick while the nephew was banging her doggy style. Miya muffled moans were mixed in with the owner talking nasty. Telling the nephew to fuck her good. The men switched places had Miya cumming over and over. The owner pulled out and came on her ass. Miya got on her back and the nephew slid right in. The owner was laying spent just watching and telling his nephew to fuck her hard. Miya hands were pinned above her head and the young guy was pounding her with nice long strokes. Miya's tits were bouncing and her eyes were unfocused as she came again. She pushed the nephew on his back and sucked him until he came in her mouth. They all collapsed and I left. Miya came back to the room and started to tell me the details I told her I watched. She showered and gave me an amazing blow job but was to tired for more.

The next day the owner and nephew both had the same look that they had a secret. I let them continue to as it added to the excitement for them and me. The next couple days Miya and I were in seperable and it bothered the two gents. Sex those two nights were amazing. I would tell her what I saw and heard and she would go wild.

The next day the owner convienently set me up for a sailing trip with his nephew on a small two man boat. I obviously new what he wanted and said yes. I told Miya and she laughed but I could tell she was excited. My only request was we video it secretly. So I set up the camera in a good spot left to meet the nephew. We went sailing and returned a few hours later. When I got back to the room Miya was sitting on the balcony. I gave her a kiss opened beer and said well? She said let's watch the tape.

Was t long after I had left and the owner showed up. There was some small talk and he made his move Miya stopped him and told him to showere first. She used the opportunity to turn on the camera. He came out of the bathroom with a big fat hard on a big belly and tha huge mustache. Miya walked to him and they kissed and then he put a hand on each shoulder and pushed her to her knees. She wrapped her full lips around his dick while playing with hi balls. He pulled her up and layed her on the bed more like pushed. He knelt down and started licking her ass and pussy it was driving her crazy. I laughed when he said he would never wash his mustache again.

She finally could t take it any more and told him to fuck her. She got on all fours and he push his dick in her pussy. She was pushing back on him like crazy and came hard. Now she was face down ass up and he was fucking her good and talking. Watt which she loved. He asked if she was happy he got rid of me and she moaned and came again. He let her come down a bit and got out of bed and grabbed some oil. He started to oil up he tits and she was getting worked up again. He literally flipped her over and oiled up her amazing firm bubble butt. His finger massaging her ass whole. She was humping up and down. He pulled her back up on all fours and rubbed oil on his dick and slid into her pussy. He fucked her hard for a minute the whole time he had pushed his thumb in her ass. Normally she would be ok with rubbing it or licking it but no penetration.

He pull out now he is covered in sweat. He places the head of his dick on her ass hole. He started to push and I am thinking red light. But Miya moans yesssss fuck it. He started pushing in slow adding more oil. Miya is moaning and telling him to go slow. He eventually is all in and starts fucking bed ass slowly. Miya came after a few minutes but then tapped out collapsing face down. He proceeded to jack off and came on her ass.

The rested a while and talked. Then after a while they went into shower. The video could see them but it picked up the moans and skin slapping sounds. You could see their shadows and tell she was bent over the sink getting fucked from behind. He came loudly. He dressed kissed he good bye and left. I questioned the ass fucking and all she said was he made her feel like a slut and wanted it. But not again soon it hurt to much. We watched the video later that night again while we fucked I think it was the hardest I have ever fucked her. We left with an offer of 50% off if we came back again the next year.

We never made it back and the years have passed. Duke sadly passed a way shortly after we left Italy and returned home. I retired from the military and am now mid 50s. Miya 40s and still beautiful. We have two grown children. We still get together with Marcus and Tonya out in Vegas. Eric and Julie, Tom and Maddy. Launa moved back to England but we talk often. We have gone on group vacations as well and now that we all have kids the one benefit is Eric's dick size is enjoyed even more by the ladies. This was my Long Road Traveled. I still miss V deeply and love Miya just as deeply. I hope to keep living the dream......
Poster: Kyle M.