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Sweet dare


Helen 1
Helen was my favourite lover out of the three office ladies (see 'The Birthday Present') , her figure could be described as 'deliciously ample' -no sharp edges! she had the most amazing tits, and appeared to be at the height of her libido,- she had never refused my advances, and often initiated sex,-( I'd call in at the office after school to sort out some paperwork, and if Helen was there, and wanted a quick fuck, she would fondle my cock as I passed her in a doorway). I almost always had an incipient hard-on when I visited the girls!

It was five o'clock on a dull Ooctober afternoon when I put my head through the receptionist's window,- as luck would have it only Helen was there, and she was preparing to leave.

" Could you come down to my office before you go home?" I asked. "Something has come up that I think you could help me with." I lowered my voice and smiled." It might involve the exchange of bodily fluids."

"Sounds interesting, and I've nothing to rush home to" Helen said, and we walked down to my workshop. The cleaners had finished, and I led Helen into the office and locked the door. There were no windows in the office and a blind covered the glass panel in the door.

As soon as I had locked the door, Helen took off her coat. She was wearing a jumper over a silk blouse, a black medium-length woolen skirt, and black tights. I lifted her jumper over her head and dropped it on my desk.

Her beautiful tits were held in place (barely!) by a black lace bra, which followed the blouse and jumper in about 5 seconds. I pulled her to me and sucked her breast and nipple. .She lifted her breast and hissed with pleasure as I ran my tongue around her rapidly-swelling cherries before nibbling them hard.

Her hands were rubbing my hard-on, and she undid my belt and unzipped me. My cock was pushing out of the top of my briefs.

Helen pulled my trousers and briefs down and pulled my throbbing prick to her mouth,- I could feel her teeth on my shaft as she slid it in and knees trembled with the sensation, and I gasped that we'd better sit down before I fell down.

Apart from my desk and office chair I only had one article of furniture in the office,- a large, comfortable 1930's arm chair, perfect for cuddling and fucking . Helen pulled her mouth off my shaft and pulled down her panties and tights, then lay down in the chair with her legs over the arms, cunt wide and inviting. I rubbed my face in her hairs and slit, then gave her delicious clit some attention, running my tongue slowly along it until she was shuddering with frustration.

"Oh! Tim! Put it in, please!" she gasped, fingering herself.

I lined up my nob and pushed my dripping glans into her already sopping pussy, it slid in so easily, and I bottomed-out wiith my balls hard against her hot cunt.

I tweaked her nipples, and she reciprocated-her fingertips traced a circle 'round my nipples, getting closer and more arousing with each revolution, until finally she was rubbing the tips with the palm of her hand.

My cock was stirring Helen's cunt - never any problems with fitting my nob into her slit, she was wide and wet and squished delightfully as I plunged into her. She was always slippery and tasty, and after another couple of minutes of steady shagging, she closed her eyes, opened her mouth, and squealed as she came,

"I'm going to cum!!" I gasped. "Where do you want it,mouth, tits or cunt?"

"Mouth!" she said,I pulled out and Helen grabbed my cock and started to wank me, aiming my juice-hole at her open mouth.

"Oh! God! Here it comes! I" shuddered as I shot my load, Thick gobbets of spunk struck her cheek and neck, then her open mouth. She swallowed two or three mouthfuls, smacking her lips.

"Lovely!" she said, " I won't need any supper!"

"Are you by yourself this evening?" I asked.

"Yes", she replied, " Mary (Mary was Helen's flatmate, she taught at a local Sixth form college) is at the cinema till 11, Follow me home."

Helen lived about 7 miles from school, - we parked and met at her front door. As we stood there Helen grabbed my cock, squeezing it as it swelled into a massive hard-on.

"Get inside quickly, I want to fuck you now !" I said, as Helen unlocked and opened the door.I bundled her inside and got her against the wall, lifting her skirt up around her waist and pulled her knickers down. she stepped out of them and stood with legs astride. I went down on my knees and thrust my mouth and nose into her slit, tongueing her clit.

Helen writhed with pleasure, and said, "Let's finish this off in bed!",She undressed me in the hallway and led me into her bedroom, closed the curtains and laid herself on the edge of the bed, mound raised and ready for me to shag her.

I looked into her eyes as I leaned forward and placed the tip of my cock against her cunt, then pushed, sliding my nob up inside her. I loved the feel of her smooth thighs and stomach against my belly as I lay on her, my cock exploring her warm sticky garden of delights..

I held her breasts and squeezed them, her nipples were fully erect, and I leaned forward and took one in my mouth, sucking it and pulling up so that it lifted her lovely melon.

She was ready for another climax,(she'd managed four during an afternoon's lovemaking, I could only manage two, but had thoroughly enjoyed her attempts to make it three!)

Her cunt was sucking me in, and I fucked her frenziedly until she cried out:

"Oh! Tim! I'm cumming, Oh! push harder! fill me with your hot cum! Oh! Fuck, fuck, fuck.!"

I felt my balls contract, and I shot my load deep inside my gorgeous Helen, lying on her, my cock still pulsing, Helen's muscles sucking the last few drops of cum from my shaft.

Thoroughly shagged out, I rolled onto my side next to hand dallying with her tits and nipples.

"That was fucking wonderful" I said, nuzzling her ears and neck as I ran my finger down her body until I could slip my finger into her cunt, still sticky with cum.

We both drifted into a doze,and were woken by the sound of the front door opening and closing, and footsteps in the hall..,

"Hello. I'm home!!"

To be continued, if I get any feedback!
Poster: Tim