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Sweet dare


My First Foreskin
When I was 19 I came home from college for the summer to find my mom had remarried after being divorced a few years. His name was Paul and he looked to be younger than my mom. I was no longer a virgin. A boy in my freshmen class had popped my cherry. I'd done a little fooling around and heavy petting as a teenager, but hadn't gone all the way til college. In high school I'd jacked off a couple of boys and had actually fucked a couple more boys at college after that first one.

When I met Paul I could tell by the look in his eyes and the way his eyes checked out my tits and ass that he was interested. In mid-July my mom had to go away on a two week business trip, so it was just Paul and me in the house. Mom had been away a week when one morning I accidentally saw Paul nude after he'd just showered. It caught both of us by surprise, but I wasn't embarrassed and he just smiled. He jokingly said, "You have me at a disadvantage, Corrie. Not fair." He also couldn't help noticing that I was looking specifically at his cock, and he asked, "The first one you've seen on a man?"

I answered without going into my limited sexual history, "No, but yours is the first one I've seen with a foreskin." Of course I knew that some males have foreskins. I'd just never seen one on a boy or a man. My biological dad had been cut and all the boys and men I'd fooled around with or actually fucked had also been circumcised. In Indiana I assumed all males were cut from my limited experience. I answered his comment about being at a disadvantage by pulling off my top and bra and slipping out of my shorts and panties. This got his attention. Paul had a small to average looking cock, but it stirred a little and got a bit bigger when he took in my nudity. I have small tits, but they are well shaped and pretty. I'm a real blond and keep my pussy trimmed except for a token bush.

Paul hugged me and cupped my ass with both hands as he gently kissed me on my mouth. He broke the kiss and asked, "I want to eat your pussy, okay?" I answered by sitting on the edge of the bed and opening my legs as an invitation. Her kneeled on the carpet to give me cunnilingus. As a teenager I'd had boys try this on me, but what Paul did was completely different. He started slowly and was very gentle. I felt him kissing my outer lips before slowly working his way to my inner lips and licking out the meat between them. I hadn't showered yet this morning, but this didn't seem to bother Paul. I'd read and heard that men who really like cunnilingus like the natural smell and taste of a woman's pussy. Well if Paul was one of those guys he was getting what he wanted from me. He came up for air long enough to tell me, "You have a beautiful pussy, Corrie, and I love the way it smells and tastes." Maybe, or maybe he was just saying that for my benefit.

He went back at it and moved his mouth up to my clit. Again he was slow and gentle. He kissed and used his tongue on my clitoral hood. This worked. I felt the heat and pressure as my orgasm built up. Paul kept up the gentle clit action and I felt a finger slip into my cunt. His nails were clipped close and I have a cunt bigger than his finger, so this was not a problem. He knew what he was doing. I felt the tip of his finger search for and find my G spot on the front wall of my cunt. I knew he could tell he was doing it right because I knew my pussy lips were enlarged and my meat was gushing from my arousal. I have a small clit, but I knew he could feel my little nub harden in response to his G spot massage. I'd had boys try to give me cunnilingus, but they didn't know what they were doing. Very different with my stepdad. It surprised me when I came so hard. As the pleasure of my orgasm enveloped me, I involuntarily seized his head with both hands and pulled his mouth into my pussy as I thrust against his face. Paul pulled his mouth away and smiled up at me. His face was wet from my pussy and he looked happy. No doubt he'd felt my cunt squeezing his finger and my clit pulsing under his tongue so he knew he had done the job and done it right.

He stood and I noticed quite a change in him. His cock had gotten bigger. A lot bigger. He was not fully erect, but his cock had lengthened and swollen, sticking out at an angle just south of horizontal. His foreskin had pulled back part way exposing half of a head that I was familiar with. A telltale stream of precum hung from the little vertical smile at the tip. Cocks don't lie. He enjoys giving cunnilingus. I didn't need to be asked or told. I knew what to do next. I scooted off the bed and knelt on the carpet. Even though he was shower fresh, I smelled the intoxicating male perfume. The unique musk of a creature like me who has balls. I took his cock in my hand and raised it to my mouth. His foreskin slipped all the way back exposing a familiar acorn shaped head. I took the head in my mouth and felt an immediate difference. The skin of Paul's cockhead felt smoother and softer than the cut boys and men I'd sucked. I tasted the salty sweetness of his plentiful precum as I explored the shape and texture with my tongue. His cock quickly filled and hardened to a full erection. I slipped him out and pulled back a bit to have a look at how he was hung. The males that I'd so far known had erections that were in the 5-6 inch range in length and 4-5 inches in girth. My stepdad had a cock over 7 inches long and 5-6 inches in girth. It curved upward gently and was capped by a head wider and thicker than the shaft. His light purple cockhead looked more handsome than any I'd seen so far. Despite his age, Paul had a very hard cock. As hard as the teenaged boys I remembered. Another big difference was what he was packing behind his impressive cock. My stepdad had a big pair of balls. I took his sac in both hands and moved them around to get a good feel. They were the size and shape of extra large eggs. They felt hard and rubbery. The back of his sac was swollen with sperm. His sac held them up high and tight in spite of their size and weight. The left hung slightly lower the right.

I don't know if he expected a blowjob, but I wanted something else first. I pushed him toward the bed and lay him on his back. I climbed aboard and straddled him to fuck him in the forward cowgirl position. Paul had no objection and smiled in agreement. I held his erection up straight and centered his cockhead in the mouth of my cunt. I sat slowly and felt his cockhead slip in easily. This surprised me. I was used to it being a little more uncomfortable until our juices got flowing. I fucked him slowly up and down, taking a little more each time I sat. When I sat all the way down with his cock in all the way, it felt completely new to me. I have a larger than average cunt and this was the first time I really felt full. I savored this new sensation and kept him deep as I rocked back and forth, rubbing my clit against he base of his thick shaft. I came quickly and then took my time and came two more times. After four orgasms I wasn't sure if I could come again, so I asked him what he would like to do with his still very hard cock.

Paul wanted to doggy fuck me, so I got on hands and knees at the edge of the bed an he mounted me from a standing position. He gripped by butt firmly and started to fuck me in full strokes, pulling almost all the way out, then thrusting in all the way with force and speed. He seemed to be enjoying himself. I was more interested in looking back and under to watch his big balls swing to and fro as he bounced them on my pussy. However. he made sure that this was not all about him. I felt his fingers gently touching my clit hood as he fucked me, and this took me over the top for a fifth orgasm.

We hadn't discussed birth control or condoms before he slipped his cock in my pussy. But I saw why. When he was done doggy fucking me, he pulled out still sporting a full erection. Paul had excellent control and stamina and he wanted that blowjob. We both understood this without any discussion. Once again he stood and I knelt before him. I reminded him that his was my first foreskin and asked how to do it.

"It's not all that different. Here's how I do it when I masturbate." He grasped his cock in his fist and slid his foreskin back and forth over his cockhead. "The only difference is my head will be in your mouth so my foreskin will stay peeled back. Just jack my shaft firmly and suck my cockhead just like you would a guy who is cut. And by the way, I couldn't care less about coming in your mouth and you swallowing. When you slip me out of your mouth, just use my skin the way I would as I shoot my cum. Okay?"

You bet. I'll do it for the right guy, but I don't especially like swallowing cum though I kind of like the taste. I took his cockhead in my mouth and worked my magic with my tongue as I jacked his thick shaft in a tight grip. I used my other hand to play with his balls. I know that most guys like a girl to do this and I enjoy it, too. But I had another reason to have his balls in my left hand. I knew (more from reading up on rather than experience) that as he reached his plateau, his sac would contract and pull his balls up tight. And since my fingers were in the neighborhood, I'd feel his prostate contract as he started to ejaculate.

When I felt this happen I slipped him completely out but continued to jack. The first males I'd done this to were teenaged boys. I remembered how they squirt hard fast streams of clearish watery semen. As I did older males I noticed the decrease of force of the squirts and the semen became whiter and thicker. Paul shot almost a dozen times. The first six spurts had surprising force an urgency. His cum was thick and white and thoroughly doused my neck, chest, and tits. As he wound down to a slow ooze, I took his head in my mouth to suck out and swallow the clear sweet part of his ejaculation. His knees almost buckled from the intense pleasure. As I finished him, I remarked, "You were hanging heavy and fully loaded. No pussy with mom away, eh? Well. I'll be more than happy to take care of that."

And I did. We fucked like rabbits for the next week, often several times a day. I don't know Paul's exact age. He told me was 39. Could be the truth. Whatever. I do know that he never failed to maintain a hard erection while pleasing me and he recovered surprisingly fast for a second or third round after his first ejaculation. And he always produced healthy loads of thick semen. Could be his big balls. More likely he just loves pussy and loves to fuck. My mom's a lucky woman. Good for her!
Poster: Corona