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Sweet dare


Blind Strip Poker
Some years back we met a couple at a bookstore of all places. We found out that she was completely blind, lost her eyesight very young. They were both good looking and very friendly. For nearly a year, we got together once or twice a month for dinner and just fun. Sometimes we went dancing, sometime we went to one of our homes, it was just fun to be with them.

One evening at their house, we had all had a few drinks and were feeling pretty loose and flirty. After just sitting and talking for a bit, P asked Caroline what she wanted to do and we were all surprised when she said she wanted to play strip poker. We laughed and P said that it wasn’t fair since she couldn’t see us but we could see her. Mike, her husband said that’s no problem and pulled out 3 blindfolds.

He set up a round table with four chairs and it was boy-girl-boy-girl. He showed us a set of Braille playing cards and gave us a quick lesson on how to read them. We all had another drink, put the blindfolds on and began the game. Caroline added that the loser had to have 1 article of clothing removed by the other’s spouse, without looking.

The first hand, I lost and Carolina adeptly lifted my shirt over my head. The second hand, Mike lost and P fumbled unbuttoning his shirt and taking it off. (This is surmised by what I could hear and what I was told afterward.)

The second hand, P lost and I found out later that Mike’s hands were all over her chest as he clumsily unbuttoned her blouse and took it off of her. The next hand, I lost again and this time, Caroline took off my undershirt, making sure to run her hands over by bare chest.

Finally, Caroline lost a hand and intentionally fumbled with the buttons on her blouse and coped a feel of her boobs before taking her blouse off. I so wanted to peak but I dared not.

Caroline was average height, slender sexy figure, long brown hair with reddish blonde highlights, about 2 inches below shoulder length. I estimated her she wore about a 32C bra. Mike was also of average height, in good physical shape, short black hair, piercing dark eyes and handsome looking face.

Caroline lost the next hand and I again fumbled with unfastening her slacks and sliding them down her long slender legs. Taking off a woman’s slacks isn’t easy with vision, let alone wearing a blindfold and in the process, I managed to feel her panty covered butt and her bare thighs and calves.

P lost next and I was told that he also fumbled taking off her slacks, feeling her butt and legs.

Mike lost and P managed to feel the bulge in his pants as she took them off.

I lost next and Caroline easily unfastened my pants and slid them down. She made it obvious when she ran her hand over my growing member.

My imagination was working in overdrive as I tried to picture the four of us sitting there in just our underwear. I pictured Caroline wearing a bra that barely covered her nipples, but showing ample cleavage. Oh, how I wanted to peak, but dare not.

Caroline told us to keep our blindfolds on as she went and fixed us another round of drinks. She returned to the table, passed out the drinks and then it was Mike’s turn to deal. We were all having some fun, blindly teasing each other about being the first to lose an article of underwear.

P lost the hand and she told me later that Mike placed his hands on her boobs and then worked his way around to her back and unhooked her bra.

Mike lost next and P told her later that she managed to feel his hard cock as she pulled his underwear down. She also managed to kiss the tip of his oozing cock. We all heard Mike grown when that happened but we found out later why he groaned.

P lost again and Mike slowly pulled her panties off, managing to feel her bare ass and running his hand over her pubic mound.

Thankfully, Caroline was the next to lose and reaching out blinding, I did find her bra covered boobs first and then felt my way around behind her, unclasped her bra and then pulled it off forward over her arms, managing to cop a casual brushing of her bare boobs. She giggled when that happened.

My mind was still going wild picturing P and Mike sitting their naked, Caroline topless and just her and I in our underpants.

P lost the next hand and since she was already naked, she had to stand up and let Mike feel her body for 1 minute as Caroline timed him. My imagination was really working no as I listen to both of them moan as I pictured his hands feeling her bare boobs, trimmed bush and pussy lips.

Caroline lost the next hand and enjoyed feeling her butt and trimmed bush as I slid her underpants down and off.

Since I was the only one left wearing anything, there was no need to play another hand so I stood and let Caroline take my underpants off. As they cleared my erect cock, she wrapped a hand around the shaft, licked the tip and then took it into her mouth. She came off and told P that I tasted pretty good.

P agreed and then said she needed to taste Mike and still blindfolded, she knelt before him and took him into her mouth. Caroline said it sounded like she was enjoying herself and she began to suck me again.

For the next several hours, we remained blindfolded and naked. We touched, felt and tasted each other. I tasted Caroline and Mike tasted P. I had sex with Caroline and P and so did Mike. I thought it was really a sexy turn on to watch another guy pleasure my wife, but knowing and hearing it’s happening and not being able to see it was more of a turn on blindfolded.

Thanks to Caroline, we learned a valuable lesson that night. We had a better understanding and appreciation for the blind and what they experience. We enjoyed their company for another couple of years before they moved back east somewhere. From that time on, P and I have used blindfolds on more than one occasion and we highly recommend it to everyone else. The feelings and sounds are more intense and can bring one to climax faster and harder than seeing what’s happening. But don’t get me wrong, I’ve still enjoyed seeing P with another man and I’ve enjoyed looking down as a pretty set of lips wrapped around my cock and a jiggling set of boobs just below.
Poster: Lee J