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Sweet dare


Hot Neighbors, Hot party!
After the hot tub swap with Jeff and Jan things really heated up. A few days later I was out mowing the grass when Jeff came over. He invited Lori and I to a party at their place on Friday night. He told me there would be 15 to 20 couples there and that all the ladies would be wearing club type dresses. I told Lori about the party and she hesitantly agreed. I asked her what bothered her. She said swapping with another couple had been good (We had now done so twice)but we wasn't sure about an orgy. I told we could just go but didn't have to participate.
On Friday I took off early from work and stopped at a shop that sold adult erotic wear. I bought Lori a thin metallic blue club dress that had a plunge front down to the navel and open "ladder sides" and a plunge back. It came with matching thong panties with clear waistband so it wouldn't be noticeable through the sides.
When Lori came in from work I had candles lit in the bedroom. We kissed and took a shower together. We fooled around some in the shower, but didn't have sex . I wanted to be fully charged for the party and I wanted her aroused. After coming out of the shower we had some wine, mostly to relax her, and I kept kissing her and touching her. After several glasses of wine Lori was feeling really good. She asked me what she should wear and I handed her the box with the dress in it. When she opened it she pulled it out and held it up against her. "Oh Rob, I can't wear this." I smiled and told her how sexy she would look in it. After encouraging her a bit she put it on. The dress fit perfectly! It barely covered her crotch and ass, and it showed off most of her boobs, either from the front or the ladder sides. In the back it stopped just short of her ass, just above the dimples. I went to dress and she handed me a package. She blushed as she told me she thought these would look good on me. I opened it and inside was a pair of briefs that just covered my package and fit tight over the butt. We both laughed and I finished getting dressed.
We walked over next door. There were already lots of cars in their driveway and ours too, plus they were lined up in our cul-de-sac. We went to the door and rang the bell. Jan opened the door and greeted us. She was wearing a black, almost sheer dress. I could make out the outline of her nipples and almost make out the thong panties she had on underneath the super short dress. Her and Lori hugged, then Jan came over and kissed me. She led us inside. Jeff came around the corned and greeted us. He smiled and shook my hand then he pulled Lori to him and kissed her passionately on the mouth. He looked at her and smiled. "I really like your sexy hot dress." He said giving her the eye. He gave us each a little arm bracelet with a bright red fob on it. "This lets people know that you are new. You don't have to do anything you don't want to and our members will respect that. Otherwise enjoy the evening."
We went on in to his great room which opened out on to the deck. It was a pleasant night so the doors to outside were open and people out on the deck as well. I couldn't help but notice the ladies sexy dresses. Most were very revealing. Music was playing and couples were slow dancing. Lori and I danced. I rubbed her ass as we danced. a lot of the men were walking around in their boxers or briefs. Lori noticed that many had erections. Most of the men were in good shape, as were the ladies.
After dancing we went over to the bar and ordered drinks. After the wine earlier and now the liquor Lori was feeling very relaxed. We met another couple by the bar, Susan and Mike. Susan was about 5'5" with curly red hair, green eyes, with a slender body and great boobs. Mike was just wearing skimpy briefs that barely contained his massive package. I noticed Lori kept looking at it. He was a fitness fanatic with a very muscular body. We chatted a bit, then the music started up and Mike asked Lori to dance. She looked at me and I nodded and smiled. They went out on the floor. I noticed him holding her close with one hand on her ass and the other wrapped around her with fingers almost touching her tits. After the dance they came back. Mike and Susan wondered off. Lori told me she needed to use the bathroom. She slipped off to find one. I hung out by the bar for a bit. Jan came over and smiled. She asked what i was doing and I told her I was waiting for Lori. Jan laughed and winked. "You know better than to just wait around. Come here." She grabbed my hand and she led me to her bedroom. She closed the door and then wrapped her arms around me and we began kissing. As we kissed she reached down and undid my pants and they dropped to the floor. She looked down and saw that I had an erection growing. "I like your sexy underwear." She knelt before I could say anything. She pulled off my briefs and began sucking my cock. Before long she stood and I pulled off her dress and thongs. We moved over onto the bed and I fucked her hard. We both came. She sighed and got up. "I'm the hostess, so I need to get back out there. We dressed (only I just put back on my briefs) and returned to the party.
Lori tells the next part:
I went upstairs, as the down stairs bathrooms were in use. i went down the hall. From a semi-darkened bedroom I heard moaning and laughter. I peeked into the bedroom but it was empty. I followed the noise to a connecting door. This must have originally been a kids rook with a bathroom in between two bedrooms. I slipped my shoes off and quietly padded through the bathroom. In the next room I saw a couple in a 69 position. She was sucking his cock and he was licking her pussy. I stepped back where they couldn't see me and watched them. I was already feeling horny when we got to the party and dancing first with my husband, then with Mike had left me feeling hot and wet. Seeing this couple made my pussy tingle. As I watched I slid my hand down into my panties and was rubbing myself. Suddenly a hand went across my mouth and Mike pressed up against me from behind. "I didn't want you to cry out and disturb them." He whispered in my ear. He removed his hand from my mouth and we both watched them. I could feel his bulge against my rear. He had hands on my shoulders. He slid his hand down my arm. "It will feel better if you let someone else do that." He whispered. I had been so intent on what I was doing I hadn't stopped when Mike came up.His hand slid down over mine and into my panties. He moved my fingers away and started rubbing my clit with his fingers. I was surprised and horny that I didn't stop him. In fact I moved my hand out. Mike kept rubbing my clit and sticking a finger up in me. He kissed my neck and kept whispering how sexy I was and how hot and wet my pussy was. He moved his other hand up under my top and started squeezing and rolling my nipple with his fingers! Sensations of pleasured washed over me. The other couple were fucking now and I watched that guy's cock hump in and out of the girl's pussy. Mike whispered, "Why just watch when we can fuck too." I just melted at that point and mumbled "un-huh." Mike slide the straps of my dress off my shoulders and it dropped to the floor. He led me back into the empty bedroom and onto the bed. He slid off my thongs and spread me wide. I watched him slid his briefs off. He had a long, slender cock that immediately grew to 8" long! He smiled and rubbed the cock head over my wet pussy lips. I gasped as I felt the head spread open my pussy lips and move up inside me. I moaned as he slid in deep and stated thrusting in and out of me. He bent over and we kissed long and hard as he pounded into me! It didn't take long till I was exploding in orgasm Mike groaned, pulled out and splattered a load of cum all over my tummy. We kissed some more then he got up. I went into the bathroom, found a washcloth and cleaned myself up. I slipped the dress back on. When I returned to the bedroom Mike was gone and so were my panties! I couldn't find them so I padded down the stairs. I noticed some couples were dancing in only their briefs and panties and some were making out on couches around the room. I went over to the bar and found Rob. I smiled, "I notice you finally lost the pants." Rob laughed.
Rob Continues:
I noticed Lori looked flushed. I think we both suspected (and later confirmed) that we both had had sex. I took her back out on the floor and we danced. I rubbed her ass. "I see I'm not the only one missing clothing." I whispered to her. She blushed but said nothing. We continued dancing. I raised her skirt as I rubbed her ass, giving some of the other couples a peek at her pussy.
When we came back over to the bar Jeff and Jan came over to us. They had seen how we were acting while dancing, plus, as we found out later, they knew Mike had fucked Lori, and asked us if we were having fun. We hope said yes. The Jeff asked if we would like to join their group. Jan smiled when we told them yes. "When you join we have a really fun and hot initiation ritual that you both have to participate in." Lori asked what. Jeff replied. "First, Lori could you both strip off your clothes?" Lori looked at me and I smiled back. I reached over and pulled her dress off, leaving her naked. She turned and pulled off my briefs. My cock grew hard fast. Jeff smiled. "Now, Lori can you handle watching every lady here suck your husband's cock while you watch?" Lori giggled. "I think so." Jan smiled and asked, "Rob, can you handle seeing every guy in here slide his cock in your wife's pussy as he introduces himself?" I looked over at Lori. Her eyes were big in surprise then she smiled and squeezed my hand. I could tell she was excited by the prospect. 'Sure." Jeff and Jan laughed. "This will be going on at the same time. You will lay down side-by-side and the guys and ladies will line up and start." i gave Lori's hand a squeeze and she squeezed back. Jeff got everyone's attention and announced the initiation. He introduced us and Jan lead us over to a large couch that was pulled out from the wall. We laid down on it. Everyone who wasn't already naked, got so. The guys and ladies lined up. Before the first lady introduced herself I watched a guy named Sam slide Lori's legs wide, introduce himself and slide his cock inside Lori's Pussy. She gasped and Sam began stroking her. My attention was torn away as a hand wrapped around my cock. I looked into a sexy blonde's face. She introduced herself as Julie. Then she started sucking my cock. I groaned as It felt so good. Lori was moaning as another guy had said his name to her and was fucking her now.
This seemed to go on forever, as lady after lady would tell me her name and then suck my cock. By the tenth one I exploded and Marrissa swallowed the whole load. Lori was cumming like crazy. Some of the guys shot loads of spunk all over her belly and tits. Then there was this big, muscular black guy with a foot long thick cock! Lori's eyes went wide. He introduced himself as Mitch. I watched him grab Lori's legs and spread them wide and up. Then he slowly slid as much of his cock in as he could and he started stroking it. Lori went wild! She was gasping, crying out, and writhing as Mitch pumped her. (Every time he moved, his cock shaft rubbed my clit sending me into one long mind-boggling orgasm!) She started yelling "Fuck me! Fuck me!" Mitch moved faster and unbelievably deeper! I heard him groan and his body jerked as he unloaded in her pussy. Spunk was leaking out and down her ass-crack. Then he pulled out and shot spurts on her face, tits, and belly! I was brought back to my own fun as Mitch's wife Serita began sucking my cock. She took it all the way in her mouth and started mouth fucking me. I almost shot another load off but she squeezed the base hard and didn't let me cum.
When the end of both lines came. Jeff mounted Lori and started fucking her wildly. Jan straddled me and rode my cock till I came. Lori cried out again as Jeff blasted a load of spunk into her.
I looked over at Lori. She smiled. I knew then that we would be having more fun with this group.
After cleaning up we both rested for a bit and recharged. Before the evening was over I made sure i fucked Serita and Susan. Lori got fucked by several of the men. By the time we went home and showered it was 5:00 A.M. We fell asleep in each others arms and didn't wake up till early Sunday morning. It was our first orgy, though not our last while we lived there. Hope you enjoyed our telling of it.
Rob n Lori
Poster: Rob n Lori