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Sweet dare


From Cyber To Reality
I am a hotwife and this is a recounting of my first hook up with my cyber lover.

There is a knock on the door of my hotel room. My heart races and my breathing becomes shallow. My nerves have the best of me but the moisture between my legs keeps me honest. I know who my guest is as he texted me only minutes ago when he pulled into the parking lot. I am slightly tense but deeply aroused. I've been chain smoking for the past few hours and finding liquid courage compliments my room’s mini bar. What am I afraid of? I’ll admit that he and I were definitely an unconventional pairing. We’ve been in a rather lengthy sexual relationship but we’ve never actually met in person. We have shared many exciting displays of lust on webcam and exchanged hundreds of x-rated photos though. We've even talked dirty to each other on the phone a hand full of times. Basically, we had grown as sexually close as two people possibly could given the restrictive circumstances and with the caveat of me being already happily married to the love of my life. It had taken a few years but now was the right time to make good on our promise of what we both knew was our eventual hook up. Tonight we were finally going to experience each other physically in the ways we had both been craving for so long. Tonight, or in mere seconds, we would actually be face to face in the real world. I was about to share my body with a man other than my husband and it was thrilling me to no end. Over time I had developed quite a crush on him and he had become pretty enamored with me too. Neither one of us had any allusions that our meet up would be anything more than pure physical interaction though. After checking my makeup in the mirror, I down one last gulp of Absolut and with a nervous smile, open the door. My pussy aches and my heart flutters as we finally make our first real life eye contact. I can't help but smile as I feel years of tension leave my body. His own smile seems genuine and immediately helps starting to relax me a bit. I feel the old familiar electricity of a first date and try my best to stay cool. My husband will be delighted to know that I am beyond pleased at how much more attractive our “friend” is in person. Feeling bold I take one of his hands in mine and gently pull him towards me. I feel a soothing buzz as we finally feel each others skin for the very first time. Our eyes remain locked as my breasts swell and my nipples press tightly against the satin of my bra. He is so close to me now that I can smell his pheromones and I can't believe how hot his scent makes me. I'm tickled by what I sense is mild shyness on his behalf but I am so in need of this opportunity to finally have him in person that I have absolutely no qualms being the aggressor tonight. For all we knew of each other the nervous energy is still surprisingly quite apparent. He’s here though now and we’re both fully aware of our feelings for each other so my advancement is easy. Taking his face in both of my hands I pull him close for a long, slow, deep kiss. He is taller than me and I have to arch my head to meet him. I moan as his mouth covers mine and our first kiss makes me weak in the knees. His hands find my hips and I savor the connection. I hone in on how cold his nose is rubbing together with the heat of mine and how foreign but amazing his body feels so close to me. We are kissing through each others smiles and I’m ecstatic that our chemistry is even stronger in person. It's really finally happening. The line has now officially been blurred and my throbbing clit is all the assurance I need to keep pressing forward. I am beyond anxious now as our kisses turn aggressive reminding each other how much we both need this. Sliding my hands down his neck, I notice his breathing quickens slightly. I rest my palms on his chest as we continue to ravage each others lips in a torrid display of necessity. I can feel his heart pounding through his shirt which arouses me even more. Can he be even more turned on than I am? Highly doubtful. I want him to throw me up against the wall and to forcefully have his way with me but he still seems too reserved for such behavior. We haven't spoken even one word in person yet making this whole scenario even more surreal. My panties are drenched with unquestionable proof of my desire for him and I want desperately for him to learn how wet he's made me. I am so ridiculously turned on by his presence that my clit has shifted from a light throb to what now feels almost too achy. After a lengthy bout of what evolved into a much slower session of kissing, I begin to feel slight bouts of aggression from him. His lips leave my lips and he trails kisses down my neck as his hands finally begin to roam. His hot breath on my skin is driving me mad and I smile again feeling tiny nervous pangs as we sporadically make eye contact. He smiles too and it reminds me of the many hours of webcam play we've enjoyed together. We are both beginning to sway now as our bodies become more and more familiar. Everything feels just right as I close my eyes and in my mind praise my husband for allowing me to lead our sexuality down this path. I open my eyes briefly again this time catching sight of us in the mirror. Fuck we look so sexy together. Lovers broken free from the confines of fantasy into the intensity of a much coveted reality. We progress as he peels off his shirt and I stare obsessively at his sexy torso while his hands move to my breasts making them feel small. My head falls back and I can't help but hiss his name at the ceiling as my fingers squeeze the tight muscles of his chest studying his alluring form. I feel absolutely no shame in my desire for this man and I am fervently enjoying every second of my time with him. We continue kissing sensually as he removes my blouse and unhooks my bra releasing my breasts into the open air. All I can think about is how badly I want his mouth to claim my perky tits the way he had promised so many times before. Moments later he grants my wish as I pull him harder into me. I am completely drunk on my lust for him as his warm tongue darts between both of my breasts and around my nipples. I continue to smile mischievously as I pull him even harder into my bosom. His eyes blaze as he looks at me no doubt captivated by my reaction to his hunger. His stare makes my cunt burn beyond measure and tempts me willingly onward. Things escalate further as he begins slowly grinding into me. He has now pinned my eager body against the door as I again moan his name while our lips mash together in another long series of wet kisses. I can smell the mixture of our saliva on our mouths and I can't help but moan his name again creating an appreciative smile across his face. He raises my hands trapping them above my head as I happily accept my loss in our power struggle. He is dominating me now. Again his name rides my breath and I realize how my voicing it seems to illicit more aggression from him. I purr it once again causing him to bite my lower lip validating my theory as he continues grinding a very hard bulge into my thigh. He is rock hard and absolutely unashamed. Over the internet I had gotten as familiar with his cock as I possibly could have but now it was finally pressing into me with only the fabric of our clothing as a barrier. I am definitely craving his dick right now but I’m also selfishly content with the feeling of him exploring my tits with his mouth. He releases my hands as his now cup my breasts again in continual worship. He rolls my nipples between his thumbs and forefingers pressing harder into me and I grab onto him tightly to steady myself as I arch into his touch. His teeth capture my right nipple and I cry out at the sensation which shoots straight down to my toes. He sucks and nibbles my taut buds as he continues to kneed my breasts with his expert fingers. I entwine my fingers in his shirt holding him close not wanting the fire he is creating in me to die down any time soon. I am euphoric now as I start uncontrollably humping his thigh. I begin to moan out his name loudly this time as out of nowhere I completely lose all control. I am in such ecstasy that I carelessly throw all inhibition and give in to my first orgasm of the night. I had cum for him on cam and on video many times before but this was monumental since it was the result of him finally actually savoring my flesh in our new reality. My vision is blurred as my eyes roll back and I continue falling into the moment. I can't help but dig my nails into his forearms as I contentedly declare my release. “Oh fuck, I’m cumming for you” I unabashedly announce flashing my eyes at his and no doubt stroking his ego. Wave after wave of pleasure splashes over my body and I can't help but bawl his name as I kiss him again and again. Unsurprisingly he grows more bold breaking our lip-lock and finally speaks as he raises his head and whispers into my ear "How much do you want us to keep going"? Hearing his voice in person sets me off again as I break under the pressure. I can barely think clearly enough to muster a response as more satisfaction floods my body. I am putty in his hands and beyond caring about how into him I obviously seem. "Very" slowly flows from my lips as he returns his mouth to my breasts again. "How long do I have your body for"? he asks in between kissing my rock hard nipples. It takes all my concentration to tell him “We have the hotel room for two full nights. "And how sure are you that your husband will be OK with this going any further"? He knew my husband had been hoping for this night to finally happen as much as we had but reassuringly I reply ”You know he’s aware of our fling and how much I’ve wanted you in the flesh all this time. He wants you to ravage me over the next 2 days and to report back every juicy detail”. With that he suddenly takes complete charge and lifts me off the ground carrying me backwards until a cold counter top hits me in the back of my knees. We kiss desperately as our hands move over each others hot skin with mine settling on the bulge between his legs. Overwrought with a fierce appetite I push him to arms distance as I hop off the counter and take back some control. "I want to suck your cock" I say as I stare into his lusty eyes rubbing him through his jeans. I love how nasty I’ve become in my hunger for this him. I feel my sopping cunt twitch as I boldly and feverishly reach inside his pants for the part of him I’ve been obsessing over for way too long. He is wearing boxer shorts and they're drenched with wasted precum. I quickly unbutton his pants and pull the waistband down with unbridled anticipation. “See how crazy you make me”? I ask as I methodically use my boot to push his underwear down to his knees releasing an extremely strong scent of his sex and freeing his hard-on. The thought of snatching his wet underwear as a souvenir crosses my mind but before I can grab them I am overcome by fascination as my fingers instinctively grace his slippery cock. His meat is heavy in my hand and very hot to the touch. I feel a strange relief in the confirmation that it’s quite a bit bigger than my husbands making the future of this scenario even more intriguing. I can't help but stare and smile at the enormous hard-on standing almost straight up in front of me. I am so much more attracted to it now witnessing it in person. My pussy clenches as I realize how badly he wants me as I focus on his straining erection as it subtly sways before me. I slither downward noticing the new bead of precum that has begun to form at the tip. I am on my knees and eye level with the true object of my desire. Though longer and thicker than expected, his dick is still quite familiar to me. I recognize almost every vein and relish in my fandom. I had played with myself while studying it on cam or staring at it in photos for countless hours always hoping to eventually know it intimately in person. My heart rate increases and I begin panting in anticipation of how it will taste. My mouth is watering as I stare fixed on my next meal. Taking a deep breath I fill my lungs with the hot, sweet smell of his dripping cock. I firmly grab hold of it at the base as I move my tongue to catch the now long drip of precum clinging to the head. I hear a guttural groan from above as my grip tightens and my tongue contacts it’s target. My hot liquid prize is sugary and tastes deliciously addictive and I can't help but moan with approval. The tip of his pole is now a fountain as more and more precum pours out over my lips and into my thirsty mouth. "You taste so sexy" I whisper, more to myself than him as I slide his silky helmet all over my lips and nose. I am his bitch in heat as all of my attention is focused on his throbbing, oozing prick now. I am fascinated by each and every inch of it kissing and swirling my tongue around its head and length and flicking at the tiny opening. I feel him swell in my hands and can't help but smile at the feeling of power that surges through me as another stream of delicious precum rewards my taste buds. “Open your eyes and watch me suck your cock” I insist. I then take just the tip of his member into my mouth and gently purse my lips determined to give him the most erotic blowjob of his life. Damn any other woman. For the next two days he’s all mine and I am hell bent on besting any of his past sexual experiences. His swollen tip feels so smooth as it gently slides against my teeth and snugly rubs around my inner cheeks . With extreme veneration I begin moving my hand in rhythm to my sucking as I feel his hands grab a hold of my head. Tangling his fingers in my hair, he begins gently moving in competition with my mouth and I am loving every incredible second of it. I begin jerking him with both hands now intrigued by how his length extends beyond my double grip leaving me plenty still to feed on. I eventually take into my mouth as much of him as I possibly can and thrill at the rush of pleasing him like this. My nose brushes up against his pheromone heavy pubic hair as his cock head slowly reaches against the back of my throat and past. I eagerly choke on him while I tongue the underside of his delicious sex as my moans accentuate my ambition. I can’t get enough of him as I slowly alternate between licking and sucking his balls into my mouth. His moaning is driving me crazy as I look up into his eyes with intense desire. “Fuck my mouth” I demand as I move my hands from gently rubbing his tight spit covered balls to squeezing his muscular ass cheeks. I am a slave to his want as he begins roughly driving into my throat. His aggression is in full effect as he fills my mouth with friction and more precum. I can’t help but whimper as he crams himself into me in rapid succession. I rock my head right to left reveling in subservience trying to keep up with his enthusiastic pace. I had become totally lost in his arousal when suddenly he shouts "I need to fuck your pussy"! I could have easily continued enjoying servicing his dick with my mouth for the next few hours but I am intrigued by his boldness now. Sucking his cock head deeply one last time I remove it from my mouth with a loud, wet plop and kiss it once again. Licking my lips and a few errant drops of his precum I stand up and seductively remove my skirt and slither out of my soaking panties handing them to him as a keepsake. He holds them to his nose, inhales deeply and feasts momentarily on the moist accumulation of my desire for him. He then reaches a hand down between my legs and feels my extreme state of arousal. I am almost embarrassed at how wet I am. I moan again as I feel the heat of his fingers slick across and then gently into my soaking pussy. I am entranced while he slowly finger fucks me as I now sit in total bliss. His thumb rubs my clit exacting the most pleasurable torture possible as my fingers reach out and touch his mouth. He parts his lips and gently sucks, kisses and nips at my red nailed digits while I bask in the attention. Soft mews spill from my mouth as I tune into the wet sounds between my legs as he expertly manipulates my needy cunt. Within seconds I am cumming hard again as my pussy grips his fingers tightly. A few moments pass as his hand comes away covered in my juices and he begins painting my lips with the cum he's coaxed from my burning slit. He kisses my slippery lips as we both suck and lick my cum off his fingers while intermittently smashing our mouths together. I have fantasized about this evening with him for so long now but this is so much more erotic than even I expected. “Eat my pussy” I whisper and he quickly kneels before me in yet another reversal of power. I am overcome with need as I anticipate his mouth on my naughty bits. He kisses and slowly licks tiny circles around my inner thighs just beyond where I want his tongue most. I hiss as my clit is continually ignored in an otherwise amazing oral assault. He returns his fingers to my cunt as I clench my teeth and begin lifting my ass up and off the counter. I scream out in sensual shock as his lips finally end my torture and meet my pussy in the form of a kiss. He then snakes his tongue deep into my opening and explores with wild abandon. “I love the way you taste” he moans as he laps up the copious amounts of my juices from my silky folds, my inner thighs and even the puddle on the counter just beneath my ass. Returning his attention to my clit causes me to shriek in surprise as I shudder under the power of another mind bending orgasm. My entire body then stiffens as he pulls away and softly blows his breath over my convulsing pussy hole. After a momentary cool down period he stands and kisses me hard. “Watch me” he asks as a devious smile crosses his face and he begins slowly jerking his cock. He knew how much it turned me on watching him work that dick on cam and now he was showing off for me in the here and now. My hands slither down my body and between my legs as I return the visual favor. I spread my swollen pussy lips with my ring and index finger leaving my middle digit free to tease my over sensitive clit. He looks on watching me in agony as he dicks his grip and palms his balls. The irony isn’t lost on either of us as we perform for each other like we’ve done on screen so many times before. I give in to another more subtle orgasm as I lighten my touch, my eyes never leaving his prick. “You know I love watching you play with your cock” I reassure as I ride out my waves. After I come down from my peak I am absolutely incapable of waiting any longer to finally have his dick inside me. Reaching out I grab hold of his straining erection and give it a few tugs. I can’t help but appreciate the way my fingers look wrapped around the girth of his straining prick. He groans as I then guide him by his erection to my glistening pussy. I am spellbound when I feel it poke the outside of my firey hole as our eyes meet again. Once the head of his hard-on is firmly pressing against my pussy I grab his shoulders and stop to remind him that I brought condoms. He looks disappointingly into my eyes and tells me "I need to fuck you without one". I want that too and as hard as it is for me to protest, I quickly reach over to my purse and remove one from the box I had purchased just hours earlier. He begs me to let him fuck me for just a bit without one as he smacks his hard-on roughly against my bright red pussy lips. The feeling of his meaty cock spanking my cunt is incredible and nearly persuades me to give in. I want him inside me bare more than anything but I also want to prove to my husband that I can stick to our original plans and have some taboos to work toward in the future. “Them’s the rules sweetheart” I joke before kissing his chin. I then promise him we’ll eventually fuck without the barrier if we have future sessions together. Quickly he takes the packet from me and our fingers begin frantically dancing together as we dress his dick in rubber. The air is now filled with the smell of latex and pheromones as we both pant in agony while he rolls the rubber down the last inch of his steel hard prick. I smile as he flexes making his cock throb and bounce for me and we both giggle in a decidedly lighthearted moment in an otherwise sultry situation. I must admit there was something profoundly sexy about seeing his dick covered in latex as the condom further accentuated the newness of the now physical aspect of our sexual relationship. He begins rubbing his meat slowly back and forth over my puffy cunt lips as thick webs of my cum connect us. "Are you sure you want this"? he jokes staring down at a bridge of my nectar reaching up to his cock head. I am transfixed at how sexy the visual is of our parts that much in need of each other. "Fuck me." I plea. Looking into each others eyes again I pull his face down to mine and we kiss hard and slow. I then lick his lips as my fingers reach down and find his straining cock. He keeps teasing my opening and sliding over my folds but I'm not in the mood for the game. "Fuck me right now" I demand as I reach around his waist and dig my nails into his sweat covered ass cheeks.

At first he presses forward slowly and I can tell he's not wanting to hurt me. I am touched by his concern but more than desperate for intercourse. A deep breath escapes my lungs as our hedonism is magnified by the only other cock since marriage finally breaching my pussy. I am enraptured as he closes his eyes in concentration and slowly continues only slightly penetrating my opening. "Holy fuck you are tight" he muses replacing his cock with a few fingers again. “Tight but eager” I shoot back before nibbling his lips. The levels of tension are almost unbearable as he returns his dick and advances another inch more. It feels incredible as I moan his name into his mouth again as my pussy opens to accept his size. He surges forward another sweet aching inch. "Slow" I coo into his mouth fully appreciating the stretch. Time passes with pleasure as another couple moments guide another few inches. “Ohhhh fuck” I marvel looking down at his cock half way hidden inside me. The pressure is incredible as I close my eyes and we start breathing heavy over each others mouths kissing and chewing each others lips. We are both caught up in extreme levels of pleasure now as we move together in sensual harmony. I open my eyes again long enough to see all the tiny red marks my nails have made pressing into the flesh of his body. After a few more minutes of exquisite adjustment I feel a sense of accomplishment as his cock finally completely fills me pressing snug and deep enveloped by my inner walls. I can't believe how hot it feels for my box to be stuffed like this as his dick firmly occupies the inside of my snatch. Pulling his ear to my lips, I whisper wantonly “You’re cock was so definitely worth the wait”. I then became completely lost in the vibe, moaning his name over and over as he continued his gentle movements. Squeezing my tits I relished the way he took his time pushing me towards the edge. After a while his rhythm increased and my mind became frenzied. I was completely taken by our passion and totally buzzing when suddenly he held still fully sheathed by my cunt. He was teasing me again. I had become dependent on the friction and he knew it. I opened my eyes staring at his upper body muscles flexing as he stayed fixed with his cock deep inside me. I angrily tried to move but he kept holding me still. He had now secured my hands on the counter with vice-like grips. I squeezed my cunt muscles but he was in control now and I couldn't believe how hard my pussy ached for more motion from him. I didn't think I could be any more in need when suddenly he pulled completely out of me. I whimpered at the shock of being so empty. After an agonizingly long moment he lifts me from the counter putting me on my feet forcefully turning me around. Facing the mirror now I knew instinctively what he wanted. I leaned forward, spread my legs and placed my hands on the cold tiled counter top . I had a fresh perspective now as I faced myself in the mirror. My disheveled hair, sweaty skin and pink swollen mouth painted the picture of a woman ravished but empowered. Moving up close behind me he positioned his cock at my cunt opening once more as he covered my upper back with tender kisses. I catch myself smiling in the mirror as his lips send shivers down my spine. I can also feel his tongue as he licks perspiration from between my shoulder blades and the back of my neck. Grabbing my hips he pulls me to him slowly burying his dick inch by inch deep inside me. Our eyes lock in the mirror as he demands me to say his name again. My breath is ragged but I happily do as he says and delight in the vision of my lips mouthing it over and over again as my tits sway to his rhythm. I no longer have the strength to fuck him back so I lean my chest over the counter and greedily allow myself to be taken. I flash a toothy grin as I watch him fuck my almost spent body. He smiles back at me as we both marvel at the carnal display in the mirror’s reflection. He has his way with my box, methodically spearing me while I have another more reserved orgasm. Before long my strength returns and we are back to facing each other. I was severely missing his mouth on mine as I laced my arms around his neck forcefully pulling his lips to my lips. We kiss and kiss and kiss as I open my hips and lift my legs as my lower body begs him to continue using my cunt. It feels incredible when his cock returns. His drive is beyond impressive as he continues slowly grinding into me. Kissing his ear I whisper “I can’t wait to tell my husband how good you fuck me.” With that, something awakens in him and he begins to withdraw and then thrust back in with long deep strokes. He was pulling almost completely out of me only to slam back into me in a sexual rage. I raise my hips to meet each thrust while rhythmically screaming his name as I feel the burn of his balls smacking hard against my sex. He is driving me absolutely mad with pleasure and at the end of each thrust I would swear he is about to cum himself based on the sounds he is making. I am now wailing in a euphoric trance as I dig my nails into his sweat covered shoulders. My next orgasm was ridiculously intense as my body spirals into a heavenly chaos. "Oh fuck, baby" I scream out as wave after wave breaks over me with my climax. My vaginal muscles frantically contract around him as his cock accidentally slips out of my burning hole. “No, no, NO!” I scream as I furiously catch hold of his misplaced dick returning it quickly to my pussy. Breathing hard he breaks his rhythm to push against the force of my contractions drilling hard circles just inside my opening. As the clenching of my muscles lessens due to exhaustion he starts fucking me even harder than before. I know he’s showing off now and I fully appreciate the pleasure. Again I feel myself climbing towards yet another orgasm as he is definitely striving towards his own. We fuck like rabid animals until the muscles in his neck tighten and his face reddens and he suddenly cries out "Fuck, I'm gonna cum". The idea of him losing control unleashes even more of my own waves as I shake under another mind blowing orgasm. "Come for me" I beg as I suck his tongue into my mouth and pull his hot sweaty body close to me. My tits slide around his wet pecs as we press into each other. The room is filled with the loud, wet slapping noises our bodies are making together as we continue to fuck in a primal fury. I lick salty sweat drips from around his lips and off the tip of his nose in between kissing him over and over again. I have never been fucked this hard for this long before as I scream incoherently into the air. Knowing we must surely be drawing attention from neighboring hotel visitors makes me feel even more sexy . His dick feels so hot and thick as it pistons in and out of me as he now moans my name. I smile from the tingles of hearing his exquisite agony as I cum yet again hearing him break like this. I am amazed he has kept on so long with such high intensity. Harder and faster he fucks me dumb until suddenly I am void of cock as he pulls out and tears the latex barrier from his engorged prick shooting an unbelievably ferocious first stream of hot cum high up onto my sweaty, heaving tits. I cry out his name in total bliss as we both begin to jerk his cock and I feel his hot liquid splash against my goose pimpled skin. Another orgasm rips through my shaking body just watching him react in such a savage eruption. I can't stop moaning his name now as jet after jet of his hot cum splashes all over the both of us. I had seen him explode so many times on webcam and video but this was something to behold. I was drenched in his jism and sweat now smiling in angst as I gently came down from my own climax. The room was spinning and smelled like extreme sex and I was in dire need of rest. My pussy was satiated for the moment but I couldn't help licking up every last bit of his cum and sweat off of our bodies and my fingers until we eventually stalled staring into each others eyes basking in the afterglow of such intense pleasure. After another bout of slow kissing and gentle touching I broke away long enough to catch a glance of his beautiful spent cock hanging between his pumped thighs. “I need a cigarette” I half joked. “That was incredible” he laughed pulling my face to his for a bout of gentle and sweet kisses. For the next few minutes subtle aftershocks kept wracking me within as our naked, sweaty bodies stayed glued to each other. “ I cannot wait to tell my husband how amazing our first time was”. “So what else are you going to tell him”? he asks coyly as my lips kissed and sucked on his. “That you are an amazing lover and that the three of us make for quite the sexual relationship”. With that we both shared a few bottles of water while reminiscing about our favorite cam nights and eventually made our way to the bathroom to shower together. To be continued...
Poster: Galehot