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Sweet dare


The Best Party Ever
A few years back, P and I received an invitation to a party at an acquaintance of ours. The invitation said food would be provided but to bring our favorite beverage and wear exactly 6 articles of clothing. From that last piece of information, we knew it was going to be a fun night.

When we arrived, we found out that there were a total of 7 couples and no one knew any of the other couples except the hosts, whom we all knew.

We spent dinner talking and getting to know the other couples. They were all sizes, shapes and appearances, but all seemed to enjoy getting to know new friends.

After dinner and few drinks, the hosts set up three card tables and 4 chairs per table. They dictated who sat where. They purposely separated each couple so that we were all sitting at a table with 3 strangers we had never met before that night. The hosts acted as moderators and did not play.

The game was simple. We all reached in a bag and drew out a pair of dice. When the hosts told us to start, they everyone at each table roll their dice. The person with the most pips (dots) had to remove 1 article of clothing from the person who had the lowest number of pips showing.

I was seated across from an average looking guy. The woman on my left (and we were all married couples) was Lil and she was a gorgeous brunette. On my right was Sally who was average looking but had a really cute smile.

At P’s table, she sat across from a rather heavy woman. On her left was a guy that looked like an athlete and on her right was a guy who was slightly overweight but still handsome in his own way.

It was just my luck that on the first roll of the dice, I rolled the high score and Jim, sitting across from me rolled the lowest. We both had to stand up and I slipped unbuttoned his shirt and took it off of him.

Watching nearby, I saw that the athlete at P’s table was removing the blouse of the woman who was opposite her.

For the next several turns, I was unscathed, rolling middle scores. However, P lost twice and I watched first that other woman took P’s blouse off of her. Then the athlete opted to take her slacks off of her. She had the opportunity to take the shirt off the other guy at her table.

The game continued and we all enjoyed removing each other’s clothes, one piece at a time. I got to remove the bra from the Lil and wow did she have a great set of boobs. I guess they were a C cup with very little sag and slightly puffy aureole and perfect eraser sized nipples.

Lil got to take my slacks off of me and intentionally managed to run her hand over my bulging cock. The only other article of clothing I had the honor of removing was Jim’s undershorts and I did so in a way to make sure that his erect cock didn’t hit me in the face.

I watched as the slightly heavier set guy at P’s table removed her bra from behind. Instead of just letting it fall, he guided it off with his hands, reaching around her and cupping both boobs. P was enjoying it as she leaned her head back against him and just stood there as he fondled her boobs. She has very sensitive nipples and if played with right can make her climax without ever touching her pussy. I was almost disappointed that the guy didn’t know her secret as it would have been very interesting and erotic to watch her have an orgasm in front of everyone while still wearing her panties.

I was hoping that Lil would win the hand that would cost me my underpants, but it was Sally. I still enjoyed watching her kneel down in front of me, sliding my undershorts down and releasing my cock right in her face. She smiled and gave my cock a quick kiss.

When everyone was naked, the hosts had us stand in small circles of 4 from each table, we were told to close our eyes and reach out and use our hands to explore the person in front of us. Sally was in front of me and let my hands run over her back, butt and upper thighs.

After a few minutes were told to keep our eyes closed but to turn around and explore the other person. This time my hands ran up and down Lil’s back, butt and upper thighs.

Then only the men were to turn around so that a man and woman were facing each other. I was facing Sally and with our eyes closed, my hands roamed over her boobs, belly and pubic mound while her hands spend most of their time cradling my testicles and stroking my cock.

Then we all had to turn again, this time Lil and I were facing each other and I so enjoyed feeling her boobs and neatly trimmed bush. I was so caught up with feeling Lil and her feeling my cock that I completely forgot about P and who was feeling her tiny body.

After a few minutes, the hosts told us all to open our eyes and take a 15 minute break. When the break was over, we got in our little groups again and this time each woman had to suck a cock. After several minutes, we turned so the other woman was sucking our cocks. Again our eyes were closed.

Then the ladies were told to stand, the guys were told to kneel and it was our turn to orally enjoy each of the women in our group. Lil smelled and tasted like an aphrodisiac and I wanted more than just a few minutes.

Then the game got real interesting when we had to line up all of the chairs with a wife in front of each chair. The women were told to bend over the chair and the men were given 3 minutes to have sex with one of the women from our group and then 3 minutes with the other. I was fortunate to be draw Lil first and be the first one of the night to enter her.

With my eyes closed, I imagined boobs swinging as I slid in and out of her. She was tight and felt great. Just before the first 3 minutes were up, I heard the distinctive sound of P having an orgasm and I wanted to look but knew it wasn’t allowed. Anyone caught looking was out of the game and I certainly didn’t want that to happen.

After the 3 minutes with Sally, we were told to open our eyes and move down the line to the 2 ladies from the next table over. We were given 3 minutes each for them. and then we moved again and had 3 minutes with each of the ladies from the third table. By the time that happened, every guy had enjoyed 3 minutes in each of the wives.

The final part of the game was each guy drew a number from a hat and then each girl drew a number from another hat. Then we had to match up the numbers and were given 15 minutes together, there in the room with everyone else around. I ended up with one of the other ladies, Mandy, and she still felt great. P was matched with one of the guys who managed make her orgasm a couple more times during their 15 minutes together.

After the final part of the game, we were free to match and mate with anyone we wanted, no time limit. P looked over at me and smiled and I knew she was having a great time. I managed to get Lil and discovered that I was the first guy of the night to fill her womb with my load.

Within an hour, the room was filled with the sounds of wet sloshing sex and the smell of sex and sweat. I’m not sure how many times I came that night but I do know it was at least three. By then my testicles were getting pretty empty, but it still felt great to go through the motions.

Most of us ended up crashing naked on the floor, sofas and chairs. In the morning, we went at it again and I managed to get Lil for a second time. I not only enjoyed being in her but sucking her boobs was also great and helped me to produce another load to deposit in her as I did the night before

When P and I got home, we were tired and sore. We’ve talked about that night many times and agree that was one of the best parties we ever attended.
Poster: Lee J